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The High School Chronicles
Pt. V: The Study Session
by HSWriter

Intro: The last time we left them, the two young lovers, Cole and Karen, were in a Suburban Miami mall searching for a third partner for their sexual escapades:

"... Cole spotted a very beautiful girl sitting near the edge of the food court, sipping a bottle of water, and reading a copy of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The girl was drop-dead gorgeous. She had shoulder length black hair and thin rimmed glasses which accented her beautiful facial features. He began to scan her body. Her breasts weren't incredibly large, in fact, they may have been a B cup, but Cole thought maybe a little less. She had thin, muscular legs that lead up to her wonderfully tight looking rear. Cole wanted nothing more than to walk right over to her and grab her back end and massage it right then and there. She was wearing tight black pants and a tank top with spaghetti straps. She wore a black, long sleeved button down shirt over her tank top, leaving it unbuttoned. She had that sexy, intelligent look. Cole knew that if he and Karen pursued her, then she would not be an easy catch, but he had to go for it anyways.

"So, what do you think of her?" Karen asked, noticing the way Cole had been staring at the girl.

Cole looked up at her and nodded. "She looks like the right one." He replied in a very lustful voice. Both Karen and Cole wanted nothing more than to please each other. For Karen, it was being with another girl in front of Cole. And for Cole, it was letting Karen please him, because he knew that whether or not she said it, she enjoyed it just as much as he did.

"I'll be right back." Karen declared as she stood and walked toward the girl at which Cole had been staring. Karen was embarking on a journey which could, to the most final extent lead to the culmination of Cole's fantasies, he had been with two girls before, but he had never been with Karen and another girl, and that was more erotic to him than anything that he could have possibly thought up at that point..."

- {The High School Chronicles Part IV}

When Karen returned to the table, twenty-five minutes later, she had a sadistic grin on her face. Cole could only hope for the best of news.

"So?" he inquired impatiently, his cock growing just in anticipation.

Karen sat next to him, placed her hand on his crotch, and kissed him. "I made friends."

Cole sighed, disappointed. "What does that mean?"

Karen was more than ready to explain. "Well, Sandra and I have a lot of things in common. In fact, she plays soccer for her school team."

"And..." Cole was beginning to become impatient.

Karen continued, still grasping the bulge in his pants. "And she is having trouble in her English class. And you know my best subject is English."

"So..." Cole sighed as Karen squeezed his ever hardening cock.

"So I told her that we could study over your house and that you wouldn't mind because you are the sweetest guy on earth."

"That's true." Cole concluded with a slight sigh. "But, at the moment I'm also one of the hardest guys in the world."

Karen's attention was turned back to the grip she had on Cole's crotch. She loved to feel that hardness pulse against her hand.

"Poor baby. Maybe I can help you out there." Karen whispered into his ear. She licked the inside of his ear and bit lightly on his earlobe.

With every intention of leaving Cole in his heated state for as long as possible. She slowly dragged him around the mall for almost another hour. She window shopped at a deliberately sedate pace, but every so often, she would whisper sweet phrases into his ear like "I want to suck your cock." and "I want to suck you dry." Since they were in a mall, Cole could do nothing. She liked seeing that almost painful look of desperation and yearning in his eyes.

Finally, they returned to Cole's Blazer. Karen threw her bag in the back and got in on the passenger side. Cole sat in the driver's seat.

When they were both situated in the car, Karen slowly unzipped Cole's khaki pants.

"Fuck yeah," Cole exclaimed, I'm gonna fuckin' burst if you don't do something!"

He lifted his ass as she slid his pants down to his thighs. Her hands felt warm to Cole as they dove down into his briefs. While her right hand gently rubbed his balls, her left pulled his briefs down, allowing his large, thick cock to spring out and stand straight. She kissed his mouth deeply, sliding her tongue into his mouth and squeezing his throbbing cock. When at last she broke the kiss, Cole was having a hard time breathing. She looked into his eyes and in a husky voice that made his balls tingle, she spoke just one word. "Drive."

As soon as Cole turned the key, he felt Karen's hot mouth cover the throbbing purple head of his manhood. Trying not to shift, he put the car in reverse and began to back out. He could hardly concentrate on his driving as he pulled out of the parking lot.

