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The High School Chronicles
Pt. III: The Cheerleader Sisters

by HSWriter

As of the last two chapters of my story, I was having multiple, and very pleasurable sexual experiences. And I was still only a sophomore in High School. Now, instead of chasing pussy around like a dog in heat, I was letting it come to me, and boy was it coming.

There was this cheerleader, and her name was Lauren. We had been pretty good friends through Jr. High and through the first few years of High School. We were never anything more than friends, and that was too bad, because she was fuckin' fine. She was about 5'7", with long, curly, brown hair that went to the middle of her back, but she usually wore it up in a ponytail. She had beautiful deep brown eyes. She didn't have huge breasts, I would have guessed that she was about a 32B. Pretty small, I know. But her breasts weren't her best assets. She had gorgeously firm and toned legs that lead to her small, perky ass and slim waist. If you can imagine the finest ass you have ever seen, then this one is definitely better. As you may already have figured out, I have a serious fetish for tight asses. And Lauren's was the one that always popped into my head at night when I jerked myself off. Unfortunately, we had never gotten together, but I knew that she was kind of a slut. As rumors told it, she gave a lot of good blowjobs.

Now that you know how hot Lauren is, you will get the full affect of how hot her older sister, Adrienne was. She was by far twice as hot. But, she was a little more curvaceous. She had luscious 34C breasts which defied the laws of gravity. They were incredibly firm and her nipples were always rock hard and popping through her tight shirts. Her waist was slim, just like Lauren's, but her ass was a little more plump, but it was just as tight, and just as "to die for". She also had curly brown hair and green eyes. She was a senior in High School, and she was the prized fantasy of a lot of guys I knew.

One Saturday, before my usual golf round with my friends, I decided to stop over Lauren's house and drop off her birthday present. That Sunday was her birthday party, and unfortunately I was going on vacation to Hawaii with a couple of my other friends for a week. When I pulled up to their house in my Blazer, I noticed that her parents weren't home, but her sister was. This was good. I walked to the door and knocked... and knocked... and knocked. I didn't get an answer at all, but the door was open, so I walked in. I made my way up the stairs to Lauren's room. I peeked in and found it empty. This was strange. I moved further down the hall to Adrienne's room. As I neared the room, I heard a muffled moaning sound. I entered the room slowly, and there, right before me, I saw the most beautiful sight in the world. Adrienne was lying on her bed in her cheerleading outfit. Lauren was there, in her cheerleading outfit, with her head buried in Adrienne's pussy. My cock jumped up. They both turned and looked at me, neither of them saying anything. I saw Lauren's eyes go from my head down to my crotch, and the huge bulge in my pants.

Adrienne gave me a sultry look and said. "Care to join us, Cole?" All I could do was nod as Lauren stood up and walked over to me. She planted her lips on mine and our tongues intertwined. I could taste her sister's juices. She moved her hands down and caressed my cock through my dockers. She then dropped to her knees and undid my belt. She unzipped my pants and they dropped to the floor. Adrienne had no moved off of the bed and moved over to me. She kissed me deeply. She was a much better kisser than her sister. We kissed deep and long. Our tongues dove into each other's mouths as I felt my cock spring into the open air. Lauren now took my cockhead in her mouth. She began kissing it and licking up my precum. She then began to run her tongue along the underside of my shaft.

As I kissed Adrienne, I pushed her top up and found that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were large and hard as a rock. I began to massage her large breasts with both hands, lightly pinching them as Lauren worked on my cock. I began to kiss down Adrienne's neck and chest as she pulled her top off. I took her nipples into my mouth one by one, sucking and nibbling as I slid my hand under her skirt and ran my fingers over her soaking wet pussy lips. She was soaked with saliva and pussy juices. I slid my finger gently into her cunt, and began to finger-fuck her. I then began to flick her clit with my thumb. As I fingered Adrienne, Lauren took my whole 11 inch cock into her mouth. I could feel my head hit the back of her throat. Her mouth was so hot, and her tongue was working wonders on the underside of my cock. I began to suck harder on Adrienne's tits as I felt my balls tighten and the cum rush into my cock. Adrienne's tight cunt throbbed around my fingers as she exploded in orgasm. This pushed me over the edge, I shot I huge load down Lauren's throat, and she drank it all down like the pro that she was. I stood there as my limp cock came out of Lauren's mouth making a wet popping. I pulled my fingers out of Adrienne's hot pussy and she licked her own juices from my fingers. Lauren stood and moved back over to me bed.

