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The Girl Next Door
by Ed0613

I like to sleep nude.

I don't do it too often because it causes me to have erotic dreams. They are almost always about the same thing, the girl next door. She's not really a girl, but rather a mature and beautiful woman.

The dreams vary, but usually run like this;

I am lying in bed on my left side having just awakened. She is lying tummy down, with her face turned away from me, still asleep. We are both nude. It is early summer and only a light sheet protects us from the gentle breeze of the ceiling fan. Without awakening her I throw the sheet back and began to caress her back with my right hand. Across her shoulders, down her back to her creamy buttocks, my erection growing with each stroke.

Her head with the silky blond hair and the beautiful blue eyes turns towards me. A sleepy smile, and a question, "again?"

"Sure, why not?"

She slides towards me, her left hand fondling my erection, her lips meeting mine. Her breasts are inviting my hands while her mouth is inviting my tongue. She pushes me flat on my back and covers the upper part of my body with hers. I feel her breasts with the hard, pink nipples pushing against my chest. We kiss again, our tongues intertwining, probing. My right hand is continuing to caress and fondle her buttocks. My left is underneath her body and I can feel a little patch of hair that grows in her most desirable spot. I move my fingers and she adjusts her body and opens her legs just a little so that I can caress and feel the wetness originating in her pussy. I touch her clitoris, feel her body stiffen and her tongue plunge deeply into my mouth. I play the game with my tongue, simulating what I could do with it in her pussy.

She gets my message, and with a little laugh, straddles my stomach. Using my hands on her buttocks I cause her to slide upward onto my chest, leaving a wet trail of her juice on me. Now, over my shoulders and onto my mouth. She is holding onto the headboard so that when I look up I can see the underside of her breasts and her smiling face looking down at me. The aroma and taste of her sex causes me to greedily lick and suck at the source of this delicious treat. I alternately stick my tongue as deep into her pussy as I can, then suck and lick her clitoris. My hands inch up her body to fondle and caress her breasts. I can see that her head is bowed and her eyes are closed, enjoying my tongue fucking her. She begins to move, sliding back and forth to meet each thrust of my tongue. Faster, faster, then a low moan rising in pitch until it is almost a wail.

"Oh God, now, now, now" she shrieks just before she collapses on me.

I know that her cum is spread all over my face, but she doesn't mind and she kisses me anyway. She slides back down my chest and tummy the way she had come, leaving an even wetter trail this time. At the very bottom of this trip she encounters my erect cock. Without any hesitation, she raises up, places the head of it in her pussy, and slowly lowers her body.

For me, the feeling of ecstasy is indescribable. My cock, completely engulfed in the warm sleeve of her pussy, is in heaven. She slides up-and-down, back and forth while I relish in the feelings and knowledge that the thing I have wanted for so long will become a reality in just a few minutes. Closer and closer I come to realizing this erotic dream. My hips are thrusting upward to meet her downward strokes. Closer, closer, I can't stop, then -------

I wake up. My cock is in my hand and there is cum everywhere. The bed is a mess and I feel drained. But what is this smell of perfume and delicious nectar on my lips, and why is my face wet?

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