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The Homecoming
by SpecialK

Note to the reader: Anyone wanna come wake me up in the middle of the night like this?

Ryan sighed contentedly as he silently shut the front door. It was good to be home. The business conference had finished up sooner than expected and he had caught the last flight home instead of the first flight the following morning. It meant sleeping the night at home with his wife instead of in a hotel room alone. Yes, it was so good to be home.

He quietly crept up the stairs. Lisa would already be asleep. He turned on the hallway light and entered the bedroom soundlessly to avoid waking her. His feet making no noise on the plush carpeting. He dropped his bags quietly on the floor near the doorway. The light coming in the room from the hallway allowed Ryan to see his wife sprawled across their double bed, fast asleep. Ryan's heartbeat quickened. It was great to be home!

It was a warm night and the only covers Lisa had on was a spaghetti strap nightie and a navy blue bedsheet. In fact, the bedsheet only served to cover her derriere, part of one leg and half of her back. She slept on her tummy with her left leg raised and bent at the knee. She clutched the bedsheet with her left arm and her right arm disappeared above her head and beneath the pillow. Her blonde hair fanned out in glorious disarray on and off the pillow. Just looking at it he could imagine how soft it would be to touch. Despite how tired and travel-weary Ryan was, the sight of his wife arose some lustful feelings in him. Yet she was contentedly oblivious to what a sexy sight she presented.

Ryan undressed and headed towards the bed. He knelt on the floor, his knees sinking into the carpet. Taking a deep, relaxing breath he smelled Lisa's body wash, fabric softener and the natural smell of his sleepy wife. Mmmmn-mmmn it was good to be home!

He reached over and began lightly stroking the side of his wife's foot. Lisa slept on unaware. Just the minor touch of his fingers to the sole of her foot pleased him. His touch wasn't meant to tickle, but he knew it probably did. After a few soft strokes, Lisa stirred and moved her foot away from his ticklish touch but continued to slumber. Next, Ryan began to stroke her ankle and gradually moved up to caress her calf. She was less ticklish here so she didn't even stir and Ryan continued to touch and stroke her skin to his content. He leaned in to inhale her skin, the sensual body wash and her own soft scent. His lips had a mind of their own as they began to kiss her left leg, both hands caressing along its length. She stirred now and turned to the other side, curling up the right leg and straightening out the left one that Ryan had focussed all his attention on. As she turned, the bedsheet had turned with her and now only part of her back and one rounded butt cheek remained concealed. The short nightie had ridden up and left her bottom bare. Ryan groaned softly in anticipation.

Rather than moving his position now he began to kiss the back of her exposed knee. He was getting to the point where he wanted her to wake up, and kissing the ticklish spot at the back of her knee was a good start. He began with gentle kisses and his hands slowly crept up to caress her bottom. The skin was so soft here. His fingers thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the soft skin beneath his palms. His lips followed his hands and seductively kissed up the back of her thigh to the junction where her leg met her bottom. He licked slowly along the crevice there before trailing his tongue back down to the back of her knee. Ryan's hands massaged Lisa's butt and stroked along the crack, his thumbs slipping between and heading lower to where her thighs met.

Lisa slowly began to stir now and languidly stretched out on her stomach. She turned slowly and looked down to discover the source of the fondling lips and hands. Upon seeing her hubby she smiled sleepily and turned onto her back to face him.

"You're home early." She yawned. "I missed you."

"I missed you too sweetheart. I caught an earlier plane so I could come home." Ryan said, encouraging her thighs apart so he could move between them. He lightly kissed her inner thighs, his thumbs stroking them. Lisa groaned.. His breath fell warmly on her skin and gave her goose-bumps of pleasure. His hands slid upwards, and his thumbs brushed back and forth against her blonde, downy triangle.

