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The Gang Bang Exposť
by Carl East

Sean and Ann were in the editor's outer office, waiting for a meeting, and they didn't know what it was about, but as their paper dealt with all kinds of sleaze, they knew it would be something meaty.

They started to bet one another, Sean said it would be something to do with the lesbian community, while Ann thought it would be about rape.

In the event they both turned out to be wrong, in fact, the editor wanted information that they both felt was a waste of their time.

"I want you to dig up as much dirt as possible, concerning celebrity Gang Bangs, if possible get an interview with those that arrange them, I want to know about the type of people that put themselves through this experience, and why?" said the editor.

"Wait a second. No one is really sure they exist. Besides, it's not something that you can get invited to," replied Ann.

"Well, let me tell you something, Ann. Real reporters find a way. Now stop complaining and come up with something good or you're back in advertising."

"But, sir, this is..." Ann started to protest.

Sean interrupted, "We'll do our best sir," He got up and nodded pointedly at Ann, who got the message and followed him out of the office.

Sean reassured his new partner. "Don't worry, we can do this."

"You know why he's doing this, don't you?" Ann complained. "He's pissed off that I won't sleep with him. This is his way of getting revenge."

"Forget about him. We can do this."

"Sean, you know I want this job and that I've been itching to get out of the advertising department, but gang bangs? I don't know." Ann shook her head doubtfully.

"Come on. "I have to make a couple of calls. I have a friend or two that might be able to help us with this," he said.

She gaped at him in surprise. "Just exactly what kinds of friends do you associate with?" she said, following him to his office. Sean didn't answer.

He made a few calls, got the information he was looking for, and they left.

"Where are we going?" asked Ann, not sure she wanted to know.

"A strip club, known as the 'Bare All,' A friend owns that place, and he knows certain people, who, shall we say, travel in seedier circles than most," said Sean, confident that he had their first lead.

Soon they were pulling up outside the strip club, Ann scanned the building, expecting the worst and finding it. It was a dump, with the kind of customers that had beer stains on their shirts. Before they even entered, Ann could smell the vomit someone had deposited outside on the pavement, making her even more reluctant to enter.

Sean tugged her by the elbow, and against her better judgement, she followed him inside. A few whispered words to the doorman and they were ushered to the manager's office.

Sean shook hands with the club owner and they all sat down. "Tony, howya doin'? This is Ann Wilder my partner."

Ann shook hands with the manager, her thoughts of how he should go on a diet, prevalent in her mind.

"Listen, Tony," Sean said, "we need to get the dirt on the celebrity gang bangs for an article."

Smiling in appreciation and sitting back in his chair, Sean took in the nude posters plastered all over the walls.

"I know they happen, but I don't know where," Tony replied. His eyes wandered up and down Ann's body. "You're some looker, gal."

Ann struggled to keep herself from blurting a sharp retort. Although he was loathsome, this Tony could have some information for them, and unless they wanted their search to end here and now, they needed to cooperate.

"Come on, Tony, surely you have friends who know where," Ann said.

Feeling naughty, she shifted in her seat and let her skirt ride up her thighs a little. Tony's eyes widened.

"Ahhhh, I might be able to help you," Tony stammered. "What's in it for me?"

"A half-page ad, free," replied Sean.

"Full page, colour."


"Ok, I got a friend who might know something, but let me ring him first, and see how he feels about all this. If he agrees to meet you, I'll let you know."

With that, Sean and Ann left his office telling him they'd wait out side and proceeded to the bar. Ann watched one of the strippers, as she drank her gin and tonic, wondering how anyone could perform in such a manner, to perfect strangers.

Ten minutes later, Tony came out of his office, and walked over to join them.

"Gus, my contact, will meet you in the Café royale, at eight o'clock tonight, he's a big guy so you won't miss him," he said, patting Ann's butt as she turned to leave.

Ann cringed. He disgusted her, but she kept her cool as they walked out.

Getting there early, Ann and Sean had a coffee while waiting, then spotted a guy who fitted Tony's description enter the café. Sean waved him over, and found him to be the right person, then asked if he wanted a coffee. Once he was settled and starting to talk, Ann decided to ask him straight out.

