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The Game
by Polo

You stop by my apartment. You head up to my room. I pull you close. I lean in and brush my lips against your delicate ear, whispering... "Tonight we're going to play a little game of ''Do As I Say". You smile. You're curious as to what I have planned.

"It's very simple", I say. "Half the night, you'll do every thing I tell you to - everything!". You close your eyes, my words canvasing your every nerve. "And then, toward the end of the night, I'll be forced to do as you say; and I will". I watch as your soft tongue plays with your lips - a teasingingly unconcious lick. Mmmm, kiss me my sweet.

I grab your hand and lead you to the bed. I sit you down and tell you to close your eyes and listen to me. "Tonight, you're going to prove what a little whore you can be, is that clear?" You nod your head. "You will obey me. You will drop to your knees without hesitation should I demand it. Understood?". I take my hand and brush it against your face, softly. I tell you to open your eyes.

In my hands, I'm holding the shortest, whoreish dress you've ever seen. "Put it on", I say. You shake your head and laugh, telling me there's no way you could wear THAT in public. "I'll look like a little hootchie girl". I take your arm and bend it behind your back, grabbing your hair at the same time. "You'll do as I say".

I watch as you slip into the dress. I watch it fall, caressing your body in an intimate embrace. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I hand you the high-heeled shoes I've picked out. Damn. Every hard cock in the city is going to want you tonight; maybe this is their night. I tell you to grab your purse. We're leaving.

"Where are we going?", you ask. I don't tell you. I raise my hand and hail us a cab. The lights of the city shine down on us - the spotlight for our little porno shoot. The driver asks where to. I lean forward and whisper the address to him.

I see him looking back. I see him position the mirror for a better "look". I take my hand and pull your dress up a bit, giving him a clear shot at your panties. I can feel his hard cock breathe through the cab.

We arrive at our first stop - The Admiral Theater. Total nudity. Stunningly exotic girls. I lead you in. They sit us toward the back in a darkened corner. We order our drinks. We sit back and watch the show. The first dancer is a blonde. The second is a 2-girl show. I glance over at you to study your reaction. I watch you watch them. They kiss. They lick. They taste each other, pouring honey and whipped cream and other assorted flavors all over their bodies.

I see you move in you chair. I see close your eyes and look to see that no one is watching you. They're not. I am.

"Would you like a dance?" the girl asks. You turn to see a young blonde standing next to me. She's very young. You get the impression that she may have faked her way in here. Her body is delicious. Her breasts are real...and real big. She's dressed in a black slip of a dress. You expect me to take the dance. I don't. "Yes," I say. "I'd like for you to dance, but not for me - for her". I point to you.

She looks at you and smiles. She walks over to you in slow motion, here eyes never losing contact with yours. The lights of the club bounce off her body with great fury. She moves in close. She looks you up and down. She dances real slow.

Her thighs brush against yours. The slip comes off. She presses her breasts into your face, your mouth making contact with her hard nipples. She bends over. Her soft, white ass spreads wide. She turns to look at you. She smiles.

I watch as she leans in and puts her lips to your cheek. They're soft. They're pouty. You bring your face around to where your lips meet hers. I look for the bouncer. We both know that the customer can't make contact with the girls. As I look back to the two of you, I see her kiss you. I see her tongue slide into your open mouth. The entire kiss lasts no more than 5 seconds, but it's too late - your pussy is soaking wet. Lucky for us, no one else saw it happen. We look at each other in amazement. She takes the money and disappears into the darkness of the club.

A man calls out "Ok, it's that time. I need an amateur up here. Come on, girls. Time to be brave and give us what we want". It's amateur night. I look over and tell you to raise your hand. You say no, but then you remember what I told you before we left the hotel. You close your eyes and raise your hand. He calls you up. As you walk past, you say to me "I can't believe I'm doing this".

The club is filled to capacity. The men fuck you with their eyes. You climb the steps. You stand in the spotlight. It's warm. It envelops your body in a white heat. The music starts. Your body begins to sway. You lose the dress. You lose the bra. You let the music and the alcohol guide you. You remove your soaked panties and let them fall to the stage. You hear the men whistle. You hear them shout to you.

And then it's over. You dress and head back to the table. The men smile as you pass. I rise to kiss you. "Good girl", I whisper. "Let's go".

Another cab. Another lucky driver. I have this one drop us off at a park. I point to a payphone area where a group of young men are gathered. It's next to a basketball court. The phones are well-lit. I stop and tell you to walk to a phone and call me. I pull out my cell phone and give you the number. I walk over and sit down on a nearby bench. I watch you standing there. I watch these guys watch you.

The phone rings. "Ok, I want you to pretend that you're on hold. Talk to them. Flirt with them", I tell you. The boys are all over you, throwing compliment after compliment your way. You whisper to me, "But Michael, I don't know". They're looking you up and down.

"Flirt with them", I tell you. You will do as I say. I listen to you. I can hear them in the background. I watch as they swarm around you - 6 or 7 of them in total. "Ask them if they think your dress is too short". You do.

I hear them say "No way". I feel my cock harden. "Tell them that you think they're cute". You do. They start to get more sexual with you. They tell you what a "fine" body you have. They ask you who you're holding for. "My girlfriend", you say.

My voice deepens. I tell you to ask this one question: "Well.....isn't anyone going to kiss me?". You hesitate. You turn to look my way. Your sight searches for me, but you see only darkness. "Ask", I say.

