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The Haunted House Pt. IV
by Carl East

No matter how many times I get to see my ghostly duo, I can't help thinking, 'what a waste, if only there was some sort of technology that could bring them back,' but of course there isn't.

I perhaps should explain, you see I found these two girls in a haunted house, which my friend Michael, had dared me to stay the night in. It latter transpired their own father had murdered them, for reasons they didn't go into. Now after more than seventy years of haunting they wished to cross over to the after life. I had agreed to help them, so I found myself looking for their remains in the house where it all began.

Fortunately the electricity was still on in this old building, so I was able to see my friends with the fluorescent light, which incidentally they informed me of. I had brought my blackboard and easel, which was how I communicated with them. Handing them the chalk I asked if they had any idea where their bodies might be. Samantha wrote.

We do not know.

"Well, where did you first appear in this house?" I asked.

Looking at each other they both agreed.

The sitting room. She wrote.

I knew from stories that I read, that bodies had been found behind brick walls, and under floorboards in similar cases as this.

"Is there anything in this room, that wasn't there when you were alive?"

Yes, the fireplace, and the back wall.

"I would guess, your real bodies are behind one or the other."

Looking at the wall, I figured it looked a little too up to date for them to be behind it, probably renovations done by the last tenant. So I decided to start on the fireplace.

Taking my crow bar and hammer out of the bag, I hit the back of the fireplace wall, soon I had managed to get a brick out, I discovered a smaller room just beyond. After a good half-hour I had managed to make a hole big enough to crawl through, lighting an old lamp that my mother had brought in the local garage sale, I got though to the other side and stood up.

I was right; the two girl's bodies were slumped in a heap at the corner of this false room. Of course they were mere skeletons now. Looking at their remains I discovered a large journal lying next to them. It was still in fairly good condition, so I picked it up and started to read.

"OCT 15, Father has brought good news, his business is to expand and he wants us to pack, we are going to Chicago, my sister and I are very excited."

The journal went on much the same for the most part, until about half way, then it read more like a novel.

"JULY 25, My sister and I had a most amazing day; someone had knocked on the door at ten in the morning, it turned out to be my daddy's new apprentice, who was a most handsome young man in his early twenties. He spoke to us like we were royalty, bowing and kissing our hands with his greetings. We were both taken aback by this most fetching of men. My father told us he had a business meeting that morning, and wouldn't be back until nine that night, so we were to entertain our guest until he returned. We were more than happy to look after him, so when my father had been gone for an hour we decided to flirt with our guest a little. I started it off by unfastening a couple of buttons to my blouse which made my breasts more than visible, having bent down on a number of occasions in front of him, knowing that he could see almost every thing, I then allowed my sister to tease a little. She was perhaps a little more direct, for when he was in the midst of explaining where he was born, my sister placed her hand on his leg just above his knee, urging him to tell her more as if she were hanging off his every word. He carried on talking but you could see he was getting hot under the collar, you could also clearly see a bulge appear in his trousers, this was very funny, as he fidgeted in the seat trying to hide the evidence. My sister must have noticed, because her hand had got nearer to his crutch, then suddenly she kissed him full on the lips, not giving him time to react she followed it up by placing her hand on his stiff cock.

He did not fight, or push her away; in fact he embraced her with a kiss that was so passionate it made me moist between the legs watching it. He then started to undress, first revealing his muscular upper torso, then taking his pants down. We were shocked to discover he had a cock the likes of which we had never witnessed before or since. It was ten inches long maybe more but the thickness was the incredible part, it was as thick as my wrist. Standing to attention, we both stared at it for some time before starting to breathe normally again, my sister placed her hand around it pulling the foreskin back as she did, revealing a large bell end. Having gotten over the shock at the size of this man we both started to pay attention to his ramrod, I placed my hand over his balls while my sister started to jerk him off.

He in turn was kissing both of us the best he could, with the same passion as before, I decided to remove my blouse and corset revealing my full breasts to his scrutiny, he placed a hand over one and gently squeezed my now erect nipple. My sister thought this had now gone too far to not go further, so she removed her clothing followed closely by myself. We were now naked, feeling each other's bodies and generally getting aroused. He was starting to moan slightly for my sister had not stopped jerking his cock with her hand. I can not imagine what he must have been going through, with two naked bodies to fondle both playing with his cock and balls. He suddenly started to groan in a most pleasurable way, looking down I could see why, he had started to cum. Some of it cleared my shoulder while others went on to my breasts. I bent down to take his cock in my mouth; his reaction was one of sheer lust.

He placed his hand on the back of my head forcing my mouth to cover as much of his cock as possible. I felt another load of hot sperm hit the back of my throat and for the first time in my life tasted a mans seed. It was a surprise to find I liked it, although a bit salty it tasted so good, he let out a cry when he came again for I was sucking as hard as I could in order to get the last drop out. My sister was amazed at what I had done, but also envious of my actions, she carried on playing with his cock making sure he stayed hard, then bending over the couch she told him to fuck her from behind. He took hold of his cock and guided it to the waiting hole. She cried out when he entered her pussy, that he was so big, she started to moan louder when he got a rhythm going. His cock sliding in and out, with what for me was a very erotic scene. My pussy was getting wetter just watching this scene unfold, I placed a finger in the passage hoping that it would release the frustration I was feeling. Although it helped a little, it could not quench the thirst I was getting for this mans cock, wanting it to be buried in my womb. I started to rub the clitoris with more vigour getting wetter and wetter as I watched my sister being harpooned in such a delicious fashion. She was almost screaming that she was coming, he didn't let up for a second in fact he seemed to be going faster. Her echoes of more seemed to be bathing the room; I was not able to watch this onslaught any more for my own orgasm had taken over. I was collapsing onto the floor, the ecstasy of those final moments ever buried in my mind, wondering if I should ever cum like that again, I was not aware of how it felt to be fucked by this man or I would not have had those thoughts.

When I had recovered sufficiently I found that my sister was lying on the couch exhausted but completely satisfied, the young man gave me a hand to help me off the floor. We started to kiss as before, I could feel his cock was still hard against my leg, looking down I grabbed hold of the end then asked him if he could fuck me. He turned me around and bent me over the same couch my sister was recovering on, she looked up and winked saying hold on tight. The next thing I know his huge cock was probing the entrance to my extremely wet pussy, then he pushed and I could feel every last inch enter my body making my legs buckle. I didn't know that you could feel an orgasm so intensely, I began to feel light headed as he started to pound in and out. Almost stopping him at one point from fear of collapsing, this relentless onslaught of my womb carried on until I felt I was about to pass out.

Then I felt the first burst of his seed hit the inside of my womanhood, I tried to grab his cock with my vaginal wall muscles, but they were useless after the pounding I had received. He started to slow down, and for the first time my breathing came back to normal, if I had known sex could be this good, I would have gone out into the world and looked for a man, such as this. After cleaning up and getting dressed we talked the night away until my father returned, we bid the young man farewell and retired to bed."

I closed the book at that point, eager to get it home and read more, but for now I had found what I was looking for and decided to call it a day.

To Be Continued...


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