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The Hitchhiker
by Dr. G. Spot

"Shit it's hot."

She stood on the side of the road, looking towards the oncoming traffic and wondering if any of those sons of bitches in their air conditioned cars were ever going to stop and give her a lift.

When the job offer came through she had to jump at it - one problem - it was a thousand clicks away and she had no way of getting there except on her thumb.

Her sports bag was on the ground between her feet, her legs slightly parted and she could feel a slow trickle of sweat running down the inside of her one thigh, normally this would have been an erotic sensation to her, now it only irritated her, reminding her that she was hot and thirsty and still had a long way to go. A slight breeze played with the skirt of her white one piece mini sun dress, lifting it slightly, with the amount of leg that she was showing she should have been picked up ages ago.

A luxury offroad came into sight and up went her thumb for the thousandth time, a family on the way to somewhere, kids with their faces stuck to the windows watching her as they sped past. She turned her head to follow the direction of the car, hoping to see brake lights come on - no, the wife was probably warning the husband not to stop for hitchhikers.

Behind her the sound of a powerful engine, then the engine sound changed. She looked back to see what was coming over the rise, a truck - a large one, was slowing down as it approached her.

"A lift at last," she mumbled to herself as she picked up the sports bag and moved back from the edge of the road.

His smile was the first thing that she noticed - open, friendly not hiding anything sinister. She felt relaxed.

Once she had climbed up into the cab, placed her bag in the sleeping compartment behind the seats and sat down she was able to get her first look at the man that has saved her from scorching to death on the side of the road. He had long black hair - tied back, the wind blowing in through the window whipped the pony tail around behind his back as if it were trying to break free form the tieback.

He had strong features - not cruel, just....strong. he wore a cotton vest over a well exercised upper body. His jeans were well worn but clean and she could not help noticing the large lump in the front. She looked up to see that he was watching her and realised that he must have seen the direction of her gaze but she didn't feel embarrassed.

She sat with her one leg folded up on the seat, her skirt folded in between her legs, to enable her to lie against the side post and watch him as he easily handled the enormous vehicle. It may have taken ten minutes, it may have been half an hour but the cool air of the aircon and the muted sound of the powerful engine under her seat lulled her to sleep.

It took her a few seconds to remember where she was, she didn't open her eyes right away but laid there enjoying the vibration of the seat under her. She decided to sneak a peep at him without him realising that she was awake. She opened her one eye ever so slightly and was very surprised at what she saw.

He was looking alternatively from her, back to the road and back to her again. The direction of his gaze was directly between her slightly spread thighs. While she had been sleeping her skirt had moved out from its covering position between her legs and had pulled up slightly, exposing her thin white g-string and the teasing mound under it. Her first reaction was to cover herself without making too much fuss over the incident, but she didn't move, she continued to pretend to be asleep - and he continued to watch her.

She knew that he could see through her thin g-string to where the shadow of her pubic hair where she left a small stripe above her clitoris when she shaved and she could feel that she was becoming increasingly turned on, watching this hunk of a man looking at her cleft, not knowing that she could see him. Suddenly it felt to her as if his gaze was caressing her clit, enflaming and exciting it more and more. She wanted him to see more, to be as horny as she was. In her mind she saw his huge cock, freed from his jeans, standing fully erect with his hand stroking the shaft slowly up and down as he looked in between her thighs.

She moved slightly, as if in sleep, and opened her legs wider. Now he could see all there was to see, from her mound to where her g-string slipped in between the cheeks of her buttocks. She knew that he would now be able to see the shape of her lips under the fabric of her panty, and she was sure that he would be able to see the bulge of her, now fully erect, clitoris standing out from between her inner lips, she was so horny, it would have been nice to reach down and slowly, gently rub her clit with her finger, slowly increasing the tempo until she came in her panties, but - she didn't.

She opened her one eye slightly again and saw him staring directly at her vagina.

The bulge in his pants was now huge and as he watched the gave the bulge a squeeze.

"He's just as horny as I am," she thought, "only difference is that he can do something about it."

Her breasts and nipples felt as if they were on fire. It felt to her as if her breasts has swollen to a size that no longer fitted into her dress. Again she moved "in her sleep", this time to cover the buttons on the front of her dress with her hand, her arm was now across her one breast and she pressed down on her nipple with her wrist, the sensation almost made her cum. She so badly needed to move, to touch herself, but - she didn't.

With his eyes fixed firmly between her legs he did not notice the slight movements that her hand was making, slowly undoing the buttons that held her dress closed over her firm breasts. She wasn't sure why but she didn't only undo on or two buttons, but all of them. It was probably the most erotic thing she had ever done. She wanted to expose herself to this complete stranger. She wanted him to see her naked vagina, open and wet, she wanted him to see her rub her clit and slowly slip her fingers up into her tight, wet hole. She wished she could lift her knees so that her swollen lips and the cheeks of her buttocks would pull apart and show him a view of her erect clitoris between the soft pink folds of her inner lips, the open entrance to her vulva and the tight pink hole of her anus.

