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The High School Chronicles
Pt. II: A History Lesson

by HSWriter

The second to the last class that I had during the day in my sophomore year was History. I never looked at it as a very exciting class, until one day, when things changed...

The desks in the classroom were aligned so that there were two rows against each wall, and the rows faced each other. In the middle of the class room was another two rows of desks which faced the front of the room. I sat in the corner farthest from the teacher in the second seat. No one sat in front of me, so, to my delight, I got a great view of Karen. She sat directly across from me.

Karen was one of those girls who was very athletic, and she had the body to prove it. She had short blonde hair and deep green eyes. She was very self-conscious, therefore she always wore baggy t-shirts, but everyone knew that she had perfectly round, perky 36B tits. Although her tits were very nice, her best asset was her ass. It was perky and firm, because, being into athletics, she kept herself in shape. When she entered the room every day, my cock began to rise, but it would soon calm as I got to the business of History. I was able to keep myself under control until a late-September day...

It was a cool Friday, and I was feeling pretty relaxed. I had dispensed with many impromptu erections due to the clothing selections of the school's female contingency. To myself and many of my friends, Friday was girls day. Because it always seemed that every hot girl in the whole school would be wearing her best outfit. Her tightest fighting pants, her shortest skirt, her schoolgirl outfit, her cheerleading uniform, etc. You could see as you looked around that guys' cocks were standing up straight all through the day. It got to the point where no one even noticed. And on this Friday, with their biggest game of the year on Saturday, the girls soccer team was dressed in their high soccer shorts and their "State Champions" t-shirts from last year. This really didn't mean much to me in the first six periods of the day.

But, when I got to History, it meant something completely different. I took my seat as on every other day, and I watched as Karen entered gracefully. She, being a soccer player, was wearing her short shorts and her t-shirt. Her breasts were looking extremely large that day, and my cock grew rapidly.

We had been in class for almost a half an hour when I glanced over at Karen, she was sitting there, smiling at me, and, to my surprise, her hand was down her shorts. I could see up the inside of her short shorts. There was her hand, carefully fondling her cunt underneath her white cotton panties. My cock grew incredibly fast. She saw me watching her, and it didn't phase her. She just smiled and stared at the bulge in my pants. I had to relieve myself, this was one of the hottest girls in school, and she was masturbating right in front of me, with twenty-five other people in the room. How Hot! I could see her slip one, then two fingers into her tight pussy and move them in and out, and in and out. She opened her mouth to let out a moan, but then she caught herself, realizing that she would be caught. She began to say something to me by only moving her lips. All I could make out was the word "bathroom", but that was all I needed. I got the point. I quickly and slyly shifted my rock-hard dick out of the way and made my way to the teachers desk. I asked him for a restroom pass. When he handed me that pass, I don't think that I could ever be more thankful to anyone. I walked straight down the hall to the men's bathroom and walked in. I quickly ran a scan of the bathroom, no one was in there, so I shut and locked the door and stood there. About two minutes later, I heard a knock at the door, and I let Karen in. As she entered I couldn't help but stare at her succulent tits, and her firm ass. She turned to me, looked me right in the eyes, and said, "I want you sooo, bad."

"That sounds good." I said as I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth. We became lost in passionate embrace. My hands began to roam freely about her body. I caressed her breasts, massaging each one gently. I then pulled her t-shirt up over her head to reveal her black lace bra. I quickly unsnapped it and let it fall to the dirty bathroom floor. Now, her wonderful breasts were bare, her nipples poking straight out at me about an inch or two. Her nipples weren't huge, but they were nice and hard. I took one into my mouth and sucked it violently. Then, I replaced my mouth with my hand and I massaged her breast, pinching and tweaking her nipple. I moved my lips to her other nipple, and I began to suck it just as violently as the other. As I sucked her nipples one at a time, I used my left hand to push her shorts down to her ankles, leaving her just in her white cotton panties. I began to rub her mound through the white fabric. She was absolutely soaking wet. I slid my hand under the elastic wasteband and pushed her panties down around her calves. I slid one finger down and pushed it between her pussy lips. She began to moan wildly. I was afraid that someone would hear us and catch us. That just increased my excitement.

"I want you in me." She moaned. Pulling my head up and looking me right in the eyes. "RIGHT NOW!"

I did as I was told. I removed my pants with my hand and pushed them down to my ankles along with my underwear. My cock sprang out into action. She gasped as she saw my full 11 inches pointing straight out. She took my meat in her hand and began to gently rub it. I let out a faint moan. She then guided my head to her pussy lips. She pussy was soaking wet as my cock touched her lips. I began to sink my cock deep into her cunt. She was amazingly tight. I knew that she wasn't a virgin, but I knew that she wasn't a slut. I pulled my cock out a little and then I pushed it back in, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. She began to moan loudly and talk dirty.

"Ooohhh," she moaned. "It feels sooo good. You are soooo bigggg." She began to writhe with pleasure. Her hips pumping, matching my thrusts. He cunt pulsating, squeezing my cock hard. I could hear the sound of her bare ass smacking against the wall. Her breathing had gone from being short to a heavy pant. As I sucked her right nipple, I could feel her heart pounding. I began to thrust faster and deeper.

"Ohhh God." She moaned. "Ohhh God." She leaned her head back and arched her back, pushing her pelvis against my body. My balls slapped heavily against her tight ass. She was close, and I knew it. I began pumping harder and harder into her.

"I'm cummingggg." She screamed. I ran my hands down and grabbed her ass and squeezed her tight buns as her cunt pulsated and her juices flowed all over my cock and my balls and down my legs. I Felt my balls tighten and my cock fill with cum. I let out a loud moan as I shot my load deep into her tight cunt.

Karen let out one last, loud moan as I withdrew my limp cock from her love box. She looked me in the eyes and said. "Let's get you cleaned up." She dropped to her knees and took my limp prick into her mouth, slurping up both mine and her juices. When my cock was clean, she stood up and kissed me deeply. For the first time in my life, I was tasting my own cum, but that was ok considering that her sweet juices were mixed in as well. Our lips parted and she pulled her shorts and panties back up.

We both finished getting dressed and exited the bathroom. As we walked down the hall back to class, she asked me for a piece of gum. As I handed her a piece of Winterfresh, I realized that I was now, technically, sleeping around. What a good feeling. In a matter of a week, I had gone from your average virgin to popping the girl of my dreams' cherry and fucking Karen, one of the hottest soccer players. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next...

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