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The Handyman
by JEdwins

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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On the following Saturday morning I woke up fantasizing about Pam. Would she be there again? Should I arrive at nine so as not to "catch" her again? Should I arrive at eight to be predictably consistent? How could I convince her to change into nylons and a garter belt, a skirt and blouse, with no panties or bra, and get up on the top of a ladder while I held it for her from below? Could I get her to spill something in her lap and then offer to lick it clean for her? Would she think it was too obvious if I brought in my Polaroid camera to take the "after" pictures before I was even finished with my work? Those kind of thoughts continued all through the drive to her mother's house. How I kept from being killed on the Riverside Freeway that morning is a wonder. All I could see in front of me was what I imagined her body would look like; as the towel fell slowly to the floor; as we lay reverse to each other, her over me, sucking each others nipples as we moved toward the real treats; as she crawled lithely across the bed on all fours, back arched, ass high, pussy lips slightly open and inviting. Finally I pulled into the driveway, put on my tool pouch, grabbed some other tools I might need, and let myself in the back door.

The shower was running. It was 8:00 exactly. This had to be an invitation, didn't it? Quietly I walked through the living room, into the hall, and found the bathroom door slightly open. A definite invitation, right? Having painted that bathroom five weeks before I knew that you could only get an oblique view of the bath tub from the door. But the new shower doors I had installed were three-section sliders; one is a mirror, one is patterned, and one is clear glass. She was primarily behind the worst two and the clear one was spotted and kind of steamy. But eventually she moved back to the clear one so that the water would hit the lower part of her body as she rinsed off. I was quaking with sexual energy. What I could see was gorgeous. She sort of pushed her hips forward as she obviously rinsed her pussy. Then she turned her back to the shower (and me), thrust her ass out and wiped soap out of the crevice of her ass. In the few brief seconds of viewing her I could have been whipped by any kitten I was so shaky and weak kneed. I ducked back toward the living room before she turned off the shower, banging my damn hammer on a parsons table in the hall.

Now my primary problem was to be in a not-too-obvious location if she repeated the towel on the body routine so that I could look at her longer before we "discovered" each other and went on to the "yelp!" bit. Since I had to remove the base molding by the step into the kitchen, I crouched down there and watched the archway from the hallway. Sure enough, here she came. Towel and all (or towel and nothing else). She didn't see me right away and walked over toward the window. When she lifted the bottom of the blinds to look out in the driveway she bent down, the towel crept up in the back, I began to salivate. Knowing I had to do something I pried out on the molding (now with my back to her), it groaned after 65 years of not moving, she yelped, I jumped up and stared. BUT I DIDN'T RUN OUT OF THE HOUSE. I also didn't move. Just stared. Pam had to walk somewhat toward me to get back to the hallway and she did, slowly. She stopped about eight feet from me and asked me why I was staring at her. Because you're beautiful was my horse reply. She said she thought I would have sense enough to arrive later after having this same thing happen the previous week. My thought was to be consistent was my response. Well, replied she, if you're waiting for the towel to come loose you have a long wait. I didn't say anything. I was too busy willing the towel to do just that. Well say something, John, she finally blurted. I barely got out some statement about the longer we stood there the longer I got to look at her and dream. Off she went. DAMN. How come tons of men would have done or said something worthwhile, and I get her to leave the room. My sergeant used to call me Dip Shit. He probably knew how I would turn out.

Slowly I went back to work. About twenty minutes later she came back into the room and walked up behind me. Before I could turn around she said, "I owe you an apology, John. My game didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I shouldn't have tried it. I'm old enough to know better."

Now I turned around and looked up at her from my position on the floor. She was in a pale blue buffed cotton robe that reached down to her ankles. "I'm not good at boy/girl games, Pam," I explained, "but you are truly beautiful."

"Well, I was going to prove to myself that you were not like your words, but just like any other man who will jump at the chance for a quick piece and then be gone. This was all a set-up. I even left the bathroom door ajar for you."

"I know. I looked at you as you were rinsing off. My shakes still haven't gone away from watching you."

