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The Good Doctor Pt. II
by Rebecca

That night was the beginning of my relationship with Crystal. We began to see each other once a week. When my wife wondered where I was off to so often, I ended my relationship with Karen. I was also seeing her one night a week at an apartment Doug (my partner in our practice) and I had rented just to entertain women. Although was getting much more use of it then me, I enjoyed how Crystal and I had total freedom there. After about six weeks the next chapter in my sexual re-awakening took fold.

Doug and I played golf every Wednesday and what I noticed was I was checking out the naked men in the showers after our round of golf and it was becoming continually difficult for me to keep from getting a hard on. Ever since I started fucking Crystal I wanted to try sucking a cock. However, Crystal utterly refused to allow me that pleasure as she explained it would ruin our "man/woman relationship". I was enjoying fucking her in her mouth, between her tits and most of all in her ass, too much to risk pushing her.

I guess I didn't realize I was staring at Doug's naked crotch as we toweled off. He had the most amazing set of balls. They were very big and hung low and were shaved perfectly clean, something Crystal had also done in the past week or so. I'd known Doug for fifteen years, knew his wife as well and I was almost ashamed at the thoughts running through my head. Doug seemed to notice me and toweled his crotch off which caused him to grow a bit and I had to turn and walk away as my own cock began to stiffen.

Doug followed me though since our lockers were almost next to each other. "Karen says you're involved with a special patient" he said. "You holding out on me?"

I looked at Doug and was a bit angry at Karen. "It's okay, Karen and I are fucking now that you dumped her... which I thank you for. She's got a helluva body," he said and I swear his dangling cock jumped as he spoke of Karen. From my angle, sitting on the wooden bench and him standing, it wouldn't have taken much for me to lean over and taste my first cock. Of course, that was impossible with the parade of men walking around naked.

I decided to confess to Doug about who my special patient was. Instead of him being disgusted, he was now fully aroused and had to quickly put on his slacks to cover what was an impressive, meaty cock. He told me he had fantasized about doing that to one of the few patients he had who were of the same condition as Crystal but they were all a bit freakish and manly. I assured him Crystal was all woman and if you ignored her 9" cock, you'd think you were fucking a centerfold. "How do I get in on this?" he asked me and my head began racing. If Doug joined us, maybe I would get my first taste of cock that I was longing for now.

I told him I would talk to Crystal and he said he would do anything for me if I let him party with us. "Anything?" I repeated. He nodded. "Careful, you may commit to something you don't want to do" I said.

"Trust me buddy, there's nothing I haven't done," he smiled and walked out leaving me to dress and meet him and the other two members of our foursome at the bar.

I waited until after I had finished fucking Crystal, and we were laying in bed naked and relaxed to bring the subject of Doug up. I received a much more receptive answer then I expected. She said she often fantasized about having two men. She said she'd sucked off as many as three but that was before she became a real woman and getting fucked by me. As we chatted she asked me if I was really curious about sucking a dick and when I told her I was, I expected her to offer hers to me but she said she would make sure that when the three of us were together, I would get to give my first blowjob. I was hard again and she sucked me off and swallowed my thick load before we dressed and I went home to my wife who fortunately wanted nothing to do with me or my cock as usual.

When I told Doug the next morning he just wanted to know how fast I could arrange it. I told him I wanted to rent a suite in an out of town hotel, one with a Jacuzzi and stuff so it could be a special night. I only had to wait for that Friday night, telling my wife Doug and I were leaving town for the weekend for a convention. As usual, she didn't seem to give a shit. I often wondered if she was fucking someone on the side because she had zero interest in sex.

I checked into the hotel first and Doug followed twenty minutes later. We didn't want anyone to see us checking into a hotel suite together. I let him in and we had a drink and waited for Crystal to arrive. He asked me what she was like. I told him she was beautiful and you would never guess her secret. He asked me about her secret and I told him it was about 9" long and fully functional. "Has she fucked you with it?" he asked and I had to explain the way it was. Crystal considered herself a lady, not a homosexual and I told him she didn't even allow me to give her oral pleasure. "Man, does that drive you crazy? Not being able to suck that big thing?" his comments surprised me because as far as I was concerned, that meant he was into a little cock sucking himself. "Have you ever?" I asked and he said when he was in Med School he and his roommate sucked each other off when they were feeling horny. "That was almost twenty years ago" he said reflecting. Then we heard the knock on the door.

I opened the door and Crystal looked sexier, and more beautiful then I had ever seen her. It was obvious she had treated herself to a day of beauty. She had on a short, black mini and you could see her garter belts. Her black fuck me pumps were sexy as hell and she was well over 6 feet tall in them. Her top zippered and she had opened it enough to reveal her black, lacy bra. She gave me a deep kiss as Doug watched open mouthed. He was impressed, she was everything I had said and more. She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek after I introduced them and I could see by the tent in Doug's expensive slacks that mine wasn't the only erection in the room. We made our way to the living room for a drink or two.

