The Best Erotic Stories.

The Game
by Bob Waters

It started off innocuously enough. Carol and I decided to take a long weekend away with some friends of ours. A couple we had known for some years, Bill and Nicole - nice people. This time we would leave the kids home.

A little background information: Carol and I are a normal, suburban, professional couple. We're in our late 30's, educated, middle-class and rather conventional. We've been married 12 years and have been totally monogamous the entire time.

Carol is a petite 5'1" blond with pale skin, high cheek bones and cool blue eyes. She has that classy, haughty kind of beauty that can appear stand-offish. The Grace Kelly ice-princess look. She's not, stand-offish that is. She's a little shy and reserved at first, but opens up once she gets to know someone. It's a shame, but she sometimes intimidates other women at first, just by virtue of how she looks. She's slim, 106 lbs, with small breasts and full hips. Two children haven't left a mark on her body. Her taught belly is as smooth as the day I first saw it. She is truly a lovely, classy beauty.

I am 6', 190lbs with hazel eyes. I am in decent shape. I regularly bike, work out and play tennis. I keep my brown hair short. It's starting to gray at the temples. I blame that on my kids, both daughters.

Bill and Nicole live up the street. Our children play together. We clicked shortly after we moved into the neighborhood. They're about our age, maybe a little bit older. Bill is a big, good looking guy. 6'3" and built like the natural athlete he is. He's a good buddy, someone to have a beer and watch the game with. We mountain bike every Sunday morning.

Niki, as her friends call her, is a tall woman too. I would guess she's about 5'8". She's a little rounder then my wife. Where Carol is a pert A-cup Niki is most assuredly a C. She's a very attractive lady. She has chestnut hair that she wears short and has these big, brown eyes a poor swimmer could drown in. In any kind of sun she tans darkly. She was born in France and moved to the States with her family when she was ten. She has the slightest hint of an accent. Niki has an outgoing, mischievous personality. Niki has never been intimidated by anyone. Period. I think it's that Joan of Ark French thing or something. A real spitfire. She gets along with my Carol like a house on fire. I think Niki's boldness nicely complements my wife's reserve.

We had gone away with them several times before, but always with the kids. They have two also. This time Nicole suggested that we leave the kids home and take a nice long 'grown-ups' weekend. Her sister has a condo in Florida, on the Gulf Coast, that we could have for 4 days. This was too good to pass up so we readily agreed.

The condo lived up to it's billing. It was beautiful. Two large bedrooms, big living room, dinette, fully appointed kitchen and a big deck. It was right on the beach with magnificent view of the ocean. We spent the first two days laying in the sun, drinking frozen concoctions whipped up in the condo's blender. Niki lived in a purple bikini with a push-up bra top and very high-cut legs that made the most of her splendid assets. She was soon dark as a coconut. Even Carol became tanned, which was rare with her fair skin. She had bought a black, one-piece bathing suit with a mesh panel over her belly and another coming to a halter-type top above her breasts. She would put her blond hair up and lay there in her Wayfarers; Grace Kelly at Cannes. The back was cut low, just above her ass. She has a great back, smooth, sleek and sexy.

We hung out, drank, went shopping, drank, went swimming, drank and lounged on the beach. After that we went out to dinner, danced and drank some more. I felt like I was in college again. At night Carol and I fucked like newlyweds.

The third day dawned cloudy. We got dressed and went souvenir hunting. Later it started to rain so we headed for a beach front bar for some lunch and a couple of cocktails to start the day off. The place was dead so after a quick lunch and a few drinks we headed back to the condo. We cranked the blender up and sipped our Margaritas while watching the rain. After about four strong ones, Carol suggested we play cards.

She asked what everyone wanted to play when Bill said, "Well, if we were still seventeen I bet we would be playing strip poker at this point."

Niki laughed and said, "I'm not seventeen, but I'm still game!"

Carol surprised the hell out of me by saying, "I stink at poker but, sure, why not." Now, normally my dear wife is very proper in public. She wasn't always - she was pretty wild when we were dating, but once we had the kids she turned into the 'good mother'. She was still a handful when we were alone, the old Paris in the bedroom, Boston in the parlor thing, but her agreeing to a game strip poker was NOT the answer I had expected. Of course, she WAS pretty trashed.

Everyone looked at me expectantly, "Deal the cards," was all I said.

We sat around the table. Bill spoke up and complained, "You know this isn't exactly fair, you girls have on more then we do."

Bill and I were wearing shorts and T-shirts. With our underwear that made three things to loose. Carol had on cutoff Jean shorts, one of my white T's and a bra and panties. Niki had on denim Daisy Dukes, a cropped, denim, sleeveless top that buttoned up the front and tied at the bottom and, I assumed, a bra and panties. Four to three. Unfair odds I had to agree.

"Tough shit," Niki succinctly replied.

"Are you playing or are you too chicken," my dear wife sweetly added.

"Brrrrawkk! Brrrrrawk!" Nicole clucked.

"Ok, ok!" Bill laughed protecting his face with his hands in mock fear, "deal the cards like the man said!"

Niki shuffled like a pro. "Draw poker, nothing wild. Lowest hand takes something off. I'm dealing 'cause I don't trust the boys."

