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The Handyman
by JEdwins

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Pt V

"I love you looking at me with that look you have, but keep licking me. I'm very sensitive."

"Where are you sensitive?" I asked.

"Back to that, again, are we?" she asked. "My vagina. When you lick me I'm sensitive. I like it. Keep licking my vagina. My pussy! Is that better?"

"Much better," I said between lickings and probings. "And more exciting. Besides, you said 'Sweet Fuck' a few minutes ago when you weren't paying attention."

"I did? I did. It's your fault for getting me so excited."

"Did you ever notice, Pam, how it's always the man's fault? I didn't do anything"

"Just Mr. Innocent, right? Speaking of innocent, how about you? I want to feel you filling me up. I want you to come inside me," she said, looking down at me again. "Come up here and let me love you now."

"After you come again, I want to lick you some more," I said.

"That is so sweet, but I can never come more than once. Come up here and stick it in me and do me. Fuck me. Let me fuck you and make you happy, too."

Moving up her body between her splayed legs I marveled, as I always do, at how wonderfully flexible a woman's body is. My groin was now tightly up against hers, my thighs on either side of her ass cheeks with her calves up by my shoulders. Looking down at this piece of unmatchable art treasure, my hands just had to stroke her splayed thighs, tummy and breasts. Pam put her hands on top of mine and mashed them to her. "You are beautiful, Pam," I said. "And a complete sexual turn-on."

"And you are every bit the lover you said you were" Pam said very quietly. "And you have a very wet face that I want to lick clean for you," she added, smiling. So I lay down over her so that she could do just that. And she again audibly inhaled her fragrance from my face before she began to bathe me with her warm tongue.

I sat back up long enough to wet my cock and stroke it a few times. Then I paused with it at the entrance to her still gleaming cleft. When she felt the head of my cock at her entrance she put her hands at my sides and tried to raise her hips up to me to skewer herself on my stiff cock. That didn't get her very far because her legs were still up at my shoulders, so she moved her hands to the back of my neck and pulled me down on top of her again. That, of course, completed the penetration. It was so exquisite that we both just lay still for a moment experiencing our separate feelings; me reveling in the warm clutch of her tight sheath, she feeling the expansion of her sheath with the fullness of my hot cock.

Both of us moaned. Me very quietly because I'm the turned inward kind of guy even though I want a woman to be vocal. She was experiencing a long, guttural moan that really turned me on even more. Then she moved her hips, sort of pivoting on the curve of her back. I raised myself up on my hands so that I had no contact with her except where we were joined. Slowly out, full length, and then slowly back in to heaven. Over and over. I was watching my cock as it moved in and out of Pam. I love watching that. I am a very visually oriented man. When I looked up at Pam, she was watching my face with great concentration.

"Look down at your pussy, Pam. Watch how your lips try to keep me from pulling out, and how they suck me back in when I come down to you again."

After watching for a minute or so she looked back at me, with a pleased look on her face. "You're beautiful," she said. "Your sweet cock is filling me up. My pussy loves your cock," she finished.

Moving my hands from outside her thighs to inside her thighs I told her to put her legs down. When she had her feet on the bed again I started moving in her again, this time with more pressure on her clit. We kissed each others lips and faces for a time while I moved slowly in and out of her. At one point I bent my head down and sucked and nibbled on her left nipple. Pam arched her back to help me nurse on her. Because my fucking motion was interrupted during this pleasurable interlude, she began really moving her hips purposefully, fucking me when I wasn't fucking her. When I finished with her now stiff and puckered nipple, she let me do the moving again. Now, though, each time I came down to her, I purposefully pushed against her pubic bone. After only a few strokes like that, she said," That feels good."

In another minute or so, she had moaned a couple of times and was now fucking me back. That's when I knew she could come again. Finally she realized it, too.

"Oh, god, that feels good. I think I'm going to come again." She spoke these words with some of the same strain in her voice as she had earlier. Her head was sort of rolling around, in time to our stroking, as if she was listening with abandon to a slow piece of sensuous music. She looked so beautiful and I was so excited that I could make her feel that way. And she was going to come more than just twice if I had my way. If I could last that long!

Now she was moving very forcefully, fucking her hips up to my cock. Her hands were kneading my ass cheeks as she pulled me as far into her as she could. Her head wasn't just rolling now, it was thrashing. Moans in time to our movements. Stomach tightening and back arching. "Your sweet pussy is going to be so good to you again," I whispered in her ear. "Wrap you legs around mine," I told Pam. Then, when she had done that and I was in her death-like grip and having MY ass fucked off, I told her to put her hands up over her head. Then I put my arms under her uper arms and over her wrists, with my hands holding hers. Stretched out this way, with her arms pinned over her head, Pam was totally helpless. "Now you can't get away from me," I said huskily in her ear. "After you come, what do you think I'm going to do?" I asked her.

"I don't know," she gasped. "come, too?"

"No. I'll want to check to see if we did really good together." She was now moaning almost constantly. She didn't want to think, just feel. "How am I going to know if we did good?"

Pam started to say she didn't know, again, but then she looked right in my eyes and said, "You're going to go down on me again? Is that it?" When I nodded and looked like there was more that she should add she said, in a very horse voice, "You're going to suck the come out of my pussy." She was very close to orgasm, now, and she gasped. "You're going to suck and lick my pussy and taste my come!" I just nodded and started pounding into her, banging into her pubis relentlessly.