Karen ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, rubbing his balls gently with her hands. The 2000 Chevy Blazer glided over the wet road between the mall and Cole's home. It was only five miles, but Cole found himself wishing it was a longer drive. Cole pulled up to a red light as Karen's mouth engulfed his throbbing cock. The head of Cole's manhood dove deep into Karen's hot mouth. Her tongue gently caressed the sensitive underside of his shaft.

Karen took Cole's cock out of her mouth long enough for her to moisten her right index finger. As she took his cock back into her mouth, her right hand drifted downward. When the light turned green, Cole felt the sharp, awkward feeling of Karen's finger as she shoved it into his asshole. He moaned loudly from the initial pain, but soon his discomfort turned to pleasure and he could barely hold back as she fucked his ass with her finger while her mouth worked over his throbbing cock. Holy Shit, he thought, I'm gonna fucking crash.

Karen took his cock deeper into his mouth as the car rounded another corner, turning for the home stretch. She picked up the pace, sucking hard on his cock like a pro. It felt as if his balls were boiling hotter than the surface of the sun. Just the rush of getting head as people rushed passed him on their way home from work was almost enough to make him cum. He was lucky not to have exploded yet. Karen's pace was now frantic, up and down, up and down, sucking his cock deep into her hot mouth. Cole felt the head of his cock hit the back of Karen's throat as she sucked down as hard as she could. Driving with one hand, Cole pressed down on the back of her head, blasting his wad straight down her throat.

"Holy Shit. Holy Shit." He moaned as the car pulled into his driveway. Cole just sat there, drained, as Karen gently licked the excess cum from his now half-limp cock. All he could do was caress her head with his hand as she sat up and smiled at him. ********

Later that night, Cole helped Karen prepare for her guest. She put on her new lingerie and a bathrobe. Cole just sat around in his shorts and an old T-shirt. The plan was for Karen to start a chat about sex and for things to just be improvised from there on. Karen knew that Cole was very suave, and that he knew exactly how to get into a girl's panties.

When Sandra arrived, she was wearing the same outfit that she had worn earlier, at the mall. Only now, it looked as if she had put on some make-up, making her even more pleasing to the eye.

Sandra was fairly surprised to see Karen wearing next to nothing. "Did I make a mistake?" Sandra asked, "Are we not studying tonight?"

Karen giggled lightly, trying to act embarrassed. "Oh, sorry about this." she explained, "I just feel more relaxed like this."

"Oh.... Okay." Sandra said with a sideways look.

Karen led her into the living room, where Cole had set out some champagne that he had stolen from his father's vast cabinet of fine liquors.

As Sandra entered, she noticed that Cole's living room was huge. At one end sat a big screen TV and a large, very expensive looking stereo system. At the other end of the room sat a large leather sofa and a black leather chair. Behind the sofa was a well-stocked bar, which opened up into the large, spacious kitchen.

"Would you like some champagne, Sandra?" Karen asked as Cole took a seat on the chair. Sandra sat down on the sofa, next to where Karen would inevitably sit. She noticed the lovely, expensive looking coffee table, which sat in front of the sofa.

"Well," Sandra said hesitantly. "I don't really like to drink and study at the same time. And this looks like really expensive champagne."

"There are some things in life that you have to enjoy." Cole popped the cork and poured some of the bubbly into a glass. "This champagne is one of them. You just might be another." Karen watched as Sandra seemed to melt right there where she sat. "And besides," Cole continued. "It's my father's, and he is a prick." Sandra let out a light giggle. Just as soon as she thought that Cole was trying to be serious, he found a way to ease the atmosphere.

Karen poured the drinks and handed one to each of them. They sat back, relaxing and talking for a while. They talked about English, and school, and how they all hated them both. Cole found it easy to make Sandra melt as he effortlessly quoted romantic lines from "Romeo and Juliet". Their conversation lasted for over an hour. Karen could see that Cole's suave demeanor was having a definite effect on Sandra.

They postponed their in-depth conversation as Karen let it be known that she wanted to study for a while. So, as Karen and Sandra went through Sandra's notes on the Shakespeare classic, Cole sat there, bored out of his young, perverted mind. He could not keep himself from glancing at Sandra's body, then back at Karen's and so forth.

Karen was having trouble herself. Her pussy was throbbing with lust as she observed Sandra's gorgeous features. She decided to be forward, and start the sexy sequence of events in motion.

"So, Sandra, what do you think about sex?" Karen inquired as she handed Sandra her third glass of champagne.

