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The Gang Bang
by Chuck Wood

I ran into a woman the other day that I had not seen since college, twenty eight years ago. I am sure she remembers the night ten of us fucked her, but she said nothing. Of course, she was with her husband who looked like he was not much fun. It was a little awkward talking to Jill, because all I could think of was watching her take on all comers that night. As I walked away, I had such a hard on I had to duck into the restroom to rearrange my package.

Jill was one of those innocent looking college girls who dressed carelessly. I always wondered if she wanted to look like a slut or if she was just naive. Her dresses were always just a bit too short such that it was fairly easy to get a look at her panties as she walked up the stairs in front of me or as she sat down in her seat. She usually wore panties that rode up the crack of her ass so I often got a good look at her soft round butt cheeks. She often wore white pants or shorts and I could usually make out the outline of her panties without much trouble. She liked panties that did not cover much area. I did not meet Jill until my senior year in college. We had a couple of classes together, but I noticed she had a pretty steady boyfriend who was always hanging around. I am sure it is the same guy that she is married to now. As I reminisced, I found myself wondering if she ever told him about the night she took on the house.

One spring day, I was walking to class and heard someone call my name. When I turned around, it was Jill. I waited for her to catch up and she asked me about some assignment for one of our classes. She was wearing a short skirt and a T-shirt. She was about 5'4" tall and 120 pounds or so. She was athletic looking with melon sized tits and a round ass. I imagined she was probably a cheerleader in high school.

As we walked and talked, I discovered that she lived in an apartment house just down the hill from the house that me and seven other guys rented. I told her that we were having a spring break party that weekend and invited her. She said she had heard we had great parties and would try to make it. We had wild parties, but I wondered where she had heard about them. The guys I lived with were a little older than most of the college kids. Most of us had been in the service and we all kind of gravitated together by the end of college. There was always a lot of alcohol and drugs at our parties and some of them had gotten completely out of hand. But Jill did not seem to run in the crowd that attended our parties. At any rate, I thought maybe she had been asking around about me and took that as a good sign.

On Friday night, the party was cranking up. It was the beginning of spring break and a lot of people had plans to leave campus so everybody was in a partying mood after class. I surveyed the crowd and eyed a few women that looked like they were unattached. Suddenly I noticed Jill coming down the stairs. Behind her was the guy that was always hanging around her and I immediately knew I was not going to get lucky with her.

I approached her and she raised up on her tiptoes, kissed me on the cheek and said "Great party." I was pretty surprised about the kiss. The music was so loud, I could hardly hear her introduce her boyfriend - Jim or Tim or something like that. I shook his hand.

He did not have a very firm grip and I could see the look of disapproval on his face as he surveyed the room. A few people were passing a joint and there was a blue haze hanging over the room. Others were hooking down beers or taking hits off a bottle of tequila that somebody brought. I asked Jill if she wanted anything. I think she said that she wanted a beer so I headed off to find a couple of cold ones. When I returned, Jill whispered thanks in my ear and told me that she had to leave because she and her boyfriend were flying off to Mexico for spring break the next day. The look of disappointment on my face must have been obvious because she said "I'm sorry, but thanks again for asking me." As she climbed the stairs, I checked out the panty lines which told me that hers were bunched up in the crack of her ass.

A couple of hours later, I was getting a pretty good buzz on. At first I thought I was hallucinating. I saw Jill across the room. I headed towards her and she told me that after her boyfriend dropped her off she could not sleep because she was so excited about her spring break trip. She said she decided to return to the party and see if our parties were as wild as everyone said. I asked her what she had heard. She told me that some of the girls had told her that there was usually a lot of drugs and sex at these parties. I laughed and told her "I wish, but don't believe everything you hear." Actually, I was aware that a few girls had gotten carried away at some of the parties earlier in the year and at least one girl had done a few guys, because I had "sloppy seconds." Actually I think I was about fifth or sixth, but she was definitely sloppy by the time I got there.

I got Jill a beer and offered her a hit off a joint. She told me she had never smoked marijuana before, but seemed eager to experiment. She coughed a little, but took a couple of good hits. This was pretty strong pot and her eyes got glazed over pretty quick. We talked quite awhile about where she was from and what she was studying. She told me that she was engaged to marry Tim in June and he had been accepted in an MBA program back east somewhere so they would be moving there after the honeymoon. My heart sunk when she told me she was engaged because I figured my chances of getting in her pants were pretty slim if she was going to be married in a couple of months. However, she wasn't married yet and I decided to press my luck. I told her she was a great looking woman and asked her how she kept in shape. She told me that she swam a lot and jogged.

I gave her a couple more hits off a joint and ran my hand over her leg. She responded by looking at me with those glazed over eyes. I leaned down and kissed her. She let me slip my tongue inside her mouth and explore around. She was not resisting my advances like I thought she would. My cock was getting hard and I am sure she could feel it as I pressed against her. I moved my hand down to her ass and rubbed it. She moaned softly and I figured that if I could get her to a more private spot I was going to get lucky. I grabbed her hand and led her to a back room. Damn the luck! The back bedroom was being used. I could hear moaning from inside and the door was locked.