Bill and I tried to look innocent. The girls just scowled at us as Niki dealt. I got nothing. I discarded three cards and drew a pair of 5's. Bill took 3, Niki took 2 and Carol took 3. Bill lost with King high. He took off his shirt amid the wolf whistles and cat-calls of the girls. Nicole dealt again. I got two 3's. I discarded three cards and drew another 3. Carol lost this one. I wasn't surprised when she opted to loose the shorts. That was a LONG T-shirt and she had always been more shy about her top then her legs and butt. She's always been a little self-conscious about being small-chested, her sisters are both D's. She stood up and undid her shorts, wiggled them over her hips and down her cute legs then sat back down. Before the shirt fell down to cover her we caught a glimpse of white bikini panties. It was no more, actually because of the shirt a lot less, then she had been showing on the beach, but the circumstances made it very erotic. I could see she was flushed.

I lost the next hand and the girls serenaded me with whoops and giggles as I skinned off my shirt. Niki finally lost a hand and she stood up, a little unsteadily, and gave us a little show. Slowly she undid the buttons of her top starting at the neck and working down. There were only four of them, but it seemed like an afternoon until she reached the knot at the bottom. She teasingly untied it and the garment parted all the way to show an emerald green demi-bra. She shrugged her shoulders and the top fell to the floor. She then put her hands behind her head and did a little spin before sitting back down. The bra covered a little less of her then her bikini top did so we could see a diagonal slash of tan line above the edge of the cups. I will admit to the start of a major stiffie.

Nicole lost the next hand too. "Aw for Chrise sakes!" she said but got up and deliberately unzipped her shorts then worked them over her hips and legs. I took a good look. Her bikini panties matched her bra. Her tight shorts had conspired to pull her silk panties down a fair bit, exposing a white flash of lower belly below the tan line. She quickly adjusted herself but I got a good peek. Her belly was not quite as tight as Carol's, but she was a knock-out standing there in her undies. Those panties had come down pretty far and I didn't notice any bush. This was getting interesting.

Bill lost a hand. "Good," Niki stated, "It's about time a guy had to peel."

Bill whipped off his shorts and an erection unmistakably bulged from his tightie whities. He was as big as he was big, so to speak.

"I see you're having fun!" Niki cracked. Carol blushed but smiled.

Carol lost the next. She stood a little nervously and pulled off the T-shirt. She had white cotton, string bikini panties on and a matching bra. The bra was one of those seamless ones that girls wear under T-shirts so it was rather thin. Carol's nipples poked clearly through.

A word about my wife's nipples: They're sweet, pale pink and they're huge. Not the aureole, that's only about quarter sized, but the nipple itself. Pencil erasers, BIG pencil erasers. They pop out about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch normally and are about 1/4 of an inch thick. When erect they go out at least and inch and are rock hard. I love them!

They were erect. Bill let out a whistle. Nicole cracked, "Carol, are you cold or are you having fun too?"

For a second I thought that was going to be it and she would call it quits but she surprised me again and said, "Nope, I'm having fun!" She winked at me and threw her shoulders back as she sat down. I could tell this was helping her ego out in the boob department.

Niki dealt another hand and promptly lost. "Aw shit!" she exclaimed as she banged her hand down on the table. "Ok guys," she said as she stood up, "Everybody take a good look!" She reached behind her and unhooked herself. Holding the cups in place and giving us a teasingly sexy pout, she slipped her arms out of the straps. "Ready boys!" she purred, "One, two, three!" Dropping the bra she stood with her arms out and her hip cocked to one side. "Ta Da!"

Nicole had full, rich breasts, the white globes contrasting sharply with her dark tan. Her nipples were a dark brownish pink and poked out from half-dollar sized aureole, but not as far out as Carol's poked I thought with a trace of smugness. They were nice though!

She sat down and dealt. Probably because I couldn't stop staring at her tits I lost the next hand. I stood and dropped my shorts. My cock tented out my boxers to an alarming degree in front of me. The girls clapped and made signs on some paper. Holding them up they read 9.6 and 10.0. The 10 was from my wife. "You damm French judges!" I complained, "Always marking low!"

"You don't get a higher mark until the shorts come off cheri!" Niki laughed.

Nicole dealt again. Carol lost. Bill leaned forward as she stood up. Carol looked at me. I composed my face to offer neither encouragement or negation but raised an eyebrow in silent question. This decision was hers. She winked at me again. Her bra had no clasp, it slipped on like a sports bra. She hooked her thumbs under the band and with no coquetry pulled it up and over her head. Her hard, pink nipples jutted out from her firm, pert breasts. The fact that they were erect and engorged with blood made them a deeper rose then their usual pale pink hue so they stood out in sharp contrast from the fair skin surrounding them. She had slight but noticeable tan lines where the pale bronze met the creamy white.

"Very nice!" Bill approved as he gave a subdued golf clap. Carol blushed and bowed sitting back down. Yep, definitely an ego boost.

Niki dealt yet again. Carol lost again. She looked a little shocked. Nicole suggested in a very low key way that we could stop now if Carol wanted. Carol thought about it and said, "No, fair is fair."

My mouth went dry as she stood. She turned her back to us and after a moment's hesitation pushed her thin panties down over her shapely bottom and let them drop to the floor. After a second she turned around. Carol's pussy was trimmed close, the sparse, dark blond hair cut short and waxed so as not to show beyond the deep V of her bathingsuit bottom. Her outer lips are puffy and she keeps them shaved so the front edges were just visible as a cleft below her delta.

Everybody was very quiet for a moment until Carol broke the silence by asking, "So does this mean I'm out?"

