The Best Erotic Stories.

by Duke

I woke with such a desire. As the haze of a dream lifted from my mind, my hand slid through the twisted covers of the bed to the root of my desire. My cock felt so hot against my abs, fully erect and sensitive to my finger caresses. I closed my eyes as my left hand circled my cock and my right fell to cup my heavy balls in my hand. The skin of my sex was smooth and silky from the previous evenings shower and with the first upward stroke of my hand I felt a drop of slippery pre-cum slip from the head. So soon, I thought, wow. That must have been some dream! I let my mind wander and imagined Samantha in a fantasy.

Samantha is a sweet young girl that works at a coffee shop near my house and every morning I see her I wonder what it would be like to have her in bed. I imagine how her pert breasts smell once freed from their bonds, how her nipples taste on my lips, how her thighs feel rubbing softly against mine. But most of all I like to think about her lips pursed around my shaft. Her warm breath falling on the tip of my cock as she tells me "I want you to cum in my mouth. You taste so good, I love the way your face twists in pleasure when you cum in my mouth." With her words at an end, Sam returns her attention to my shaft. Her head bobbing up and down, cheeks bowed in as she applies gentle suckling pressure to my aching cock. Her eyes never leave mine as she works her wet, velvety tongue along the underside of my shaft. She stares directly into my eyes as she tries to smile while her mouth is filled with flesh.

Pulling her lips back from my cock with a "pop", Sam strokes my shaft as she whispers the words "Cum for me. Splash your cream on my tongue...all over me." Giving in to the pleasure I let out a low moan and look right into her eyes as I shoot all over her face. The first splash lands on her cheek and the second streaks right into her open mouth. Without missing a drop, Sam covers the head of my cock with her lips and swirls her tongue over the head of my cock as I shoot again and again into her mouth. When I am finished she lets a small bit of her treasure slip from the corner of her mouth. I love the way she looks with a bit of cum running down her smiling cheek.

Back in the real world I am stroking my cock, now slippery with pre-cum at a rapid pace. When I am right at the edge of climax I jump out of the bed and race into the bathroom and into the cold shower. The icy water takes all though of orgasmic bliss out of my mind and in a moment I am back in control of my passions. I want to keep this sexual tension all day long. I turn on the hot water and finish my shower in a more comfortable temperature. Before I am finished though I take a razor and shave the short hairs from my balls and the base of my still hard shaft. I love the way my cock stands out sexily from the trimmed short hairs of my pubes. More than that though, I love the extra sensations I get from my balls when they are caresses by my partner, or by my own hand for that matter.

The rest of the morning went without incident but not without more fantasies. I couldn't get the thought of sex out of my mind. The stifled orgasm had everything to do with that and I was secretly grateful. I had a plan today and I wanted to carry it out with as much pleasure as I could. A few years back when I was 18 I went into an adult bookstore on a corner near my house. I was a really horny kid, still in high school I looked a lot older than I was and getting into the place was not a problem. I used to take the lunch money that my Mom advanced me and go into the peepshow booths.

There I would flip through the channels until I found a scene where some bodiless woman was busy sucking on the cock of some equally bodiless man. I would let my pants fall to my knees and take out my rapidly hardening young cock and stroke it to full hardness. I was always aware of the leering eyes in the small glory hole cut into the thin walls. It didn't bother me that some guy was watching me, in some way it turned me on. On one particular day I decided to put on a real show for the eyes at the glory hole.

Taking my cock into my hand I turned to face to hole and stroked for my own pleasure and for the guy in the other booth. I got so turned on as I watched his fingers try to get at me through the small hole and after a few minutes He replaced his fingers and his eyes with his mouth. He stuck his tongue out at me and, like a curling finger, begged for me to come inside.

I had never had sex at this point; I was a shy person at heart. But here, in this small closet with the sounds of a blowjob coming from the television in the wall and me stroking away for the pleasure I was caught up in the excitement. I moved slowly forward and placed the head of my cock into the mouth on the other side of the wall. The first touch of my cock on that hot wet tongue sent shivers down my side. Falling into the pleasure I leaned forward and deeper into the mouth that was now gripping me like a vice.

I was in heaven. I felt the mouth on the other end suck so hard I thought that my whole body would get pulled through the hole. The mouth slipped up and down on my cock, taking me deep and then back off again though never once did that vacuum pressure let up. I turned my head and placed it flat against the wall, facing the screen, which was still showing the blowjob. I pushed my body hard against the wall, giving as much of my cock as I could to the mouth that was sucking me so good, so hard and so deep.

I was moaning now and near an orgasm. Try as I might to prolong the pleasure, there was just no way. I tried to pull out but the mouth only grabbed harder at my cock and pulled me deeper yet into his mouth. He must have had his teeth against the wall I was so deep. I let out a loud moan in warning and let loose the biggest orgasm I had ever had into the still sucking mouth on the other side of the wall. His mouth never left my cock as I pumped stream after stream of hot salty cum into the strangers' mouth.

Exhausted, I stayed put as I got strength back into my knees. The tongue on the other side began to lick at my wet cock, cleaning it of any leftover drops of cum that may have remained on my cock. I was floored. I never knew a blowjob could be that good. In my mind I made a mental note to myself to ask my mom to give me more money for ice cream.

Another fine story by Duke.
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