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The Gym Pt. III
by Kip Carson

The day after they shared his wife, Carl ran into John at the gym. "well, did you enjoy yourself last night?" Carl asked.

"My wife sure had a good time, and is asking when you will be back again" he said.

"Yes I had a wonderful time, your wife is very hot" John told him.

"I'm going to go do my workout, maybe I will see you after while" Carl told John.

"Sure, I have to do a few more things around here" John said. Carl entered the weight room and began working out. John went back to work. About a half an hour later, John caught up with Carl in the weight room.

"Hi, John, this is Kate, I've been telling her all about you" Carl said, pointing to a hot looking large breasted blonde.John looked at the beautiful lady. She was probably 5'9" tall, about 140 lbs. She had a very firm shapely ass, and her legs were very long and luscious. She had long red fingernails which lightly scraped his hand as they shook hands. John felt an electrical charge as they touched Her long blond hair was very curly and full. It reached down to the middle of her back. She just oozed with sexuality, and was really turning John on.

"Hi, John," Kate replied.

"Hi Kate," John said.

"Kate is single, and I kind of fixed you 2 up on a blind date" Carl told John.

"Really?" John asked.

"Is that ok with you, Kate?" John asked the gorgeous blonde.

"I'm game if you are" she replied. "Here's my address, pick me up at 7" Kate told him.

"OK, sounds great" John replied. Carl bid them farewell and headed to the showers. John went straight home, and took a nice hot shower, put on his nice clothes and jumped into his car.

He arrived at Kate's house precisely at 7. He rang the doorbell. Kate answered the door wearing a tight sexy dress. It was very short, and showed off her very shapely legs. The top was cut very low, and he could see a major portion of her large firm 38 d's. She looked very very sexy he thought to himself.

"So, what do you want to do?" John asked her.

"We could stay here and get to know each other a little more if you'd like" Kate told him. So they agreed to sit on the couch and have some mixed drinks, and listen to music.

"What exactly did Carl say about me?" John asked her.

"He said you were very hot, and very bi" she said. John thought to himself that comment might scare this beautiful lady off, but she seemed to actually enjoy the fact that he was bi. "I love this song, would you like to dance with me?" she asked.

"Sure" he replied. So he held Kate close and they began to slow dance. He could smell her sweet perfume and he could see her big pink nipples when he glanced down her dress. As he held her, and smelled her his cock began to grow. He tried to keep his bulge away from her, he didn't want to spoil this night. Kate grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. She smiled when she felt his large bulge as it poked her crotch.

"I'm sorry, he said, but you are so hot"

"Oh, I don't mind, I love it" Kate told him. She began to rub his crotch, lightly stroking the outline of his cock visible through his tight pants. Kate led him to the couch. She unzipped his dress slacks, and removed his hard cock from it's tight confines. Kate took him into her mouth. As she began sucking his hard throbbing cock, he reached down her blouse and began touching her big firm titties. Kate moaned as he slid his hand inside of her bra, and began squeezing her large, hard nipples.

She continued sucking his long, thick cock. She ran her wet, hot tongue up and down the thick shaft. She focused alot on the ridge beneath the pink pulsating head. She quickly had his precum oozing. John held her long, curly blonde hair as she ate his cock. John wanted to fuck her really bad. His cock was aching for her hot pussy. He began running his hand up her shapely legs. He felt her tender thighs, so soft to the touch. She moaned as he slid his hand between her legs.

As John's hand slid to her silk panties, he felt something strange. Kate had a large bulge in her panties. He slid his hand through the leg, and sure enough, he felt her balls. Kate began pulling her panties down, and her hard cock popped out. Kate was a shemale, and she had a good 10 inches down there. John looked at her hard cock as it stood erect. He took it into his hand and began stroking her. Kate moaned. John leaned forward and took her big thick cock into his mouth.

Kate held him by the back of his head and thrust into his mouth. John licked the purplish, pulsating head with his wet tongue. Kate began removing the rest of her dress. She tossed her bra to the floor. Her tits were very huge. They were the firmest tits John had ever seen. They stood straight out, her nipples were quite large, and very hard. He reached up and grabbed both of her huge breasts as he sucked her big cock into his throat. Kate began pumping furiously as he expertly sucked her large shemale cock. John could taste the pre cum oozing from the huge cockhead.