Bill cleared his throat and suggested that she still could play if she wanted. "If someone is naked we can play for forfeits."

"What do you mean 'forfeits'?" Carol asked suspiciously.

"If the person with the low hand is naked they have to do a forfeit," He replied.

Nicole piped in, "Highest hand gets to pick the forfeit and lowest hand has to do it. It can only involve them and if the lowest doesn't want to do it they can agree to another or end the game."

"Ok" Carol said sitting down.

Bill lost the next hand and stood. The girls laughed when they noticed he was so hard the tip of his cock was poking out from under the waistband of his jockey shorts and had a drop of moisture on the end. He skinned them off and his 8 incher sprang out in front of him. The girls applauded and each gave him a 9.9. He bowed and sat back down.

Carol lost the next hand. Bill was highest with three Kings. "Now why was I sure this was going to happen!" Carol moaned.

Bill chuckled evilly and rubbed his hands together. "Well, you sure look cute sitting there all naked, but I think we need to see ALL of you. Your forfeit is you have to lay down on the floor and show us everything."

Carol blushed purple. Niki said, "Cheri, you don't have to do this if you don't want."

Carol bit her lip looking trapped for a second. After a moment she took hold of herself and said, "No, I can do this." She got up went into the living room and lay down on the floor. We got up and knelt down around her. After a minute, she parted her legs slightly.

"Noooo, you have to do more then that," Bill said to her. She opened them a little wider. "Wider!" he commanded.

She spread them wide. I could tell she was turned on even though she was looking away in embarrassment. Her inner lips were swollen but they had not yet parted.

"Bring your knees up, like at the doctor's office," Bill instructed. Carol did. Her inner lips opened with a soft, wet 'plop'.

Carol has puffy outer lips that she shaves from her little pink asshole to just above the top of her cleft. She loves being on the receiving end of oral sex and says being bare makes the experience better. I don't know about that, but I love the look and don't miss the errant pube or two tickling my nose when I eat her. She keeps a small, triangular bush above, ending about an 1/8 of an inch from the top of her slit. It's no bigger then a business card, with the dark blond hair trimmed almost flat, waxed well away from the leg openings of her bathing suit. I have often asked her why she bothers, it would be less work to shave it bare. She says that it looks 'weird' without any hair. Personally, I suspect that she's just a little proud of the fact she is a natural blond and enjoys having the visible proof, not that she had ever displayed it to anyone but me and her doctor in the course of our marriage. Before tonight that is.

Carol's pussy is as pale as the rest of her. Puffy outer lips, just slightly darker then the smooth skin of her inner thighs, hide pale pink inner lips, smooth and small. Usually they wrap in around each other, hiding inside their puffy sisters but when she's aroused they open like little butterfly wings. Right now they were pretty close to fully open. We could see she was more then a little damp down there, the ice princess was melting, but her inner lips still obscured the top 2/3's of her vulva.

"I'm going to open her up," Bill said reaching for her.

"No," Nicole commanded slapping his hand. "Your forfeit said she just had to show us, not that you got to touch her."

"Ok," Bill grinned, "Then she has to open herself up for us!"

"Bill!" Niki said whacking him on the shoulder.

"I said she has to show us everything," he said smugly.

Carol's face was beet red. She turned her head to the side, avoiding eye contact but reached under her upturned thighs and, placing a hand on each outer lip, gently spread her pussy wide open. Moisture glistened off of the smooth lips as they opened fully. Carol has a very small clit, difficult to find unless you know where to look. I saw the little white button, exposed by her being spread so wide, no bigger then a pinhead. Her tight opening beckoned, looking virginally small, amazing in a woman that had delivered two children vaginally but then again, my wife is a pretty amazing woman.

"Wider," Bill croaked hoarsely. His cock throbbed , the tip glistening wetly. Still looking away, Carol spread her self wider. Her petite cunt was brazenly displayed, nothing hidden. The pressure exerted by her hands had spread her ass cheeks as well, her pink rosebud now visible, slightly darker then the surrounding skin. Small, tight and shaved like the rest of her. We watched a bead of dew meander from her open cunt hole, down over the perineum to pause on her asshole, causing it to glisten.

Bill devoured her treasures with his eyes. Even Nicole leaned forward on hands and knees to get a better look and as her shap ass came up I noticed a spreading smudge of wetness at the crotch of her panties.

"Ok," said Carol, "That's enough." She closed her legs and we blinked, the spell broken. She vaulted to her feet.

We returned to the table and Nicole dealt another hand.

Nicole dealt the cards as we all watched, a little flushed. Carol was a little shaky, but was a lot more animated then I would have expected. She seemed to really be getting into the card game. I suppose that shouldn't have surprised me, Carol is a real competitor, she hates to lose. I suspected that she was burning for revenge.

I lost the next hand. "Woo Hoo!" shrieked Nicole as I stood. Thinking, "What the hell," I dropped my boxers to the floor and stood up tall. My cock stood out at a 45 degree angle, stiff as a board from my dear's little show. I had nothing to be ashamed of - I may only be 6 inches long, but I'm plenty thick. Both girls clapped and Niki made a new sign upgrading me to a 9.9.

Bill said, "Carol, there's no way that thing fits in that tiny little hole of yours!"

I cringed inwardly but Carol rose to the occasion and replied with a smug, "Oh, we manage." It seemed that my shy wife was turning out not to be so shy after all.

