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The Haunted House Pt. III
by Carl East

The sun was just about to disappear over the horizon; I watched it from my bedroom window, thinking what an unappreciated spectacle it really was. I turned to look at the time, 7 o'clock, The nights were getting longer. I wondered where my spectral friends had gone too. I had first met them four days ago when my friend had made a wager with me, he was convinced that I couldn't spend the night in a haunted house, he even went so far as to bet his girlfriends body for one night, which of course I accepted. I had found the house was indeed haunted, but that the ghosts in question (both females) were as randy as myself, I kept this from my friend in order to bed his girlfriend, but now I had a dilemma.

You see his girlfriend enjoyed herself so much that she wanted to leave Michael (my friend) and go with me. What she didn't know was that my spectral friends had helped me make love to her that night, and that I probably couldn't perform as well without them. I couldn't tell them about the ghostly pair, they would undoubtedly freak out, also, although I had managed to find a way to see my new found friends, (with the aid of fluorescent lighting) I, as yet, had no luck in communicating with them.

The door to my bedroom opened on its own, then closed, they were back. I quickly turned the fluorescent light on. There they were, standing at the foot of the bed trying to talk to me. Just then I had an idea, quickly sorting some of the junk out of my closet I found what I was looking for, an old blackboard and easel along with some chalk. Quickly setting it up I asked if they could use it to communicate with me. One of them took the chalk and started to write.

My name is Samantha, my sisters name is Claudia, what do you want to know.

So they were sisters, I had so many questions I didn't know where to start.

"Why have you followed me home?" I asked, not unhappy that they had.

You are the only person we have found in the last seventy years that we felt could help us.

"Help you do what?"

Send us to the after life.

"How can I do that, and why are you trapped here?"

By finding our remains and giving us a Christian burial. Our father murdered us, we assume that our lives were taken in the prime of life, and are unable to leave this realm.

I sat thinking for a while, a part of me wanted to help them, but I enjoyed their presence, and didn't want to lose them so quickly.

"Will you stay with me for a few months, if you do, I promise to do everything in my power to find your remains, and send you on to the after life?" I said, hoping that they would.

We will stay for three months if you give us your word that you will do as you say.

"I give you my word, I will also find your remains before the time is up, in order to convince you that I am genuinely going to keep my word."

We accept.

I then went on to explain to them about my dilemma with Tania, to which they apologised, knowing that without their help I probably wouldn't have seen her again.

"Son, theirs a phone call for you." My mother shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

"Coming." I shouted back.

Quickly running down the stairs, I picked the phone up to find Tania on the other end.

"Hi Tania, what's up?"

"Can I come over tonight?" She said.

"I'm not comfortable with the thought of stealing my best friends girl from him, but you better come over so that we can talk."

She said she would be over in an hour, and put the phone down.

Just then the doorbell rang; I answered it to find Michael standing there.

"Come in Mick." I said, then took him up to my bedroom.

Slipping my hand around the door to the bedroom I turned the light out, I had remembered I left it on when we were on the way up the stairs. We entered; I turned on the lamp, on my computer desk.

"What's all this about Tania wanting too leave me and go with you?" Was the first thing Mick said, once the door was shut.

I could see he was upset, so I first got him to sit down while I explained.

After telling him about our love making (but leaving my spectral friends out of it) and the fact that she had enjoyed it immensely, she had this crazy notion that I was everything she had been looking for, and that she wanted to stay with me. I also told him about the phone call I'd just had, before he arrived.

"I must just add, that I have no intention of stealing your girlfriend away from you."

"But she's already dumped me on the phone." He said.

"Then we have to think of someway of changing her mind." I replied.

A little while later Tania turned up, and was surprised to see Michael there.

"I want you to know in Mikes presents that I have no intention of stealing you away from him, in fact I wish this had never happened, and hope you two can work things out."

At first she was upset, but upon seeing a tear in Michael's eye she began to feel sorry for what she had put him through, the next thing I knew they were giving each other a hug, and suddenly everything was back to normal. They left shortly after that, so my dilemma had been resolved.

No sooner had they gone than I received another phone call from a friend of Tania's.

"Hello Rebecca, to what do I owe the pleasure?" I said.

"We wondered if you care to come to a party tonight, its a bring a bottle affair around my house at ten o'clock?" She replied.

"Who's we?" I asked.

"My friend Jayne and me, its my eighteenth birthday party, I have full consent from my parents, who are going to make them selves scarce." She laughed.

"I'd love to." I said, genuinely looking forward to it.

I realised after putting the phone down that I only had an hour to get ready, so quickly getting a shower then throwing some clothes together, I made myself presentable. Rebecca didn't live very far, so I arrived just after ten. Knocking on the door I stood and waited, the music was louder than it needed to be, but then it was a eighteenth birthday, Jayne answered the door wearing a tight dress that left nothing to the imagination, her cleavage was the first thing anyone would notice.

"Hi, come in, the party has just begun."

