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The Goblin King
by Keaton

Elizabeth Janson was a true American beauty. At 18, with her long brown hair, plump, firm tits that sat way up on high, amazingly luscious athletic legs, and squeezably round ass, she definitely had what it took to drive all men wild with passion. In her junior year of high school, her fantastic beauty and intoxicating personality had given her the titles of Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen and class vice-president.

The summer had finally presented itself to the students of Magnolia Heights High School, and no one could be happier. Elizabeth and friends were the first to run out into the parking lot laughing when the last bell of the year rang. They all headed for the section of the lot near the front that was crowded with BMW's, huge SUV's and sleek, sports cars. Unlike her popular counter-parts, though, Elizabeth wasn't rich, so her single mother couldn't afford to get her a car.

It didn't matter much, anyway; girls and guys alike were both more than eager to offer THE Elizabeth Janson a ride. Today, Tucker St. Paul received the privilege. Tucker was captain of the football and golf teams, not to mention the newly elected student-body president. As Elizabeth slid into Tucker's red Mercedes, Tucker caught a glimpse up Elizabeth's short, flowery skirt and smiled as he ran his hands through his sandy blonde hair.

As the two sat in the hectic school traffic, awaiting their chance to go, Elizabeth looked over to Tucker and smiled wide, revealing her perfect ivory teeth.

"Thanks for the ride," she said. She inadvertently sounded seductive.

Tucker got brave, and placed his hand on Elizabeth's thigh.

"It's no problem," he replied. "You know, Elizabeth, a bunch of us are chipping in to rent a nice, big beach house for July and August. It wouldn't be the same without you down there..."

"Daisy told me all about it last night, but I just don't think I'll be able to go. You know what my mom does for a living, Tucker, I couldn't ask her to loan me that kind of money," Elizabeth answered solemnly.

"I understand, babe," he replied as he moved his big hand further up her skirt. Elizabeth let out a sudden moan as horniness slammed into her like a tidal wave.

"Ohhhh, Tucker..."

"Listen, why don't we head on over to my house? My parents are still at work. Maybe we could smoke a joint or something," suggested Tucker almost triumphantly as he slid two fingers past her panties and into her soaking wet cunt.

"Mmmmm, yesss, Tucker! Great idea!!"

Tucker finally saw his chance to go, and he gunned it out of the school parking lot, almost hitting socially-inept freshmen Slappy MacPherson and Larry Van Cola as they walked toward their ride; Slappy's mom.

"Hey! Watch where you're going you pretty-boy prep!" Slappy exclaimed.

Tucker rolled down his window, and, with his free hand, gave the two geeks the bird as he flew off. He began to laugh as he thought about them; Van Cola, with his always greasy hair was chancellor of the checkers club, and MacPherson with his huge zits had been caught beating his meat in the school bathroom last year. Thus, the explanation of his first name.

Slappy angrily took his seat in the back of the old Dodge mini-van, and Larry hastily slid in beside him as Slappy's mom began the trek home.

"I hate Tucker St. Paul. He's such a fucking prep!" Slappy groaned.

"Slappy, don't say 'fucking'," Slappy's unusually attractive mom promptly replied. Larry smiled shyly at her. He liked Slappy's mom.

"Sorry, mom."

He then leaned over and whispered to Larry: "You know who else I hate, man? That bitch he was with! Elizabeth Janson!"

"Hey! Elizabeth isn't a bitch! She sat beside me in Home Economics class. She's nice and sweet; not like the rest of them," Larry whispered back defensively.

"Still, they need to be brought down a notch...she needs to be brought down a notch..."


"Oh, God! Yesss!! Oh, Tucker! Faster! Faster!!" Elizabeth moaned in pleasure as Tucker pumped his thick, throbbing cock into her defenseless pussy, causing the headboard to pound repeatedly into the wall.

Tucker kissed the teen dream's lovely neck as he recklessly squeezed her left tit with one hand, and ran the other up and down her tanned thigh.

"Oh, fuck, Tucker! I'm cumming!! "Oh, Jesus, I'm cumming!!"