I sat down and Niki dealt the cards out. She lost horribly, 7 high. Carol exclaimed, "Well, it's about Goddam time!"

Niki, ever the showoff, climbed up onto the table and did a little pirouette. "OK boys and girls, it's show time!" Wiggling her hips and "Da Duming" the tune to The Strip, she slowly worked those panties down over her hips and off her legs. My initial view was of her nicely rounded butt. When she spun around I noted, as I had come to suspect from my earlier sneaky-peek, she was completely shaven. The abrupt tan lines made by the high V of her bikini made an arrow directing your attention to her sex. I could see her outer lips were not as puffy as my wife's and that her inner ones visibly extended past them. She twirled her panties around her finger and tossed them onto my head.

"A little present for you Stud," she chirped jumping off the table. "Hey! My drink's empty! Billy, get us a refill!" she demanded.

Bill made another pitcher in record time and quickly topped off our glasses. He sat down, cracked his knuckles said, "OK, OK, deal them cards!"

"A little excited are we?" Niki asked him with a raised eyebrow. "We all seem to be naked. Do we end the game or keep playing for forfeits?" she asked us. "We know what Bill's answer is," she dismissed him with a waive as he started to speak. "What about you, Cherie?" she asked Carol.

"Hey, I've already had to do a forfeit," she replied, "you're not getting off that easily!"

Ahhh competition! Isn't it wonderful.

"OK, how about you, Studly?" she turned to me.

"Deal the cards," I smiled.

She dealt. She lost.

"Ha!" Carol cried in triumph. "You've got to pay a forfeit, you've got to pay a forfeit!" she sing-songed.

Niki stuck her tongue out at my wife. "OK Stud," she turned to me, "what'll it be?"

Decisions, decisions. I saw that my wife was happy that it was Niki's turn to be embarrassed, but apprehensive as to what I would select. Choosing the better part of valor, I turned to Carol and asked, "Hmm, what do you think I should do?"

Niki looked alarmed at this, "Hey, this is your forfeit, not her's!"

"Absolutely," I replied, "I'm merely consulting with counsel before making a decision."

Bill snorted.

"Hmmmm," my wife chuckled evilly, "what to do....... AH! I think you should play 'doctor'."

OK, this had potential.

"Allright," Niki replied, "but some ground rules. You can't do anything that a REAL doctor wouldn't do."

"Fine," Carol replied."

This was getting a little out of hand. This was, after all, MY forfeit. To reassert some control I turned to Carol, and in my best medical voice commanded, "Nurse, bring the patient to the examining room."

"Yes Doctor," my 'nurse' pertly replied. "Come along miss," she said officiously as she grabbed Niki by the arm, dragging her out of her seat and pushing her to sit on the table. I noted my 'nurse' needed to work on her bedside manner. "The doctor will be right with you."

"Hmmm," I temporized, "The patient seems healthy."

"She's due for her breast exam doctor," my nurse prompted.

OK, I didn't expect that, but far be it from me to ignore an opportunity. "Yes, well, please sit up straight," I commanded. I started to 'examine' Niki's left tit. Aside from being bigger then Carol's, they had a distinctly different 'feel'. Softer, more pliant. I circled them inward to the nipple as I had seen my wife do to herself on many occasions. I enjoyed the softness of her aureole as I traced my fingertips around the hardening bud of her nipple.

"Don't forget to squeeze the nipple to check for discharge doctor," my nurse prompted a little huskily.

Feeling this was getting a little weird but going with it happily, I complied. As I pinched the little bud my 'patient' let out a soft groan. I gave it a tug and she closed her eyes.

Beating my nurse to the punch, I announced that I would now examine the other one. Finding no masses I weighed one in each hand, just to make sure they were symmetrical and gave those sweet nipples a few more squeezes to make good and sure there was no discharge. The patient tolerated the procedure well.

"She's due for a pelvic doctor," Nurse Carol announced.

I wondered where this was coming from. I could tell that part of it was a desire for 'revenge' for her earlier forfeit. I saw she was enjoying the embarrassment of the other woman, but I know my wife. She was getting turned on by this. The signs were unmistakable. In the early years of our relationship Carol was a bit of a party girl. She would get good and trashed and would get quite uninhibited - but only with me, in private. As we 'matured' and the kids came along we partied a lot less and a little of the heat went out of our sex life. The temperature would go up on our infrequent, kids-free weekends away, but we never partied quite as hard as we did in the 'good old days'. I realized that this weekend had seen a return to the kind of partying we used to do. I wondered if the alcohol, fun, sun and general lack of cares was causing my dear's libido to reset. Whatever. In any case, I would be an idiot to pass this up.

"Lie back Miss," the doctor ordered. Niki giggled and lay back on the table, her long legs hanging over the edge. "We need some stirrups nurse," I observed.

"Bill, come here," Carol commanded. Bill came over. "Grab an ankle and put it like this," she commanded. Carol grabbed one of Nicole's feet and positioned the heel on the table edge. Niki's leg was bent at the knee and her heel was pressed back to her butt. Bill smiled naughtily and did the same with her other leg. Niki was spread open as effectively as if she were on the examining table.

