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Texas Holiday
by Snowman

The warm air of Texas is a relief after the cold northern breezes in the early part of the trip. The Harley has been running smooth for almost 2000 miles. I had to keep removing articles of clothing as I progressed south. Now I was left wearing my blue jeans and a white T-shirt, leather boots on my feet and a small black helmet covering my head. The rest of my gear rolled up in the bedroll tied on the back of the bike.

After checking a map I roll through the town and head out to Mustang Island State Park. I locate a campsite near the ocean. When I stop, the heat from the bike washes up over me, increasing the already warm temperature of the warm Texas sun. I step off and use my forearm to clear the moisture from my forehead. Standing, facing the ocean, closing my eyes, letting the sea breeze wash over me, cooling, soothing. The road slowly stops moving past my eyes.

It takes no time at all to set up my camp. Once the low tent is up I just roll out the bed and I'm set. No luxuries, but this trip wasn't about luxuries. Straightening I look around the campsite as I tuck my T-shirt back in my jeans. Two young women walk by, watching me, heads together, giggling, as they discuss the possibilities. They realize there is no invitation when they see the dark scowl my face is wearing. Burned in after 2000 miles on the road. They hurry away.

I reach in my saddlebags and pull out dinner, my third and last can of beef stew. I eat it cold, not caring about the lack of taste, just eating for sustenance. Before dark settles in I climb back on the bike and head into town. I cruise the streets slowly, the Harley rumbling along gently. I stay mostly on the waterfront streets, searching for my goal. Finally I see it. I stop in the street, feet on the ground, half standing up and my eyes scan the Marina, checking the layout. I accelerate and lean into a turn, pulling off the street, and using the convenient size of the bike to make a parking space. Taking my helmet in my hand I walk down to the marina.

Tourists are everywhere, strolling in the afternoon sun, admiring the boats. I too look at the boats, admiring the sleek lines of the sailboats, the luxurious appointments of the big power yachts. But then I turn and look at the grassy knolls overlooking the Marina. Eyes scanning each area, searching. After walking the length of the Marina I still haven't seen what I have traveled 2000 miles for. I turn and head back for the bike, weary and disappointed.

A short ride later and I'm back at the campsite, I sit on the ground with my back against the bike. The setting sun has turned the sky a brilliant color, promising another hot day tomorrow. I reach into the leather saddlebags and bring out a bottle of Quervos, my favorite. Uncapping the bottle I take a long pull and lean back into the bike, reminiscing about another time, another bottle of Quervos. Remembering brings a delightful shiver to my spine. A small smile cracks the scowl that has been etched onto my face. Taking one last pull from the bottle, I cap it and head for bed. Dark comes early down here.

Morning proves to be as brilliant as the setting sun had promised. With no other campers up and about yet I head down to the water in my boxers. Taking my T-shirt with me. Wading into the ocean I splash water over me, rinsing 3 days of sweat and salt off. Splashing doesn't quite do it, so I dive into the surf, reveling in the feel of the seawater on my parched body. Using the T-shirt I give myself a rubdown, head to toe, glancing at the shore before slipping the boxers off and rubbing myself clean. I slip the boxers on and wash the T-shirt as best I can. One more dive and then I head back to my campsite. When I get there I spread the shirt over my bike to dry. Turning I realize the two young women have been standing by their tent watching me. They wave and giggle. I shake my head and duck into my tent, shedding the wet boxers and pulling on my jeans.

Once my shirt is dry I kick the Harley to life and head back into town. Grab a quick bite and head to the Marina. Not as many tourists this time of morning. I walk the length again and still I don't find what I am looking for. I decide to stop and wait at one of the more secluded spots, overlooking the Marina. It's not the most secluded but from it I can see most of the rest. The morning passes uneventfully. The temperature rises as the sun climbs in the sky. Rising I scan the Marina again from my vantage point, still nothing. I head down to the water fountain for a drink. The heat is getting uncomfortable, so after taking a long drink I straighten and pull the T-shirt over my head. My northern skin is very white compared to the tanned bodies down here. But the muscles are still lean and firm. Years of hiking through the bush with heavy packs have kept me in decent shape. The girls roller-blading by take long looks at me, smiling. The boys with them frown and scowl.

