The Best Erotic Stories.

by Denny

My wife had been telling me about this younger woman they had hired not too long ago. She was cute and had an excellent body according to Lee, my wife. The only thing wrong was that she liked to have sex every chance she got. At least that's what she tells Lee. We've been married for over twenty-five years and whenever someone talks about their sex life we usually listen. Let's face it - we are probably boring. As far as sex is concerned.

Lee usually goes out with all the other women at work and drinks beer sometimes. Well usually at least once a week. She works long hours and she deserves it. The past couple of months she's been going out a little more often than that. The new young woman, Mia, is the one that she goes out with. However, she's been coming home on time and in a good mood so I still didn't see anything wrong with it.

Our sex life has picked up a bit since she's been going out. She's been open to new things that I thought I'd never be able to do. Moreover, she always keeps her pantyhose on or puts a pair of tights on before sex. Now I tried for the longest time to try to get her to do that. However, she would always fight against it. "Too much trouble," would always be her answer. Sometimes she would if I begged. One time I had even gotten in bed first and had worn a pair of red tights. She didn't notice at first, but when she did she wanted me to take them off. "Too much trouble," I told her. Afterwards she did admit that I was much more aggressive with the tights on. But she never asked me again.

Mia was supposed to wear a lot of tights and fishnet pantyhose. She told Lee that she felt more sexy with them on and the men found her sexier also. Maybe that's why Lee was wearing more tights and pantyhose, whatever the reason I was glad. Now I had to see this Mia though. If she looked as good as my wife said I had to meet her. One night I got my chance.

Lee called and asked me if I wanted to go out and have a few beers. I didn't really want to until she told me that Mia was going to be there. I was ready when she got home. We went to a bar downtown that was popular with the somewhat younger crowd. It was loud and it was crowded. Walking up to where the rest of our group was sitting I saw Mia. Standing there with a short dress on and pink fishnet hose on. She had legs that wouldn't quit. There wasn't any room at the table so I stood between Mia and my wife.

She leaned over and whispered something to my wife and I saw my wife nod her head. Mia moved in front of me and planted a big kiss on my mouth. She grabbed me around the shoulders and tried to lean me back but she bent me over too far and I fell to the floor. Mia just stood there with her legs spread looking down at me laughing. I looked up at her but the first thing I saw was that she had no underwear on under her fishnet pantyhose. Moreover, from what I could tell she shaved her crotch.

She spread her legs just a little bit more but I couldn't see anymore it was too dark. I finally decided I had better quit looking and get up. She held her hand out and helped. "I like your fishnets," is all I could think to say. I glanced over at my wife to see if she had heard that. Nevertheless, she wasn't paying any attention to me. I looked back at Mia and she was looking at me and smiling and told me to stick around for awhile cause it wasn't over yet.

The rest of the night flew by. I couldn't get that picture out of my mind. That kept me aroused the entire night. It was getting late and Mia was getting ready to go and Lee told me that we might as well head home too. We all said goodnight and walked out to our cars. Before we even got to the parking lot they had changed plans. We were now going to Mia's apartment which wasn't to far from the club. Lee was going to ride with Mia and I was supposed to keep up with them.

We pulled into her parking lot about five minutes later. It was a first floor apartment. Nice and big two bedroom. TV and VCR in each room except the bathroom. Must be nice. Lee and her excused themselves to go into Mia's bedroom. I sat down and turned the TV on. The VCR came on at the same time. Some kind of porn tape, I guess. I didn't need to see that right now. It was taking them a long time in there. I was about ready to turn the TV back on when I heard her bedroom door open. Mia walked out first. I almost passed out. She didn't have anything on except the fishnets and a shirt on that barely came down to her waist. I didn't know what to say or do. Then when I saw Lee come out with just her pantyhose on and the same kind of shirt on I almost died. My wife looked just as good as Mia did, just shorter. They both stood there looking at me waiting. Waiting for what I didn't know. Lee looked at me and just said, "let's go."

They turned and walked to the bedroom. I got up and followed. Mia and Lee got on the bed and Lee pointed at the chair at the foot of the bed. I took it that was where I was supposed to sit. I did. Mia reached over and turned the lamp off. The only light that was on was the overhead light. It was more like a soft spotlight focused on the bed. I saw my wife reach over and pull the shirt off Mia and immediately put her mouth over one of Mia's breast. That started Mia's motor running. She was purring and moaning like a little kitten. My wife ended up sucking both of Mia's boobs for awhile and then slowly kissed her way down to her crotch.