At last, the final button was undone. She slowly slipped her hand under the fabric of her dress over her left breast. She was careful only to move when he turned to watch the road, the sensation of her trembling fingers on the ultra sensitive skin of her breast was electrifying. The tip of her finger touched the areola of her nipple. It was so swollen with lust that she could feel each little bump as she slowly circled her nipple with her finger. Each time her finger touched her nipple she felt a physical shock deep within her vulva as the muscles around the entrance to her tight little hole contracted in their need for something to be inserted up into her wet depths of her vagina and relieve her of this incredible sexual tension and her need to cum.

His eyes hardly left the space between her thighs and he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable the more horny he became. She suddenly realised something which she should have thought about long ago...if she was this roused then she was very wet, which meant that there was definitely a wet patch on her panties over the entrance to her vulva. The material of her panties was very thin and when wet became transparent. This gorgeous man was looking straight at her open vagina and could see not only the shape of her lips but colour and every other detail about them as well.

"God, I'm going to cum in my panties!" she thought.

He was slowing the rig down, maybe to turn off, she wasn't sure.

She pretended to be woken by the change in motion, firstly closing her legs (her aroused lips felt like a hot coals between her thighs) and then stretching as if just having woken up. She turned slightly away from him to look out of the windscreen and discreetly fastened the buttons down the front of her sun dress.

He was pulling off the road on a stretch of road devoid of other traffic. "I need to take a leak," he told her as he came to a stop.

She sat there going over in her mind what had just happened - wow! That had to be the most erotic experience of her life.

Once she was sure that he had climbed down off the rig she again opened her legs and slipped a hand between her burning thighs and slowly rubbed the back of her thumb against the swollen lips of her fully aroused vagina, teasing the soft folds, feeling her own wetness where it came from the deep warm depths of her open vulva. Her reaction to her own touch on the tip of her clitoris was explosive. The sensation that rushed trough her from deep inside her to her clitoris and from there to her breasts was so intense that it almost made her cry out. She moved her hand slightly and pressed her middle finger along the full length of her slit from her clitoris, past her hole to between the cheeks of her buttocks, and back, stopping at the opening to her vulva and applying pressure with the tip of her finger on the tight entrance.

She felt the opening begin to stretch and give way to her finger but the fabric of her panties did not allow her to fully penetrate herself. She was certain that she had never before been so horny. Carefully she moved her panties aside, exposing her vagina to her now trembling fingers. The heat of her open vulva on the tip of her finger was so erotic that she almost cried out, as she slowly inserted her finger up inside herself she felt the tight opening close around her, the warm wetness drawing pleasure from the intrusion.

She heard footsteps outside the drivers door and hesitantly removed her hand and closed her legs. "Might be a good idea to at least tidy my hair!" she thought to herself.

She moved back into the sleeping compartment behind the seat and stood over her bag to look for her hair brush. As she searched she felt the rig move as he climbed up into the cabin.

The next thing she was aware of his hands on her hips.....

He was standing behind her as she bent forward over the bag, his touch was firm but gentle and he said nothing - she froze.

What was he doing? Was he going to rape her?

His hands moved slowly down her hips to mid thigh and back.

"Oooh, that's nice!" she thought.

Her whole body was goosebumps - still she did not move. His hands moved again, down her thighs but they didn't come back up this time. He turned his hands slightly so that the palms of his hands were on the back of her thighs and he ran his hand upwards, slowly, taking her skirt with, up onto the cheeks of her buttocks, lifting and slightly parting them - and down again - and up.

Slowly spreading and releasing the cheeks of her buttocks. The sensation was incredible, she could feel her g-string teasing the soft pink area around her anus and she sighed...she could not help it, she was turned on beyond control and she lost herself in it.

Now she moved for the first time, she pushed her bag aside and bent further forward onto the bed, supporting her upper body on her elbows. He again changed the position of his hands and ran them, and her skirt, high up onto her lower back. She knew that she was now exposed to him as his hands dropped down again onto her naked cheeks, caressing them. She felt him go down on his knees behind her and the faint draft of his breath between her thighs gave her a hint of what was to come and she arched her back, pushing her vagina outwards and spreading her legs.

His fingers went under the waistband of her g-string, slowly, oh so slowly, working downwards between her cheeks, caressing and teasing as they got closer and closer to her vagina. One of his fingers touched her anus and she moaned softly, he gently rubbed around and around the soft, tight hole and she pressed back against the pressure of his finger, wanting him to penetrate her. In response he parted her cheeks and blew down gently on her exposed anus, again she pressed back against him, wanting him inside her.

His fingers continued their downward journey and just as he was about to touch the protruding lips of her vagina he moved the g-string aside to completely expose her. She suddenly felt his lips on her thigh, hot and wet. He moved his mouth, kissing her thighs, her cheeks and then his mouth was on her. She moaned and pressed her vagina back against his mouth, his tongue was licking her outer lips, driving her crazy.

She reached back and pulled off her g-string in one motion. Then she spread her legs wide and whispered, "Please make me cum."