I head back for my spot but before I get there I notice that it is now occupied. A beautiful woman is sitting on the grass, legs folded underneath her, a book in one hand. When I get close enough to see her light brown hair with the blonde highlights my breath catches in my throat. I stumble. Suddenly all the macho bravado I had arrived with left me. My breath returns in short gasps, my stomach empty, hollow. Fear coursed through my veins. As her head comes up I turn so I am not headed directly towards her, suddenly unsure of myself. As I walk by I watch her through the sides of my eyes, pleased that she is watching me.

From a distance I turn and look back at her, she has returned to her reading. I sit down and drink in the sight of her. Finally I get to see the woman who has affected me so deep. She is a vision. Quietly reading, pausing occasionally to watch the people walking by below her sanctuary. Once, she looked towards me and I my heart soared as she met my gaze and a small smile danced on her lips before she turned back to her book. Deciding that I had to make a move I put my shirt back on and moved around behind her knoll. I climbed up it until I was behind her, partially screened by a bush. I waited until there was a break in the people below and I moved up behind her. When I was ten feet away she stood up, collected her book, and turned away towards the parking lot. Throwing caution to the wind I moved up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides. She opened her mouth to yell so I clamped a hand over it. She started to twist violently, squirming ferociously. Afraid that I might hurt her I placed my mouth near her ear and said,

"Be still, Sweetness."

She froze. Her body like a coiled spring. The words got through, she recognized the endearment, she recognized my voice. Slowly I released her mouth and relaxed my arms, still holding her in case she tried to flee. She turned her face towards me, eyes puzzled, searching my face, watching for danger, searching for safety. I released her, but kept my hands on her arms, looking into her eyes.

"I know you," she said.

"Yes you do," I replied.

"How did you..." She asked.

"No questions. Come with me?" I requested, taking her hand and heading for my bike. She followed. I was thrilled to feel her hand hanging on to mine, not just being held by me. I helped her on the bike and climbed on and kicked it to life, roaring off down the road. Her hands started out just holding onto my shirt, but soon she moved them further around my waist until they were pressing into my stomach. I could feel her body pressed close to my back. Every sense was intoxicated with her presence. I drove quickly, weaving traffic when it wasn't clear. I headed out to a spot I had noticed by the ocean, secluded, private. I led her down to the spot I had found and then turned to her and looked at her. Not saying anything, just letting my eyes explore her body. Memorizing her face, the soft brown hair down to her shoulder blades. The blonde highlights catching the evening sun. A loose short sleeved, silk blouse, stretched in all the right places, tucked into a pair of short cutoffs. Her long legs were bare, tanned, and exquisite. A pair of sandals displaying red toenails completed the outfit.

Taking a deep breath, smelling a hint of Halstons, I said "Hi."

After a long moment she replied "Hi."

Taking her hands, looking deep into her eyes I spoke.

"I have come a long way to see you. I may be stepping over the line but I needed to see you; to touch you.. You are more incredible than I imagined. But I have accomplished what I needed and if you want me to go away, I will."

She stood there, not speaking. I could see the emotions wrestling in her eyes. My heart pounded louder with each passing second, afraid the wrong side would win, afraid she would send me away. Twice she opened her mouth to speak. Twice she closed it. Each time I caught a glimpse of her pink tongue and her white teeth. As the silence continued I realized I had put her in turmoil. Regretting my actions I turned and started for my bike, my heart bursting. Inwardly raging. Halfway to my bike I heard her speak, so very softly.

"Don't go."

I stopped. Standing still. Wondering if I had heard her or the wind.

"Please. Don't leave," she said, louder.

Without turning I asked, "Are you sure?"

This time she spoke with force. "Yes!"