"We were told, that you could help us dig some dirt up, concerning so called Celebrity GangBangs, is that true?" she said, as she sat back in the booth.

"You sound like you don't believe this happens," he replied.

"Let's just say, I have my doubts," said Ann, "why would celebrities, risk their reputations getting involved in something like this? If word got out, they could be ruined."

"Sounds like that's what you're trying to do."

"We have no intention of exposing anyone's name, we merely wish to interview, anonymously, the person who arranges it all," said Sean.

"I don't know," Gus said, "I mean, this is my livelihood we're talking about."

"We can make it worth your while," said Ann.

"I want five grand for this," he replied, sitting back to gauge their response.

"Three thousand is all we can offer, take it or leave it, said Sean.

Gus sat up, placing both hands onto the table as if to rise, then suddenly decided to sit back.


"So, what happens next?" asked Ann.

"You have to do whatever I tell you to do, starting off with a blind fold, when we get underway," he said.

"We will do whatever it takes to get the story, but can you assure us, that we are not in any danger?" asked Sean.

"Oh, you will be safe. I mean we're not talking about the criminal element here, just something that has to be done behind closed doors. Be here in one hour, with the money."

One hour later, he was blindfolding them then setting off. Ann felt a little apprehensive, but started to relax when Sean kept reminding her that he wouldn't let anything bad happen.

When Gus finally told them to remove their blindfolds, Ann and Sean discovered they were in a warehouse. There were a few storage cases over in one corner, but apart from that the warehouse was empty. They were not alone however, for there were six men, across the warehouse just waiting.

"We are just waiting now, for the subject to arrive, then the fun will start," their contact told them.

Within half an hour the woman he had been referring to opened the door and entered, along with two men, who seemed to be guarding her? Ann was shocked to find she recognised this celebrity, a certain Rose Cunnington, who Ann knew read the weather forecast on channel nine. She was very attractive, and dressed in a robe.

Gus was now informing her as to the reason the spectators were there, and although she clearly objected at first, Ann could see Gus calming her by whispering something in her ear. Ann wasn't sure what was said, but it had the desired effect, for Rose suddenly walked over to the table, completely ignoring her onlookers.

The men that had been standing around now went into action, as the woman approached the table situated in the middle of the warehouse. One of them approached her, putting his hands up to take her robe. Then another man helped her onto the table, Rose then just watched, as all six of them proceeded to remove their clothing.

Each man had the kind of body that could only be described as Adonis-like physiques, and each had their own little role to play. One man went to the back of the table, his cock dangling within easy reach of Rose's mouth. While two others got to either side of the low table, and started to caress and fondle her breasts.

Meanwhile the other men started to play with their cocks, making sure they were nice and hard, while watching her breasts being manhandled. Then one of them approached her legs, opening them slightly, and started to rub her pussy with one finger. Her juices must have been flowing, for next he mounted the table, and positioned his cock at the entrance. The remaining men then started to play, their hands suddenly running all over her body, and making her moan out loud.

Ann couldn't help getting a little turned on by all this, feeling her pussy start to get wet, and wanting to put her hand between her legs, but not doing so.

Rose was clearly enjoying this attention, and was now being serviced by the first, his long strokes making her cry out with pleasure, as he got faster and faster. The man at the front of the table now had his cock inside her mouth, and was moving slowly back and forth.

Sean's cock was by now very hard, as he watched the show, and had to adjust it to make it more comfortable, Ann couldn't help noticing, and wanted to play with herself even more. Ann watched as the woman's eyes closed, almost feeling how much pleasure she was getting from this attention.

Rose's moans of pleasure as they continued, a clear indication that they were doing all the right things. The one fucking her had started slowly, but now he was at full thrust, and she still had six other hands moving over her body just adding to the moment.

Ann couldn't stop herself. She had to put her hand down to her pussy, not that Sean would have noticed, for he was already rubbing his hardened cock through his trousers. Ann rubbed the tip of her finger over her own clitoris, her juices pouring out as she watched this carnal act of lust, never having witnessed anything so erotic.

