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The Hollywood Gigolo Pt. II
by Hollywood Gigolo

Shaun came into work over the next few weeks just waiting for another call like his first night but it was slow. He had gotten a few small jobs to escort a few small time TV and B-Movie stars to interviews and movie premiers but other than that not much was going on. Shaun had begun to wonder if what happened after the Grammy's was nothing more than a one time thing. Then one day Oliver walked up to him..

"I got a job for ya Shaun.." Oliver said as Shaun didn't even bother to pick his head up from the magazine he was reading..

"Uh-huh...What this time?" Shaun said unenthusiastically.

"I know...It's been slow but all the big stars have been getting ready for the Oscars. That's what I need you for, this is a big time event for us, everyone is going to be working it. As a matter of fact you're going to be doubled up.."

Shaun's interest had been peaked as he slowly lifted his head up from the magazine to meet Oliver's face which was etched with a slightly cocky smile..

"I thought that might get your interest. Well, for appearances sake two very lovely women who starred in an Oscar nominated film will need your service. You will be escorting Hilary Swank and Angelina Jolie.."

Shaun's jaw just about dropped but he quickly composed himself as he tried to play it cool.

"Alright, you got the right man for the job.."

"Right.." Oliver said as he obviously saw through Shaun's act.

Shaun watched as Oliver walked off and a big smile crossed his lips.

* * * * *

The day finally came. The Academy Awards, the night Hollywood went all out. A black stretch limo pulled up to the red carpet and out stepped the escort for the evening Shaun Riche. He stood basking in the spotlight for a brief moment before turning to the limo and grasping one hand helping the lovely Hilary Swank from the limo then in turn did the same for the voluptuous Angelina Jolie. Angelina and Hilary each took an arm and the three began there walk up the carpet as cameras flashed all around while there limo pulled off and the next pulled up.

* * * * *

The night was more amazing than Shaun ever dreamed. Movie stars from wall to wall. Shaun started to think about the contacts he could make at the post awards show party but those thoughts never lasted long as his gaze quickly fell on the two women he was sitting in between. Shaun sat quietly through the night trying to hide the raging hard-on in his pants. He only stood a few times. Two in particular when Angelina and Hilary won there respective awards for best female in a supporting role and in a lead role. Other than that the night moved along smoothly and Shaun enjoyed his first live Oscars show.

* * * * *

The show let out, earlier than usual but as always not on time. Shaun made his way to the limo on his own as Angelina and Hilary had to take a few publicity shots for the awards show.

Shaun rubbed the bulge in his pants over the fabric but was quickly halted as the door opened and Angelina stepped in shortly followed by Hilary.

"So where to ladies?" Shaun asked as Angelina popped the cork off a champagne bottle.

"The hotel, where else?" Hilary responded as Angelina handed her and Shaun a glass.

"Is that where the party is?" Shaun inquired as he took the glass.

"Oh yeah, that's where the best party is." Angelina said as an absolutely sexy yet devious smile crossed her lips.

"Are....a lot of people going to be there?" Shaun asked as his eyes moved between the two starlets. Angelina slid across from her seat in between Shaun and Hilary...

"No, not many people. It's a private party..." Angelina responded the took Hilary's head tilting it towards her own and planted a deep kiss on her lips. Shaun looked on in surprise and utter lust as Hilary's tongue moved in between Angelina's full sexy lips into her mouth. Shaun moved his hand back to the bulge in his pants which had once again began to grow as the two Oscar winning actresses kissed and groped each other like porn stars.

Angelina quickly pushed down the top of Hilary's strapless dress exposing her breasts. They were not big at all but were perfectly rounded and firm. Angelina's hand moved to her right breasts where she began to pinch and rub Hilary's hardening nipple as her tongue continued to dart in and out of her mouth as a low moan escaped Hilary's lips. Shaun now with his pants unzipped as he began to stroke his rock hard cock as he watched the two go at it until it came to a quick stop as the limo stopped moving and the sound of the drivers door opening and closing got there attention.

The three quickly gathered themselves and stepped out of the limo and made there way into the hotel.

The elevator ride up was nerve wracking as no one said anything and Shaun began to wonder if the limo thing was as far as it would go and if they really were going to a post award party...