"Sex?" Sandra sounded as if she was going to choke.

"Yeah." Karen replied, "You seem to know a lot about romance. Do you know as much about the physical as you do about the emotional?"

Sandra's eyes opened wide. "Well, no. Not really."

"Wow, have you ever even seen a cock before?"

"No." Sandra replied, now becoming quite offended by the very personal line of questions. She began to get up with the intent to leave.

Karen winked at Cole. He stood up, moved next to Sandra, sat down and pulled his shorts down around his knees, releasing his half-erect cock. Sandra gasped, stopping dead in her tracks. She had never seen a cock before, and Cole's looked absolutely huge to her. She wondered how anything that big could fit in her pussy. Immediately, a wave of guilt hit her. She couldn't even believe how she could even be thinking these things.

Sandra's eyes were glued to Cole's manhood as it began to harden. In awe of the whole situation, she returned her tight little butt to the leather surface of the sofa. Cole leaned over, getting a great view down Sandra's shirt. "Go ahead and touch it, he coaxed her.

Sandra was now into uncharted territory. She never intended to be doing anything like this until she was married, but the sight of that monster and the effect of the champagne made the situation seem all to right. She reached out with her little hand and grasped Cole's cock gently, blushing. She gasped again as she felt it harden in her hand.

Karen made her move, sliding behind Sandra, kissing the back of her neck. Sandra closed her eyes. Every shred of morality that she had told her to stop now, but the new sensations that she was having caused her to keep going. She was now lost in ecstasy as Karen's hand ran beneath her shirt. Her mind was racing. She never had any idea that this could be so good. Karen began to gently massage her ample breast. Sandra let out a loud moan. Cole leaned forward, his lips connecting with Sandra's. His tongue slipped smoothly into her mouth, dancing with her own. As they broke their kiss, Karen smoothly pulled Sandra's tank top up over her head, forcing Sandra's hand to become momentarily detached from Cole's cock. When her shirt and bra had been removed, Sandra's hand returned to slowly stroking Cole's marvel of a cock. As inexperienced as she was, Sandra began to slowly get the hang of handling a cock. Her hand slid gently up and down as Cole gazed at her nicely shaped breasts. Leaning forward, Cole took one of Sandra's rock hard nipples into his mouth. Sandra let out another loud moan as Cole's tongue danced over her nipples and Karen's hand slipped into her tight pants.

She gasped, "Oh god." As Karen's fingers found her clit and gently began to rub it, sending shockwaves through her body.

All of a sudden, Sandra realized that neither Cole nor Karen were touching her anymore. Wanting more, she opened her eyes, wondering why they stopped. She was relieved to see Cole standing over her, grinning

Cole spoke. "Time to get naked and switch things up."

In a sensual daze, Sandra stood as Karen slipped her pants and lace panties down and off. Cole proceeded to let his shorts fall. When he removed his shirt, both Sandra and Karen stopped, admiring his gorgeously toned body. When Karen's panties were moist enough from admiring Cole, she proceeded to remove her robe and her lingerie. There they all were, three of them, all naked and as horny as ever.

Cole positioned Karen at the end of the couch, bent over the end, her unbelievably tight ass facing in his direction. Sandra sat back at the other end of the couch, still in a daze. Sandra reclined with her legs spread, allowing Karen full access to her virgin cunt. Karen gently began to run her tongue back and forth on Sandra's inner thighs.

Cole wasted no time in thrusting his 9-inch cock into Karen's soaking wet pussy. He began to pump her hard as Karen gently ran her tongue up and down Sandra's slit. Sandra's chest heaved and her moans became constant as Karen's tongue slipped gently between her puffy labia. Sandra had never felt anyone, let alone another girl, with their mouth between her legs. Karen's tongue worked magic on Sandra's pussy, her tongue slipping in and out slowly and deeply. Karen's tongue soon found it's way to Sandra's engorged clit. Sandra's body shook in pleasure as Karen flicked her clit with her tongue. Sandra had always been taught that masturbation and self-exploration were works of the devil. She hardly knew, outside of what she had learned from Sex-Ed Class, what pleasure could be induced through her little clit.

Cole fucked Karen hard from behind, and they all seemed to get into a rhythm. As Karen did her best to bring Sandra to orgasm, Cole's cock drove into her lovebox with relentless power. She could feel him deep inside her cunt, his cockhead gently pushing up against her sensitive g-spot with every in-stroke.