With the normal greetings I entered to find the house swarming with their friends, all drinking and chatting in what ever space they could find, giving them a case of bud lagers, I pulled one from its container and started to mingle. I hadn't realised how many friends Rebecca had until that night, I counted at least thirty people, of course I knew that some would be gate crashers who probably didn't even know Rebecca, but they were all the party type crowd. Rebecca came over to see me.

"I hope your enjoying yourself, you look very smart." She said, looking me up and down.

She too looked smart, in fact I would say horny, she wore a short skirt that showed off her gorgeous legs, and a top that clearly didn't have a bra under it, for her nipples were jutting out just waiting for a mouth to be placed over them. I tried to tell her how sexy she looked, but the music was too loud. She never the less understood what I'd said, and continued to mingle.

After a couple of hours they all seemed to slow down a bit, with people pairing off and going to their chosen little corners to neck. Watching this was quite arousing, in one corner I could see a couple getting hot, he had his fingers down her panties while they kissed, she loved it. A couple near the kitchen were going at it like they were alone, she was giving him a blow job in full view of who ever happened to be looking, this was starting to get me worked up, and as yet I hadn't paired up with anyone. Just then someone touched my hand, turning to see who it was I found myself alone. My spectral friends must have joined me.

"Please don't do anything here, they wouldn't understand." I urged.

Rebecca and Jayne came over at that point, grabbing a hand each they guided me to Rebecca's bedroom, you could tell they had both over indulged with the booze, for they were giggling and falling about. Once in the room they didn't mess around.

"We want you to fuck us both, like you did Tania." Said Rebecca.

So that was it, Tania had told them about her wild night, and they wanted to see for themselves.

"Ok." I said, not wanting to be a party pooper.

Watching Rebecca and Jayne getting undressed while I removed my clothing was very horny; they both had superb bodies, as you could imagine for eighteen-year-olds. Once they caught sight of my cock, which by now was rock solid, they both wanted it first, I told them not to worry they both could. We got on the bed, all of us naked and started to fondle each others bodies, I started to suck Rebecca's nipples taking one in at a time while playing with the other between two fingers, Jayne wasted no time in lowering her mouth to my cock. Slowly at first she sucked the end, then let it slide deep into her mouth, each time she brought it back out she would lick off the excess saliva and start again. I felt someone's mouth on my hand, my friends had joined me once again, I allowed whoever it was to take a nipple, while I penetrated Rebecca's pussy with my finger, she was too tipsy to know or even care what I did, but she was enjoying this.

Jayne was going faster now, wanting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I was close to coming, but I didn't want to cum too quickly. Feeling a mouth brush my hand near Rebecca's pussy I started to insert it deeper, knowing that if one of my friends was about to go down on her this would send her wild. She started to moan louder telling me how great it was, arching her back and gripping the sides of the bed, she screamed she was about to cum. I too started to cum, with a squeal from Jayne who lapped it up sucking harder in order to make sure that not a single drop escaped, she continued to suck long after I had finished in order to keep me hard. Rebecca screamed that she was coming kissing me hard, with her tongue rolling my own around her mouth. My friends had not let me down as Rebecca started to calm down a little, her body relaxing after such an intense orgasm.

"I want to fuck you," said Rebecca, "now."

Getting on my back I let her get astride my body, she expertly guided my cock to her pussy then lowered herself down, I indicated to Jayne that I wanted to lick her pussy while this was going on. Rebecca was enjoying the ride as Jayne lowered her pussy over my mouth, then pulling her lips apart with both hands allowing me to see her clitoris glistening with anticipation of my probing. I poked my tongue out letting it touch the soft skin around her vulva, then licked in an upward motion until the tip was over her clit. She gasped as I pushed the hood in bending it this way and that, gently, at that point I felt another tongue next to mine, my friends wanted to be apart of this action, as I couldn't do anything to stop them I decided to enjoy myself. With two tongues servicing her pussy she was soon in a frenzy her hips were bucking, her moaning of pleasure was becoming more audible. Rebecca by now truly loved my nine-inch cock that was buried inside her body, she shouted out how she felt like someone was licking her clit each time she moved. I had to smile at that, knowing now where my other friend had got too.

I could feel my cock about to erupt again, but before I could cum one of my friends gripped hold of the base of my cock. She must have known as the pleasure I was feeling began to subside, once she let go, I started to thrust my hips up in order to get deeper into Rebecca's womb, she in turn was almost falling on the entire length enjoy every penetrating moment. Jayne was now in too much of a frenzy wanting me to finish her off. I inserted two fingers into her moist hole, she started to yell that she was going to cum big time, when she did I could feel the love juices running over my tongue, I carried on licking furiously trying to lap every last drop of her orgasm up. Rebecca couldn't hold it any longer, she was coming with the same intensity that Jayne had shown, I could feel her juices running down my shaft as she started to slow down.

We all just lay there for a few minutes in order to compose ourselves.

"I see what Tania means now." said Rebecca, leaning over to kiss me on the cheek.

"Yes, that was the best orgasm I've had for ages." Jayne replied.

Soon after that they both fell asleep, more to do with the alcohol than anything else, so I decided to leave, even though I hadn't fucked Jayne yet, I figured there was plenty of time, and was sure that it wasn't the last time we would meet.

To Be Continued...


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