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The Gym Pt. II
by Kip Carson

John quickly ate his supper. His parents asked him why he was in such a rush. John told them he had a date. Who's the lucky girl they asked? Oh, someone I met at the gym today. You don't know her, he replied. He excused himself from the table and hopped in his older Camaro and drove to Carl's house.

He was early as he pulled into Carl's driveway, it was 7:15 John rang the door bell and Carl answered the door. Carl was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. John could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear, he could see the outline of his cock through the thin material. Carl told him to have a seat. John sat on the couch, and Carl sat beside him. Carl picked up the remote control from the coffee table and turned on the VCR.

There was a hot porno tape on. It showed 2 guys and one girl and they were all undressing. The girl was a hot black girl and she was with 2 white guys. She began to suck one of the men, and the other man stood above the other and fed him his cock. This was a hot bisexual scene. John watched with amazement. Carl excused himself, and left the room as John continued watching the porno. Carl returned with an older Asian woman.

She was great looking for her age. Carl introduced her as his wife, Suki. She said hello in broken English. She was wearing a bathrobe. Carl untied the robe and opened it. Beneath Suki was totally naked. He began rubbing her breasts and asking John what he thought about her. John told him she had a nice body, and was good looking. Suki smiled. Carl told John to feel her pussy. John reached out and rubbed her very wet hot pussy. Her pubic hair was very thin. The hair that was there was very dark and straight. Unlike most girls John had seen, her pubes were not curly. Carl told John he could taste it if he wanted.

John buried his face in her pussy. She moaned as his tongue slid inside of her asian slit. John had always wanted to fuck an Asian girl. Carl removed his shorts and his cock was already fully hard. Suki began to stroke it as John ate her pussy. Carl suggested they all go to the bedroom. Once there, everyone stripped off all of their clothing and they all got on the bed. As John began to eat Suki again, Carl began sucking John's cock.

John loved the way Carl sucked. This blow job was even better than the one earlier today. John licked the dark pussy lips, and wet clit that Suki offered him. Suki's pussy had a very nice taste, and it smelled sweet. John fucked her with his tongue as Carl expertly deep-throated his throbbing 8 inch cock. Suki came, and John ate all of her wonderful juices. Suki then joined her husband and they both licked up and down John's young hard shaft. Suki licked up one side as Carl licked the other. They would meet at the head, and would kiss before continuing their licking. Suki began sucking John's balls as Carl began deep throating him again.

This was incredible. John was moaning and thrusting his hips. He was fucking Carl's mouth and Suki continued sucking and licking his balls. Suki then licked John's ass. It felt weird, but good. As her husband deep-throated him, she began fucking his ass with her tongue. It was so good that John began to cum. Suki immediately joined her husband and she grabbed hold of John's hard spasming cock and he shot his load across both of their faces. He was shooting massive amounts of cum. He looked down and could see the white drops splattering them. They hungrily ate every drop, and even kissed and shared the cum. They milked him thoroughly.

John was drained, he knew he would be useless as far as his cock went, at least for a little bit. So, he pushed Carl back onto his back and began sucking him. Suki joined John and they both began licking the huge head of his cock. Suki grabbed John by the hair and pulled his mouth to hers. They began kissing. She fucked his mouth with her hot wet tongue. Her small hand was pumping her husband's monster cock as she French kissed the young man. John's cock was once again primed and ready for action. Suki pushed John to his back and climbed on top of him, and slid her hot tight pussy down onto his hard aching cock. She began fucking him, making him feel wonderful.

Carl moved up on the bed positioning his cock even with John's face. John accepted the huge cock head, and licked the pre cum from the slit. Carl moaned and began forcing his cock into John's mouth. John gagged as Carl pushed the entire 9 inches into his throat. Carl continued fucking John's mouth, while Suki rode his young hard cock fast and furious. Suki really knew how to fuck. John was lost in a fantasy world. His cock felt so good as this older Asian woman rode him mercilessly. And he had a big hard cock inside of his hot mouth. He was loving it.

Carl fucked his mouth and he felt his huge cock pulsate, he knew he was going to be rewarded with some tasty cum any moment. Carl moaned loudly, and his cock erupted. His hot cum exploded inside of John's mouth. John began to swallow all of the white fluid and there was a lot to swallow. Tasting the cum, and feeling the hard cock throb in his mouth, was more than he could take, his cock throbbed and his load blasted inside of Suki's hot Asian pussy.

Suki moaned and came. She grunted and ground her tight hot pussy against his hard cock. She rode him, milking his cock. John continued sucking Carl as Suki's wonderful pussy milked him dry. All 3 rolled over on to their backs and took a breather. A little later Suki began sucking both men at the same time. She had both cock heads inside of her mouth. This felt really good to the men. Their cock heads were rubbing against each other as she hungrily tried to take both deep into her mouth. Carl laid on his back and instructed Suki to mount his stiff cock. Suki slid her tight pussy onto her husband's big hard cock. The instructed John to lubricate her ass. John smeared the KY jelly all over her little brown hole.

He began pushing his cock head inside of her extremely tight little ass. He slowly slid his cock deeply inside of her. He could feel Carl's cock as it stretched Suki's tight pussy. Suki was in ecstacy as both men fucked both of her hot holes. She rocked back and forth, trying to take each cock a little deeper. Suki came, and she was moaning and speaking in Japanese as her tiny body shook. Both men began moaning and began cumming. Suki felt the hot cum as it shot into both holes. This made her cum again. Both men were filling her with their love juices at the same time. Suki began bouncing wildly, milking both cocks. She rode them both and they continued fucking her. Neither man went soft. She rode them both again.

John and Carl switched places. John was now deep inside of her moist cum coated pussy. Carl was pounding away at her tight ass. Both men fucked her like an animal, and she was loving it. It didn't take long for either man to cum again. Once again they filled her holes with their hot cum. Suki's holes were both overflowing with cum.. She rode them until they were soft. All 3 lay there and just moaned from all of the hot sex they had just experienced. Carl and Suki thanked John for giving them their 3 some, and John thanked them for the best night of his life.

Carl asked John if he would see him at the gym tomorrow. John said most definitely he would. What time will you be taking your shower, John asked Carl. Carl told him, he always took his shower at 12:30. Maybe I will join you John told him. John dressed and headed home. He couldn't believe how hot tonight was. His cock was raw from all the fucking and sucking. He flopped onto his bed and passed out. He dreamed about the gym as he slept. He was looking forward to tomorrow...

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