I turned and looked at her, silhouetted against the sunset. The ocean breeze gently playing with her hair. My heart swelled as I closed the distance between us. Taking her in my arms my eyes scanned her face, searching for a return of my feelings. Seeing it in her eyes, in the slight parting of her lips. I held her close and lowered my mouth to cover hers. Finding her soft moist lips. My mouth opened and my tongue slid out, tracing her lips. My head started to get dizzy when her tongue came out to greet mine, inviting me inside. My tongue followed and I knew the taste of her. The warmth of her mouth was thrilling to explore, our tongues fencing and caressing like two serpents coiling about one another. I wanted to drink her soul.

Gasping and laughing with delight our mouths finally parted. Smiles suffused both of our faces. Our eyes danced with delight, telling each other how much we have wanted this. I reached for the buttons on her blouse and popped the top one off in my haste. She laughed at my clumsiness and pulled on my T-shirt. Once I had her buttons fully unfastened I bent and let her remove my shirt. Sliding hers off at the same time. As I straightened her hands came up to caress my chest, brushing my nipples.

I cried, "Foul."

And she smiled as she reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra and shrugged her shoulders, dislodging the straps.

"What do you mean?" she teased, letting her breasts keep the bra from sliding off.

I reached out and flicked the cups free.

"That's better," I stated as I ran a fingertip over each nipple, teasing them into hard points.

She jumped as I slid my hand lower and pushed two fingers under the waist band of her shorts. Using the waistband I pulled her close to me and kissed her full lips again. Her breasts pressed nakedly against my chest hairs. Her hands went around my neck, caressing the back of my head. I removed the fingers from her waistband and started on the button of her shorts, unzipping them as soon as it was free. Sliding my whole hand into her panties to tangle with her pubic hairs before being able to cup her sex. A moan welled up in her throat. Her hands worked furiously at my jeans, desperately trying to catch up. I had time to slip only one finger between her lips before she had my pants open and had slid her own hand in and was squeezing me. Causing me to gasp in return.

Our hands worked frantically to remove the rest of our clothing. Excitement turning to desperation. As soon as we were both completely naked we grappled. Lips seeking out lips, tongues plunging wildly. Our legs tangled around each other causing us to lose our balance and fall to the sand. She landed on me, momentarily knocking my breath out. Giving her a chance to straddle my thighs, hands on my shoulders, pinning me.

She grinned wickedly and said, "Now you're mine."

And then lifting her hips she gently lowered herself onto me. Enveloping me in her heat. Fireworks were going off in my brain as the sensations I had longed for finally engulfed me. Unable to stand the slowness of her advance I grasped her hips and drove mine upwards, impaling her completely, another moan coming from her lips as I hit bottom. She placed one hand on my chest to maintain her balance and using her leg muscles she started to bounce on my cock. My head rolled side to side as my hips moved in rhythm to her bounce. I reached up and wrapped my hands around her double DDs, fingers digging in, feeling the tit flesh molding under them. The hard nipples pressing into my palms. Moving my hands in small circles, rubbing and rolling the nipples. Gasps and moans punctuated our ragged breathing. With God's name being uttered frequently.

The rhythm picked up in tempo. I pulled her face to mine and we kissed, frantically. The pace quickened even more. A low moan started deep inside her and came out increasingly louder. As she came her pussy walls clamped down on my cock, increasing the friction, sending me far out over the edge. My body stiffened, arching up against her. I cried out her name in a long spasming breath as I erupted into her. My hands on her hips, pulling her down tight on top of me. She wailed as a second orgasm wracked her body. My cock pulsing two, three, four times as my balls continued their unloading. Finally, spent, I fell back to the sand,. She collapsed onto me, weeping with the release.

We stayed like that as our breathing slowly returned to normal. My arms around her, her head tucked under my chin, one hand on my cheek. Still joined, but her legs now lying along mine. The gentle ocean breeze cooling our bodies. Warm, sated, content, we held each other as we drifted to sleep beneath a moon shining a brilliant reflection across the waters.

I woke suddenly, confused, reaching for... encountering only covers. I stand and look out the window at the snow covered fields. A tear forms in one eye as I realize it was all just a dream...


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