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The Great Day

I woke up on a Thursday morning in May with my usual hard on, so I took by yearbook to the bathroom and jerked off to the hot girls in my school. I then showered and got dressed and went to the bus stop where Julia was already standing. She was wearing a tight blue shirt and a very short black skirt that blew in the wind and gave me such a good look at her in her green satin panties. I had trouble walking onto the bus because my dick had gotten so hard. When I got into school and walking to my locker I was walking behind a very sexy black girl who was wearing very tight black pants and showed off her large firm ass so well. I also could see her panty outline. Then in first period which is chemistry we were doing a lab. Kristen was on the opposite side of the lab table. She had on a loose v-neck shirt and since she was leaning over the table the whole period I had a perfect view down her shirt. I was able to stare at her tits that a red lace bra covered. I was practically cuming under the table. Then I had English. We were taking an essay test so I was able to keep my head down and write. Amy who was sitting across from me was wearing tight black pants and a very very tight dark blue button down shirt. Since the shirt was so tight I was able to stare trough a hole that formed between two buttons and get hard over her tits that were covered with a black satin bra. Then on my way to history I saw Britney who is short but has 36DD tits and was wearing a tight black tanktop today. I then positioned myself so that as I passed her my hand touched her breast. Since the hallways were so crowded, I gave it a quick squeeze. Then before my cock could get soft again in history Christine made it stay rock hard. Since we sit at tables and was wearing a very short skirt, I kept dropping my pen under the table and looking at the top of her thigh highs and her pussy since she had no panties on. As class ended, she walked over to me and discretely grabbed my cock and said I am glad I was able to make you hard. As I walked up stairs to math. I was behind this tall sexy Asian girl whose ass was so sweet, and just wanted to get out from behind the skirt. I then made what looked like an accident, I tripped so my face went right into her ass as she fell and since she was tall my head wound up under her skirt so I gave it a quick lick to make myself really horny. Then in math I was sitting behind Jillian who was wearing a long white satin skirt. During the period she was leaning on her desk so her ass was in perfect view for me. I could see her bright red thong panties and almost came in my pants. Then in Spanish we were sitting in groups and Jennifer was wearing a very tight tan satin shirt. She is known not to wear a bra and was definitely not today cause I was staring at her large firm brown nipple the whole period (it was the best when she moved a little and her big tits jiggled). Then as the day ended and I was walking to my locker I saw the most amazing thing it was some white boy French kissing a black girl and he had his hands on her big firm ass. Then as I was about to leave my friend's sister who is a senior offered to drive me home. Danielle is so hot and when we were in her car I could not keep my off her tits that a very tight black and blue striped shirt covering them, or off her legs because she had on a short satin skirt and it was ridding up her leg. I could see the top of her thigh highs. At the next stoplight she asked what I was looking at. I said oh nothing and then she pushed her skirt up all the way. I saw her in her black lace panties and my cock became rock hard. She then drove to an empty parking lot and turned the car off. I saw that her eyes were fixed on my huge cock. I then moved over to her and placed my hands on her tits and then slowly lifted her shirt off. We then moved to the back seat. I quickly removed her black lace bra and panties and she took my pair of shorts off. I then began to suck on her wonderful tits that were 36C firm with large hard brown nipples. I then placed my cock between her tits and began to fuck them. Finally my cock blew cum all over her tits and face. We then cleaned up and she drove me home. When I got home, I sat down and was thrilled about how my day was going when I saw my maid bending over to clean something. The skirt on her French maid uniform rose up and I saw her thong panties and thigh highs. She was leaving in fifteen minutes and I really wanted to see more of her. I then went and hid in her bathroom. I was ready to see her pussy as she took a piss. She then walked in and she started to undress. I was so happy cause she was about to take a shower. She took her uniform off and was looking at herself in the mirror with her lingerie on. She had on a dark blue demi lace bra, dark blue lace thong panties and smooth black thigh highs. She then took them off and threw them on the floor. Her sweet pussy and huge firm tits were exposed. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock because it was rock hard. I decided to grab her bra off the floor so I could rub my dick on it. As I was reaching for it I slipped and she stepped out of the shower gave out a scream while covering her tits and cunt. I stood up shoving my dick in my pants and about to walk out when she said wait. She took her hand off her tits and stepped over to me and slowly took my cock back out of my pants and I then moved my hands and mouth to her tits. She then said eat me and I will blow you, so we got into a 69. Her pussy was so sweet and she sucked on my big juicy cock. When we finished, she got dressed and said we will do this again tomorrow with your cock in me and then left. Since my day was going so well with women and seeing the lingerie they wear I decided to try some on myself. I went right to my sister's room and opened her underwear draw. I found a very sexy pair of pink lace thong panties and a pink lace demi bra. I used firm foam balls to give nice 36D tits. I then took her pink lace garter belt and put it around my waist and then I took a pair of black nylons and slid them on my legs and attached them to the garter belt. I decided that I really wanted to look like a sexy girl so I went to the bathroom and got ready to put on some of her makeup. I put on a very sexy red lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, and blush. I then went back to my sister's room and look through her wigs, she had so many because she acted a lot. I took a dark-brown wig that had shoulder length black hair. I could have