The Best Erotic Stories.

The High School Chronicles
Pt. IV: The Selection

by HSWriter

Cole's house was empty on Saturday morning. His parents were both away for the weekend. His father owned golf courses all over the country and he was opening a new one in southern California. His mother was a very respected hair dresser. She worked on a lot of movies and she was away working on the new Brad Pitt movie. This left Cole all alone in their $1.5 million dollar house in a quiet Miami suburb. The house was relatively quiet with the exception of a loud, erotic moaning coming from Cole's room.

"Ohhh, god...." Cole moaned as he emptied his load into Karen's hot pussy. Karen rolled off of him and they held each other there underneath Cole's silk sheets. Since their experience in the bathroom of their High School, Cole and Karen had developed a very good sexual relationship. They had been their all night making hot, passionate love to each other like two dogs in heat. But it wasn't just sex, they loved each other very much. But they both knew, as with any other relationship between two young people, theirs wouldn't last long.

As he laid there, Cole began to think of something to do that day that didn't involve having sex. He was clearly stumped. He was beginning to get worn out. In one week, he and Karen had made love at least twenty or thirty times. He had kept his stamina up until that morning. His young cock wouldn't be able to take much more of what Karen was dishing out.

"So." Cole spoke. "What do you want to do today?"

Karen was momentarily silent, as if she were surprised by the question. "How about we just keep doing what we've been doing?"

Cole cringed. "I don't know if I can take anymore."

Karen got defensive. "What does that mean? Am I not good enough for you?"

Cole looked her in the eyes and smiled lightly. "No. That's not what I meant. I mean that you are so good, that if we keep going, than I will die from too much pleasure. A human can only take so much pleasure."

Karen smiled and they kissed lightly. "I love you."

Cole smiled. "I love you too."

"We still don't have anything to do today." Karen looked at Cole, unsure whether or not she should say what was on her mind. She bit her bottom lip erotically and said. "Have you ever thought of a little domination?"

Cole's eyes opened up wide. "What do you mean?" He stuttered. "Like with whips and chains and shit?"

Karen giggled. "No, silly." She lightly smacked him on the shoulder. "Like masters and slaves. Like where one person tells the other what to do and is very forceful."

"That sounds interesting. But I wouldn't want it to get violent." The last thing that Cole would ever want to do was go to far and hurt Karen.

"No. It would never get violent." She gave him an erotic look. "Maybe a little spanking though." Cole swallowed hard. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "I think that we could get into that."

Karen smiled like a cheetah stalking it's prey. "And what if it wasn't just me and you?"

"Huh?" Cole was confused.

"What if it was me, and you, and maybe another girl?" Cole almost fell off the edge of the bed. He was speechless. "So, what do you say?" Karen asked in a very seductive tone.

Cole finally managed to spurt out a declarative sentence. "Yeah. We could do that."

Karen got very excited. "Great!" She said as she sat up in bed. "Now let's take a shower and go out to eat. We have a lot of planning to do for tonight." She explained as she got out of bed and headed Cole's bathroom. Cole watched her smoothly curved naked body. She waggled her delicious ass from side to side seductively.

'Tonight.' Cole thought as he again swallowed hard. He got out of bed and followed Karen into the bathroom.

In the shower, Cole stood behind Karen and began to wash her. He started at her feet and moved up her firm legs. She was in great shape because it was the end of the soccer season and she had run a lot during the season. Her calves were firm and tone. He moved his way up past her knees to her smooth, silky thighs. He paid special attention to her round, firm ass. He massaged her buttocks thoroughly. He then washed up her back to her shoulders. He stood and then moved his hands and the washcloth over her shoulders and down to her young, perky breasts. He massaged and washed each breast individually. He lightly tweaked each nipple as he washed them.

He then moved his attention to her stomach. He washed down her firm stomach to her short strip of pubic hair. She turned her head and kissed him passionately as he worked his hand down to her now soaking wet pussy. She arched her back as he pressed his semi-hard cock between the cheeks of her firm ass. Karen let out a moan as Cole gently grazed her clit with his middle finger.