Well there was nobody around in the hallway so I decided to press on. I kissed Jill again and this time she responded like an animal. She gave me her tongue. I reached down and fumbled with the button on her jeans. Finally it opened and I unzipped her pants. She was not resisting. I pushed my hand down the front of her jeans and inside her panties. I was in fur and she was not stopping me. My finger found her clit and she caught her breath. I went for the opening. She was soaked. Definitely a good sign. This girl was ready to fuck. I felt her hands clawing at the front of my jeans.

I slipped two fingers inside her slit and she grabbed me around the neck. She was cuming. I could feel her muscles contracting around my fingers. As soon as she finished, I starting pushing her pants down and over her ass. She wriggled as I pushed them down to her knees. I grabbed her T-shirt and pushed it up. She raised her arms and let me remove it. She was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were erect and I started kissing them. She moaned as I gave them a good tongue bath.

She dropped to her knees and started unzipping my jeans. I helped her pull my jeans down and my cock jumped out at full attention. I remember her saying "You are a lot bigger than Tim." Her lips enveloped my cock. Her mouth felt like whipped cream. She licked and slurped and made gurgling sounds as she worked me over. I pulled her to her feet and finished removing her jeans. She was standing there completely naked except for a pair of white panties. I dropped to my knees and started kissing her flat belly. I turned her around and admired her ass. I bent her over as I stood up. She braced herself against the wall. I pulled her panties to one side exposing her slit.

I placed the head of my cock at her opening and pushed it in. She was tight but she was so wet, I had no trouble sliding it all the way to the hilt. I rammed it in and out of her. She responded to every thrust. Her ass jiggled every time I slammed into her. She yelled "I'm cummmmming!!" I felt the contractions as she experienced her second orgasm. I pulled out, turned her around and layed her down on the floor on her back. I pulled her panties up and off. She spread her legs wide. I got a great view of her pink meat. I dropped between her raised legs and began to eat her. I slurped at her juices and licked her clit. She moaned "Yes! Yesssss! Eat me! Make me cum again!" She arched her back and came again. She was insatiable. She told me to lay on my back and she mounted me. She was humping my cock like a mad woman.

However, she made so much noise in that hallway that a few of the guys came back to investigate. The couple in the back bedroom had also opened the door to see what the commotion was. The girl that had been doing the guy in the bedroom cheered Jill on. "Go for it girl! Ride that horse!" I couldn't hold it any longer. I grabbed her ass, jammed my cock deep inside her and unloaded. The crowd cheered. I think that was the first time Jill realized her performance was being watched. She said "Oh my God!!"

I heard one of the guys say "I'm next." To my surprise Jill didn't run. One of the guys grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to her feet. I could see my cum leaking out of her cunt as she rose to her feet above me. He led her into the bedroom, pushed her down face first on the bed and mounted her from behind. I got to my feet and pulled on my pants. I pocketed her panties for a souvenir and pushed my way through the crowd to watch the fuck fest. Her legs were spread wide and I could hear the squishing noise as the guy drove in and out of Jill's sopping cunt. He grabbed her by the hips and drove into her one last time and deposited another load deep inside her. Jill collapsed on the bed. By this time several guys were naked and ready to have a go. They rolled her over on her back and one guy straddled her face while a second guy impaled her cunt again. The guy that was face fucking her had a huge cock with balls that were slapping her on the chin as he tried to force his cock down her throat. Jill's eyes were wide open. From the look on her face, I knew she had never taken a cock that deep down her throat.

She struggled as it slid deeper and deeper down her throat. The guy pulled it out, let her catch her breath and then jammed it in again. Pretty soon he had a rhythm going and Jill was doing her best to keep up. She was totally consumed by lust. I wondered what Tim would think if he could see his bride to be getting fucked like a two dollar whore. When the guy unloaded in Jill's throat, she started swallowing as fast as she could, but she had no chance. The cum was escaping from the sides of her mouth that were still stretched to the limit by the big cock in her throat.

When he pulled the cock from her mouth, it stayed open a little too long and another guy slipped his manhood into the opening. I don't know how many cocks she had sucked before that night, but she was getting quite a workout. She took on ten guys that night. Everybody fucked her mouth and her cunt at least once. Some guys I know fucked her three times before they left. When everybody was finished having their way with her, I thought about fucking her in the ass. But I thought better of it. She would probably want to save something for Tim.

I helped her get cleaned up and dressed. As I walked her home, she told me that she had not intended to get carried away like that. She told me that she was a virgin before she met Tim and that he had only fucked her ten or twelve times. I asked her if she had ever sucked cock before and she admitted that she had given head to a lot of guys. Apparently that is how she maintained her virginity for so long.

She said she wanted to experiment with fucking other guys before she got married, but since she got engaged to Tim she had a difficult time hooking up with anybody. She confided to me that when she returned to the party she had already decided she was going to do me. However, she assured me that she had not intended to be the entertainment for the rest of the house. She just got so turned on when I was fucking her, that she just couldn't say no to the other guys. She asked me not to tell anybody what she had done, because she did love Tim and didn't know what he would do if he found out. I told her it would be our secret.


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