sworn that I was a woman. I then looked in her closet and took out a green satin button down shirt. The shirt was so tight on me and made my tits look so good. I then took her shortest black skirt that was 12" and a pair of shiny black heel shoes. The skirt was nice and short on me. I felt so slutty wearing these clothes. I really wanted to cum badly. I was about to get my blowup doll and have some lesbian sex when the doorbell rang. I had no idea who it could be. I looked out a window and I saw a very sexy woman wearing a short black skirt with nylons and a very tight blue velvet shirt. I decided that I looked enough like a women to go answer the door. When I opened it, she said her name was Erica and asked if Kim Smith was home (my sister) and I said I am Kim in a very feminine voice. She said she was from Pleasure Toys inc., and she was here to show some of their new toys. I could not believe that my sister used dildos. I invited her in and asked her to sit down in the family room. My cock was starting to swell so I sat down too. She first took out a vibrating double dildo. While she was explaining the wide width and other features I became so horny. I took one hand and begin to rub my pussy I put the other one on the dildo and start to caress it. She saw my interest in this product and asked if I wanted to try it out. I said sure and moved right next to her where I started to unbutton her shirt. I then took off her short skirt leaving her there in her lingerie. She then placed her hand on my tit and she did not realize anything and went to unbutton my tight shirt when I said wait. As I was laying on top of her with one hand on her boob I said that I was a guy. At first she covered herself moving my hand. Then she said that she does it with dildos all day why not do it with a real cock. She then began to undress me taking off my shirt and skirt but leaving on my lingerie so I would look like a girl. I then took her bra and panties off exposing her huge tits and her shaved pussy. I began to suck on her nipples till she said fuck me hard. I then pushed her legs apart and slowly put my cock into her and started to pump harder and harder. She kept on moaning for more till my sweet cum filled her up. She then got dressed leaving off her bra and panties and told me to keep them. While she was walking to the door I gave her nice ass a firm grasp and slowly moved my hands to her tits and started to rub them and then my lesbian fried left. I then went back upstairs and put all the clothes away and took a quick shower. I decided I wanted to go to sleep as a woman also. So I put on a strapless satin bra with the foam balls so I could have my 36D breasts. I then went to back to my sister's room and took a bright red satin chemise. When I was putting it on, I looked out my window and saw Julia across the street looking at me with a telescope and she was rubbing one of her tits. I covered myself and I saw her shake her head no. She then called and said to see me as a woman made her so horny. I then said if you are so horny come over wearing something sexy. She said ok. I decided to leave the chemise on and I also put on a pair of satin thong panties, black thigh highs and my wig. She then knocked on the door. When I opened it, my dick became rock hard cause she looked so sexy. She was wearing a extremely tight red velvet top that only came up to the middle of her large firm breasts. She also had on a tight black skirt that was so short I could see the top of her black thigh highs. She walked up to me and put one hand my cock and the other on my breast. I took my hands and placed them on her big firm ass and moved them under her skirt and pulled her green satin thong panties off. I then picked her up and carried her to my sister's room because she has satin sheets. I placed her on the bed and was about to kiss her when she said you wanna make this really fun and I said of course. She said she was gonna call Jackie who lives down the street. Julia told me that she was into threesomes. She called Jackie and told her to come right over and to wear her cheerleading outfit and to come right up stairs because the door was open. Just hearing what she was going to wear that turned me on. While we were waiting I was playing with her tits and she was rubbing my cock. Then Jackie walked into the room wearing her incredible sexy cheerleading outfit. It was a one piece that was a shiny blue and was as tight as skin. She walked over to the bed rubbing her pussy. She then sat down in between us and put one hand on y cock and one hand on Julia's pussy. I stared to rub her tits and peel off the top of her outfit exposing her bra-less firm tits. I began to suck on her tits and I took off Julia's top with one hand and started to fondle her tits. Julia then put her head between my legs and started to blow my hard cock while I moved down to Jackie's pussy and started to lick it and make her moan. Jackie the screamed out fuck me in the ass. I pulled my cock out of Julia's mouth and flipped Jackie over on her knees. I slowly entered my cock into her ass and started to pump up and back. She moaned and screamed for me to go harder. As I was fucking her she was moaning so loud we did not hear my sister come in the door. Julia saw her at the edge of the room and screamed. I quickly turned around and covered myself quickly. My sister told them to get dressed and leave in a loud tone. When they left my cock was still hard cause I never came. Kim then sat down next to me and said you have fun when I am away as she was looking at my hard on. Since I was so horny I was obsessed with her body. She was wearing very tight black pants that had no panty lines and a very tight grey button down shirt and I could see a small piece of a red lace bra that covered her huge firm tits. She saw me starring at her and unbuttoned her shirt exposing her bra-covered tits. I started to rub my cock and she said wait. She took her hand and stared to jerk me off. It felt so good. I then moved and rubbed her tits through the bra and then I took it off exposing her wonderful tits with big firm nipples. I stared to suck them as she was fondling my cock. She said I wanna blow you. So I moved my cock into her mouth and I unzipped her pants exposing her neatly shaved pussy. I began to suck it as she moaned with enjoyment with my cock in her mouth. My cock released cum into her mouth as she reached her orgasm. We then both took a shower and went to sleep together wearing satin chemises. I wonder what the next day would bring....
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