I hear the words drip from your lips. I watch as one of them moves in and starts to kiss you. The sound of it all is so utterly intoxicating. One by one, they kiss you. One by one, they touch you. I look to see one of the guys pull your tit out and suck the nipple into his mouth. I watch as they're hands carress you. I hear your voice quiver. I know they're fingering you. I know how wet you must be.

"Beg them to fuck you - NOW!", I demand. You ask them. They want to take you into the darkness. I tell you to beg them to fuck you "NOW" - in the light. They sit you down on a bench table next to the phones and spread your legs. The first guy puts his cock in your hands. Another stands on the bench and puts his dick to your mouth. I can't hear, but I don't need to. I watch you swallow him whole. For nearly a half hour, I sit there and watch them fuck you. I watch them cum in your mouth. The last one takes his fingers and scoops up some cum from your face and uses it to lubricate your ass. They all stand around and watch him fuck you. They know you're secret, but they don't care. Maybe it's the alcohol. Maybe it's the hot, humid night. Maybe it's just because you drip desire.

When it's all over, you get dressed. I walk out and hail a passing cab. We pull up alongside you. I open the door. You say goodbye to them. As you step into the cab, the smell of cum is overpowering. The driver looks to see it dripping from your lips. It's in your hair. It's on your dress. It's on your neck and thighs. "Uh.......where to, sir?" he asks. I lean over and kiss you full on the lips, tasting the cum. "My apartment", I say.

We head back to the apartment to allow for you to change. It's my turn. It's my time to play by your rules. You tell me to change into a pair of tight jeans and a white t-shirt. You look through the phonebook as I change. "Come on", you say. "Let's go, bitch".

We get in the cab. You give the driver an address. I have no idea where it is. Well, I do when we get there. It's a gay bar - Manhole. You tell me to mingle with the other guys there. We split up. I head to the bar and order a very strong drink. It doesn't take long before I'm being hit on. I feel the alcohol warm my body. Liquid courage.

I hear a voice speak to me. I turn to find this black guy standing next to me. He's about 6", dark skin, bald head, VERY muscular. He's dressed like me - jeans, black t-shirt, boots. As I talk to him, I can't help but think how amazing it is that "my fantasy" is right in front of me. I've always thought about being with a black guy. Wow. What are the odds?

He's got a thick, raspy voice straight out of a Tricky song. We talk about everything. He works construction. He lives in the suburbs. I order another drink. And another. He leans in and whispers in my ear: "I want to fuck you".

He says it, but I guess there's just not enough alcohol in me to respond. I smile and tell him "I'll be right back" - that I have to go to the bathroom. Instead, I look for you. I find you talking to a woman there for the same reason as you - to find someone for her man.

I tell you we have to go. You're disappointed, but you say ok. You tell me to go hail a cab, that you'll be right out. We hop into the cab and head back to the apartment. I apologize for not being able to go through with it. You tell me that it's no big deal, that you understand.

We get to the room and relax. I pour us a drink and turn on the music. We spend a few minutes kissing. You ask me to get out the handcuffs and blindfold. I'm turned on. I do as you ask. I owe you.

You sit me down on the couch and strip me completely naked. You cuff my wrists behind my back. You cuff my ankles. You put the blindfold on. I feel your lips on my body. I feel the warmth of your breath on my skin. I hear you whispering to me. I hear......the phone ring? I hear you pick it up and walk into the hallway. I can't hear what you're saying. You tell me that it was the wrong number. You tell me that you'll be right back, that you're going to get the K-Y from the bathroom.

5 minutes pass. I feel you standing there. I hear you moving around. You lower your mouth to my ear and whisper "I have a surprise for you". With that, you remove the blindfold. Holy shit. The black guy from the club is standing in the room, a few feet from me. "He's here to fuck you", you say. "Mmmm. You want that thick black cock inside you, don't you? Don't you, you little white bitch?". I'm unable to speak. I can't think. Wha....?

He unzips his pants. They fall to the floor. He steps out of his underwear too. Jesus. His dick has to be about 10". It's smooth. It's black as night. He moves in closer. I don't want this. I mean, I thought I did, but....

I ask you to uncuff me. Request denied. It's too late. I watch as he rubs his thick cock all over my face. I can smell his desire. He puts the head to my lips and says "Open your fucking mouth, white boy!". I try to keep my lips closed, but he's able to push inside. His hands are at the back of my head. I feel it fill my mouth. I feel it rest on my tongue and push to the back of my throat. He's fucking my mouth. I'm not aware of it at first, but I soon realize that it's turning me on. My cock is hard. My lips are sucking harder. My tongue is now licking up and down.

He cums in my mouth. It's a huge load. You tell me to swallow. I try. I'm able to get most of it down, but some of it pours from my lips. He kneels and sucks my white cock into his mouth. Pretty soon, I'm the one cuming. He swallows every drop.

He stands me up and has me kneel by the couch. I turn to see you lubricate my ass with the K-Y. I watch as he lowers his body. I feel the pain first. It lasts a minute or two. I feel his thick black cock ease into my ass. It takes a few mintues, but he manages to bury it all the way. He pulls out. More K-Y. A smack to my ass here and there. "OHHHHHHHHHH". I cry out. He's ALL THE WA....

He's fucking my ass. I hear it. You hear it. The sound of a man fucking another man. He calls me names: "whore", "white bitch", "faggot". He just keeps fucking me. He doesn't stop. And then.... And then.... He cums inside my ass. I feel it shoot deep within me. I feel it ooze out. I hear his dick pop from my ass. I look over to see you lick it clean.

And then he leaves....

And then we kiss....

And then we fall asleep in each other's arms.

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