"Let's give it to her good." Adrienne whispered into my ear as she bit on my lobe. I nodded and pulled the rest of my cloths off. Adrienne slid her skirt down and off, revealing the rest of her sweet, curvaceous body. Lauren was still fully clothed. I walked over to her and turned her so her back was towards me. I began to run my hands all over her body, kissing the back of her neck. She rolled her head back and moaned. Adrienne positioned herself on the bed and began to kiss Lauren's legs, working her way up from her calves to her inner thighs. I felt Adrienne begin to massage her sister's tight butt as I pressed my now hardening cock up against her cotton panties. I helped Lauren pull her top off and throw it on the floor. I then went back to kissing her neck as I massaged her small breasts. Her nipples were fairly small, but they were incredibly stiff. I began to pinch them lightly. Lauren let out a loud moan. I kept kissing her neck as I worked my hand down across her tight stomach to the elastic band of her hot little cheerleading skirt. I moved my hand inside and into her panties. As I did, I felt Adrienne's tongue as she licked her sister's snatch through her panties. I moved my finger across Lauren's hot lips and she moaned loudly.

Adrienne wasted no more time, she pulled Lauren's panties down and licked my finger. I spread Lauren's pussy lips, and Adrienne thrust her tongue between my fingers. Lauren let out another loud moan as she arched her back and began to buck her hips wildly. I removed my fingers from her cunt and I pushed her back so that she was bent over, and her hot young ass was sticking out. As her sister ate her out wildly, I flipped her skirt up and bent down to lick her ass whole. She began to breath incredibly hard, and she was now moaning consistently. I took my fingers which had just been in her pussy and I began to lube up her ass, making sure that it was nice and wet. When her ass was ready, I stood back up and began to push the head of my cock into her tight little whole. I slid it in inch by wonderful inch until I was buried balls deep. I felt Adrienne's tongue on my balls as she licked her sister's sweet pussy. I began pumping all of my 11 inches into the hottest ass in the world. Lauren reached for a pillow on the bed and buried her face in it. I heard her begin to scream and cuss in the pillow as I fucked her ass hard. I could feel my balls tighten and my cock fill with cum, so I pumped harder. Lauren arched her back, bit down hard on the pillow and let out the loudest muffled scream I had ever heard in my life as she exploded in a long orgasm. Shockwaves pulsed through her body as her juices poured out onto her sister's face. This was it for me as I unloaded what seemed to be a gallon of cum into her ass. I shot so much in that some came running out and down to her pussy where her sister lapped it up with the rest of her juices. When I was done, I pulled out of Lauren's ass with a slick popping sound.

Lauren collapsed on the bed as her powerful orgasm subsided. I fell back on the floor. That left Adrienne sitting there, fingering herself. I knew that she felt left out. I had fucked her sister but not her. I reached down and began to stroke my slick cock back to full hardness. This was unusual for me to be having a third hard-on, but there was a hot senior in front of me fingering her tight little pussy. My cock began to grow again and I stood up. I stumble a little, because my knees were still weak, but I made it to the edge of the bed. Adrienne laid on her back and I positioned my self above her. I pushed my cockhead between her lips and spread them wide. I pushed myself deep into her hot cunt, unknowing that she was a virgin, I popped right through her cherry hard. She let out a loud, pleasurable, but somewhat painful scream.

"Oh god." I said to her. "Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry. Are you ok? I didn't know" I fumbled with my words.

She looked me in the eyes and kissed me softly. "It's ok." She said. "Now fuck me!"

I didn't need any more encouragement. I began to pump my cock in and out of her. Her heart beat fast and she moaned loudly. I glanced quickly over at Lauren, who had now pretty much passed out. I began to fuck harder and harder as I lowered my mouth and sucked on Adrienne's hard nipples. I didn't take my eyes away from Lauren's fantastic body. Once again, I felt my balls tighten and my cock fill with semen. I pumped harder and harder. My sweat dripped down off of my head and splattered on Adrienne's chest. She was also drenched with sweat. I felt her cunt clamp down on my cock.

"Ohhhhhh Godddddd. Coleeeee. I'm cummmmminnnngggg." She yelled as her pussy erupted again. I shot my load deep into her virgin cunt, filling her up. I kept pumping until both of our orgasms had fully subsided. I then pulled out of Adrienne and rolled over onto my back in between the two hot sisters. I took them both in my arms, one on each side, and all three of us fell asleep there.

Needless to say, I missed my round of golf with my friends. But I really didn't care. I had participated in my first threesome, and what a threesome it was, with the two Cheerleader Sisters.

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