This drove Tucker over the top too, as he blew his wad all up inside her. Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! Her pussy was so wet and warm! He had gotten a lot of ass in his day, but never had he encountered a girl quite so perfect.

"Mmmm, that was fabulous, Tucker," Elizabeth sighed as her massive orgasm subsided. "Got a cigarette?"

"Oh, I'm not done with you yet, baby!" Tucker said with a big smile. "Push your tits together."

"Tucker!" Elizabeth giggled. "I've never done THAT before!"

"Well, there's a first time for everything, I guess. Now, push them together for daddy!"

Elizabeth giggled and raised one of her eyebrows erotically as she arched her back up off the sheets. She then took her 38-C breasts and mashed them together.

"Like this?" she asked in a tone that was purposefully seductive.

Tucker gazed wide-eyed at Elizabeth's tits, with their big, erect nipples.

"Oh, baby, just like that!" he exclaimed.

Tucker proceeded to maneuver himself over Elizabeth's tits. He ran his hands through his hair as he guided his overly excited prick up to the crack her breasts created for him. The boy wonder then moaned with unspeakable pleasure as he began to titty-fuck every man's dream girl: THE Elizabeth Janson.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Oh, fuck yeah! This is sweet as hell!!" he moaned loudly.

Elizabeth smiled as she took Tucker's pounding. She kept her tits pushed together and watched happily as Tucker's fat, purple cockhead poked in and out from the top of her massive mammaries.

"Mmmmm, fuck! Mmmmm, Fuck!! Mmmmm, FUCK!!!" he yelled, humping as fast as humanly possible.

"Oh, Tucker! Oh, Tucker, baby! Cum on my face! Please cum on my face!"

"UnnnnHHhhhhh!!!!" he moaned as he dumped what seemed like gallon after gallon of hot, sticky sperm onto her angelic and beautiful face.

A few minutes later, after the two lovers got a chance to clean themselves up, they laid beside each other wrapped up in pleasure as well as Tucker's sheets, staring out into space as they shared a joint.

"Elizabeth, baby, you have got to come down to the beach with us...with me. I'll just pay twice my share so you can come" said Tucker.

"Tucker, you know I can't let you do that. I'll just have to find a way to make some money fast. I guess I could start babysitting again..."

Tucker took a big toke and swallowed.

"Oh, Elizabeth, I'm so fucked up", he laughed.


It was Friday night in Magnolia Heights, and, just like every Friday night, Slappy MacPherson was at home. He was in his little room hastily flipping through the recently published school yearbook while sitting on his squeaky bed. He flipped through page after page until he finally came upon the two he was searching for.

Every year, the yearbook staff has to take two pages out of the annual to honor the Magnolia Heights High School Student of the Year. The winner this time around was none other than Elizabeth Janson herself.

Slappy stared blankly at the pages. There was Elizabeth Janson cheerleading. There was Elizabeth Janson being crowned Homecoming Queen. There was Elizabeth Janson and all of her smiling, preppy friends at the beach during Spring Break. There was Elizabeth Janson being crowned Prom Queen. There was Elizabeth Janson making a speech to the Student Council. THERE was Elizabeth Janson.

Slappy then began to focus more closely at the pictures. Elizabeth's cheerleading uniform was short and tight, putting her legs on an ultra-erotic display. Her Spring Break bikini was a two-piece green number, which fully accentuated her big boobs, and flat stomach. Elizabeth especially looked like a goddess in her low cut prom dress.

"She is soooo beautiful," Slappy found himself whispering, almost in a daze.

He then looked down, and noticed that he had harvested quite a hard-on looking at the yearbook pictures. Slappy unzipped his fly, released his little pecker into his right hand, and started jacking off to the images of Elizabeth Janson.

Slappy stared mostly at the Spring Break picture. Elizabeth had her arms around her best friend, another popular teen dream, Daisy Edelburg. Elizabeth's tight teenage frame was wreaking havoc inside Slappy's hormone ravaged body. That little bikini. Those curvy hips. That warm smile. Those great tits. That auburn hair. Those long, tanned legs. Slappy was now feverishly flogging the dolphin. He could feel his nuts start to tighten up.