"I knew you wouldn't hurt me," she said, "but why didn't you run over to me and rip the towel off like I expected you to?"

"Because I am like my words, Pam. I couldn't do that. I mean not today. When we knew each other better, and if I knew you liked me to do that to you. But not yet." After a long silence I continued, "But I wanted to. I still do. You don't know how desirable you are. For weeks I've been fantasizing about you."

"Tell me," she demanded in a very quiet voice.

"I can't. I could tell ten or a hundred people, easily. But I can't tell just you - now."

"Why not? John, I want to hear them. I need to hear them. I need to know I'm still desirable." She looked so very sad. I guess her divorce had been a bad one. We had never talked about it. Just that she had been alone for about seven months.

Standing stone still, I said, "Let me show you. Let me make love to you. I'll be clumsy at first because I don't know what you like; what excites you. Let me taste you and show you how desirable you are to me." Although I could hardly believe those words came from me, I had finally said something positive. Me! The runner.

She looked at me for the longest time without saying a word, but I could plainly see she was arguing with herself. Probably wondering why she should risk being hurt again, or some such thing. Then she turned, walked around the chair between us and the hallway, saying, "Come into the spare room in five minutes." Then she stopped walking, turned back to me, and added, "And love me." Then she left the room.

Even with all that had just happened (the shower, the window, the towel-clad body, the robe and the talk) I was stunned. I was glad for the five minutes. It would take me that long to get my body to move from the spot to which I was firmly riveted. Shy old John was going to get to make love to this luscious woman. She would be in heaven if there was any possibility of it at all. She deserved confirmation of her sexuality and release from that age old itch and I was the guy who was going to do everything I could to make it happen. From a slightly dictatorial role, which I felt she needed for her self-esteem, I was going to love this lady into oblivion.


Pam was on the bed, in her robe, on her back, head on a pillow, and looking at me when I came to the doorway. She giggled nervously and asked me if I thought I really needed twenty pounds of tools with me. That is the first time I realized I still had my tool pouch on my waist. I laughed, equally nervously, and took it off, along with my moccasins. Walking up to the side of the bed, I kissed her lightly on the lips and told her to turn over with her hands at her sides. Starting at her neck and shoulders, I did my best imitation of a masseur. Down her back to her waist and then back up to her shoulders and neck. As badly as I wanted to see and feel her skin, the robe stayed in place. Even as an amateur I could tell that her neck was more relaxed the second time there. Next I went down her arms, palms, and fingers. Someone once told me that pushing into the palm by the base of the thumb with your thumb, and rubbing in that little hollow there, was very pleasant and relaxing. I tried that for a couple of minutes on each palm. Then back up Pam's arms and down her back to her waist. By now I was on the bed, straddling her hips, because that was most comfortable for me. But I had to move down quite a ways in order to massage her legs. I left her ass alone (but I didn't want to) and did not force the robe between her thighs, but only massaged what could comfortably be reached.

By the time I reached her feet Pam was laying with her face turned sideways. Every now and again I heard a very faint moan. When I massaged her feet, especially with my thumb in the soft part of the sole of each foot, she actually commented on how good that felt. Telling her to just lay there as she was, I got off of the bed on the side away from her face and undressed. When I was again straddling her feet, I worked my way back up her legs. The difference this time was that I was moving her robe up her body as I went. Instead of just massaging, I kissed the backs of her calves, licked the backs of her knees when I got to them, and kissed her thighs as they became exposed. I know she liked all of this attention because of the way she moved her sweet ass around in little movement all during the process. When I had to move further up her body, my cock dangled between her legs and she felt it. She lifted her head and looked back at it and then up at my face, smiling.

By the time I got to the tops of her thighs and moved her robe up to her waist I'm sure she thought the sex would begin. But as difficult as it was, and it was, I never touched her ass. Instead I reached under her, untied the robe, pulled it out from under her body and down off of her arms. Finally, she was naked. When I moved up further to work my way up her back again, my now fairly erect cock rubbed along that delectable stretch of womanhood at the tops of her thighs and the base of her ass cheeks. But, I was only massaging my way to her neck again. While I was gently rubbing into her hairline Pam moved her left hand so that she was holding my very excited cock. She didn't fondle or rub, but just held it still.

