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The Hot Day
by Tiff

I walk into my house with my guy friends Antonio and my friend Kristian. We just came back from the mall cause they wanted to check out chicks...and it was really hot, so I was wearing a little sundress...

The two of them decided to sit on the couch while I got something to drink. I went into the kitchen and got some ice water. As a joke, Kristian decided to put some ice down my back... and of course since it was so cold, I kinda went "eep!" and it fell out the bottom of my dress. The two of them found it hilarious of course and put more and more ice down my back. Eventually, the 3 of us were all nipples were hard and it showed through the dress... so I told them I was going upstairs to change my clothes, and that I'd bring them some clothes to put on. As I went upstairs, I noticed Antonio watching me. But I thought nothing of it, so I continued on.

As I walked into my bedroom, I was contemplating what to wear. I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was all stringy from being wet. So I took it down and started to brush it. After brushing it, I took off the wet dress and began to look for another one. I opened my dresser drawers and looked around for something...then I felt someone touching my neck. It was Antonio, and he was obviously aroused. He moved his hands down my back and then to my ass...he softly touched me, which made me shiver. I turned around, giving him an up close view of my naked body. I ran my hands up and down his body, first his chest, and then to his cock... he seemed to enjoy it, so I pulled off his shirt and rubbed my breasts against him. He responded by kissing on my neck, occasionally biting it.

He moved one hand to cup my right breast, while the other worked its way between my he was finding his way into my pussy, Kristian walked into the room. He looked a little shocked at first to see what was going on, but then he decided to join the fun. He went behind me and started to rub my back and kiss the nape of my neck. I put one hand behind me and touched his hip...he started to dry hump my ass as he pulled off his shirt...

meanwhile, Antonio had pulled off his pants and was rubbing my pussy with his hard cock. He sucked my nipples, which made me nice and wet. Kristian had by this time gotten quite hard and was turning me around so I could suck his cock. I turned to see his cock waiting for me. I got down on my knees and took half of him in my mouth...slowly sucking and massaging him with my tongue and lips. I would sometimes let my teeth slide over his head very softly, which he found to be pleasing...he started to fuck my mouth, and pushing my hair back so it wouldn't get in the way. Antonio was watching not too far away, and stroking his cock.

I continued to work on Kristian's cock, making it wet with my mouth. He then pulled me upwards, and kissed me on the mouth...pushing his tongue all the way in. He grabbed my ass and pushed me backwards towards my bed. I almost stumbled, but Antonio ( and his cock ) was there to make sure I didn't fall.

He was fully erect now, and sat down on the bed...he motioned for me to sit down on the I did. He shook his head, and said "no, sit on my cock." So I did, but he again shook his head. "I want to put my cock up your tight little sit" Obediently, I sat on his cock. I felt it go up my was hard and it even hurt a little. But I was in the mood to be subservient, so I went with the flow. Antonio laid back and pulled me with him. He started to fuck me in the ass, as Kristian got into a 69 position. He ate me out, flicking his tongue over my clit and sticking it into my wet hole. I sucked his cock hard, massaging his balls with my hand.

Antonio fucked my ass, pumping in and out with his fat dick. I moaned loudly, mouth full of Kristian's dick. This went on for a few more minutes, until Kristian pulled his cock out of my mouth and put it in my pussy. I was sopping wet by this time, and he slid right in. I felt all of his 9 inches inside me as he started to thrust in and out. His thrusts were short and hard, each time he attempted to get deeper inside me. Feeling the two cocks inside me was unbelievable...I felt so full and so pleased. Antonio's cock was skilled at anal sex...I felt no pain, only bliss. As the two of them eventually fucked me with the same rhythm, I felt myself getting ready for an orgasm.

Kristian felt my pussy tighten up in orgasm, so he fucked me harder and faster. Antonio took his cue and fucked my ass with incredible speed and hardness. As the orgasm was building, I started to scream in sheer ecstasy...when I finally came, my screams seemed to carry throughout the house and echoed in the room.

The two of them kept on fucking me. They were going to come soon, I could tell. Kristian pulled out of my pussy, and Antonio motioned for me to get up. As I lay on the bed, they stroked and jerked their cocks to make themselves come. Then, they came. Kristian came first, spraying it all over my face and was so warm and sticky...Antonio soon followed, sticking his cock into my open mouth and filling it with his hot load. It dripped down my chin, and I tried to get as much of it as I could in my mouth. It was so warm and salty, but I loved it.

After that, the 3 of us lay in bed and went to sleep for a little while. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up from a nap with 2 cocks between your legs, let me tell you. I always remember that was just so hot...


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