I thoroughly enjoyed the view. Niki has a beautiful pussy. As I observed earlier, it is shaved bare without a hint of stubble. Her outer lips are not as puffy as Carol's and in this position were pulled flat. Her inner lips are quite a bit larger them my wife's and are rough in texture as opposed to Carol's smooth ones. She is a dark pink, not an angry red, but a deep, pleasing pink Her clit is large and easily visible at the top of her slit. Her inner lips were slightly open at the bottom and I could see the bottom half of her opening. With her legs pulled back, her asshole was exposed as well. I noted the skin surrounding it was a little darker then Carol's.

Clearing my throat, I began to speak as if dictating a medical report. "The patient exhibits a normal, healthy looking vulval area. The pubic hair has been removed."

"My summer hairdo!" the patient piped in.

"Let's get a good look at it doctor," my wife suggested.

"OK," I agreed. Using my index finger, I gently parted her inner lips, unfolding them to either side. They were slick with her dew and I could see that if she were embarrassed, she was also enjoying herself. Her lips extended a fair distance to either side, looking like nothing so much as an orchid unfolded there. I couldn't resist and stroked a finger up and down her slit, lightly flicking her clit on the upstroke and making her gasp.

I saw my wife's hand absently stroking Niki's calf as she held her leg. Carol's attention was riveted on the examination. "I think she's ready for the internal doctor," Carol suggested. I smiled to myself. I couldn't wait to see what happened if one of the girls got the other as a forfeit.

"I think you're right," I agreed, slipping my finger into Niki's hot tunnel. God was she wet. I slipped another in easily. Niki squirmed. I made sure I gave her a very thorough exam, sliding my fingers in and out to check the internal texture of my patient. I slid the middle finger of my other hand into her ass, well lubricated by her cunt juices, to check for masses of course. The patient tolerated the procedure well, but did exhibit some breathing difficulties and made some quiet noises. Hell, for that matter, so did the doctor and from what I could tell the nurse and the guy serving as the stirrups!

"We seem to be finished here," I said shakily.

My patient slowly sat up. "Whew, well I could use a drink."

"I'll get you one," I said a little uncomfortably.

"I'll come too," added Carol.

We went into the kitchen and I began to mix up a batch. Carol turned me around and kissed me, hard, her tongue probing into my mouth. She grabbed the hand I had been examining Nicole with and broke off our kiss to suck on the fingers, then she pushed the hand into her own crotch and pulled me into a passionate clinch again. I could feel she was soaked, and with the combination of her own pussy's juices, Niki's still on my hand and Carol's saliva, my hand slid over and into her with ease.

We kissed and groped one another for a time when Carol broke the kiss.

"We'd better get back," she pointed out.

"You're OK with all this?" I asked, wanting to be sure.

She looked down, embarrassed, shy, "Yes," she answered, simply, quietly.

"You're sure?" I insisted. Hell I was having a blast, but I was not about to throw away a marriage for this. "You're doing this because you want to, not for me or anything?"

She looked up at me and a mischievous smile slowly spread over her face. She gave my cock a tug, "No, 'stud', I'm not doing this just for you. Now let's get back and play some more."

We returned to the dinette to find Bill and Niki seated around the table once again looking fairly flushed. Nicole's lipstick was smudged, as if they had been engaged in some fairly passionate kissing of their own.

Nicole cleared her throat and asked in a tentative voice, "So, should I deal another hand?" I think we were all a little shocked at how far our little joking game of poker had gone. I don't think any of us had anticipated this when we started.

Carol spoke up, "If we go any further with this, I just want to say up front that I will not have sex with anyone but my husband, so don't even bother asking me. Anything else and, well, we'll see. If you can live with that, I'll play."

Carol's words lifted a weight off of my shoulders. I knew now from that statement that she was really doing this because she wanted to and not out of some misguided desire to please me. Besides, I had absolutely no desire to see her fuck another man. I could handle a little 'fooling around', I mean hell, I had just got to do a little 'fooling' of my own with Nicole.

I was not the only one relieved. Niki was quick to agree, "Fine. I agree and ask for the same consideration." Turning to us she asked, "Can you boys handle that?"

I agreed readily. Bill looked a little disappointed but agreed as well. Carol and I sat down, she took my hand under the table as Niki began to deal. Carol lost the hand. She really is a lousy poker player. Bill had the highest hand. Carol squirmed nervously as Bill chortled, rubbing his palms together.

"Hmmm," he gloated. "Looks like I get another forfeit! Now, what shall it be." Carol's hand tightened on mine. I glanced at her and could tell she was both excited and scared by the prospect of having to do Bill's bidding.

"One thing for sure is, this time I get to touch you!" He was enjoying her discomfort and Carol was certianly discomforted. She shifted in her chair.

"Let's see. Your forfeit will be that I get to play with you, obviously! But what will I play with? Hmmmm." He stood up and begain to circle her, rubbing his chin as if deep in thought, pondering a weighty choice. His stiff cock bobbed up and down with each step. It was obvious what he had been pondering.

"I'm really dying to get ahold of those nipples, but you have such a cute ass too. Well, I'm just going to have to play with everything!" he decided throwing up his hands and flopping back into his chair.

"We're going to need a time limit here or Billy-boy will play with her all night," Niki added with a smirk. "You can play for twenty minutes with her boobs and ass, then the forfeit's over."

"Ok," Bill agreed, "She's my toy for twenty minutes. Anything I want, boobs, ass and cunt."

"Anything except intercourse," Niki corrected. "That was the limitation."

"Anything that doesn't include him putting his cock inside me," Carol clarified nervously.