"The Master will be pleased, The Master will be pleased," he muttered quickly.

Just then, Slappy's best friend, Larry Van Cola walked in on Slappy's little adventure.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, Slappy! That's fucking gross!" Larry screamed while covering his eyes.

It was too late for Slappy to try to stop himself, though. Besides, he was kind of into people discovering him whacking off anyway. He focused in on that exquisite body, and beat his meat furiously while string after string of ropy warm cum splattered onto the two pages honoring Elizabeth. It was one of his greatest orgasms to date; even better than the time he was caught in the school bathroom.

"Larry! God damn it! Why don't you ever fucking knock?!" Slappy yelled while stuffing his now softening cock back into his pants and closing the yearbook, jizz dripping out.

"I rang the doorbell for five minutes! Didn't you hear it?" Larry asked.

"No, I didn't. I must have been in some kind of beautiful rapture" Slappy replied, kind of staring off into space.

"Whatever, man. So, what are we doing tonight? How about a game of checkers?"

"Actually, you're probably going to have to leave. My mom went out tonight with some of her friends from the Garden Club, and she hired a babysitter for me. The bitch should be here in about fifteen minutes."

"A babysitter?! For God sake's, Slappy!!"

"You know how she is, Larry. She's REALLY overprotective."

"Christ. Who's the sitter?"

"I don't know. Mom wrote her name down on that piece of paper that's sitting on my desk over there. It's right beside that check for $75 I'm suppose to pay her with."

Larry turned around, and strolled over to Slappy's desk. He picked up the paper and read the name. He then fell to the ground laughing, almost in tears.

"What? What is it?" Slappy asked nervously.

"Oh my God!" Larry busted out laughing from the floor. "You're babysitter is Elizabeth Janson!"

The walls of Slappy's little room seemed to close in on him for a moment, but only for a moment. It then came to his attention how pleasing Elizabeth would be to The Master.

Slappy smiled devilishly.

"What are you smiling about?" Larry asked as his laughter died down. "Once she finds out who she is babysitting, she'll run out of here laughing, tell everyone, and you'll be the biggest laughing stock Magnolia Heights has ever seen!"

"I'm already the biggest laughing stock Magnolia Heights has ever seen!" Slappy retorted back as he hopped off his squeaky bed. "You see, Larry, the most dangerous men you'll ever meet in this world are the men who have absolutely nothing to lose!"

"Wait a second. What in the name of William Shatner are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about bringing people down a notch. I'm talking about The Master."

"The Master?" Larry asked. It suddenly dawned on him what Slappy was talking about. "What does The Master have to do with this?"

"I think we should introduce the fair and privileged maiden Elizabeth to The Master."

"Oh, no way, Slappy! We almost got busted the last time we introduced someone to The Master!"

"It's too late, now, Larry. The plan has been hatched, and you're in on it. The Master will be pleased."


Elizabeth arrived at the house around 9:15. The mother she talked with on the phone hadn't given her much information about the child she was suppose to be babysitting, but she was offering an astonishing $75 for Elizabeth's services. After she got paid tonight, she would finally have enough money to chip in with her friends to get that nice, big beach house for the rest of the summer.

The American beauty walked up the steps, towards the small house's red door, and knocked. Almost before she finished knocking, a skinny zit-faced boy answered the door. Elizabeth watched as the guy drank in her body with his green eyes. He looked awfully familiar.

"Hi, I'm Elizabeth Janson. A Ms. MacPherson called me earlier tonight and asked if I would babysit her son. Would that be your little brother?"

"Yes", Slappy replied, realizing that she didn't recognize him from school. "Please, uh, come on in."

Slappy ushered in Elizabeth to the couch in the living room. He smiled hungrily while checking out what she was wearing. She had on a short, black skirt, with a form-fitting baby blue blouse. Slappy licked his lips as the two sat down.

"So", Elizabeth began sweetly, "Where's your little brother?"