* * * * *

Shaun's fears were quickly relieved as they arrived at the room to find it empty. Angelina walked in first followed by Shaun. Hilary came in last and turned closing the door. She then turned to the room only to be pushed back against the door by Shaun as he planted his lips to hers. Shaun felt her melt into his arms as he kissed her madly, his tongue darting into her mouth, rubbing against her own tongue. His hands quickly moved to the top of her strapless dress and pulled it down in one motion exposing her breasts. Her nipples still rock hard from the treatment Angelina gave them in the limo.

Shaun's hands roamed down Hilary's back pushing her dress down further past the top of her tight bottom. Shaun's hands move down into the dress and he gripped Hilary's ass in his hands squeezing her cheeks as he ran his tongue from her mouth, down her neck to her exposed breasts. Shaun ran his tongue across Hilary's nipples, a moan escaping her lips each time his tongue touched them. Shaun slid down the rest of the length of Hilary's body running his tongue across her stomach. He then stopped and pushed her dress the rest of the way down and completely off of her as he was now at eye level with her pantyless pussy.

Shaun stopped and stared at her pussy. He pink lips swelled and already a bit wet. It was well trimmed, just a small patch of wet, matted down pubic hair remained. Shaun licked his lips and slowly leaned in taking in the scent, he then slowly ran his tongue between her pussy lips as Hilary inhaled deeply, her body shuddered and shook as she let the breathe out. Shaun didn't stop, he ran his tongue up and down Hilary's slick slit as she moaned in utter pleasure..

"Uh...uh...Ohhhhh! Yeahhh!" Hilary rocked her head back with her eyes closed, her mouth in a constant "o" as Shaun now began to push his tongue into her hot wet hole.

"Uh! UH! Yeha! Oh yeah! Fuck me with your tongue! Ohh! Ohhh! Oh god, yes, yes, YES!" Hilary's whole body shuddered once again as her juices flowed from her pussy and Shaun lapped them up. Hilary then slowly slid down the door to the floor. She began to breathe normally again as she opened her eyes and noticed a pair of legs hanging off the bed.

Angelina was lying on the bed, her black dress on the floor leaving her clad in a matching black bra and panties. Angelina's hand was down the front of her panties as she furiously finger fucked herself.

Shaun noticed Hilary's attention was taken and turned to see this. He quickly got to his feet and made his way over to the bed. Shaun moved his hand down to Angelina's crotch only to have it grabbed away by Angelina who opened her eyes and looked at Shaun with lust in her eyes. Angelina slowly sat up and run her hand down Shaun's chest to the top of his pants which she quickly undid and slid down as far as she could. She ten stepped off the bed and turned Shaun around sitting him on it. Angelina went down on her knees in front of the bed and slid Shaun's pants and boxers all the way off and tossed them to the floor. Shaun in turn removed his jacket and shirt disposing of them to the floor as well as Angelina slowly moved her head up Shaun's legs letting her hair hang down and brush against the inner half of his legs.

Angelina finally came to eyelevel with his roc hard cock. She took it in her hand and slowly ran it up his shaft, slowly..very slowly. Angelina moved her mouth to the tip of his cock teasing it with the tip of her lips. Just before Shaun began to think he couldn't wait any longer she run her tongue across the head of his cock before slipping her full pouty lips around it and slowly began to slide the entire length of his cock into her mouth. Angelina's lips were like none he had ever felt before. He didn't know how long he could keep it up at this rate.

Shaun began to feel his balls tighten and knew he would cum at any moment, it was then that he noticed a slight change in the sensation as it felt like Angelina was moaning as she sucked his cock. Shaun lifted himself up and got a good view as he saw Hilary lying on the floor face up with her mouth pressed against Angelina's pantyclad pussy. This new sensation was just to much and Shaun quickly came shooting his load down Angelina's throat as she quickly and eagerly swallowed every single drop as Hilary continued to tongue her pussy through her black panties.

Angelina pulled away from Shaun's cock and leaned back with a look of pleasure etched on her face. Angelina then ran a hand down to her panties and slid them to the side a bit giving Hilary better access to her wet cunt. Hilary slide her tongue against Angelina's now exposed pussy as Shaun sat up and got off the bed. He got down onto his knees and unclasped Angelina's bra and pulled it off dropping it to the floor exposing her tits which were considerably larger than Hilary's. Shaun's mouth quickly moved to her left breast as he sucked her rock hard nipple into his mouth. Shaun flicked it with his tongue as he slid his hand down into the waistband of her panties and quickly found her clit and began to rub it between his fingers as Hilary furiously fucked her hole with her tongue..