He felt her large cock throb, and pulsate wildly. Kate moaned, and her cock released it's hot cum into his mouth. John gobbled up all of the sweet jism as it erupted in large blasts into his mouth. He continued swallowing all of her hot cum. Kate fucked his mouth very fast and hard, as she shot all of her sweet cum into his hungry mouth.

"I want you to fuck me" she told him. John was ready. Kate reached into her purse and pulled out a tube of ky jelly. She smeared a glob of it onto his large swollen cockhead, and smeared another into her brown puckered asshole. John bent her over the couch and began pushing his cock up against her tight asshole. Kate moaned and wiggled her hips. John's cock entered her tight asshole fairly easy. As he began to slide the length of his long thick cock deeper and deeper, he reached around her front and began squeezing her perfect breasts. He pinched her hard nipples between his thumb and fingertips. Kate moaned as he began fucking her ass more quickly.

Kate began stroking her cock, wihch became very hard again. John fucked her tight ass pushing deep into her. Kate stroked her large cock very hard. She rapidly moved her fist up and down the hard shaft. John reached and placed his hand on hers, she removed her hand from her cock and he gripped the large hard organ tightly. He felt the oozing cum as it covered the head. He began stroking the head, using her precum as a lube and was jacking her off furiously as he pounded away at her tight asshole.

"Shoot your hot cum in me baby" Kate yelled. John's balls tightened, and his cock throbbed wildly, he grunted as his cum blasted into her asshole. As he filled her ass with his hot cum, he felt her cock pulsate, she began shooting her load into his hand. He masturbated her quickly, miliking all of her hot shemale cum. He then put his hand to her lips, and she began licking her cum from his hand. He shot the last of his cum into her hot ass. They lay in the floor kissing and touching each other for quite a while, and he began sucking on her incredible titties again.

As he sucked her titties, her cock once again grew very hard. As he looked at her large beautiful cock he began wondering what it felt like to get ass fucked. He was strictly the fucker, not the fuckee, in his various encounters. He had never had anything except a finger inside of his asshole. He touched her hard cock, and couldn't believe that these words were coming from his mouth.

"I want you to put your hard cock in my virgin ass" he told Kate. Kate reached for the trusty tube of ky, and began lubing up his ass. she smeared globs of the lube onto her cock. She began to slowly work a finger inside of his tight ass first. When he was comfortable with that, she inserted 2 fingers. John began feeling quite hot from this. Kate positioned herself behind John and began pushing her large cockhead against his well lubed ass. John moaned as her large cock began easing it's way inside of him.

It hurt, but she began stroking his swollen cock, and his mind wasn't totally focused on the pain. Kate moved very slowly, and it took her quite a while before she had her entire cock inside of him. Once she was buried deeply inside of him, she began to fuck him a little bit harder. John's asshole became more relaxed, and Kate began fucking him fast. She began thrusting deeply into his ass. She stroked his swollen cock. John's cock throbbed wildly, he began shooting his cum into Kate's hand.

He suddenly felt her cock pulsate in his asshole. She grunted and he felt her hot cum as it exploded deep into his ass. It felt boiling hot. John moaned as Kate's load filled his virgin ass. His cock remained rockhard, and he felt as if he could shoot again. Sure enough, as Kate squeezed his aching cockhead, he came again. His cum erupted into her hand. Kate stroked him and milked the last drops of cum from his sore cock. She was still inside of him and she pumped a few more times, emptying the last of her hot cum inside of him. She removed her big shemale cock from his ass, and they began to kiss.

As their tongues roamed each other's mouths, they played with each other's cocks again. Both were once again very hard, but they just laid there holding one another. John sucked her beautiful large breasts again. He gently nibbled on her large erect nipples. Kate moaned and held him tight. John knew that he must thank Carl for setting this up.

"Does Carl know that you're a shemale?" he asked.

"Oh yes, she said, I go over to his house and have 3 somes with him and his hot little asian wife all the time" she said with a smile. "As a matter of fact, I will probably go over there tomorrow night" she added. "It would be really nice if you could go there with me, she said, would that interest you?"

"Hell yeah," he told her. Kate told John that she had to get up really early for work, and John told her he needed to get going anyway.

"Meet me here at 7, tomorrow night and we'll go to Carl's house for fun and games" she said. "You can count on it" John said as he began dressing. Kate kissed John passionately and told him how great the night was. John agreed. He thought about Kate all the way home. He knew tomorrow night would be something really special.

To Be Continued...

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