"Oh, uh, well, he's only a few months old you see, and, uh, he's asleep upstairs, and, so, uh, it probably be a better idea if you just stayed down here, and, you know, kept quite," Slappy replied slowly, building the lie as he went.

Suddenly, Elizabeth noticed another skinny boy, this one with really greasy hair, enter the room from the kitchen. He had with him an old, antique serving platter with three glasses of red liquid. The seemingly awkward, yet somehow familiar guy set the platter on the coffee table in front of Elizabeth and Slappy. He had a very serious look on his face as he sat down in the chair adjacent to the couch.

Elizabeth turned her attention back to zit-faced boy.

"So, did your mother leave any specific instructions for me about your baby brother?"

She watched as the two nerdy guys silently looked over at one another, then back to her.

"Uh, no," the zit-faced one answered while staring at her gorgeous rack.

An unsteady silence hung over the room for a moment.

"Well," Elizabeth began with a forced laugh, "are you two going to be my assistants tonight?"

The two guys looked at each other, and began laughing a little harder than they should have at the joke.

"Uh, no. We were just waiting for you to get here, so we could, uh, go out and stuff," Slappy answered.

"Oh, okay. Well, you two go off and have a good time. I'll stay here and hold down the fort," Elizabeth replied with her warm smile.

"Uh," the greasy-haired one spoke up, "before we leave, would you like to have a drink with us?" he asked, motioning to the three glasses of red liquid which sat on the old, antique serving platter.

Elizabeth looked at the two boys suspiciously.

"I'm not in the mood for a drink right now. Besides, you two look a little too young to be drinking."

The two dorks looked at each other as if something wasn't going right.

"Come on," the zit-faced one started with a calm smile, "it's not every Friday night a couple of guys like ourselves get to share a drink with a girl as beautiful as you."

"Yeah!" the greasy-haired guy added quickly.

Elizabeth smiled and blushed. She was very flattered.

"Oh, I guess one drink couldn't hurt. Just don't tell your mother."

The two nerds smiled big as they lifted up their glasses. Elizabeth picked up hers slowly and studied the rather thick-looking red liquid. She sniffed the odd drink.

"What kind of drink is this, fellas?" Elizabeth asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Oh, uh, it's just standard red wine. Come on, drink up," Slappy answered as both he and Larry gulped down their glasses.

"Oh, okay, that's cool. Bottoms up!" Elizabeth exclaimed as she downed the drink. The liquid felt thick and warm as it slid down her throat. Red wine never did THAT before.

Elizabeth immediately began to feel very dizzy. She tried to shake it off, but the buzz just became more and more intense. She fell back on the couch, her head bouncing off a pillow. Suddenly, she began seeing things. There were all these little troll-looking beings with tiny golden crowns climbing the walls of the living room. They were waving to her and licking their lips furiously. She turned her eyes away to the carpeted floor, but she was greeted by even more little crowned troll people, hundreds of them, who were all masturbating wildly at the sight of her.

"Holy shit," Elizabeth groaned drunkenly, "what the hell is happening to me?"

Just then, she could see the two nerds standing over her. They were blurry and out of focus, but they appeared to be smiling.

"Oh, what's the matter, Elizabeth Janson? Didn't you enjoy your wine?" Slappy asked sarcastically.

"What?! Who are you two? What's happening?!" she asked frantically. Her vision was becoming darker and less clear.

"Who are we? We are NOBODIES, sweetheart. We are people too unimportant to worry about...or remember. Now, tell me, lovely Elizabeth, have you ever heard about the legend of The Goblin King?" Slappy questioned, while running his small hand up her skirt, enjoying the feeling of her athletic thighs.

"No, stop, please. The Goblin King?" Elizabeth asked. Her speech was now slurred, and she was no longer able to feel her body.

"Yes, The Goblin King. He's an urban legend here in Magnolia Heights; I'm surprised you've never heard of him. Anyway, they say The Goblin King is a horny old troll who loves to take beautiful young girls like yourself deep inside his royal cave, and fuck their sweet pussies from dawn 'till dusk." Slappy explained, while Larry awkwardly began groping Elizabeth's right tit.