Instead of having her turn over, I decided to start from where she was. With kisses, I started back down toward her waist. Women, who I believe are so much more in touch with their bodies than are men, have so many places which are erogenous (or at least satisfying) that you could spend hours kissing and nibbling your way around until they ravished you. It's wonderful. This time when I got to her waist I didn't skip down to her thighs. I kissed all around her waist and hips, rubbed my face and hair all over her soft cheeks, and she was again demonstrably pleased. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer. Telling Pam to raise her hips up some, I started at the top of her pussy, wet-kissed all around her mound and on the super-soft skin of her thighs. About the time I had kissed down both sides and the logical next step was to lick her lips, she pushed her pussy back against my mouth and moaned, "Oh! Yes! Do it, please."

Now came some more of the soft dictatorial stuff. "Do what, Pam?"

"Kiss me in the center."

"Kiss you where?" I wanted her to tell me exactly. I had already found out during our conversations the week before that she didn't seem to use sex words, so if I could force her to use them during sex, she would become either more excited or she would get angry. The odds were for getting more excited.

"Keep kissing me down the center. You know what I mean."

I kissed her again, Just at the top of her seam, but just a peck. "You have to tell me exactly where. Tell me, Pam!"

She lifted her ass even higher (isn't it amazing how exciting it is to see a woman lift her ass to you.) "Kiss my lips, John. Please. Kiss them nice like you were just doing." To hear is to obey, right? And she moaned so nicely when my tongue flicked out and probed between pussy lips that were looking for an excuse to open. So nice, in fact, that I let my tongue linger there for a couple of minutes while she moved her hips, pleasuring herself. Then came time to move even lower. Although difficult, and kind of hard on the neck, reaching a tongue down to a waiting clit, from behind, has always resulted in the highest ass lift a woman can manage. I think it's because they find it incredibly sexy and satisfying. So do I. With my face almost completely buried in her, my first feel of Pam's soft inner flesh and the taste of her pussy was all it took to get me as hard as I ever get. I spent considerable time poking and prodding gently in her luscious folds with my tongue and lips. I pulled sections of her lips in between mine so that I could run the tip of my tongue back and forth across them. Now that I had her pussy scent all over my wet face, it came time for my planned next step.

"Turn over, Pam." My voice was almost horse again with my own pent up lust.

She turned over slowly. Now, for the first time I could see her pussy and her nice, nice breasts. Moving up the right side of her body, I put my wet face to hers and kissed her deeply. I could hear and feel her inhaling her aroma. She began licking around my lips and chin. This was my dream come true. A woman who believed, as I do, that sex is beautiful and should be experienced in all of its sounds, scents, feelings, tastes and splendor.

Sitting back up next to her, I spent a good while just looking at her. She was so worth looking at. Smooth skin. Medium sized breasts with fairly dark areolas. Nipples that were already hard and I knew I would enjoy teasing with my mouth. Smooth shaven underarms that would be a momentary alternate place to lick and nuzzle as I consumed her. Her tummy was soft and pliant looking but I knew that if I could get her to come while I was licking and sucking on her pussy, my view up along her body would see a stomach with muscles taught, ridged in strain, pushing out her needed release against my hungry mouth. It was time to get started again.

"Hold your right breast for me and put your right arm up over your head, Pam." When she complied I bent down for my first contact with her breasts. Rubbing my face over her breasts while I inhaled her scent was very pleasurable, for both of us I think. Then I licked along the underside of each breast. Pam had to move her hand slightly to accommodate me, but began playing with her own nipple while I was busy. That sight was very exciting to watch. For a couple of minutes I just continued nuzzling her while I watched her fingers playing with her nipple. When I moved my head up toward that nipple, she moved her fingers away and repositioned her hand to feed me her breast. As my lips closed around her nipple she moaned and lifted her chest up to me. Almost instantly, her nipple got very firm and I rubbed the tip with my tongue as if trying to memorize each wrinkle of skin.