"Good point!" Niki added. "Billy's inventive." She clapped her hands and stated officiously, "Twenty minutes in heaven, boobs, ass and cunt. No penile insertion into any orifice. That's the offer on the table, Is it acceptable?" she looked at Carol. Carol nodded.

She turned to her husband, "Bill?"

"Sounds good," he replied pushing his clair back from the table. "Twenty minutes starting now. Come over here," he commanded Carol.

Reluctantly she went over to his chair. He sprawled back. "Straddle my legs."

Carol stepped over his outstretched legs and stood, one leg on each side of him about over his knees.

"Closer," he ordered. "I want you up against me."

"Remember," she reminded him, "you can't put it in me."

"Just come up here," he replied impatiently. "We're on my time."

She moved up his torso, her belly just touching his chest. Her small tits were on a level with his face. She was so short Bill's big prick just about brushed the lips of her vulva. The close proximity of his big tool to her hole made her visibly uncomfortable. He knew it and kept shifting so it brushed her thighs making her jump at each contact, enjoying her discomfort.

"Beautiful," Bill murmured placing a hand on the outer sides of each breast. He ran his hands down their outer slopes, under the bottoms and then up over the front and the nipples. "These little guys are hard as rocks! Jesus you have firm tits," he marveled.

Bill started to circle her aureoles with his index fingers, tracing light circles on the soft skin. After a few minutes of this Carol's eyes closed and she placed her hands on his shoulders. Her previously hard nipples elongated even further under his ministrations. I had to smile. Carol's nipples were very sensitive and she loved having them played with. Bill rubbed his thumbs over them lightly, then slightly more firmly. He leaned his head forward and touched the tip of her left nipple with his tongue, gently flicking it. She was getting into this in spite of herself and Bill grinned as he sucked the nipple into his mouth, still flicking it with his tongue all the while. I knew she had been seriously turned on in the kitchen, even close to cumming so it didn't take much to get the motors running again. His left hand continued to gently roll her right nipple between finger and thumb while he slowly stroked her back and ass with his right hand.

Carol's breathing deepened as her excitement grew. She forgot about her fears and let go to the sensations. Bill continued his slow, gentle ministrations - just the way Carol liked it - until suddenly he let her tit pop from his mouth. He brought his right hand around to grasp her now wet left nipple and began to knead it in time with the right one.

"God, I really love these nipples," he said with a grin, "They really give you something to grab on to." With those words he began to squeeze a little harder.

"Ow! Not so hard," Carol murmured, eyes closed. She had always insisted I be gentle with her tits.

"Aw, c'mon baby," Bill inveigled grinning wider now. He rolled her nipples between his fingers, hard. We could see them twist.

"I....oh!'re hurting me!" she moaned. Interestingly, she made no move to pull away or stop him.

"But you like it," he said, pulling on them.


"Tell me you like it," he taunted her. Bill pulled and tugged on Carol's thick nips, rolling them as he pulled them outwards.


"Tell me!"

"Yes," she said in a small, quiet voice.

"Louder," Bill insisted squeezing hard.

"OH!" she yipped. Moaning now, "Yes....yes...I like it....hurts....feels good."

I was shocked. This was one territory we had never explored in our marriage. Carol had told me she had no interest in pain and I had never pressed the issue.

After kneading and pulling a bit more, Bill abruptly let go of her tits. Her nipples snapped back, now angry red from his mauling. "Well, I could do that all night, but times a wasting and I still have big plans. Go stand in front of the buffet," he ordered her.

Cupping her sore tits, Carol walked into the living room and stood before the buffet table as instructed. Bill grabbed his chair and went in after her, placing it just behind her and sitting down. Niki and I followed to see what would happen next.

Bill placed his hands on Carol's ass caressing the smooth flesh giving each cheek a few gentle squeezes. Carol has a nice set of hips that give her a cute round ass. She thinks its a little too large but I think it looks great - especially when she's naked. The skin is soft and firm and just begs to be touched.

"Very nice! Now bend over onto the table," he commanded. Carol looked back but when he said nothing else did as he ordered. The table only came to her mid thigh so when she placed her chest and belly on it, her back arched slightly exposing her inverted pussy as well as her small, pink asshole.

Carol has great legs, "cheerleader legs" someone once called them and Bill was really enjoying the view. He ran his hands up the backs of her thighs from her knees up to her ass and then all around her vulva without actually touching it. Carol sighed and grasped the edge of the table with her outstretched arms. Her breath was ragged with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation.

Her pussy was noticeably soaked. Little beads of dew clung to her. In this position, her small pink inner lips were pushed together by her puffy outer ones. She was visably damp all over both sets of lips. The tops of her inner thighs were sheened with moisture as well.

"Well, it looks like your really DID like my squeezing your nips, didn't you baby," Bill chuckled. He ran his thumbs up her outer lips starting at the beginning of her cleft, just above her small clit then upwards around her crinkled pink butt-hole and back down again. He used his hands to open her, nudging her legs apart with his feet. He teased her open spreading her small lips and giving us all a view of her love hole.

"Mmm, so slippery." Bill plunged both thumbs into her wet tunnel and Carol let out a groan. He withdrew them almost all of the way and pulled open her slick vagina before thrusting them back in. He repeated the process, again and again, each time pulling her open upon his withdrawal, giving us a clear look into her stretched hole before his thumbs once again disappeared into her depths. Carol was moaning in time to his thrusts, moving her hips to his rhythm. "Boy you're tight."

