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The Golf Course
by Slick

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. He was already hot when they arrived at the golf course, but it wasn't entirely due to the weather. She had started to attract attention while they were driving- flirting playfully with the truck drivers they passed on the way. The parking lot at the course was no different. He saw a foursome a few cars away that were taking an extra long time to put on their shoes- trying to watch her without being obvious. Her white hot pants contrast sharply to her long, bronze legs and as she leaned into the trunk to retrieve her clubs her tight shorts slid up the firm cheeks of her ass. Her matching knit crop top barely covered anything and the thin fabric provided a luscious view of her equally tanned tits.

He was aware that the men were watching her. He liked it. He went inside to pay and she went over to the practice green to play around while she waited. When he emerged, he wasn't surprised to see two men offering her their assistance. One of the men was standing closely behind her, his muscular biceps brushing against the sides of her tits while he showed her how to position her hands on the club while the other watched her 'form' from the front- enjoying the view; her nipples straining against the thin, white knit of the cropped muscle shirt, the full, round tops of her tits threatening to explode out of the plunging neckline, the tight, white denim hot pants drawing attention to her long, tanned legs.

He approached and called, "Ready?". Looking up at the sound of his voice, she smiled seductively at the men and thanked them for the impromptu lesson before strutting across the green to her lover. He waved to the men in a friendly gesture as he watched them watching her, she knew how to walk the walk...her hips swaying and her tight ass undulating provocatively her long legs propelled her to her lover. "I can't leave you alone for a minute", he teased, squeezing her ass for emphasis, "I love it!". Standing up on her toes, she slid her arms around his neck and drew his lips down to hers, slipping her tongue into his mouth and her fingers into his hair.

As they were teeing off, a foursome of men about his age came up behind them. When she bent over to position her ball and her tanned ass appeared out of the bottom of her short shorts, one of the men shot her lover an envious look and he smiled and nodded in return. Her swing could have been better but her form was superb! As they headed for their balls she could feel their eyes on her but she didn't mind, on the contrary- she loved it. Reaching behind her she rubbed her ass slowly as she walked, brushing off imaginary dirt.

The foursome followed them for 3 holes and it seemed like they were the only people out- the sun was beating down mercilessly and the temperature hovered somewhere close to 95o . As she got ready to tee up at the 4th hole she looked over her shoulder at her lover. Grinning wickedly, she held her club between her knees and slipped her top off over her head, tossing it aside. He watched as she leaned forward slightly in her stance, her tits swaying gently from her motions, her pert, rosy nipples thrusting forward. He ached to wrap his lips around one and feel it grow hard in his mouth. After she hit the ball, as if reading his mind, she turned toward him and squeezed her tits invitingly- cupping the firm round globes in her hands offering herself to him. He was on her in two long strides, taking her in his arms he crushed her tits into the sweat dampened tee shirt covering his broad chest. Holding her arms, he chased the droplets of sweat, glistening in the afternoon sun, down the center of her chest with his tongue. Throwing back her head, a low moan issued from deep in her throat as his mouth closed over her nipple and he began to suck. Releasing her arms he squeezed her tits together roughly with his hands, his mouth moving from one nipple to the other urgently, the slight stubble on his face intensifying the sensations and making her weak with desire. And, very wet.

Just as she was reaching for his throbbing cock, a ball came crashing through the trees beside them, landing not 10 feet away. Startled, they lost their balance and fell laughing to the ground. "They're almost here", he told her as he rolled her over onto her back in the soft, freshly mowed grass. Balancing on his knees on either side of her shoulders, he straddled her- . Hovering above her he unzipped his shorts and pulled out his swollen dick. "Let's see if you can finish before they get here", he whispered. She took his thick cock in her hands and guided him into her willing mouth. "No", he said, "I'd rather fuck you". She continued to lick and suck his dick as he unfastened her shorts, raising her ass off the ground so he could tug them down around her thighs. Lifting her onto her knees, he mounted her doggie style. Pulling her back onto his throbbing cock he watched as her cunt swallowed the thick shaft and he thought of watching her mouth swallow his entire length. He rocked into her until she cried out. He covered her mouth with one hand firmly, "Do you want them to find us?" She shook her head mutely, pressing back onto his cock, spreading her knees farther apart to accommodate his savage thrusts. "They'll be here in a minute", he told her, "They'll catch me fucking you like this". She moaned in response, the thrill of being discovered heightening her senses. She came then, as he knew she would, arching her back to meet his frantic strokes, squeezing him tightly as he pounded into her, releasing as he pulled out, squeezing again with the next stroke. He shuddered and groaned as he came inside her. Then they heard the voices. They scrambled for their clothes but when the foursome rounded the trees, they were just zipping their shorts.