Cole was now getting incredibly turned on. His cock was hardening with new life. He completely forgot how tired he previously was as he got caught up in the heat of the moment. He gently inserted his index finger into Karen's hot hole. His cock was almost to full hardness as he began to pump his fingers into her pussy. Karen was almost dying in ecstasy. Her pussy was throbbing as Cole fingerfucked her and the hot water ran over her taught nipples.

Cole then gently bent her over. She placed her hands against the wall as she felt Cole push his large cockhead between her cunt-lips. Cole began to push his full length into her as the water ran down her back and between her ass crack. The flowing water added to the immense pleasure Cole was feeling. When Karen's cunt had engulfed all 11 inches of Cole's cock, he began to pump into her. Her hips met each of his thrusts with equal power. She began to moan lightly. Neither one of them spoke any words. There was a kind of sweet, erotic silence. The only significant sound was the sound of the water hitting the tile floor inside the shower.

Cole kept pumping his cock into Karen's cunt methodically, hitting her g-spot with every thrust. Karen had never felt so good while having sex with Cole. Her body began to flood with complete and untamed ecstasy. Her cunt tightened around Cole's rock hard prick and squeezed as she erupted in orgasm. Karen gasped as her juices erupted. Cole began to thrust harder as he felt his balls tighten. His cock filled with his hot seed, and then... Cole erupted in a mind-shattering orgasm. He rolled his eyes back and shot a flood of cum deep into Karen's hot love box. His knees buckles and he almost fell over right there.

When he could cum no more, Cole removed his cock from Karen's pussy and returned to washing her off. When they were both finally clean, they dried off and went to Cole's room to get dressed.

Finally, around 1:00pm, they got into Cole's Chevy Blazer and drove to the mall. The plan, as Karen had explained it, was to go to the mall scoping out chicks, and if they both agreed, then Karen would approach the girl and seduce her into having a threesome with them. Cole knew that the real reason that Karen wanted to go to the mall was that the GAP was having a big sale and Cole had just gotten his new VISA card. But, he went anyways to humor himself.

When they arrived at the mall, they went to a few stores, and Karen tried a few sexy garments on, and Cole bought them all because, in his mind, she looked good in all of them. They went to Fredrick's of Hollywood, and they picked out some incredibly sexy lingerie. When Cole's spending limit was finally breached, they retreated to the food court to grab a quick lunch.

As they sat there gnawing on their pizza, Cole began to do some scouting of the scattered ass in the room. Cole didn't worry about Karen catching him looking at other girls. Hell, she was encouraging him to do it. Cole saw a brunette in the corner wearing a short black mini-skirt and a tight halter top. The girl had nice breasts, but her ass was a little flabby, and her face had been attacked by the dark side of adolescence. Cole moved on to a girl sitting with a group of boys in a corner booth. The girl had a darling little face, and she had nice legs, but she had the appearance of fakeness, and that was a total turn-off to Cole. He believed strongly in natural beauty.

Then, Cole spotted a very beautiful girl sitting near the edge of the food court, sipping a bottle of water, and reading a copy of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The girl was drop-dead gorgeous. She had shoulder length black hair and thin rimmed glasses which accented her beautiful facial features. He began to scan her body. Her breasts weren't incredibly large, in fact, they may have been a B cup, but Cole thought maybe a little less. She had thin, muscular legs that lead up to her wonderfully tight looking rear. Cole wanted nothing more than to walk right over to her and grab her back end and massage it right then and there. She was wearing tight black pants and a tank top with spaghetti straps. She wore a black, long sleeved button down shirt over her tank top, leaving it unbuttoned. She had that sexy, intelligent look. Cole knew that if he and Karen pursued her, then she would not be an easy catch, but he had to go for it anyways.

"So, what do you think of her?" Karen asked, noticing the way Cole had been staring at the girl.

Cole looked up at her and nodded. "She looks like the right one." He replied in a very lustful voice. Both Karen and Cole wanted nothing more than to please each other. For Karen, it was being with another girl in front of Cole. And for Cole, it was letting Karen please him, because he knew that whether or not she said it, she enjoyed it just as much as he did.

"I'll be right back." Karen declared as she stood and walked toward the girl at which Cole had been staring. Karen was embarking on a journey which could, to the most final extent lead to the culmination of Cole's fantasies, he had been with two girls before, but he had never been with Karen and another girl, and that was more erotic to him than anything that he could have possibly thought up at that point...

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