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The Hollywood Gigolo Pt. I
by Hollywood Gigolo

Hollywood, California...The town where dreams can either come true or turn into your worst nightmare. The streets are lined with women selling there bodies, the same women who had once came here with dreams and aspirations of being the next big Hollywood Starlet. I had those same dreams when I first saw the Hollywood sign, now just a few days later something I never would have ever dreamed about has happened. No, I'm not talking about beginning my journey to having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I didn't become the next big star overnight, what I have become is far more unbelievable. I have become a...

"...Hollywood Gigolo! Yeah, you heard me I'm a Hollywood Gigolo," Shaun said into the phone.

Shaun Riche sat there and listened as the person on the other line spoke. His mind was racing. He had come to Hollywood to become a star just like so many others. He had bottomed out at his first few auditions but after his third one a man walked up to him with a proposition. He had said how he thought Shaun had the right look and it was only a matter of time before he got his break.

Shaun just nodded as he know he had looks most men would die for. He stood about 6'3" and weighed in at around 230 pounds of an absolutely chiseled frame. He had long light blonde hair along with boyishly good looks that made adults growing up see him as the nice boy next door and made the girls drop at his feet...Shaun was also very, large, but we'll get to that later...

The man introduced himself as Oliver. He had given his proposition to Shaun about an Escort service he ran. He said that it was the main one used by the Stars when they didn't want to show up at an awards show, or interview or wherever else alone. Shaun was a bit reluctant at first but he needed the money and figured it couldn't hurt to be seen on the arm of a few Hollywood Starlets so he agreed to go along with it. Shaun thought he had a simple job of escorting these movie stars to various places so they could be seen with a gorgeous man on there arm, nothing more...Boy, was he mistaken.

Shaun had two appointments his first week, and they were just a two small time women on TV shows that probably wouldn't last longer than a single season. They lasted about an hour each. Simple, walk with them, spot for the cameras, get into car, leave, the end.

Following those two things were a bit slow for the next week. Shaun was thinking about calling it quits when he got a paper slipped to him with his next job listed on it. Shaun figured it was just another fluff job like the first two but when he opened it he saw that it was quite bigger. He was scheduled to be an escort at the Grammy's and he was to escort none other than Shania Twain.

"Holy shit," Shaun said aloud. He didn't even bother to look around to see if anyone was there to hear his sudden outburst. No one was, not that it would have mattered to him. He was on cloud nine as he stared at the paper in his hand like it was written by the hand of God himself...

The night finally came and Shaun was dazzled by the glitz and glamour of the event. As he walked down the red carpet holding Shania's arm he imagined that all the camera's popping were for him and not the drop dead gorgeous singer on his arm.

After they found there seats it became a pretty quiet night for Shaun as he simply sat there and watched the show...Though most of the time his attention was onto sexy country singer sitting next to him. He constantly glanced down the top of her dress to see some cleavage as he noticed that Shania wasn't wearing a bra. "Who needs a bra with tits like that," he thought to himself.

The night went by rather quickly as Shania left her seat a few times to except her awards. As the show came to an end he escorted her to her limo. As soon as Shaun got in behind her Shania was popping the cork on a champagne bottle and poured two glasses. She handed him one and quickly drank down her own. She dropped the glass on the limo floor and sat next to Shaun as he took a sip from his own glass. Just as Shaun was pulling the glass down Shania held it and tilted it up making him drain the rest of it before pulling it from his hand and tossing it to the floor as she planted her lips on his.

Shaun was caught off guard at first but quickly adapted as she climbed onto his lap, as they embraced in a passionate kiss. He sucked her tongue into his mouth as his hands roamed across her back and down to her tight ass. He squeeze her shapely ass in his hands as he now realized that she wasn't wearing any panties either.