That did it. Her orgasm began ripping through her body. I let go of Pam's hands and she immediately locked them around my neck, crying as her release washed through her, taking longer this time than her first had. The contortions of her face and the thrashing of her head told of her gut-wrenching release.


As she calmed down, I kissed the tears from her cheeks and eyes. I was still moving slowly in her. Not just to bring her down gently, but to both relish in the extra resistance to my movement her second orgasm had caused, and to keep her up enough to start on the third one in a few minutes.

"That was so good. Better than the first one." Looking at me lovingly, but seeming to have trouble focusing, she continued, "I've never had two orgasms before in my life. I'm destroyed."

"No. You're not destroyed," I replied, "You're a sexy, partially satiated, tasty tart and I'm the lucky bastard who happens to be the consumer of all of your treasures." Oh, how lucky, I thought.

"But, I'm not wet enough inside. You didn't come, yet!", she exclaimed. "I want you to come, too. I want you to be as happy as I am. As you made me."

"I want that, too, baby, but not yet. I want to be in you as long as possible," and I meant that.

We lay quietly, with most of my weight off of her and just little movements from me, for about five minutes. I was actually starting to get soft. Then I told Pam to bring her knees up to her chest, again. That it was taste time. She watched my every move then as if trying to memorize every subtlety of the action as I lifted my self off of her, slowly pulled out my cock, and moved down the bed so that my mouth was right over her wide open pussy. She had her hands around her thighs and her neck craned to look down at me as I lowered my face to her inviting cauldron.

The whole area of her pussy was so hot I could feel the heat intensity increase as I started a long, luxurious lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top. She flinched when I went over her clit, but watched me with rapt attention. Especially when I stiffened my tongue, stuck it as far out of my mouth as I could, and pushed it straight into her cunt entrance. Back on the bed she flopped, moaned how good it felt, and then looked down at me again.

I wet her thoroughly with saliva, put my tongue deep inside her again, and then went up her body to her face without retracting my tongue. As if she knew I wanted her to suck her come off of my tongue, she moved her face up to mine and sucked my tongue into her mouth. Between licking her steamy pussy and having her suck on my tongue I was hard again. "Wet my cock with your saliva and push it back inside your body again, Pam," I ordered her.

When she grabbed my cock with her wet hand to insert me into her she said in wonderment, "God but you're hot!"

"You made me that way. With your wonderful body. If there is a next time, I want you to be on your hands and knees, with your ass high in the air and vulnerable, your back arched so that your breasts are flat on the bed, and your knees spread wide. Then, after I finish licking your gorgeous pussy from behind, I'm going to fuck you like an animal. I'll bang against your ass and your whole body will shiver from each impact. And I'll drink in the sight with my eyes. And I'll grab your ass cheeks and your tits and play with your clit until I have no strength left. Then you'll get on top of me and lower your steaming pussy to my mouth so that I can lick and tongue-fuck you all I want. Then you'll slide down and fuck your cunt up and down my cock until I come." After a slight pause, I added, wistfully, "I'll like that a lot."

"You'll like that a lot! I'll like that a lot!" said Pam. She was starting to move with me a little. "I don't understand this," she said. "I feel like I can come again. This is so-o-o-o good."

"Pam," I said, "I never had a doubt that you could come as many times as your body can stand. I like being right."

For a long while we just moved slowly. Her hands moved around my body, almost aimlessly, but arousing me further. When her murmurings became more impassioned, and her hip movements more purposeful, I asked her to lock her legs around mine and put her hands above her head again. She looked into my eyes the whole time I very slowly wound my arms through hers, one at a time, to stretch her out and pin her to the bed. Her upper body was in frozen expectancy while her lower body was humping against me more and more urgently. Finally I had her fully stretched out and weighted down. I absolutely LOVED the feeling of her under me. Her stomach and breasts strained against mine as she moved against the restriction of my hold on her.

"Now I can fuck your cunt and you can't stop me." She moaned and move wantonly under me. "I can have my way with your body." She arched her back and pushed her breasts against my chest, continuing to moan, louder now. "When I decide to come inside you you will have no choice but to let me." Now she was really thrashing, looking at me wildly, eyes glazed, face muscles tensed. "And after my cock has spewed my come inside of you I'm going to want you to lick your come and my come off of me." Over the edge she went. Not as powerfully as the first two, but apparently satisfying. Then my own orgasm started to build. My cock suddenly expanded and her eyes flew open, even in the mellow afterglow of her own release.

"Yes! Come in me!" she demanded. "Fill me up with your come!." And then she tightened her pussy even more than before and tried to hold me in, immovable. As the ecstasy built up within me, I stroked slower and slower. Short strokes, staying as deep in her body as I could. My face must have been down in Pam's neck because she said, "Look at me. I want to see you come." I raised myself off of her still heaving body, and tried to keep my eyes open and locked to hers as I began spasming in her heavenly sheath, high up in her warm body. "Yes. Yes. Oh, that's beautiful," she said in a horse utterance. "You're coming in me. I can feel the sweat bursting out on your back. Oh! That's gooood."

Finally I collapsed on top of her. Then I realized I must be crushing her and tried to lift myself up. She pulled me back down with her arms and said, "No. No, baby. I want to feel you on me and in me. I have never been so loved. My whole body is tingling and if you don't hold me down I'll float away."

How I've always wanted some beautiful woman to say that to me. And now I was hearing the words. And vowing that I would hear them again. From Pam, maybe. Soon.

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Another top quality story by JEdwins.

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into parts for faster page loading.

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