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The Haunted House Pt. V
by Carl East

If only they were alive today - that's what I kept thinking as I read their journal, a book that was half filled with erotic adventures. I had discovered a couple of ghosts in an old abandoned house, who turned out to be the victims of a murderer, (namely their own father) they in turn had followed me home. After discovering a way of communicating with them, I found them to be beautiful, intelligent, and horny. They had elicited my help to find their earthly remains, having done so; I had also found the book, which revealed more about these two than words could ever say.

I had my fluorescent light on in the bedroom, (it allowed me to see them) reading the book and looking at my new-found friends, I wondered how these two lovely creatures could get up to such naughty things. God I wish they were still alive, I thought for the umpteenth time.

In order for me to convey just what I was feeling I will read another one of their stories to you, or rather their autobiographies.

"July 27 - My Father is to hold a dinner party for a number of his most select clients, we have discovered that his apprentice will also be there. Father wants my sister and I to prepare a meal for ten people. We have done nothing but talk about it ever since we found out, having gotten the required food stuffs from the market, we set about preparing a three course meal. Every thing went well and the dinner was coming along nicely. Father says if this meal goes well, he might expand into other territories. We can see that this is an important day for him so we decide to dress in a most seductive way, in order that his clients feel they would like to do more business with our Father.

When the hour finally arrived we found that all his clients were men. Having served the dinner we joined them to eat. Not one of them could keep their eyes off the pair of us. We had decided to both wear long white dresses that evening which were most revealing in the front, allowing our guests to ogle on more than one occasion. Fathers apprentice sat between my sister, and me. We were both teasing him all night, my sister would drop something on the floor and when she bent down to retrieve it she would rub her hand over his cock when straightening up. This would make him cough or gasp out loud, but he would recover his composure, and carry on as nothing had happened.

When dinner was finished they all retired into the study for drinks and men talk, which was how my father put it. My sister and I were left to clear the dishes, which on that night was performed with such haste that the work was done in fifteen minutes. Father had the responsibility of taking four of his client's home in his brand new automobile, which apparently was made at ford. I personally hated the contraption; it was noisy and a little uncomfortable. It had been the main topic at dinner with those that knew they were going to get a ride home in it later.

We knew that at least two of the guests that were going with Father lived a good hours drive from our home, so Father wouldn't be back for at least two hours. So there we were entertaining the last six of his guests, all of which had had one two many drinks that night. They were perhaps a little more relaxed once my Father had gone, for one of them remarked how stunning we were, something all the others agreed with. Two of them however had had more than enough alcohol and decided to call it a night. Fetching their hats and coats we let them out, now there were just four men left, my sister and I didn't want to lose any more so we decided too up the pace a little.

When we rejoined the four that were left, they were laughing about something but wouldn't share what they were laughing about. We flirted unashamedly with all four of them, until one of them could take it no longer, he was perhaps the oldest one there, about thirty two, he grabbed my arm turning me to face him then gave me a good hard kiss on the lips. The others watched, not saying a word until I started to kiss him back. That's when the fun started, suddenly we both had two men each placing their hands everywhere upon our bodies, in fact it didn't take long before my sister and I were both naked, and being kissed from head to toe. One of my partners was Fathers apprentice, which my sister later commented on, we had already taken him on a ride he wouldn't soon forget. Now I found myself in his arms once more, along with another man that was even now pushing a finger into my pussy. Kissing and fondling them both I reached for our friends cock and placed it in my mouth. It was huge, he tried pushing it down my throat but there was no way I could take such an enormous cock, I started to work on the end with my tongue taking his bell end into my mouth in quick jerks in order to satisfy his lust. The one that had been finger fucking me now got undressed, revealing a nice nine-inch cock. I was bending on all fours when he entered my waiting pussy, he had no trouble sliding it in. The very thought of being taken by these two studs was enough to make me wetter than ever before.