I felt Nicole's hand steal over to my cock and lightly wrap around me. Surprised, I looked over at her but her attention was focused on the scene before us. I put an arm around her and idely began to play with her nipple as we watched.

"You're my toy," Bill murrmured seductively, "aren't you? C'mon say it." Bill used his fingers to stimulate her clit while he fucked her harder with his thumbs. "Say it!" he comanded, louder.

"I'm a toy," she mumbled.


"Ohh I'm a toy! Oh God I'm a fucking toy!" she moaned, close to cumming.

Nicole interrupted asking huskily, "I thought you wanted to play with her ass too."

Bill immediately withdrew his slick thumbs from my wife and winked at Niki and me. Carol nearly sobbed at being left high and dry so close to cumming.

"You're right hun. Thanks for reminding me." Licking the juice from his thumbs and sighing, "Mmmmm." he stood up.

"What are you going to do now?" Carol asked tremulously. She had never cared for anal play.

"Anything I want to," Bill curtly replied. "I still have more then ten minutes left of my forfeit and you're my fucktoy."

Bill ran the middle finger of his right hand in and around Carol's cunt, getting it slick and transferring some of the moisture to her light pink asshole, as if she weren't wet enough.

"Is this a virgin ass?" he asked while he rimmed her hole with his finger.

"Yes," was her soft reply.

"Thought so," Bill answered as he abruptly stuck his finger as deep as it could go into her puckered hole.

Carol let out a shriek and bucked off the table. Bill pushed her back down with his free hand and then gave her a sharp smack across the ass.

"Quiet toy," he commanded.

Carol was shocked by the slap and stopped squirming. Bill began slowly withdrawing his finger and then pumping it back in with force.

Niki looked to see my reaction but I was transfixed by the sight of Bill's finger reaming my wife's asshole as his white handprint slowly turned to red on her left butt cheek. Niki licked her lips and began to quietly touch herself with her other hand.

Bill's free hand began to gently stroke Carol's clit and labia. She was soon breathing heavily again and rocking her hips slightly. Bill leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Not so bad, is it toy. You like it don't you."

"Yesss," She quietly hissed.

On the next out stroke, Bill added his index finger to his middle finger and plunged two fingers deep into her ass.

"Oh!" Carol squealed but made no move to escape this time. Her sphincter gripped his fingers tightly as they pistoned in and out of her tight, little hole.

Bill left off his stroking of Carol's cunt and grabbed his own hard cock, positioning it against her pussy lips.

"No!" Carol gasped.

"Bill!" Nicole said warningly.

"Don't worry. I remember the rules. It won't go inside her, but you two didn't say anything about outside her." And with that, Bill began to rub the swollen tip of his member against Carol's delicate tissue while he finger-fucked her ass.

Once she was sure he was not going to put it inside her, Carol relaxed somewhat and by then she was really too far gone with lust to protest much anyway. Soon the combination of Bill's cockhead against her clit and lips plus the fingers penetrating her ass had Carol pushing back against Bill's hand as he worked his fingers deep into her. She was moaning loudly now with each thrust of Bills hand and I knew she was very close to cumming. She was so far gone that if Bill had chosen to slam it in at that point she wouldn't have complained.

"Time!" Nicole announced loudly, seeing this for herself.

Bill immediately withdrew his fingers and stopped rubbing her. Carol groaned in frustration, her hips rocking against the air.

"Thanks, toy. You were sweet,' Bill whispered in her ear as he bent down to kiss her neck. He then walked into the kitchen to wash his hands.

Niki bent over Carol and rubbed her back. "Awww," she teased. "Is nursie all revved up with no place to go? Pay back's a bitch, ain't it." She bit Carol's earlobe and, surprising me, ran a finger quickly up Carol's wet slit before following her husband into the kitchen. As she passed, she gave my throbbing cock a final, quick stroke, licked her finger and caroled, "You're next studly."

After a minute, Carol rose shakily to her feet. She couldn't meet my eyes. "Do you hate me?" she asked plaintively.

I went to her and hugged her. "That's a stupid question," I said into her hair. "Of course not."

Relieved I could feel her melt into me. I bent to give her what was supposed to be a quick kiss, but she grabbed the back of my neck and crushed her face into mine, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. I responded instantly, pulling her tight against me. My hands drifted down her back to cup her ass. She rubbed herself against me lasciviously. I lifted her by her ass and her legs wrapped around me. I carried her the short distance to the dinette table and sat her on the edge. Reaching down, I positioned my stiff rod against her opening.

"Am I allowed to fuck you?" I whispered in her ear.

In answer she simply growled and grabbed my ass to pull me into her. I resisted.

"Answer me," I crooned in her ear. I slipped a hand up to play with a nipple, rough, the way Bill had played with her.

"Unnnhhh!" she moaned. With my other hand I moved my cock around the outside of her tunnel, just barely popping the head in and out. She pulled at me hard, trying to force me into her.

"Answer me!" I insisted, tugging on her nipple.

"Yes," she softly moaned. "Fuck me."

"Louder," I commanded, squeezing it hard.

"Ahhh! Yes! Ohhhh, just fuck me! Please, just fuck me!" she almost screamed.

