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The Gangbang in Augsgurg
by Sigi

As in all the stories I will relate to you, I must explain that they are true and all really happened to me.

We were stationed in Augsburg, Germany in 1976 and lived in government quarters. Any of you who have been there will remember the quarters near Reese Kaserne , they were set up with 6 apartments in each stairwell and a large community room on the top floor; and they had a center stairwell between the apartments that was all glass. Well we lived in the ground floor apartment at the time and my husband had just come in from the field when this happened.

I was one of the younger women in the building and as you can see from the attached photo was in pretty good shape. When my husband got home he and some of his other NCO buddies stopped at the Rod and Gun Club for some drinks and by the time he got home, he was pretty high. My kids were visiting with my mother in Kornwesthiem and we were alone, he started to play around with me and then he said let's go to the room upstairs and look at the stars. When we got to the upstairs room he started to play around some more and got me to take off my dress, then my bra and panties, then he said he was going to push an old mattress from the storage area out and we could have sex on it.

I said no, someone might come up and catch us. Well this made my husband angry and he grabbed up all my clothes and said think about it, I will be back and he left with my clothes. I stood there in just heels and wondered what to do, then I thought he would be back in a few minutes. Turns out he went down to our apartment and had a couple more beers and fell asleep on the couch!

I sat in the corner for about an hour, it was well after midnight and I thought everything is quiet so maybe I can slip down the stairs without anyone noticing me. I made it to the second floor and suddenly the door to one of the apartments came open and the guy that lived there, Roger was staring at me and smiling. Roger said come on in, I am having a poker game with some of the other guys, I said no of course and then he said, you will come in our I will call the military police and tell them you are running around the building naked! I was afraid but I went into the apartment only to find that the other three guys at the game were all other neighbors from the stairwell.

Bill, Rob and Paul all looked at me and whistled, Roger said that he thought they had got some unexpected entertainment for the night as he locked the door. Roger told me to go to the kitchen and get them all a beer, which I did. When I returned they were all setting at the card table naked and aroused. Roger came to me and told me to suck his cock, I began to argue but then Rob pointed to the corner of the room and I saw a video camera running and from the way it was pointing it showed me and four naked men! Who would ever believe me that it was all a mistake?

I knew what was in store for me and decided to make the most of it, I began to suck Roger as the others all gathered around and began to touch me and I felt my nipples harden. I sucked each of them and then they all took turns fucking me, then they all decided that Rob would take me in the ass while Paul took my pussy and I sucked Roger, of course all of this on tape. I knew that I was now their slave or they would show my husband what I had done. When they were satisfied for the night they opened the door and put me back in the hallway, cum dripping from my pussy and ass.

I was almost to my apartment door when one of them turned on the hall light, just as he did and MP sedan stopped in front of the entrance and a young black MP ask me what was going on? I tried to make excuses for what he saw but he smiled and said get in my car we will work this out. He then drove around to a dark area of the post and he also fucked me and had me suck him off. He said he would come to see me with a couple of his friends the next time my husband was in the field.

He then took me home, I entered the house and there lay my husband sound asleep on the couch. More to follow.

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