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The Greek Vacation
by Walter

Jen had felt the trip to Greece would be the perfect end to her European vacation, but now she wasn't so sure. Now she was separated from her guide and something seemed wrong. She had stopped to explore a small cave and now was not sure were or when she was. None of the familiar landmarks were to be seen. The road she had just walked was gone, replaced by a grassy path.

Trying to find her way, Jen began to climb the small hill before her. Half-way up, she heard the sound of horses hooves on rocks. "Good, there would be a farm," she thought, as she crested the hill. But she did not see a farm, instead, in front of her were four adult male centaurs, half man, half horse. "This is impossible," she thought before she fainted.

Jen awoke to find herself lying on a fur covered bench in a large building. Pushing aside her cover, she found she was totally naked and hastily pulled the cover around her. As she did ,one of the centaurs entered. "Good," he said, "You only fainted. We brought you to our village to take care of you." The centaur was handsome, with a large muscular brown body and long silky hair. Jen was immediately intrigued and a little turned on. As she stood, the cover slid from her shoulder, exposing her full breasts to the beast. Walking to his side, she stroked his mane and trailed her hand onto his back.

"Please, continue", he said with a low moan. Leaning against his side, Jen let the cover slip from her body, rubbing her breasts against him. Her hands slid under his belly and soon found his swelling cock. Stroking him gently, she knelt under him, taking it in both hands. " Now", he groaned deeply. Lifting her head upwards, Jen began to lick the head of his massive cock, continuing to stroke him. Opening her mouth widely, She inched the massive head beyond her lips and began to suck harder. Knowing he was ready, Jen stood and lead him to the couch in the center of the room. Lying on her back, she lead him over her, his massive cock against her wet pussy. Placing her legs on either side of him, she urged him forward. Gasping loudly as she was entered, Jen moved under him to accept more. As he began to move in and out, she could feel herself being coated by his pre-cum.

Faster now, she pushed against him as he fucked her. She groaned, screamed as she took him deeper inside her. Her erect clit felt his huge cock as it slid over it with each stroke. She was cumming...longer and harder than ever before. "By the Gods", he moaned, gutturally and pushed deeply inside her. Her pussy pulsed, grabbing him as he shot deep inside her. She felt the hot, silky smooth cum well up inside her and spill past him onto her thighs and legs.

As the massive cock softened and slid out, what seemed like gallons of cum followed, drenching the couch and floor under it. Now totally spent, Jen looked around and thought "Now this is the way to relax on vacation."


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