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by CJ

It is 5:00 o'clock on Friday and the week is finally over. As I enter the house I wish my wife were here with me. I had been thinking of her all day, but she has to work until 6. I had been thinking of her wonderful body and the things we do to each other. This has caused me to become aroused, wanting her to be here with me.

I decided to call her at work and see how her day had gone. She too was glad it was Friday. "Do you want dinner when you get home or would you like a little surprise before dinner" I asked her.

"Ooh, the surprise sounds good to me" was her reply. I instructed her to lock the door when she got home and meet me in the bedroom.

I took a leisurely shower and then started to prepare for the evening. I attached the handcuffs to the center of the bedpost and covered them with a pillow. Next I placed some oil and toys under another pillow. I put on her favorite red g-string. It looks like a tuxedo with a black bow tie on it.

When she entered the bedroom I was reclined on the pillows wearing only a smile and a g-string.

"This looks interesting" she said.

"Why don't you take off those clothes and stay a while" I replied.

I watched as she slowly removed her top. Her large breast's were rising and falling above the top of her low cut bra. Next she let her long skirt fall to the floor exposing those beautiful long legs. Then she reached behind her and released her bra, letting her supple breast fall free. Her nipples were erect and pointing straight out, begging to be caressed. Bending to remove her panties her breasts were hanging down, causing a stir in my groin. She then came around the side of the bed and said " Is that for me" as she reached over to caress the bow tie. Her breasts caressing my arm, our lips met in a soft sensual kiss. Her tongue sneaking between my lips to tease mine, snaking around and around inside my mouth.

I broke the kiss, as I knew I wouldn't last if we continued.

"Lay down in the center of the bed and put your arms up" I told her.

She gave me that look of excitement and did as I instructed. I slipped the handcuffs from under the pillow and gently placed them on her wrists. Next I placed a scarf over her eyes and tied it behind her head. She was a vision of loveliness, laying there naked before me. I bent and kissed her soft, moist lips once more, savoring the taste and feel of her response. My hands were working their way down to her soft breasts and my fingers gently ran circles around her erect nipples drawing a sigh from her.

As our lips parted I removed my upper plate and lowered my mouth to her breasts. First kissing one breast and then the other, finally taking a nipple and sucking it between my tongue and gum. Her breathing was becoming rapid and her body was rising to meet my lips. As I moved to the other nipple my hand moved down across her belly to her hot moist lips of pleasure. Using one finger I slowly caressed her protruding lips. Her legs opened and her hips rose to my touch. Slowly I continued my attention to her nipples as I could feel the dampness between her legs. I eased one finger inside her causing her hips to buck against my hand. Gently moving my hand in and out and then back up her lips to her bud of desire. As I repeated this she moaned and bucked against my touch. Suddenly her body tightened and my hand was flooded with her wetness as she let go with her first orgasm. I kept my pressure on her bud until her body began to relax.

I moved down between her thighs and placed her legs over my shoulders. Lifting her supple bottom off the bed I placed a folded pillow under her and lowered her onto it. Placing her legs on the bed I lowered my mouth to her wet lips and sucked them one at a time between my lips and gums until she was moaning loudly. Then I moved to her love hole and worked my tongue in and out slowly. I then rose between her lips and to her love button. This caused her to buck against my mouth and moan louder. I eased my thumb into her love canal and worked it in and out while continuing my attention to her love button. As my thumb continued its in and out movement, my index finger was now caressing the wet entrance to her rear opening. It was soaked with her drippings and I was able to insert one finger to the first knuckle. After a few minutes of teasing I removed my finger and inserted it into her soaking love canal. When it was sufficiently wet I removed it and once again put it into her back door. This time it slid in easily all the way.

I was now moving my thumb back and forth in her also. I continued my tongue caresses on her love button as I started pumping my thumb and finger faster and faster in and out of her holes.

My wife was now bucking and moaning wildly as I moved faster and faster until she reached another orgasm. Soaking my face and hand with her delicious liquid. After a couple of minutes she started to calm down and I slowly removed my head and fingers to let her catch her breath. I softly kissed her face and forehead while caressing her breast.

"That was great but what about you?"

"I'm doing great. As soon as you catch your breath we'll take care of me"

"I'm o.k. now what would you like?'

I didn't reply. Instead I moved up beside her blindfolded head. I raised her head slightly and lowered my erect member to her lips.

"oooohh" she moaned as she took my member into her warm, moist mouth. The sensual feel of her lips and tongue on my member was bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I knew I wouldn't last to long this way and reached down between her thighs and caressed her waiting lips again. When she started moving against my hand again I removed my member from her mouth and told her, "Lie still a moment, I have one more surprise for you."

I moved off the bed, reached under the other pillow and removed the strap on, 10" dildo. Stepping into the harness I secured it so it sat about three inches above my erect member. Next I put lubricant on both members.

Moving back between her legs I asked if she was ready?

"Oh yes, please, please." She replied, even though her blindfold kept her from seeing what I had done.

Holding the dildo against my stomach I moved back between her legs and started rubbing my member up and down her slit. Once again she started moaning and moving against my member. I took my time moving it from her clit, across the lips and love canal to her rear opening and back. By now she was trying to impale herself on my member each time it passed her love opening. As I reached her rear opening once more I stopped and put gentle pressure against it until the head disappeared inside. I stopped there to let her adjust to the penetration and then began to work just the head in and out.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes, yes" was her reply.

"What would you like me to do"

"Fuck me, fuck me now"

"Where would you like me to fuck you?"

"Fuck my ass, pleeease" replied my usually demure wife.

Without removing my member from her rear I lowered the dildo to her love canal. Her breathing immediately speed up and she said "yes, yes." Slowly I eased both members into their love holes.

Slowly moving them in and out, deeper with each thrust until I was buried to the hilt in her back door. The feeling of her spincter muscles tightening and releasing around my member was almost more than I could take. I was now pounding away, feeling the surge build within me. My wife was bucking her hips wildly, her moans almost a scream. I could feel her body start to shudder in the throes of orgasm just I shot a flood deep into her ass. Both of us shook and gasped for air as our orgasms took over our bodies.

We finally started to come down. There were tears running down my wife's cheeks and she was sobbing from going over the top. Slowly I eased back and let my members slide out of her. Removing her handcuffs and blindfold I took her in my arms and held her until she returned to reality.

I wish every man could have a woman like my wife. One who responds to your every touch and trusts you completely. I know how fortunate I am and will continue to love her and surprise her always.

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