Elizabeth was on the very edge of passing out. She let her eyes wander the room once more. All the little crowned goblins were still whacking off and waving to her.

"I can see them. I can see The Goblin King," she muttered, almost incoherently.

"Good. It's good you see him. Now, go to him. He's calling you, Elizabeth, he's calling you," Slappy whispered into her ear.

For Elizabeth, it all went black.

Slappy looked over triumphantly at his best friend. Larry was now trying to stick his tongue down Elizabeth's throat whilst feverishly grabbing away at her oh-so-plump ass.

"The Master will be pleased," Slappy announced proudly, "The Master will be pleased."


When Elizabeth awoke, she found herself standing up against a rocky wall, with her arms out, shackled to the fortification by her wrists. She was incredibly groggy, so it took her a few seconds to get her bearings. She was in a very dim, circular room of some sort. A weak lightbulb swayed gently from the ceiling. From the other side of the room, she could hear a continuous squishing sound. Squish! Squish! Squish! Elizabeth could also feel two things grinding and humping away at each of her perfect legs. She could hear an excited panting coming from below her.

"Oh, yeah...oh, yeah...this bitch is hot as hell," one voice uttered.

"Unh, oh fuck yes...I can see straight up her skirt...oh, Jesus, fuck yes..." the other one moaned.

Then, in a violent rush, Elizabeth came to.

"Hey! What the fuck is going on?!" she screamed.

Suddenly, the dim lightbulb blasted the room with light. Elizabeth had to squint her eyes. When she was finally able to open them, she couldn't believe what she was looking at. She wasn't in a room at all, but rather a nicely decorated cave. In the center of this circular cave was a blue bed with a lone white pillow. Elizabeth shot her head down. There, humping her legs were two little dark green goblins; their tongues hanging out, their erections big and red.

"Oh my God! That's so gross! Get off! Get off!" she exclaimed.

"Unh, come on, sweet thang, just give ol' Scrunt here a few more seconds!" the one grinding against the right leg pleaded.

"Yeah, and could you open up your legs a little more? Oh, yeah, that's the stuff!", the one humping the left leg said.

The two goblins then began licking and kissing Elizabeth's long, tanned legs. They then proceeded to reach up her skirt, feeling her thighs, and grasping for her panties.

And, suddenly, a passion swept over Elizabeth Janson; a passion she had never felt, nor could explain, but she found herself keeping quiet for some reason, and letting the goblins get their piece. The sight of them going away at her legs like two horny junkyard dogs was actually getting her kind of wet.

Just then, the green goblins let out a high-pitched groan as they jizzed all over her limbs. Elizabeth bit her bottom lip and moaned quietly.

"Oh, yes, you two have absolutely outdone yourselves this time. This one is a true beauty", came a deep voice from the other side of the cave.

Elizabeth quickly looked up and discovered where the squishing sound had been coming from. She saw The Goblin King, sitting on his throne in a black corner, with his golden crown, furiously jacking off to a Playboy magazine.

"Mmmm, Elizabeth Janson, never before have my servants Scrunt and Libido brought me such a sweet piece of ass. Mmmm, your tits are so big! Your legs are so delicious! You're just like the girls in this..."

The Goblin King trailed off as he spunked all over his magazine.

Elizabeth couldn't believe what was happening to her. It all had the fabric of a dream, but the weight of utter reality. She looked down at the two little goblins, Scrunt and Libido, as they laid on the ground, panting. Something otherworldly was going on.

"Where am I?" Elizabeth asked the three goblins. Scrunt and Libido chuckled. The Goblin King tossed his magazine to the ground, and stood up from his throne. He couldn't have been more than four feet tall, but the royal aura he exuded was undeniable.

"You know where you are. You know who I am. All of your silly questions were answered before you even asked them, sweetheart", replied The King as he walked across the cave, letting his thick prick dangle as he did so.

Elizabeth remembered the urban legend the zit-faced guy had told her just before she passed out. She began to get very excited at the prospect of having her cunt fucked 'till dawn. Elizabeth shook her head. What was happening to her? It was as if she had lost all her morals and values! For God sakes! Look at these goblins; they're hideous! But she just couldn't make herself care. She really hoped The Goblin King would fuck her 'till dawn. Really hoped.

