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The Haunted House Pt. II
by Carl East

The day started with a bang, for I was rudely awoken by a fender bender just outside my parent's home. I got up to have a look, it turned out to be the next door neighbour. She had backed into a van while coming out of her driveway, I had to laugh I couldn't stand the woman.

I then started to remember the day before; I'd made a bet with a friend that a certain house was not haunted. The bet had been to stay in the house for one night, if I could do it then I could fuck his girlfriend. I did stay in the house for the night, but what I didn't tell my friend was that the house was indeed haunted. In fact two very friendly ghosts had seduced me.

His girlfriend's name was Tania, she was the cause of many a wet dream, now I had the chance to bed her, and I wasn't about to let it go. I couldn't forget about the ghosts I had intimate relations with, but who would believe me even if I did tell, so I chose to keep it a secret.

"Son, are you awake?" my mother shouted.

"Yes Mom, I'm just getting dressed." I replied.

While at breakfast I received a telephone call, Tania was coming around that evening, and wanted to know if it was convenient, I told her yes knowing that my parents were going out on the town.

With a smile on my face I continued to finish my cereal, just then my zipper started to unzip it self.

"Oh no!"

"What's wrong son?" my mother asked.

What could I say, two ghosts had followed me home, and at this very moment were passing my cock to one another under the table giving me a blow job.

"I forgot to give that book back to Mick." I lied.

Shifting uncomfortably at the table, and not wanting to give anything away I tried to eat my breakfast a little faster.

"Yo, slow down son, you'll give yourself indigestion." My father said.

I could feel their mouths around my cock, sucking and slurping, I was getting very aroused, but found it almost impossible to keep a straight face, fortune however was on my side, for my parents finished their breakfasts and started to clear the table.

"Sorry Dad, I'm in a hurry."

"Son, your eighteen years of age, you've got all the time in the world, savour It." he replied, looking at Mom.

My mother smiled then continued to clear the table; meanwhile the ghosts were bringing me to a climax.

"Oh that was good!" I blurted out.

"It was only cereal dear." My Mother said.

How could I possibly tell her what I was referring too?

The awkward moment passed, I was alone while my parents washed the dishes, and I quickly pulled up my trousers and darted up stairs. The Ghosts hadn't tried to pull me back; in fact I had the distinct feeling that they had gone, until I sat on the bed, on either side of me you could clearly see an indent on the bedclothes, which were the shape of butts sitting down.

"Is there anyway I could get to see who you are?" I said, hoping that there was a way to communicate.

One of them got off the bed, and opened my bedroom door.

I figured she wanted me to follow, so I did, she led me to my sisters room, who I'm happy to say was at collage. Once there I spotted a draw opening, upon inspection all I found was a diary, some garments and a fluorescent strip light. Picking up the light I wondered if this was all I needed. Quickly changing the light in my room for the florescence strip, I turned it on.

There before me were two of the most gorgeous looking females I had ever laid eyes on. Both of them dressed in long white gowns with hair that reached past their shoulders, each having a cleavage you could dive into, with large breasts that beckoned to be fondled, eyes of blue, and smiles that could melt ice.

"You're both beautiful, but why have you followed me here?" I said.

Their mouths did move, but I couldn't hear any voices, it did establish one thing however, they could hear and understand what ever I said.

The day passed with me making a lot of attempts to communicate with my beautiful guests, all a failure, my best attempt came when I tried to record their voices onto tape, I think I'd watched one too many movies, for although there was some sound, it wasn't coherent. I was trying to think of yet another solution when Mom shouted up the stairs.

"We're going now son, lock up when we've gone, we'll see you later."

"Ok, have a nice time." I shouted back.

I heard the front door open then muffled voices, I think someone was at the door.

"Tania!" I cried.

Quickly I changed the strip light for an ordinary one then went to the foot of the landing.

"Tania's here son, shall I send her up or are you coming down?" My mother said.

"Send her up." I replied.

A few muffled sounds later she was on her way up the stairs, and my parents had left for the evening.

"Hello Tania, how are you?" I said, admiring her long legs in such a short skirt, and spotting immediately that she wasn't wearing a bra under that tank top.

She didn't say a word as she passed me to enter my bedroom.

"I was very angry when Michael told me about this silly wager of yours." She said.

I decided to use reverse psychology.

"Your right it was silly, and thoughtless, I hope you can forgive me, I here by renounce any obligation on your part, I just couldn't think of anything else he had, that I wanted.

"You wanted me, but why?" she said, falling for my trap.

"Well, you're the most attractive woman I've ever known, and well, oh what's the point."

"No, carry on." She said, holding my hand.

Taking hold of her other hand, I looked into her eyes.

"I've wanted to make love to you since the very first time I set eyes on you, but you were always out of reach, this seemed like the only way to get close."

"That is so sweet," She said, kissing my cheek, "if we do this, I want you to understand it's a one off, and will never happen again."

Trap sprung, bait taken. I thought.

We started to kiss, long and hard, my hands feeling the slim waist of this gorgeous woman as her tongue passed my lips groping for my own. We kissed passionately, for what seemed ages, then she slid the skirt down her legs stepping out of it with just her panties and tank top in the way of sheer delight, my trousers fell down on there own.

What, on their own! I suddenly remembered the ghosts; they were still here and could spoil every-thing. Tania didn't notice the fact my trousers seemed to have a mind of there own. She removed her top revealing her breasts; my hard on was almost instant. Those breasts were so full; her nipples were the longest I had ever seen, which explained why it was always obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. I took them into my hands and gently fondled them, then kissing her nipples I slid my hands down the back of her panties. Slowly I pulled them down kissing her body as I lowered myself to the floor, being face to face with her pussy, something I had dreamt of for years. I was pleasantly surprised to find she had shaved her pubic hair off. I kissed her slightly bulging pussy, which she responded too by running her hands through my hair. Standing up I removed the rest of my clothing, and we got on the bed.