"Do the other one," Pam said.

"The other one, what?" I replied, still pressing for 'dirty' talk from her.

"Suck my other nipple. My other tit," and with that she moved her hand to her other breast.

"This one here?" I said as I closed my obviously exposed teeth gently on her left nipple.

Pam immediately thrust upward again and moaned, "Oh, yes. Oh that feels so-o-o good."

Before I went further on that nipple I moved up a bit more and buried my face in her right arm pit. It was soft, slightly stubbly, and very sensitive to the touch of my tongue. What also felt good to me was the fact that now her right breast was in the crook of my neck and shoulder, and I could feel her erect nipple as she twisted her upper body around to watch my tongue, and made little sounds in her throat. Back at her nipple again I said, between nips and sucklings, "This is one of life's most gentle pleasures, Pam. Nursing on a beautiful woman and relaxing from all of the built up tensions of the day."

"I like it, too." she said, and continued with, "Maybe there are other places you could find gentle pleasure in."

Of course she was exactly correct, and I began to kiss my way down her body. It took me a while because I had to rub my face everywhere as well as kiss and lick various delectable looking spots. Since I didn't seem to be moving along quite as purposefully as Pam wanted, she moved herself under me until my face was just over her pubic hair. OK. I needed some time to look at her pussy anyway, so I shifted myself to be in the best position as she opened her legs to provide room for me to lay between them.

Her pussy was slightly open; enough for me to see the nub of her clit and some of her inner lips. The hair was clipped fairly short and was the same color as the hair on her head. The hair went down both sides of her pussy, getting more sparse as I looked down toward the base. At the bottom seam, there was no hair at all, but there was a little glistening of moisture. Oh how I wanted to taste that wetness again. But not yet. Then, as if impatient, Pam reached down with both hands and opened her pussy, slowly. Of course my own excitement recharged to see her touching herself. But also there was the slow-motion parting of her lips and the revealing of that heavenly flesh of which my dreams had been made for weeks. Her clit became more exposed from its hood as Pam opened herself, although it was still shy. I knew that later it would retreat as her excitation increased toward orgasm and I wanted to watch that process from just this vantage point. Her outer lips pulled away from her inner lips with just the same kind of resistance that would happen later when I would withdraw my cock from her and part of her pussy would try to hold me back. But the parting continued until her inner lips also began to spread. The coral color or her tissue was deepening as I watched which must mean that her blood was rushing to this glorious spot to make it very warm and very soft.

Looking up at Pam's intense face I said, "What a marvel a woman's pussy is." Then I looked back down again.

Moving her hips up toward me some, Pam asked, "How long are you just going to look at it?"

"You don't understand, my love." I said. "You only get to see this in a mirror, from a distance. I can see individual little drops of your lubrication, your pussy juice, as they form. And little tiny wrinkles that help your cunt stretch around my cock when I enter you. And the color changes. And the fragrance of you. Tell me what you want, love. Tell me what will make you happy."

"Love me with your mouth." she said, kind of softly.

"Tell me in clearer terms, Pam."

"Lick me and kiss me down there." a little louder this time.

"Down where?" I asked, all innocence.

Opening herself with her fingers even more than she was, and splaying her legs wide apart, Pam finally said, "Lick my pussy, damn it. Lick my pussy - please."

The second my tongue licked very lightly under her clit, up-down, up-down, quickly like that, she fell back down on the bed. Her hips began an up and down motion that she may not have even realized she was making. And she moaned, "Oh, god, that feels so good. Ohhhh, it's good."