The guys were drinking beers and talking until they looked up and saw the two of them standing there, faces flushed with excitement and exertion, putting their clothes on. They fell silent for a moment then everyone started laughing. She reached for her top and one of the men said, "Don't put it on on our account". Another nodded his agreement. They introduced themselves and reaching into his golf bag, one of the men offered them beers. They accepted them gratefully and as she tipped her head back for a long drink, the beer spilled out of the can and trickled down her long neck onto her chest. "Lucky beer", one of the guys said with a grin, his eyes glued to her glistening tits. Looking over at her lover she saw him wink- their sign for his permission. She slithered over to the man that made the comment. He looked embarrassed for a moment, thinking he had crossed the line of harassment and made her angry until she locked her eyes onto his and, holding the can of beer up, tilted it until the cold, frothy contents spilled out onto her tits. Her nipples hardened the instant the liquid splashed over them and she rubbed her hands across the hard buds lightly. "Ooooh", she purred provocatively, leaning toward him, her beer drenched tits inches from him. "Thirsty?" He looked at her lover in disbelief, surely this guy would punch his lights out if he touched her.... Or would he? His disbelief turned to lust as the man smiled at him- nodding slightly as if saying it was OK. He crushed his face into her tits, tonguing the remnants of the imported beer off her hot, silky skin. Tilting her head back she enjoyed the tongue-lashing he was giving her- holding her tits together tightly to allow equal attention.

She unzipped her shorts and wiggled her ass to enable them to slide down her long legs, landing in a small heap at her feet. She was wearing a minuscule thong under the shorts, the thin band of bright white spandex dividing her tanned ass enticingly- the small triangle in the front just covering her trimmed pussy. The man slid his hand down the small of her back, hesitating just a second before continuing down over her tight ass, his index finger tracing the line of the thong up and down between her cheeks. Taking one cheek in each hand the man lowered himself to his knees in front of her and buried his face in her crotch, his breath hot and wet on her pussy through the thin spandex.

She pushed him back gently, and extricated herself from his grasp gracefully. Backing up slowly onto the green, her index finger curling invitingly, she beckoned to the men to follow her. They did. "I thought we were playing golf....", she said with a sexy "come fuck me" smile. She slithered to her ass on the ground, placing one long leg around either side of the cup. She moved forward until her pussy was directly behind the hole. Her lover tossed her a golf ball and she slid the white sphere between her legs, rubbing the dimpled surface up and down across her cunt. Sliding the fabric aside, she spread her legs farther and, planting her feet on the ground, she slowly engulfed the ball with her hot, wet cunt. When she leaned back on her arms she licked her glossy lips seductively and challenged, "Who can make a hole-in-one?", her lover couldn't help but smile. They were on her in an instant. The golf ball discarded, the men were all over her. One of them straddled her and, releasing his throbbing cock from his golf shorts, began furiously fucking her tits. Another got to his knees behind her head and she reached for his cock- urging him with her hand toward her slick, hungry mouth. She felt her legs being pulled apart and a mouth fastened itself to her hot pussy- licking and tonguing her clit. She felt thick, rough fingers penetrating her and she arched toward the pleasure source. Her body was on fire- their lips and tongues and fingers explored and caressed her body making her cum again and again while she gave their throbbing cocks pleasure in any way they wanted...almost. Her lover took pictures of the 5 of them, the immaculate green creating a deliciously unexpected backdrop to the scene.

She was covered with cum when the last man stepped away from her. Her face, her tits, her stomach and thighs were dripping with the strangers' creamy fuck fluid.

The men left, not at all interested anymore in golf, but with an unbelievable story about the fifth hole....

To her lover she looked like a cat that had eaten the cream, which in fact she had. All that her mouth would hold anyway......
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