"I think you should let me go, your Majesty...before any of this goes too far", Elizabeth announced, purposefully playing hard-to-get. The Goblin King laughed as he walked up to her and grabbed the material of her short skirt with his small hands.

"Oh, fair Elizabeth Janson. Do you think you're the first to tell me that? I've been doing this for centuries, ever since the human kings exiled me from the surface world. You see, they took my empire, so I take their women."

"But there are no kings anymore. We humans have presidents and prime ministers now. Things aren't as they once were," She replied, continuing her game.

"It matters not. You will pay for the sins of your red-blooded ancestors right here, in this very royal cave, on that very blue bed."

The Goblin King then violently ripped Elizabeth's skirt from her shapely hips, revealing her emerald, silky thong panties.

"Oh, my!" she gasped in mock terror. Elizabeth was loving every minute of this.

"Scrunt! Libido! Unchain our beautiful guest!"

"Yes, Master!"

The two smaller goblins then climbed up the rocky wall and unshackled her. Both grabbed her tits on the way back down and giggled. The Goblin King then pushed her onto the blue bed, making her softly fall on her back. Elizabeth gazed into his red eyes. The King strolled up to the edge of the bunk, and took his long, green dick in his right hand.

"Come, my sweet, and suck from my eternity."

Elizabeth sat up seductively on her knees and shuffled over to The King, taking his big organ into her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around it, and quickly began bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could. The Goblin King let out a moan of passion that echoed throughout his cave. Scrunt and Libido jerked off while watching the spectacle.

"Yes, Elizabeth Janson! Suck that cock!! Deep throat me, you slut!!!"

She wanted to be dominated. She wanted to be dominated.

The Goblin King then grabbed the back of her head and forcefully began fucking Elizabeth's beautiful face. She smiled as she felt his fat nuts slam into her face, slam into her face, slam into her face.

"Oh, Elizabeth, oh God, yes, oh thank you Jesus, yes!!" The Goblin King then proceeded to dump load after load of hot, ivory baby batter into her anxious young mouth. The King then smiled wide as she swallowed it. Every last drop.

"Mmmm, Elizabeth Janson, I think I'm in love."

"I'm here to serve you, your Majesty."

The Goblin King ran his hand along her smooth face.

"Never before have my servants brought me a girl like you. So sensual. So willing. So perfect. So beautiful. Surely, you are everything man...or beast...could possibly want."

"I'm so happy I could please his Majesty," Elizabeth replied while releasing her warm smile.

"Turn around and get on all fours."

Elizabeth did as she was commanded. As she turned around, she couldn't help but push her ass into the cool air, like an alley cat in heat. The Goblin King took hold of her emerald panties and tore them off, tossing them into the same corner as his Playboy magazine. The King marveled at her plump, round ass. It looked like an upside-down heart. He grunted as he hopped on top of her, and stuck his huge penis at her asshole's entrance.

"Your majesty!" Elizabeth giggled. "I've never done THAT before!"

The Goblin King laughed as he shoved in his dense cock, making Elizabeth yelp in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Well, there's a first time for everything, I suppose."

Elizabeth grabbed the pillow and bit into it as The King began to rock back and forth, humping her luscious virgin ass.

The Goblin King grabbed onto Elizabeth's round tits as he began to go faster, and faster, and faster. She felt so cheap, so dirty. God, she loved it.

"Take that mother fucking pillow out of your mouth, you bitch! That mouth is too perfect not to be used! UNNHHHH! Suck off Scrunt and Libido!"

Elizabeth hastily removed the pillow from her mouth and looked over at the two servant goblins. They were busy whacking off as they watched their Master fuck his American beauty in her butt.

"Come here, you, OHHHH, two cuties!" Elizabeth said as she smiled brightly despite being pumped back and forth.