The woman's cries at this time showed she was in the throes of her first climax, as her first man started to cum. They didn't mess around after the first man, for no sooner had he gotten off than another got on. His cock more than ready as he pushed it in, and not messing around with pleasantries.

Sean could feel the act of masturbation through his trousers, was about to deposit his seed into his pants, so he stopped, not wanting to feel uncomfortable as he watched the rest of this show. Ann never stopped to consider any of this, for her orgasm was upon her, while her knees nearly buckled because of it.

They watched as yet another man was replaced, this one being the biggest man there, for his cock stuck out at least nine inches, maybe more. Rose's screams of pleasure echoed throughout the warehouse as this man plunged into her pussy again and again, making her cum more than once before cumming himself.

After viewing this specticle of all six men having their way, Ann and Sean had to wait until the men had gone, then walked over to the woman still laying on the table.

Sean handed her a robe that was draped over a chair, then waited until she had gotten her breath back, and was more composed.

"Could we ask you a few questions?" said Sean, still admiring her body.

"Provided you don't take any pictures, and don't reveal my name," she responded.

"You know who we are then!" Stated Ann.

"Yes, Gus asked me if it was alright for you to come and watch," she said, as she pointed to our contact.

"The first and most obvious question, is why do you do this?" asked Ann, before Sean could.

"If you had ever experienced anything like that, you wouldn't be asking me that question," she replied.

"Ok, then how does a person get to know this sort of thing goes on?" asked Sean.

"Mainly through the porn industry, who are contacted through our agents, that's why I have body guards, when we ask for some special treat, they go all out to make sure we get it, of course it helps if they think your invaluable," she replied, getting ready to leave.

"How do the agents know about this type of thing," asked Sean.

"They are approached by the porn industry, and given certain assurances, of course some of these agents already work for the porn industry, ordinary people just don't know that."

"So your every whim is catered for, at least where sex is concerned?" said Ann.

"Yes, almost anything can be given, for instance, if I'd wanted to make it with two women, that would also have been arranged," she replied.

"Just one more question, when will this happen again?" asked Sean.

"Well, I won't be doing it again for a while, but I happen to know that a friend of mine is doing it tomorrow night, now, I really must be going," she said, as she walked away.

Ann and Sean were then re-blindfolded and taken back to where they were picked up.

"Gus, can we see the next one? We'd like to get another woman's perspective on this," said Sean.

"I will ask, but the price will be the same," he replied.

"That's fine. Ring me tomorrow, and let me know," said Sean, handing him a business card.

Once Gus had driven off, Ann turned to Sean.

"Why would we need to see another one? I mean, there's only so much you can say about all this," she said, as she walked off.

"These women are pampered and treated like gold dust, don't you think it's a good enough reason to follow it on? And don't tell me you weren't turned on by all that, because I know different," replied Sean, while catching up.

Ann blushed, knowing that it was true, then conceded that it probably was worth delving deeper into this story.

"Okay, but can we make this the last one? Because I get these strange urges around this kind of thing," she replied.

The next night, they were blindfolded once again, and driven to their destination. When their blindfolds were removed, they discovered they were in a different location, a penthouse suite, and were surrounded by six men.

"Why do you want to report on this?" said a voice they hadn't as yet put a face too.

The six men parted on either side of them, revealing a small man behind a bar. He was pouring himself a drink.

"We were asked by our editor to find out about celebrity Gang Bangs, just to see if there was any truth to them, or whether it was just peoples imagination," answered Ann.

"Well, now you know they do happen, you can leave can't you?" he replied, in a more sinister voice.

"Look, we have no intention of coming between you and this perk or whatever it is you call it. In fact we won't be mentioning any names or places, you have my word on that. We just want to interview a couple of women. If you truly have nothing to hide, then allow us to..." said Sean,

"You can stay," the man interrupted, "but keep out of the way, and do not press the girls for any information they don't want to give."

Shortly after that, they were shown into a large room, which had a leather sofa with no arms placed in the centre. Then it began. A gorgeous woman was escorted into the room. She only wore a robe. That was quickly taken away. Then she got onto the sofa, where the action began.