Lisa reached down to run her fingers through Ryan's soft brown hair. Part of her wanted him closer, their bodies pressed together and his lips on hers. But the other part of her liked him right where he was. Ryan shimmied upwards and Lisa could feel his breath on her womanhood. He slid his hands beneath her bottom and encouraged her legs wider apart. Lisa gasped in anticipation. His tongue licked just at her slit, not prodding between yet but just along the line. With the next pass of his tongue Ryan slid in a bit further, getting a taste of her moist womanhood. By the third long lick Ryan was well between Lisa's lips. The taste of her wetness was familiar to him yet it had been too long. He was thirsty for her. His tongue twirled around her clit and downwards where he dipped into her opening. Ryan's hands massaged her buttocks, gripping them to move her even closer to his mouth and his probing tongue. He wiggled within her, his tongue seeking and leaving no spot untouched as far as his tongue could reach. Lisa moaned. Ryan's tongue moved upwards again, poking and prodding and licking at her sensitive skin. When Ryan sucked on her clit Lisa arched up from the bed and writhed. Next he slid a finger into her while he continued to suck and lick her love-button. It slid in so easily and was instantly enveloped by her wet warmth. Lisa gasped and gripped Ryan's hair with both hands. Her legs closed around his head. Ryan could feel her muscles clutching around his finger. He slipped in another alongside the first, sliding them rhythmically in and out. With the ministrations from Ryan's tongue and fingers, the result was always the same. Her orgasm began bubbling within her and Ryan could feel her body beginning to quiver. With a few more timely strokes from his fingers and tongue, Ryan encouraged Lisa over the edge. She climaxed violently, her thighs crushing his ears and her fingers tugging at his hair. He gently circled her twitching clit with his tongue to ride out the rest of her orgasm. Her grip slackened and she relaxed her muscles, only the odd jolt passing through her body. She stroked his hair, her breath still jagged.

"Come to me," Lisa commanded softly. "I want you. Now." Ryan slid up the bed and Lisa wrapped her arms and her thighs around her husband. With just a strategic wriggle of her bottom she lead his hard manhood into her, her thighs hugging him close and within her depths. Ryan felt himself being enveloped by her slick warmth. His manhood throbbed impatiently. They moaned in unison. Each loved the feel that their melded bodies provided. Lisa sought out her husband's lips and took them with her own. She whimpered in the sheer pleasure of once again kissing her husband after all the days he had been away. The taste of herself was on his mouth but she didn't even notice. She just enjoyed tasting and touching his lips, his tongue, his mouth. Her hands twined around his neck and rubbed along his back. Her fingertips tingling to the touch of his skin.

Ryan stroked his wife's face with his hands, his body supported by his elbows. Only when Lisa's pelvic muscles squeezed around him did he begin to move. Ryan began a slow withdrawal, and only when he was about to slip out of her did he plunge back in again, grinding his pelvis against hers and filling her deeply. He could feel her muscles clutching at him, encouraging him. Her hands moved over his body, along his chest, up around his neck and through his hair. His lips trailed from hers along her jaw and to her ear where he suckled on her earlobe before fixing his kisses to her neck. Soon he had worked up to a steady rhythm of thrusts. His tongue licked a moist path to her breasts, which he fondled and suckled.

Ryan had been away from his wife too long; his control was slipping too soon. He didn't want to climax without her having reached another peak as well so, he encouraged her thighs from around his hips and hugged her tight. Then he rolled over still planted inside her. Now she was on top.

"Mmmmmmn!" Lisa murmured, her long blond hair falling forward into his face. She kissed his lips and ran her fingernails lightly along his chest, scratching gently at his nipples. Ryan's hands kneaded into the skin of Lisa's soft breasts. Then he pinched the nipples with his thumb and forefingers. Lisa moaned and arched her back, her breasts seeking for even more manual stimulation from her hubby's fingers. Meanwhile Lisa began to wriggle her hips, and grind down over Ryan's shaft, letting him penetrate as deep as possible. Ryan, having regained control of his libido somewhat, was now ready to continue again. He gripped his wife's hips to encourage her movements. Lisa was quite ready to resume where things had paused and began rocking on his shaft. Soon she had worked up to a rhythmic ride which was steadily increasing in tempo and force. A plaintive mewl escaped from her throat. Ryan groaned in pleasant agony. The feel of her hot warm tunnel milking at his rod was almost unbearable. He reached down to rub her clit, wanting her to achieve her release along with his own. His touch made her gasp and increase her motions. With a whine-like screech she came, her womanhood contracting around his maleness. Ryan grunted and his release came swift like a volcano, shooting up into her depths.

Lisa collapsed onto her husband's chest, her orgasm having left her limbs like jelly. She lay panting, twitches still going through her body as her orgasm faded.

"Mmmmmn! I'm glad you caught the earlier plane," she said several minutes later once her breathing had calmed. She planted feather-light kisses along his neck and chest as she slid from his manhood to her side of the bed.

"So am I, sweetie," Ryan said, stroking her arm with his fingers, his thumb rubbing across her breast. Lisa murmured in pleasure. Soon his wife was back in the restful slumber he had initially found her in, albeit, she looked mighty more peaceful somehow. He watched her sleep and smiled. Ryan's heart lurched with happiness. His last thought, before he succumbed to slumber himself was how damn wonderful it was to be home.

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