Scrunt ran over, frantically sticking his dick in her radiant face. Elizabeth happily took him in, swirling her tongue around his cock as she did so. He moaned like a man who, after being stranded in the desert, had finally found an oasis. Libido couldn't wait. He needed to fuck Elizabeth Janson right now. The little goblin found his way under her nubile frame. Libido then grabbed onto her flat stomach from underneath, lifted himself up, found her pussy with his excited prick, and carelessly stuck it in.

"Ohhhh, yeeessssss!!!"

Elizabeth smiled as every hole she had was filled with a bulky, goblin cock. The three goblins humped, and sucked and grunted and sweated and fucked the teen dream for what seemed like hours on end.

"Oh, yes!" Elizabeth thought, "Cum inside me! Cum in mouth! Cum in my pussy! Cum in my ass! Jizz every last drop into me! I'm a dirty, filthy, disgusting whore! Fuck me for what I am! Fuck me for what I am!"


"Fuck me for what I am...Fuck me for what I am..." Elizabeth muttered from her deep sleep as Slappy MacPherson passionately fucked her sweet cunt on his squeaky bed, in his small bedroom. He had pushed her short skirt up above her hips as to give him easier access to the hotbox that was located between her legs. Slappy had also taken off Elizabeth's blouse and lacy bra, letting her big, round tits jiggle as he humped her.

"How much longer before I get a turn, Slappy?!" Larry Van Cola asked annoyingly as he paced the room, waiting for his best friend to finish.

"Unnnhh, Unnnhhh, Unnnnnhhh!!! The Master will be pleased!!!" Slappy moaned loudly as he blew his wad inside her, spraying his seed all up inside that soaking wet pussy.

He slowly pulled himself out.

"Oh, my was was so...BEAUTIFUL!" he panted wildly.

"Jesus Christ, Slappy! Why do you have to refer to your cock as 'The Master"? It's creepy, man!"

Slappy stuffed his softening cock back into his pants.

"It's Friday night, Larry, and I just fucked the hell out of THE Elizabeth Janson. I definitely brought that bitch down a notch."

"How long do you think we have before the serum wears off and she wakes up?" Larry asked nervously.

"We have another couple of hours, I think. At least that's how it was when we gave it to my mom a couple of weeks ago, and I let you fuck her."

Larry smiled shyly as he remembered the event. He liked Slappy's mom.

"The same went for Daisy Edelburg when we fucked her. Remember how we almost got busted, Larry?"

"Don't remind me. That was too close. What are we going to tell Elizabeth?" he then asked.

"Well, we'll clean her up, and put her back on the couch downstairs when we're done fucking her. Then, we'll slam the front door and pretend like we just came in from a night out. We'll tell her that we'll 'take control of the fort now', pay her her $75, politely thank her for her services, and watch that cute ass as it goes down my driveway."

"Oh, Goblin King! Faster! Faster!" Elizabeth muttered again from her sleep.

"I'll tell you, Larry; we're geniuses. I mean, we actually invented shit that makes bitches see goblins! And while they're seeing things, we fuck 'em, and they wake up thinking it's all a dream! Genius!"

"Plus, she'll think the whole incident, including us serving her the serum, was ALL just a wild fantasy, right?" Larry asked.

"Yep. We can probably even make her feel guilty about falling asleep on the job, too."

"What will we tell your mom when she comes in later and finds no babysitter?"

"We'll just tell her Elizabeth had to leave early. We'll tell her Elizabeth's uncle got attacked by a pack of wild squirrels or something like that."

The two dorks then looked over at Magnolia Heights' most beautiful daughter; she had a big, warm smile on her face as her hips bucked for a Goblin King that only existed in her mind.

"Well, don't just stand there staring, Larry! Go over and get a piece of Elizabeth Janson!"

Larry anxiously got on top of Elizabeth, and maneuvered himself in between her athletic thighs. He then unzipped his fly, and let his little dick free. Larry pushed it in, and moaned at its sheer warmth and wetness. He had never felt anything like it before. A broad smile engulfed his face. He began to push it in and out, laughing as he did so. He then leaned in close, and whispered into her ear:

"I've wanted to do this ever since Home Economics class."


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