The six men started to disrobe, and Ann knew that these were not the same six men she had seen the day before. Then their hands were all over this woman, probing her body and generally pampering her. The first of the men to take her came around to the front of her legs, and parted them, while at the same time raising them.

He entered with a whine from the woman, who was now jerking one cock in her hand, while sucking another. Ann started to feel those emotions again, wanting desperately to put her hand down her panties, and trying to suppress her desires. Sean didn't care; his hand was already resting on his cock, as he watched the proceedings.

The action on the sofa was getting intense at this point, for her first orgasm was clearly on its way, as she screamed for more. Her first lover probably couldn't take that kind of encouragement, for he started to cum, and was soon replaced by a second willing partner.

Ann watched as the cock in the woman's mouth jerked, clearly indicating that this man was also starting to cum, making a mess over her face, but being lapped up by its intended target. Ann's hand had found her pussy, with almost a mind of its own, for she had now placed it under her skirt and was rubbing her clitoris.

Then a hand ran up Ann's thigh from behind, and although shocked she made only a token gesture of disapproval, before feeling her assailant's fingers brush against her pussy. She was suddenly playing this game, her mind unclear as to what she should do, but knowing that she wanted to be fucked.

Sean suddenly became aware of what was happening to Ann, but before he could protest, two women appeared totally naked and began to undress him. His cock was so hard at this point, that he didn't care what they did to him, but he was still concerned for Ann, who he promised would not come to any harm.

Then he saw Ann's face and realised that she was enjoying every moment, so he allowed his partners to continue. Ann was now on the floor, and two naked men were removing her clothes. She was holding one cock in her hand, gauging how big it was, as the other man got between her legs, and pushed his cock easily into her waiting and eager pussy.

Sean was now receiving a blowjob, while sitting up on the floor, his tongue buried inside the other woman's pussy as she stood astride his face. The moans of pleasure emanating from that room were enough to drive them all wild with lust, as this pleasure fest continued.

Ann had never had someone quite this big in her pussy before, and was soon experiencing her first orgasm, then finding her first man coming and being replaced by the second. Her lust had built to such an extent, that she was now shouting out for him to fuck her harder.

Sean was on the verge of cumming too, his tongue still licking the clitoris of the woman standing up over him. Then he came and found the pleasure overwhelming as his cock drained of all its seed. They then swapped places, with the one he had been licking out, pushing him back onto the floor and straddling his cock.

By now the woman on the sofa had been serviced by three of her men, and was about to be taken by the fourth. Her cries of joy were louder than anybody's as he entered her cunt.

Then suddenly Sean became aware of photographs being taken of both Ann and him, and realised why they were getting this treatment. They were too far gone by now to care and continued to enjoy this attention, until finally it was all over, and they were waiting for all the men to leave the room.

Once they had gone Sean and Ann walked over to the woman, who was still naked on the sofa, covered in cum around her thighs, stomach, and face. Ann handed her a cloth that she found beside the sofa, and once cleaned up helped her to get her robe back on.

"I suppose you want to know, why I do this?" was the first thing she said.

"We want to know everything you can comfortably tell us," answered Ann, as she felt some cum escaping from her own pussy.

"We so called porn stars spend a lot of time on our backs, and although the money is good, we asked for perks, things that only the porn industry could supply. They granted our request, and up to a point would have allowed us to indulge in our every fantasy, so there is no forced sex involved in this. It's something we want to do, and we even get to choose the men we want," she replied, as she got ready to leave.

"One more thing, how does it feel to be taken by six men?" asked Ann, smiling.

"It feels great."

After that they were shown back into the other room, where they were given drinks, and waited until the owner of this penthouse came in.

"Ah, you're all right I trust," he said as he entered the room. "Before you say anything, the pictures will not be released, unless you compromise us in any way."

"You're not exactly breaking the law here," said Ann.

"I know, but we like to protect our most trusted employees, who have families just like you and I. Well, I guess you have all the information you need, so, my men will show you out," he said, sitting in his chair.

Ann and Sean walked towards the door, and then Ann turned her head back.

"Thank you, for allowing us in," she said, as she followed Sean.

It took them just four hours to write out a report, which the editor liked enough to give them yet, another juicy assignment.


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