"Oh fuck! Oh god yeah! Suck my tits..Mmmm! Fuck my pussy with that tongue! Ohh, rub my clit. Oh yeah, just like that! Uhh! MMMMM! Yeah! Oh fuck yeah I'm gonna cum! Uhhh...Ohhh. I'm cumming! I'm fucking CUMMING!!"

Angelina's body shudder as her eyes flew open and her head rocked back. Hilary continued to lick her pussy as she came. Shaun felt her juices rush out on his fingers and he removed them from her panties and licked them clean. Angelina slumped down to the floor next to Hilary as she panted loudly. Shaun now noticed his cock was once again rock hard, he looked down at Hilary who's lips were glistening with Angelina's juices and she looked back at him noticing his raging hard on and a lustful smile crossed her lips.

Hilary rolled onto her stomach and crawled over to Shaun and slowly slide up to meet his lips as the two kissed sharing the taste of Angelina's juices from her lips. Shaun however wasted no time gripping Hilary by the waist and spinning her around against the bed with her back to him. Shaun bent her over the bed, Hilary knew what was coming and eagerly lifted her ass into the air showing off her wet pussy. Shaun got u standing behind her and slid the tip of his cock against her slit running it up and down it getting it slick with her juices. Shaun then moved it into position and slid the head of his cock into her tight cunt. Shaun gripped Hilary by her hips and slowly slide the tip of his cock in and out of her slick hole.

"Oh please, fill me up with your cock! Put it all in me! Please!" Hilary pleaded. Shaun not being one to disappoint filled her up with one long hard thrust and quickly began to pound Hilary's cunt with his rock hard cock.

"Oh shit! Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Oh god! Uhh, ohh, AHH!" Hilary's head whipped around as Shaun continued to pummel her pussy harder with every stroke. Shaun felt her pussy tighten up around him ...

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah baby! Fuck! Mmmm, I'm cumming..Oh god yes I'm cumming! OHHHHHHHH YES! YES!!"

Hilary screamed out as orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy tightened around his shaft like a vice, her arms gave away and she crashed face first onto the bed as Shaun slowly pulled his cock from her pussy.

Angelina still laying on the floor with only her panties on as Shaun went over to her and picked her up and laid her onto the bed with her legs hanging off the side. Angelina then opened her eyes and looked up at Shaun..

"Please fuck me! Fill me up, now!"

Shaun ran his hand down to her panties and slowly slid them off exposing her shaven pussy. "Guess I won't be finding out what her natural hair color is tonight." Shaun jokingly thought to himself. The thought quickly left his mind as he began to slid his cock into her super tight cunt. He thought Hilary's was tight but this was a whole different level. Shaun lifted her legs into the air and laid them onto his shoulders as he began to push his cock into her with long, slow strokes...

"Please, fuck me hard! Fuck me deep and hard! Fill me up!"

With that Shaun slowly started to pick up his pace. He began to push into her pussy harder with every stroke filling her to the max with his huge cock. In less than a minute Shaun was mercilessly pounded her cunt with his cock. Angelina thrust her hips to meet his causing him to go even deeper as her head swung around in ecstasy..

"Oh god! Oh yes! Fuck my cunt! Fill me with your fucking cock! Oh god! Fuck me! FUCK MEEEEEE!!"

Shaun could feel his balls begin to boil as the feel of Angelina's tight hairless cunt was to much for him. "Oh yeah I'm gonna cum!" Shaun exclaimed as he continued to fuck Angelina's tight pussy.

"Oh yeah! Shoot your cum in my cunt! Fill my pussy up with your hot load! Oh yeah! Oh god! Ohhh!" Shaun fucked her pussy like a mad-man. His body then stiffened as he shot his thick load deep into Angelina's pussy. Shaun continued to cum and he felt her cunt tighten around his cock as she arched her back and screamed out..


Angelina's back remained arched and still, her tits sticking out before finally collapsing to the bed. Shaun in turn collapsed on top of her with his cock still inside of her as it now began to grow soft and there juices mixed together. A few minutes later he passed out..

* * * * *

Shaun later awoke as he was now alone in the hotel room. He looked around and saw a paper on the nightstand. He picked it up and looked at it..

"Dear Shaun, we just want to thank you for a job well done. We will both be sure to personally recommend you to everyone we can think of and will be sure to see you again ourselves. Lustfully yours, Angelina."

Shaun laid back in the bed wondering just who they would recommend him to as he slowly fell back to sleep..

To Be Continued...


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