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The Game
by Tommi

It was the day of the big game. Our team had made it into the NFL playoffs and we faced the hottest team in the league. I had invited my two brothers and three of my college friends over to watch it with me. The snacks and beer were ready on ice. I had my team jersey on. I was pumped. The girls were ready in their cheerleader outfits. Each had a ribbon choker around their necks in one of our team colors. They had cute little dangling weights suspended from nipple and labia rings also in our team colors. I had painted them myself. The girls were ready for the game too.

Bitch and Cunt were the nicknames I had given the girls. Bitch was thirty-five with a great classic figure. She carried a pair of 38DD breasts that a doctor had given her, but what the hell they looked great and tasted great, and she moaned if you squeezed them hard enough. Her pussy and ass were shaved bald every day. She was not submissive by nature but constant sex with a wide array of my acquaintances kept her in constant need and she did what she was told without hesitation as long as she got her cock fix constantly.

Cunt was eighteen. She was an honor student smart enough to handle school and a demanding domestic schedule. She had 34B breasts and a slim girlish frame. Her pussy and ass were shaved daily which displayed her most prominent feature, a freakishly large clit the size of a man's thumb and three quarters of an inch long when she was stimulated. I had done a good job of training Cunt and she had developed into a true submissive with a real need for humiliation and abuse. If a guy fucked her ass without whipping it first she felt violated. If I ever give her away she will make some guy the finest wife on the planet, if he can keep her heated.

I had a surprise for the guys waiting out of sight, but that will come up later.

The guy's arrived before the game started. The girl's busied themselves taking their coats and greeting them with hugs and kisses and received slaps to their bare breasts and asses. We settled in with the girls serving beers and snacks on silver trays. The girls would kneel at opposite ends of the sofa waiting to serve. We talked about the coming game and as we did Cunt was laid out lengthwise on three laps with her legs spread a little. The guy's explored her young body freely bringing moans from her to urge them on. She had been trained never to ask for anything but to accept what was done to her as a gift. Her pussy was puffing up and her clit was getting a lot of attention from pinching fingers and ice cubes. It didn't take long for her chest, abdomen and vaginal area to grow blotchy red from rough attention. Bitch was getting her back and ass lashed with a leather flogger as she took brother Billy's cock deep into her velvet throat. I drained my beer and got up for another. I didn't want to disturb the attention Bitch was getting so I put my empty up her ass and went into the kitchen for another myself.

The game had started on TV and was white noise behind the sounds developing in the room. I sat with my back against the front of Bill's chair and had Bitch mount my stiffened cock. As it slid in to the base I felt the bottle in her ass through the thin wall that divided the two chambers. She was hunched over the top of my head throating Billy's cock as she pistoned up and down on mine. I looked to the sofa to see Cunt on her knees with a cock in her pussy and another in her ass from behind. She was taking two cocks into her mouth which was stretched beautifully. My buddy in Cunt's ass had a wire bristle dog brush and was slapping it into her ass with great force. I knew she was loving that.

After the four guys emptied into Cunt one of my buddies went off to take a leak. The other three had Cunt standing in the middle of the room with her hands behind her head. Each guy worked a different part of her body. Two of them had floggers and one had a dog whip. She trembled as they raised welts on her thighs ass and breasts. The man in front tried to whip her pussy without much success. Cunt squatted a little to open herself more and the flogger started to make better contact. My brother and I had dumped into Bitch and I sent her to a closet to get a baseball bat. We laid her out on the dining room table and I flogged her ass as Billy explored the depth of her ass with the fat end of the bat. She was sweating like a bitch in heat, if you will excuse the pun, and slipping around in her own gravy. My buddy returned from the toilet and asked who the hell the old broad was in the bathroom wanting to drain his piss for him. I told him that was Mommy.

He said that she had a pretty good body for an old cunt and she sure knew how to suck a guy. She didn't lose a drop of my piss. Two of the guys left Cunt to go take a leak themselves. The other two brought Cunt to the table and laid her in the opposite direction Bitch was in. They pulled the table open where it split in the middle and then closed it again pinching Cunt's breasts tight. They inserted the knob end of the bat in Cunt's ass and the two women fucked themselves back and forth on it as all of us whipped their welted backs and asses. The two guys came back from the toilet and said that old woman gave the best head they had ever had. She begged for our piss. We wanted to bring her out here but you have her chained to the toilet. We double fucked her and she was so grateful she was crying as she thanked us. We rolled Bitch and Cunt on their backs and drank beer from their cunts and mouths. I used a length of line to bind Bitch's tits tightly at the base. It turned them into two angry red tit balls that we slapped and flogged.. There was a large spreading puddle below each of the women's pussies as the game ended.

We didn't know the final score in the game. I would have to watch the news later to find out what happened to our team. The guys all left thanking me for a great time. I helped Bitch down from the table and told her to go unchain her mother from the toilet. Cunt asked her mom if she could use the computer to work on a report for school and Bitch told her to ask her father. I said yes baby, and went to watch the sports to see how we did.


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