We talked and Doug asked her a few medical questions and after about twenty minutes of me sitting there with a raging hard on I couldn't take any more. I leaned in and began to nibble on Crystals ear (which made her red hot). She responded nicely and sat back and soon I was unzipping her top. I was ready. "Fill the Jacuzzi" she whispered to me and I didn't hesitate.

She helped Doug and I undress and I could tell how pleased she was at the sight of Doug's erection, it rivaled her own cock but it was an inch or so shorter but even thicker then my own. Crystal kissed us both and gently stroked each of our erections. I was so ready for anything at this point, I had to fight my urge to drop to my knees and suck Doug's awesome member. We both got in the Jacuzzi and watched her undress. Her little strip tease was wonderful to watch. "Man, that is fucking fantastic" Doug said as Crystal twirled naked and showed off her womanly figure and manly erection.

It took less then two minutes for us to begin fooling around in the Jacuzzi and as Crystal sat between us, her hand stroked our cocks under the water. Doug and I were both anxious to move this fun to the king sized bed but Crystal could sense she was in control and the Jacuzzi was a very slow, erotic part of foreplay.

Crystal had Doug and I sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi. I was rock hard but Doug had lost a bit of his erection but it returned to full staff when Crystal began to suck him in her skillful way. After a few minutes she turned her attention to me. As she sucked me Doug watched closely and eyed my cock as she slid it in and out of her mouth. I loved the look on his face and the feel of Crystals mouth was too much for me. I shot a powerful load down Crystals throat and she didn't miss a drop. It took me a few minutes to calm down as she licked me clean. "Doug, I think David wants to help me with that" she said pointing towards his erection. He smiled at me and opened his legs wider. I slid into the Jacuzzi next to her and as I leaned in closer, she held his cock out for me. Man, it was big and beautiful. I opened my mouth and took just the head in, I loved the way it felt and the way it tasted. My own cock was getting hard again.

It only took a few minutes for Crystal and I to get into a good team mode. One of us would suck his shaft while the other licked his balls. He really liked when the two of us kissed around his dick, flicking our tongues together with his cock head in the center. When Doug said he was going to blow, Crystal aimed the head at me and I took it in my mouth and she pumped his shaft until he exploded. I was able to take the first two blasts but started to choke and backed off. The third shot hit me in the chin but Crystal took over for me and swallowed the rest of his load.

We all dried off and made our way to the king sized bed. I was hard again and Crystal's cock was almost at full mast. I grabbed some joy jelly and started working on her asshole. I was more then ready and I moved in behind her and was soon fucking her tight hole. Doug moved to the top of the bed and fed her his cock. Crystal was totally out of control having two cocks. I reached around and took a handful of her wonderful cock in my hand and began jerking her. Crystal came all over the bed, moaning and begging me to fuck her harder. I was happy to oblige.

I was picking up steam and she was all over Doug's cock. I knew he wanted to fuck her and there was something so naughty about the idea of him plugging her ass while my cum was dripping from it. I unloaded, and I did fill her tight asshole with my creamy cum. I fell away and moved to give Doug access. He moved to the foot of the bed and had Crystal lay on her back. He raised her legs and I saw my cum dripping from her. He aimed his cock and started to slide it in.

Despite his size he was able to get in without much effort and Crystal was more vocal then I'd ever heard her. Her cock was hard again even though she had just cum a few minutes earlier. I was done, at least for a while but I wanted to give Crystal the ultimate pleasure so I attacked her sensitive nipples with my mouth. Doug had raised her hips off the bed and was driving his cock hard into her and she was no longer saying things but only making noises. With her knees pressed against her chest I was no longer able to suck those tits. I was still hot so I decided to help Doug along.

I moved behind him and saw his beautiful, hairless balls. I got between them and the smell of their sexes was so hot. I started to lick his balls as best I could since they were bouncing all over. He stopped pumping for a minute, all of his beautiful cock buried in her tight asshole and was pleased when he encouraged Crystal to blow her load. I couldn't really see from there, my face buried in Doug's and Crystals wicked union but his narrative was enough. After a minute or so he really started pumping and all of a sudden he pulled out, aimed his big cock at Crystal's own flaccid cock and unleashed his cum all over her cock and balls. I watched amazed at the amount of cum he had.

When he finally finished he reached out and rubbed his huge load all over Crystal's three piece set. We all lay on the bed, covered in sweat and cum and completely spent. I was surprised when Doug sank a little lower in the bed and turned Crystal onto her side and with his mouth, he cleaned my cum from her asshole and between her legs. I watched and was excited when I saw Crystal getting another erection. She was only 25 after all. I took that cock in my hand and sucked those titties again until Crystal came for the third and final time of the night.

All that was a month ago and we've been together several times since. Doug and I have even snuck off to the apartment after our Wednesday golf game and sucked each other off. We're thinking of asking Karen to join us in the future, I'll keep you posted if that happens.


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