His mouth was back on her pussy, only this time his tongue was probing between her inner lips, gently parting the wet folds until it found her hole and went deep inside her. The muscles of her vulva were convulsing, tightening around his tongue, not wanting to ever let it go. His one hand was on her mound with one finger slowly slipping between her lips until it found her clit. She had to bite down on her lip to stop herself crying out, a few more seconds of his finger on the tip of her clit were enough - she exploded into an orgasm which left her panting, her heart racing and all the muscles inside her vulva rejoicing at the invasion that they had just experienced.

She turned around and sat on the bed in front of him, the bulge in his pants was at her eye level - shit it was huge. She loosened his belt and pulled down his zip, with her hands around behind him she caressed the tight cheeks of his buttocks, slowly pulling his pants down. She had not imagined it - this guy had a huge cock. It was fully erect and strained against the material of his underpants. She could see the size and shape of the head and she felt a new flood of wetness between the lips of her vagina.

She lifted her hand and rubbed the shaft lightly with the tips of her fingers, his gasp was enough to tell her that he was not far from shooting his load. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of his underpants and pulled downwards.

His shaft sprang free right in front of her. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and slowly pulled back his foreskin to expose the swollen head beneath. "That will never fit inside me" she thought "but I'm damn well going to try".

She licked the underside of the head and felt him tremble in response. She then opened her mouth wide and took the head into her mouth, caressing with her tongue and rubbing her hand slowly up and down the shaft. She tasted a drop of semen on the tip of his head and she knew that any second now he would explode.

She wanted that monster penis forced up inside her and she didn't want to spoil it by making him cum in her mouth - she withdrew.

She laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide, she could feel her wetness on the bed under her and she put her hand down between her legs, rubbing her lips and clit, he watched in amazement as she rubbed herself, lifting her knees up to expose herself to him. Then she slowly circled her exposed hole with her finger, oh she was so wet, her middle finger stroked the inner lips around the hole and then she slowly slipped her finger into her vulva. She knew if she continued to play with herself a moment linger it would be too late and she would cum.

She removed her finger and beckoned to him. He was on his knees in front of her, she had her hands between her thighs in order for her to open her vagina to him, to allow him to insert his huge shaft up into her burning vulva.

He placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina and pushed gently.

At first there was no penetration, it was just too big, but slowly her vulva began to give way and he started to slide into her. There was no pain, just the feeling that someone was trying to ram a tree up into her and it drove her wild. She put her head back, closed her eyes and enjoyed every second of this new experience.

She felt the head penetrate her and she pushed against the shaft, wanting him inside her all the way. She lifted her knees as high as they could go, opening herself to him, and still he continued to enter her, she felt full, her vagina could not possibly be that deep, and still he pushed more and more of his shaft up inside her...then she felt it, his balls were nestled firmly between the cheeks of her buttocks, against her fully exposed anus - he had penetrated her fully - wow!

He began to thrust in and out of her, causing waves of pleasure to wash over her. His thrusting became more and more urgent as he came closer to orgasm. With each thrust his balls rubbed against her anus, enhancing her pleasure and driving her wildly towards cumming on this magnificent cock...

She felt the head of his cock swell up inside her and she knew that he was close to spraying the inside walls of her vulva with semen. She locked her legs around his back and allowed her orgasm to rip through her. Her inner muscles gripped his shaft and she felt his semen spurt hot deep inside her, she didn't let go, she held on to him as her orgasm continued, his shaft twitching inside her - slowly the spasms subsided and she could think clearly again. They lay there for a while, recovering from the intense experience. Slowly he began to retract his penis from deep inside her, she felt a mixture of his semen and her own juices escape in a rush from deep inside her, gushing past the still partly erect shaft where her tight hole held onto his penis. She felt the warm flow of their love juices running down over her anus and further to wet the soft mattress beneath her. All it took from her was to tighten her inner muscles around his penis and she felt the return of his full erection, thick and hard inside her.

This time he rode her hard, pushing his huge tool forcibly up inside her, with each thrust she felt the head deep, stretching her inner vagina to the limit. Every nerve ending of her vagina was on fire, fast approaching orgasm. He placed a warm mouth over her one nipple and sucked gently causing her vulva to contract as the erotic sensation coursed from her breast to her vagina. She heard the wet slippery sounds as his penis pumped in and out of her and his balls slapped against her wet anus and this increased her arousal to a point where she could no longer stop herself from climaxing. Time stood still as he once again released his semen deep inside her vagina and she came explosively. His shaft throbbed inside her as each spasm of his orgasm pumped more and more sperm up into her. She held her breath as her vulva gripped his penis so tightly that he had difficulty moving in short thrusts in and out of her. As their orgasms subsided so her inner muscles released his penis and it slipped out from inside her, leaving her feeling empty, her open vulva slowly closing until the only evidence of him having penetrated her was the thin stream of semen trickling from the soft pink hole.

The rest of the journey was punctuated by short stops at the side of the road to enable him to insert that huge cock of his up into her willing vulva - it turned out to be a journey she would never forget, and come to think of it she never did get his name.


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