I slammed my thick prick into her slick hole. My pelvis mashed against her pubic bone as I impaled her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed, screwing up her face as her cunt gripped me in the throws of orgasm. Instead of thrusting, I kept myself deep inside her and ground my pelvis into her clit. That always drove her crazy and this was no exception.

She moaned and mewed for what seemed like hours as she came, finally she pushed a hand against my chest. "Oh please, please, stop. To much. I'm over stimulated," she begged breathlessly.

I withdrew slowly. She twitched and gasped as I popped out.

"Did you cum?" she asked caressing my face.

"No," I answered smiling.

"Well, what do you want to do, baby?" she asked me.

"Yeah, what are you going to do, baby?"

Carol jumped. She had forgotten we were not alone in the condo. Bill and Niki had returned from the kitchen while we were going at it. They now stood in the doorway, arms about each other. Niki slowly stroked his cock while Bill's hand rooted between her legs.

"What are you going to do, baby," Bill repeated in a teasing tone.

"Watch and see," I replied, a trifle smug.

"Go stand in front of the coffee table," I ordered my wife.

"Very funny," she replied

"Do it!" I commanded quietly but firmly.

Carol looked at my face and saw I was serious. A hint of uncertainty crept into her eyes. "Ok," she meekly assented.

She walked into the living room and stopped in front of the coffee table. I walked up behind her.

"Bend over it," I ordered.

Bill and Niki had come into the living room and arraigned themselves on the couch to get the best view of the fun.

"Seem familiar?" Bill teased.

"What are you going to do?" Carol asked me nervously.

"What I've always wanted to do to you. Now bend over the table," I replied.

Carol hesitantly bent over the table once again, her delectable ass coming up in the air. She was soaked from her pussy to half way down her thighs now, her skin glistening. Her cunthole yawned open, stretched from my thick cock - but that was not the subject of my interest at the moment.

Bill and Nicole watched closely. Niki was lying close to Bill with her legs spread wide. Bill had 2 fingers buried in her cunt and Niki slowly stroked his long tool with one hand.

With my left hand, I began to stroke Carol's clit, very softly. She was always hyper-sensitive after a big orgasm, but if I started gently I could usually bring her off again in a very short time.

I think she was distracted because it took me a minute or two before she started to moan softly and rub her pussy against my hand. I placed the index finger of my right hand on her asshole and began to massage it gently. I didn't need to worry about lubrication as what seemed to be gallons of her juices had dripped into her ass crack when she came. She really needed a towel. I was so gentle with her that I had my finger in her up to the second joint before she even noticed.

I felt her tense and I stopped pressing. "Oh God, Not that again," she whined.

"Relax," I instructed. "You liked it when Bill did it and now it's my turn."

She was once again very turned on and approaching orgasm from my clit stroking. I didn't want her to cum just yet so I lightened my touch and slowed down the rhythm. My right finger was now in her all the way and I began to finger fuck her hole. I abandoned her clit and concentrated on her ass. She did like it after all as she soon began to rock her hips in time with my finger. I added a second. She hissed as it went in the first time but didn't stop rocking. Her hands gripped the edge of the table and her eyes got that far away look.

I looked up at Bill and Nicole and saw that she was now laying on her side, watching us intently. Bill was behind her, his arm around her playing with a nipple. She had thrown her top leg back, resting her calf on his hip and he had entered her from behind. His dick was clearly visible, slowly stroking in and out, glistening with her juices. They both watched the show we were putting on with interest.

I withdrew my fingers and placed the tip of my cock against her now relaxed bumhole. I was still slippery with her juice. I pressed in.

"Nnnnnnnn," she whimpered.

With an almost audible pop, my mushroom jumped past her sphincter. I stopped for a moment, just my head in her and used my hands to spread her cheeks wide. With incessant pressure I slowly pushed inwards.

"Unnn, unnnn, unnnn," she moaned and surprised me by pressing herself back on my cock.

"Ahhhh," I groaned as my balls touched her cunt. I was now buried to the hilt in my wife's no longer virgin ass.

I paused for a moment to let her get used to me. Her tight ass gripped me almost painfully. Once I felt her muscles relax their death grip on my prick, I withdrew and pressed in again.

"Oh God, you're ripping me apart,' Carol groaned.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No! God! Oh!" she mumbled.

Taking that for assent I started a series of long, slow strokes into her. He tight body matched my rhythm.

I glanced up at Bill and Nicole. She had rolled over and he was now on top pumping away. The had eyes only for each other at this point.

I found Carol's clit with my hand and started to caress it. She began moaning as I increased the tempo of my thrusts. Shortly I could feel my balls begin to tense as I built to climax. I was practically slamming into her now, rocking the table with the force of my thrusts. My cock swelled and I gritted my teeth and rammed into her as deep as I could as the first molten burst of my seamen jetted far into her bowels

"Aahhhhh!" I groaned.

Inadvertently, lost in my own pleasure, I squeezed hard on Carol's clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" She yelped slamming back into me as she came hard.

I pumped myself dry into her as she spasmed, panting and soaked with sweat.

"Oh my God," I groaned as I withdrew, still half hard. I looked down and saw my cum drip from Carol's stretched hole.

"Oh am I sore!" Carol moaned from against the table top.

Bill and Niki had reached their own climaxes at some point and were now lying in each others arms, Bill going soft inside her.

"You need a nice hot bath," Niki suggested from the couch. "The condo has a big hot tub. We can all take a nice long soak."

"Yeah, and then we can play some more poker!" Bill laughed.


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