The other two guests were taking my sister; I couldn't believe what they were doing. She had lowered herself onto one of the cocks, and was then allowing the other to take her from behind, she was getting both holes serviced at once, her moans of delight were driving my two mad, they were both giving a performance of their lives. The one in my mouth started to cum first, his seed hitting the back of my throat with such a force that I gagged a little. Letting some escape from the corner of my mouth, I darted my tongue out to lap it up, then sucked his cock until he stopped coming. The gentleman screwing me must have seen this for he too started to cum, his hot sperm filling up my womb, and making slurping noises as he continued to fuck my wet pussy.

My sisters moans were becoming quite audible at this point, I turned my head to see the one in her arse was ejaculating all over her back and neck, while the one underneath was speeding up, now that the other one had vacated the hole above. Her moans were I think a big factor in keeping my two partners hard after they had cum. They asked if they could try what my sister had been doing. I wasn't sure, but decided if we were going to do this I would choose who went in my arse, and it sure as hell wasn't going to be my Fathers apprentice. We got into the same position my sister had been in, then lowering myself down onto his enormous cock I felt my pussy being stretched to its limits. It felt so good that I was soon getting carried away, then I felt my other partner at the back door. He pushed the tip into my arse, at first it hurt a little but once he had a rhythm going I started to scream with the pleasure it was giving me. My sister was now trying to give both her male companions' head, sucking one then the other, and at one point she had both their cocks in her mouth.

My orgasms were starting to rival the other day, but it was a little different in that this was sometimes uncomfortable, but never the less enjoyable. The cock in my pussy started to cum for the second time tonight, I could feel his sperm running out the sides and down my leg. The cock in my arse was also coming, it somehow felt warmer there, but was escaping just as rapidly as the other, I could feel it running down and undoubtedly joining the other seed that was now slowing down its descent of my legs.

My sister had managed to make both men cum on her face, and was gamely licking every drop up, while sucking their cocks dry. I was quite envious of the way she managed to take an entire nine-inch cock down her throat without gagging or missing a drop of sperm. The pleasure being exhibiting from the faces of her two partners, was more than enough evidence that they had enjoyed there little adventure.

My Fathers apprentice was the only one left in the room that had still managed to keep hard; he beckoned me to join him on the floor, which I did willingly. Now laying flat on my back, he knelt down grabbing both ankles, parting my legs he then entered my more than ready pussy. His cock began to slide in and out with a pleasure that is so hard to describe, It felt like I was having an orgasm each time he went in, I started to feel a little light headed, but unlike the other day when the same thing had happened he wasn't about to shoot his load. I wasn't sure I could take much more of this, I had orgasmed continually for the past twenty minutes, and still he plunged his cock in, to the encouragement of all the others watching. I then had what I could only guess was an orgasm to end all orgasms, his cock had started to ejaculate deep in my womb the moment became a part of me, for I could hear every word being uttered in that room. My head was swimming with emotions I have never felt before or since, and then I blacked out.

Coming too, I heard my sister say, "are you alright sis" he was still inside me, so I couldn't have been out for long. I reached up to his head and pulled him forward, then kissed him passionately on the lips, and thanked him for the best fuck of my life. It was just as well we had finished, for soon after getting dressed and tiding up a little Father returned, bidding his guests farewell saying he hoped his daughters had entertained them while he had been gone, they all smiled saying yes, then left.

We retired to bed shortly after that talking about the night we had had, I placed this tale of ours in the journal the next day, but I couldn't forget that night, and wanted a repeat performance as soon as possible, who knows what my next entry will tell."

Closing the journal I looked over to my two friends, smiling.

"You had quite an adventure there didn't you?"

They both smiled spotting the hard on that tale had elicited, moving closer to me, they may not be solid to touch but they could touch others, don't ask me how, I just knew they could. Samantha pulled my zipper down and slid her mouth over my cock, in much the same way as described in the story, being able to see both of them clearly now, I was about to enjoy another sex romp with my friends, but that's another story.



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