Shania moaned into his mouth as he squeezed her cheeks harder before moving one of his hand around front and cupped one of her tits as his mouth moved down to her neck. Shaun could feel her rock hard nipples through her dress as he ran his tongue up the side of Shania's neck. She let out a moan as he slid her dress off one shoulder and then the other. It slipped down exposing her tits. Shaun looked at them as they were the most perfect set he had ever seen. They weren't really big but they were the absolutely perfect shape and size.

Shaun broke his semi-hypnotized state and quickly moved his mouth down and put his lips over one of her rock hard nipples. Shaun flicked it with his tongue and lightly sucked on it as Shania grabbed the back of his head and licked her lips as she began to moan louder.

With his lips still wrapped around her nipple Shaun lifted Shania up off of his lap as her dress slipped the rest of the way off of her body exposing he neatly trimmed pussy. Shaun turned and placed her down on the seat as he begin to make his way down her body. Shaun parted her legs and placed them on his shoulders as he inhaled her scent, it was the most delicious smelling snatch he had ever encountered. Shaun moved in and ran his tongue slowly up her slit causing her body to tense up and a slow deep breathe slowly escaped her lips. Shaun ran his tongue up and down her slit a few more times, savoring her taste before turning his attention to her clit. Shaun ran his tongue across it making Shania grab the back of his head as her body shook with pleasure. Shaun sucked the sexy country singers clit into his mouth and began to furiously flick it with his tongue making Shania buck wildly..

"OHHH YEAH! Oh God! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fucking cUUUUMMMMM!!!!"

Shania's body tensed up once again as she hit orgasm. Her pussy began to overflow with her juices as Shaun eagerly licked up every bit of it, it tasted like nothing he had ever experienced before. Shania lay still as she breather heavily, panting as Shaun moved up her body again removing his own shirt in the process. Shaun planted a deep kiss on her lips as her hands moved down and began to undo his pants. She slide them down as far as she could. Shaun now with only his boxers on as the two kissed wildly. Shaun's rock hard cock was pressed against Shania's already soaked pussy through his boxers just itching to be set free.

Shania leaned forward pushing Shaun back and climbed onto his lap once again and began to grind her pussy down onto his boxer clad member. Shaun began to let out a moan but before it could come out Shania's tongue was once again jammed into his mouth as her hands moved down and pulled his boxers down as his 10" cock sprung into view. Shania wasted no time in lifting her hips up and positioned her slick hole over the tip and began to slowly push her hips down as Shaun's member began to tear Shania's tight pussy apart. Shania let out a moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain as she slid the first few inches in. Shaun moved his hands to her ass as he helped guide her down his shaft..

"Holy shit she's tight!" Shaun thought to himself as he felt his cock being squeezed for all it was worth by Shania's tight box.

As Shania got half of his cock in her it began to go more easily. The next two inches came, and then the final two slid in like nothing as all she now had all 10" of Shaun's cock buried deep in her. Shania begin to move her hips as Shaun squeezed her tight ass and helped her along as she rode his cock.

Shania's pussy was already getting tighter as she begin to move faster. Shaun knew she was already close, and as tight as she was there was no way he was going to last much longer so he quickly lifted her up and spun her around. Shania's legs immediately wrapped around his back as Shaun began to pump his cock deep into Shania's pussy. Her legs wrapped around him tighter as she began to moan loudly..

"Ohh! OHH! GOD YES! Fuck me! Fuck me! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER! Make me cum, Ohhh, OHH!"

Shaun did as she wished and started pounded her box with everything he had. Shania began to wail her arms and head around as she yelled out..


Shania's pussy convulsed and tightened around Shaun's cock as she hit another orgasm. This was just too much for Shaun as he cock erupted shooting his hot load deep into this sexy CUNTry superstars pussy. Shaun feel limp on top of Shania. He laid his head on her heaving chest as he thought to himself..

"I guess maybe I'll give this job a chance after all.."

A mere hour later Shaun was back in his apartment on the phone telling his brother back in Philly about his new job, with thought of who he might escort next raced through his mind, though whoever it is, it will be just another day for the "Hollywood Gigolo"...

To Be Continued...


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