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The Hike
by Leslie

I just wanted to get away, even if it was only 20 miles from home. I decided to take a hike in the mountains of Topanga Canyon. Topanga used to be a hippie hideaway in the 60's and 70's in Los Angeles, nestled between the San Fernando Valley and Malibu.

I turned off Topanga Canyon Blvd. and up Entrada to the Entrada Park recreation area. Dirt paths lead everywhere from the parking lot that was practically devoid of cars. I was wearing some loose fitting cut-off overalls and a T-shirt. I had tied my hair up in a pony tail. When I grabbed my small blanket, water bottle, an apple and a nice juicy paperback and stuffed them into my backpack, I was ready to go.

I walked up the steepest of the paths for about 25 minutes and I never came across another soul. I came to a fork in the path and took the path that lead higher into the mountain. I came upon a sign for a creek that was supposed to be 1/2 a mile, but 1 1/2 miles later it still was nowhere in sight.

It was a hot July morning and when 10 a.m. rolled around, it really got quite intense. I was no where near the top of the mountain, so there wasn't much breeze. Sin I hadn't seen anyone in 2 hours of hiking, I decided to shed some clothing. I unsnapped my overalls and pulled my T-shirt over my head. I loved the way the meager breeze felt on my breasts and was thankful I had decided to go braless today. I stuffed the shirt into the backpack and resnapped the overalls into place. The bib area covered most of my breasts except a little cleavage at the top, but from the side my breasts jutted out and it felt good and a little naughty. My breasts are not huge, 34C, but very perky and shapely. I always liked the feeling of freedom and the way they swayed when untethered.

The steep climb left me a little winded and warm. I decided to take a break and find a nice place under the shade of a tree to spread out my blanket and have a snack and read. I came around a corner and saw the perfect place just a short way up an adjacent slope and headed in that direction. I laid out the blanket and sat down to rest. The material of the overalls was a little

scratchy on my nipples, so I undid the clasps and let the front fall open. Up here the breeze was more pronounced and in the shade my nipples tightened and became erect.

While relaxing after a swig or two of water, I drifted off to sleep. It seemed like only a few minutes later when I was awakened by the sound of a guitar gently playing in the distance. I sat up and tried to zero in on the direction the music was coming from. It was just over a short rise behind me and my curiosity was peeked. After, I hadn't encountered anyone all day. What a glorious place this was. I made it to the ridge and realized that my flap was down and snapped it back up. I considered putting my T-shirt back on, but what the hell.

I looked down about 75 yards into a valley and say the creek I had missed on the way up. There sitting by the creek was the guitar player. His back was to me and he was wearing shorts. His voice was in the tenor range and soft. His narrow but muscular back was glistening in the sun and his blondish hair fell an inch or two short of his shoulders.

I started to climb down to meet the guy. I didn't want to scare him, so when I was about 50 yards away and nearly level to his position I called out ever-so-gently. I was surprised immediately. It wasn't a man, it was a woman. She turned and smiled. She motioned for me to come over.

When I got there I realized that she was topless and had beautiful breasts and a face that could have been on the cover of many magazines. She stood up and introduced herself as Donna. I countered with, "Hi, I'm Leslie. What a nice place to sit and get some sun and sing," I said.

Donna replied, "I have been up here since daybreak and hadn't seen a soul. I like it that way. It was like solitude. Everyone should have some now and then." She glanced at my outfit and said, "I like your overalls. It looks real cool without a top and your breasts sticking out the sides."

I said, "Yes, But I wouldn't ever walk around in public like this."

"You know, you really have the right idea going completely topless."

"Your back is getting pretty little red. You might want to put a shirt on."

"I didn't bring a shirt." said Donna.

"Really?" I replied.

"Search me if you want, but you won't find a shirt." "I came up here to be as natural as I could, in fact I'm surprised that I'm still wearing these shorts."

She took a few steps toward the creek and reached down to touch the water. "Ooh, that feels nice. I think I'll take a quick dip, How about you?" Before I could answer she had shed her shorts and was completely naked (except for her hiking boots) and was knee high in the water. She kept walking until she was deep enough to sink down to shoulder height and breathed out a sigh of relief. "God this feels good....Come on in Leslie!"

I put down my backpack and unclasped my overalls again. The slid down my legs and I stepped out of them. I was wearing only panties and started toward the water. Then I realized that I should take them off also and did just that. I strode out into the cool water and felt it curl in and around all of my body crevices and curves. It felt wonderful. When I finally made it out as far as Donna, I too slipped under the water to my neck.

We talked a while and I learned that she was an artist that lived in the canyon and visited this spot quite often. This was the first time that anyone else had come along. She stood up and I marveled at her beauty. The water ran off the bottom edges of her thick hair and cascaded down over her breasts. She casually pushed some of the water off her shoulders and breasts and started to walk toward the shore. I got up and followed, feeling so refreshed from the dip into the creek.

She sat down on a large, smooth rock she had been on before and took out some lotion. "Would you please rub some of this on my back?" "It does feel a little tight and prickly." Still completely naked but feeling so at ease, I took the tube from her hand and went around behind her. I spread some lotion onto my hands and started to rub it into her skin. Her skin was tight but supple. She was in great shape. She let her shoulders drop Down into a more comfortable position and purred like a cat getting it's tummy rubbed. I put some more lotion on and rubbed it into her shoulders and on the upper part of her arms that looked red. She leaned over to pick up a small towel and while twisting my hand came in contact with the side of her breast. I jerked my hand back quickly and instinctively.

Donna said, "That's o.k...That felt nice. Why don't you spread some of that delicious lotion on my breasts for me?" Without thinking, I did as she suggested. I thought to myself..."This is weird." I had never touched another woman's breasts before and here I am rubbing lotion onto the beautiful breasts of a woman I just met by chance. She turned to face me, which allowed better access to her soft and warm breasts. My hands glided over her skin and I felt her nipples harden in the palms of my hands as I stroked her. I was losing it. I was out of control. I caressed now. I wan not putting lotion on. I squeezed and tested her firmness and lightly pinched her nipples. She moaned and reached for the tube and gently began to reciprocate with her hands gliding all over my breasts. We changed positions and it gave me a more comfortable seat on the big rock.

After about 5 minutes of feeling each other up, she just bent down and took one of my nipples into her mouth. She tongued it, sucked it and nibbled at it. I was flying! She did the same to my other breast and I shuddered in delight. I was feeling wet between my legs and started to squirm under her very sensuous touch and lips. Gently she pushed me back onto the rock and dove effortlessly between my legs. She pushed 2 fingers deep inside me and followed them with her tongue. She nibbled at my clit and stuck her tongue deep inside me. I came in a convulsing sort of way. " Are you all right?" Donna asked. "Yes, I got caught up in the moment." "This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me." I confided in her. "You aren't done yet my love." "Make love to me, make me come." I slid over on the rock to make room for Donna. She leaned back on her elbows. Her head was cocked to one side and her eyes were locked on mine. "Eat me." she said. I went down between her legs and licked the lips of her vagina. It was warm and so sweet. I spread the lips and licked her clit and the length of the lips. She moaned.

I licked and licked. I sucked and sucked. I nibbled. I liked this new experience. She came in a few minutes and I lapped up all of her wetness. She sat up and kissed me on the lips and our tongues darted out to do battle.

We drank the rest of my water and cuddled by the creek for a while.

We got up and got dressed. I gave her my T-shirt because her nipples were sticking out and she looked a little cold. "Meet me in the parking lot next weekend and I'll give your shirt back". "It's a deal." I replied. We walked back to the lot and kissed good-bye.

I wonder what she has in mind for next week?


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