Almost suddenly, Cole pulled his throbbing cock from deep within his girlfriend's tight young cunt. Since this night was full of firsts, he thought he might as well add another first to the list. He gently placed the slick head of his cock at Karen's tight little back door. Pushing slowly, he felt Karen's whole body stiffen as his cock drove deeply into her anus. Karen, with a mouth full of pussy, let out a loud, muffled gasp as her anal virginity was taken by Cole's monster cock. She felt as if her asshole was being torn apart slowly. Karen's teenaged ass was tighter than anything Cole's cock had ever been inserted into.

As they temporary pain of being violated subsided, Karen returned to eating Sandra, diving her tongue deep into Sandra's untouched cunt. Sandra could hardly control her body as her hips bucked up and down on the leather, meeting Karen's expert tongue with every thrust. Sandra was now totally lost in the ecstasy of having Karen eat her cunt. She leaned her head back, her eyes closed. She reached down and pulled Karen's head into her crotch as Karen's hot tongue flicked her clit more intently.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god." She moaned louder than ever. This pushed Cole closer to the edge. He pumped his thick cock in and out of Karen's asshole deeper and deeper.

"Ooooooh God." Sandra continued to moan loudly as she reached her first orgasm. "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Simultaneously, they all erupted. Waves of pleasure swept over her entire body as she arched her back and her pussy exploded in Karen's face. Sandra's pussy throbbed as waves of intense pleasure swept through it.

This set Cole off. The muscles in his legs tightened as he exploded in Karen's ass. Karen came quickly, her ass squeezing the cum from Cole's cock. Her juices ran down her legs as she reached the most powerful orgasm of her young life.

As their orgasms subsided, they began to relax again. Sandra couldn't believe what she had just felt. Cole slipped his half-erect cock out of Karen's ass. It was slick with cum, and it was beginning to get hard again as he saw Sandra sitting there, her legs spread, her cherry ripe for the popping. Karen had passed out due to the intensity of her orgasm.

Cole began to stroke his cock as he moved to Sandra. Their eyes met, the lust was mutual. Sandra knew what she wanted, as did Cole.

Cole moved to her and positioned his cock at the entrance of her soaking wet hole. Her stared her right in the eyes as he gently pushed the head of his monster into her awaiting cunt.

"Ohhhh." Sandra moaned, short of breath. Cole pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Sandra's cunt until he reached her hymen. "Is this gonna hurt?" Sandra asked at the last minute.

"Only for a moment." Cole comforted her. "I will help you forget all about the pain." She nodded, and Cole pushed hard, breaking her cherry cleanly.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She screamed as she gave up her innocence forever. Cole's nine inches slipped gently into her amazingly tight cunt. He paused for a moment, letting Sandra recover from the sharp pain of having her hymen ripped. After a moment, the pain turned to pleasure as Cole began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her pussy, pushing deeper and deeper.

"Ohhhhhh my god." Sandra screamed as another orgasm hit her harder than the first. Cole kept pumping, extending Sandra's orgasm for almost a full minute or two. Cole, amazingly, held out, not coming.

Sandra could hardly speak, but she was able to instruct Cole. "You can't -- you know -- finish inside me. We aren't -- using -- protection."

Cole kissed her lips gently as he kept pumping into her, bringing her to a third, even more powerful orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She screamed loudly.

This pushed Cole right to the edge. Slowly, he pulled his cock from Sandra's loins and erupted onto her flat stomach. He unloaded more cum than ever onto her. His creamy cum puddled on her stomach, pooling in her bellybutton and dripping down the sides of her waist. Cole fell off of the couch as his orgasm began to subside. Sandra looked down at the cum on her stomach. It resembled liquid soap and it smelled like one of her hand-creams. It was unlike anything that she had ever seen.

Their screaming and moaning had awakened Karen, who groggily leaned forward, smiling like a Cheshire cat, and cleaned the cum off of Sandra's stomach with her tongue. Karen seemed to relish the sweet taste of Cole's hot cum.

Sandra could hardly move. "Oh dear god." She squeaked, short of breath. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt."

Cole, slowly beginning to regain his strength, stood. "Don't worry," he said, "It doesn't have to end here." Karen and Sandra stood as well, following Cole into his bedroom...


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