Now I started my grand tour of this lovely nest of warmth and sweetness. With some extra saliva on the tip of my tongue, my exploration began at the very bottom of Pam's pussy, where all of the little, fine hairs make it seem drier than the rest of a woman's pussy. Little flutterings and pokings of my tongue. Then pushing in just enough to feel the puckered entrance to her cunt with its sweet liquid slickness. Pam moved her whole body more toward my face as if trying to impale herself on my tongue, but I instantly pulled back just enough to keep the touch light and enticing. After just a few more moments of this my tongue traveled up the left side of her lips, between the outer and inner, at the very base of the fold where they are very sensitive. Her moanings became stronger and more steady, in time with her labored breathing. Once at the top, I licked up and down the length of her clitoral shaft a few times. Up came her hips to increase the pressure of my tongue. On her third arch my movements shifted again to about an inch below her clit and slowly up to the tip of this most lively and sensitive organ. Just as she was saying, "Oh yes. Keep doing that. Keep going." I moved back down to the bottom of her pussy again and repeated the exact same process coming up between her right lips; digging down between the folds and causing more moans and pleadings. This time when I was again licking slowly up to the base of Pam's clit, and she was moaning for me not to stop, her voice was more desperate. "I've got to come! Don't stop this time, John! Keep licking right there. Please, don't stop." There is no way I would have stopped at that point. She was almost yelling at me in sexual frustration at being held back from her orgasm. I kept licking up, from an inch below her clit to the tip of it. But slower and slower. Her back was arched as she looked down at me with blind and misted eyes. Her stomach muscles were completely tensed and her breathing was now more like gasping. She was repeatedly clenching her abdominal muscles, making little wet popping sounds at the entrance to her cunt. By pushing down a little with my chin I could feel this wondrous, automatic reaction that will milk a man dry.

"I'm going to come," she gasped. "Oh, sweet fuck I'm going to come." Keeping the pace very slow despite the thrashing of Pam's wanton hips, my tongue pressed harder against her inflamed tissue. Suddenly her hands, which hadn't touched my head in all of this time, were firmly around the back of my head holding me tightly against her spasming flesh. Her face contorted with what looked like agony, but was really the release of a tremendous build up of long stored tension. There was no need for me to move at all. Pam was doing all of the work for her release now. Holding my head firmly in place, almost smotheringly tight against her, she fucked her hips up and down, up and down against my lips, chin, and nose. I loved it!

Pam's final release was so intense, so slow in triggering, and causing such violent shudders in her gorgeous body that it may actually have been painful for her. But that is supposed to be the pain of abject delight. And I had helped her get there. After about 30 or 40 seconds of really hard spasming this sweet woman fell back on the bed as if she had been cold-conked with a baseball bat. With my head released from her desperate grip I began again, firmly but slowly, to lick up the come from her lovely, sweet pussy. Even though I tried not to touch her clit directly, knowing it would now be very tender and uncomfortable to touch, each time I came too near it was as if an electric jolt had coursed through her body, eliciting a sharp gasp and protective movement of her hands to push me away. But I continued to lick her slowly to bring her down from number one orgasm as sweetly as I could.

Finally, Pam whispered hoarsely, "That was fantastic. I've never in my whole life come so hard. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

While still licking up Pam's glorious pussy I said, "You did most of the work, especially there at the end when you about humped my face off."

Raising her head and looking down at me with obvious concern she asked if she had hurt me. When I asked her how she thought such a sweet, succulent pussy could possibly have hurt me she smiled with a Cheshire cat, sensuous look and lay back again. All this time I had been laying with my arms under her thighs, up along her torso, with my hands on her scrumptious breasts. Her legs had moved some during her build up and orgasm, but not like they did now. She splayed her knees and brought them all the way up to her chest. This raised her ass off of the bed and opened the entrance to her cunt so that I was able to push my tongue deeper into her than I had been able to before. Pam's come was viscous, sweet, with a slight metallic taste, and my penetration elicited little hip swishes from my lovely Pam.

"You taste so-o-o go-o-o-d," I told her as I moved my hands from her breasts to the backs of her knees. Pushing down on her legs, tighter against her chest, caused her ass to raise ever farther off of the bed. There, fully open and exposed within easy reach of my tongue and lips and nose, was the glorious womanhood I had fantasized about for weeks.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by JEdwins.

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