Kissing her neck I was about to work my way down her body with the intention of giving her the oral pleasures I hoped she would later give me, when she suddenly said.

"Oh that's nice, how are you doing that?"

Looking down I could just faintly see her pussy being manipulated by my unseen guests.

"Oh yes, that's wonderful, oh oh oh, you really know your stuff, yes, GOD yes."

I think they were both working on her, I slipped my hand down to play with her clit at the same time, she was going wild, her body writhing on the bed, shouting louder and louder not to stop. This was really turning me on; I wanted so desperately to place my cock in her mouth but knew that if I moved, she would know it wasn't just me servicing her pussy. I had no intention of spoiling the moment so I carried on playing with her pussy until she came, and boy did she cum.

"AH ahh, I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming, yes yes yes yes yes yes, ahhhhhhhhh."

Her back arched as the intense orgasm passed over her entire body, inadvertently pushing my finger deeper into her womb; she orgasmed again and again, then fell quietly back down. She had passed out.

"Please, let me take over!" I said, before she could awaken.

I felt them get off the bed, they were letting me take over.

"Thank you." I said.

Kissing Tania's cheek I gently whispered into her ear.

"Are you alright Tania?"

She stirred, then opened her eyes.

"That was the greatest experience of my life, where did you learn to do that?"

"Oh, its something I've always known how to do." I lied.

Putting her arms around my neck she whispered.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard."

Climbing on top, I placed my cock at the entrance to the kingdom of heaven then pushed, it slid in with ease, having been well lubricated. My nine-inch cock was plunging into the depths of my dreams; she gasped with pleasure as I buried it as far as it would go. Slowly at first I rose, then re-entered, quickening my pace I started to fuck her, she thrust up to meet me. Suddenly I could see her breasts being depressed, and moved this way and that, I knew my friends had joined in again. Tania was oblivious to this, she was to wrapped up in the pleasure of the moment to notice, but her cries of God were again arousing me. I redoubled my efforts plunging deeper with each down ward thrust, going faster and faster. Her body couldn't take much more of this.

"Oh, you gorgeous man you, take me take me," she cried, "I'm going to cum again, OOH."

Again her back came up to meet my thrusts, only this time I too started to cum. Shooting out of my cock like a bullet leaving a gun I came, again and again filling her womb with my juices. I had never cum so much in my entire life. Tania grabbed hold of my butt and pulled me in, which in turn finished her off. We held each other for a while not saying anything.

"If it weren't for the fact we are alone I would swear you were getting help from someone else." Tania said, being the first to break the silence.

I smiled at that, not wanting to tell her that at this very moment I had two ghosts giving me head, in an attempt to keep me hard. She started to reach for my cock, so I intercepted her hand by kissing it then placing it on my chest.

"Give me a moment to recover, and we'll begin again." I said.

I lay on my back feeling the pleasures of my cock being swapped from one to the other, while Tania caressed my chest. I looked at her breasts heaving up and down, placing a hand on the nearest one I tweaked her nipple between two fingers eliciting an erection from both. Standing up like the tip of my little finger from joint to tip, I then reached over taking one in my mouth and sucking hard, she groaned rubbing her fingers through my hair. My cock was more than ready; the ghosts let go, allowing me to continue.

"Let's try another position." I said, gently turning her over.

She got to her knees, presenting me with her backside; doggie fashion was always my favourite position. Again I felt the ghosts get on the bed next to me. What are they going to do this time, I thought. Tania started to moan, they were doing something to her pussy, I just couldn't see what. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and worked it in with ease, she was still well lubricated, then I felt the mouths around the entrance, they were licking her and me while we made love. This was very erotic, Tania's moans were now more than understandable, I thrust in and out feeling both the pleasure of her pussy with the thrill of my friends tongues licking me when ever I came out. If only she knew, I thought.

"Oh my God, that feels so good, I've never been this worked up in my life." She said, in-between groans of pleasure.

The sight of my cock entering and vacating her body was ecstasy, the feel of the tongue servicing me was too much, but I refused to cum, I wanted this to last a lot longer than five minutes. Slowing my pace I gently eased in and out to the squeals of Tania who was gripping the pillow with both hands, begging me to go deeper. Once recovered, I started to plunge in faster, wanting to give her the kind of pleasure I was feeling, thrusting with everything I had I went for it.

"Oh yes, oh GOD yes, faster faster, yes...oh...yes."

Her orgasm made her tear the pillow she had been gripping hold of. I started to cum at that moment my balls feeling tighter than ever, but my ejaculation being just as intense as the time before. Relaxing a little I pulled out to allow my friends to clean me up, which they did with the usual expertise. Tania collapsed onto the bed utterly exhausted.

"Are you alright Tania?" I said, after not hearing a word from her for more than a minute.

"Yes, that was the best," she replied, "I don't know what to say, after this I have to go back to Mick, but he has never satisfied me like that before, in fact I feel like I've just made love for the first time in my life.

I started to feel guilty, I couldn't tell her about my friends, she would just freak out, and Mick was my best friend. I hadn't intended to steal his girlfriend away from him, I even tried to justify it by thinking what kind of guy would bet with his girlfriends body. Then I realised that I had lied to him about winning the bet in the first place, so I was just as much to blame. We talked the rest of the night away until it came time for her to leave. What to do, was the question that would haunt me (no pun intended) for the next couple of days.

To Be Continued...


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