Mia's legs automatically spread to give my wife room to get to her vagina. Lee slipped the fishnets down to Mia's ankles and went straight in for the kill. Mia raised her legs just like Lee would when we were having sex and Lee went to town. Her tongue was going in and out of Mia's vagina so fast it made me tired. The sounds that were coming from my wife and this other woman were doing more to me than anything. I had a hard on that you wouldn't believe. I wanted to pull my pants down and give myself some room but I didn't know if that was permitted.

Five minutes later Mia was bucking and tossing around on the bed, with my wife's fingers inside her, having the most intense orgasm I had ever seen. I could see the wetness from her orgasm shining in the light from the ceiling. Mia looked over at me and motioned me over to the bed with her finger. Lee told me to take off my clothes and join them. One second later I was lying in between them totally naked with an erection I was proud of.

Mia took my erection in her mouth and started gently licking from the base of my penis to the tip. Sending waves of pleasure up and down my spine. My wife crawled on top of me and straddled my head and ripped her pantyhose open so I could enter her vagina with my tongue. Lee must have still been worked up from bringing Mia to her orgasm that it didn't take long for her to fill my mouth with her juices after masturbating her clit.

Mia stopped sucking me just long enough to guide my penis inside her. She dropped all the way down to the base of my shaft. I felt a shudder go through her when she hit bottom. My wife turned around to watch Mia screwing me and put her butthole right above my lips. It felt so good when Mia starting moving herself up and down my penis I stuck my tongue on Lee's butthole. She pushed her butt back on my face. I didn't know what she wanted but I pushed as hard as I could with me tongue and managed to enter he butthole just a little. She jumped, and then she came right back down for more.

I was finally in heaven. I just knew I wouldn't be there for long. I could feel my sperm starting its trip up my penis. Then I was shooting all of that sperm inside Mia and she was still riding me like a horse. I could feel her tighten up her muscles as she tried to milk every last drop out of me. I had put my fingers in my wife's vagina and was finger screwing her while I still had my tongue in her butthole. She was so wet she must have had another orgasm.

Nobody moved until we were completely sure we had finished. Then Lee and Mia collapsed beside me. My wife's feet ended up on my face so I just had to suck her toes through her pantyhose. I had always wanted to do that and now she was letting me. Mia finally got up, still naked, and went to the shelf and picked up a remote control. She climbed back in bed and sat up next to me.

Pointing the remote at the VCR and TV they both came to life. First thing I saw was my wife with her head buried in Mia's crotch. Then I came into the picture about ten minute's later erection and all. Everything did look bigger on TV. Somehow she had taped us from straight above the bed. I looked over at her and she pointed up to the ceiling and turned the light down with the dimmer switch. There it was. A small camera. No one could see it when the light was on. I settled back down and watched the rest of the tape. My erection was coming back and Lee and Mia were both playing with themselves. The tape ended and there we were. Three adults masturbating themselves. None of us bothered to quit until we all had an orgasm. I came first shooting all my sperm on Mia's legs, which she promptly wiped up with her fingers and licked her fingers clean while still keeping one hand almost completely inside her. Then it was their turn to orgasm. By the time they finished I was almost ready to again.

Lee jumped up and started putting her clothes on. I couldn't help but think of her pussy sticking out of the crotchless pantyhose. I got dressed and Mia walked us to the front door still naked and still wet. Every time she moved her legs her wetness showed. She stood behind the door when she opened it and let us out. "I'll see you guys tomorrow night," she said as we walked out. I looked at Lee and she told me she would explain later.

We got in the car and Lee told me that was part of their agreement. That as long as she had the tapes and everyone satisfied each other we would do this as often as she wanted. For some reason that didn't bother me. Lee was sitting next to me and I put my free hand up her dress and played with vagina all the way home.

"By the way, tomorrow you have to wear something for her," Lee told me as she was getting out of the car. What? I probably said that louder than I meant it. "I told her about the tights you wore to bed that night and now she wants to see you in the tights and the matching leotard," Lee said. I thought about that night and how good those tights had felt and merely said "okay."

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