The Best Erotic Stories.

Turning Innocence
by Red Gyr


In a way she was caught in a time warp. She certainly wasn't a traditional Turkish daughter. Nor was she your typical Australian girl. At school she had mixed with other girls from her Turkish community. Some of the teachers had tried to point out that there was another way, but faced with the overwhelming pressure from her family, they merely tantalized her with a lifestyle she could never have.

Reeva was eighteen when she left school and what made her different was her beauty. Her face was exotic, pale, framed by black slightly wavy long hair. Her figure was full yet tight, youthful and firm. By any standards she was physically alluring. A sweet and innocent demeanor completed a picture of perfection.

That his daughter was so beautiful was the cause of her father's greatest joy and greatest anguish. She was everything to him but still she worried him. What was he to do about his daughter's future? In the end he fell back on the traditional values and sought her a husband. He did however realise that so special was his daughter that she should have, and indeed could attract, only the best. So certain was he, and so desperate to help his family, that he sought help from an unusual source.

His younger sister Katina was the black sheep of the family. She had the families stunning good looks, now so evident in his daughter, but had none of her gentle obedient ways. Younger than he by fifteen years, she had driven her parents to distraction. In desperation they married her to a well off family back in Turkey. Rather than dutiful and happy to be a wife she had left her husband of two years causing great scandal. She now lived between Australia and Turkey and visited only on family occasions - arguments usually the norm after only a few days. Because of her connections in the homeland it was to her that Reeva's father turned.

Katina was glad that her brother had come to her. She had little love for her family but enjoyed the recognition that she was important. Indeed she also saw this as an opportunity to repay a few debts. On the one hand the marriage of her beautiful obedient little niece to her ex-husbands cousin Dimitri would help heal some of the rifts which still worried her. Reeva was a mouse and would be a perfect bride for the demanding Dimitri. On the other hand Dimitri's money and status would pay back a little of the hurt she had caused her brother and her parents.

In a perverse way there was also a pay back for all the hurt they had caused her. Dimitri would be strict with Reeva, traditional even cruel. Lastly there was the ultimate insult and ultimate pleasure; Katina would sample a little of Reeva's charms herself. Put her through the hoops. No one but Reeva and she would ever know but knowing was enough. Her brother would never again be the superior one because she would have the knowledge to destroy him. In an equally strange way Katina, who had suffered through the humiliation and restrictions of an arranged marriage to one of the new Sultan's and suffered a vicious separation, did not believe that Reeva would mind or be hurt by her plans. She would be dutiful and would not feel the shackles Katina felt so strongly.

Advice on how to please a man like Dimitri would help Reeva. Lastly the small pleasures Katina would bring her would hold her in good stead for the times ahead. Give her an alternative to a traditional Turkish mans demands. But most importantly it would allow Katina to inflict upon Reeva, and through her, her family, some of the physical pain the end of her marriage brought her. She was, she secretly admitted to herself, somewhat perverted in her tastes. The end of her marriage had been partly responsible but also the fast moneyed people she had mixed with since. They had introduced her to group sex, homosexuality, and even rape, of men and girls by men and girls. Nothing was deemed unacceptable in their world, and her shaken mind had grasped the life style to her bosom.

So pleased was Reeva's father with the suggested match he lost all sense of responsibility. It was agreed that the wedding would take place in Turkey. An indication of the groom's wealth was that he would fly Reeva's family out for the wedding. Reeva's parents and immediate family, brother's sisters and even first cousins. Reeva herself would leave with her aunt and spend the two months prior to the wedding getting used to her new home and learning the ways of a Turkish wife from her aunt.


Katina started her work their first night in Turkey. Reeva tired, jet lagged, very disorientated and a little frightened of her new surroundings. They sat together, both in sleepwear on Reeva's bed.

Katina wearing a transparent black negligee but with an opaque bodice and worn with a matching black G-string. The effect was one of suggested nakedness but only the buttocks were on view. Reeva on the other hand wore a simple white cotton shift.

"All that goes on in this house will be our secret Reeva. No-one not even your husband will ever know. These are women's things. Do you understand?"

"Of course Aunt Katina."

"First point Reeva, just Katina. Yes?"

"Yes ... Katina."

"Good. We are good friends, and what we have to share if I am to help you be a good wife, are intimate. Too intimate for you to learn from an Aunt. Now tell me are you a virgin?"

"Of course."

"Not of course. You lived in Australia. The girls there are very sexually active. Have you kissed a boy?"

"Yes, at a school social."

"Did he touch you or you him?"


"Have you ever made yourself come?"


"Never? Why not? Surly the girls at that damned private school my brother sent you to discussed masturbation."

"Not my friends - the school had many Turkish girls."

"But what about the other girls, the Australians?"

"Yes but, well I think they did more than talk, you know, but I always felt that I shouldn't listen, that what they spoke of wasn't ... not nice."

"Oh no my dear it is very nice and very, very normal. You must learn how and do it often. Not only for the pleasure it will bring you but also for the pleasure your husband will gain. He may want to watch or it can simply relieve him from the pressure of having to make you come thus easing his burden and making sex more enjoyable for him. Of course you would never do it in front of him unless he asked you too. And then only after a little protest. Men like to feel that only they can really satisfy a woman. So tonight's lesson is your first orgasm."

Reeva looked both shocked and scared.

"I'll help you tonight like a good friend and teacher. Would you like this?"

"I don't know. Should you?"

"Yes I should. Now slip under the covers and take off your nightdress. I'll get the light."

Katina switched off the light then, still in her nightdress, slipped under the covers next to the now naked Reeva. She slipped her arm under Reeva's head and whispered to get comfortable.

"Now bend your knees a little and spread your legs just a little more. I'll get you started then you can learn."

Katina wet two fingers in her mouth and began to transfer the moisture to Reeva's still dry sex. The first contact made the young girl start but the insistent fingers soon had moisture a plenty to rub over the hardening clitoris. Katina noted the thickness and spread of Reeva's pubis hair - a mini jungle that would have to go. Reeva was distressed both at the intimacy and the sensations the intimacy was causing. The sounds she made were a mixture of shame, confusion and lust.

"Relax Reeva. You like me. Trust me. Enjoy the pleasure another woman can bring you."

"But the girls at school ... there were jokes about two girls."

"Of course there were. But you also heard whispered stories of girls together at school didn't you?"

"Yes ... but ... "

Reeva began to breath heavily and thrust her hips as the orgasm overtook her. Afterward Katina held her gently until she fell into a deep sleep.

Katina awoke before Reeva and slipped back the covers to look at the naked sleeping girl. She was on her back full breasts a little flat but still so firm that gravity was hardly winning. Her nipples where dark, mocha, and large. The cooler air from the sheets removal had semi hardened the nubs showing their length and fullness. Once again Katina noted the richness of Reeva's pubic growth. The black shinning hair almost totally hiding the full and slightly open lips beneath.

The beauty of the girl brought a lump to Katina's throat. She was, she told herself, not truly bi-sexual. Rather she was a heterosexual but one who could, under the right circumstances, with a really beautiful woman or girl, find pleasure giving and receiving sexual love. Reeva was just such a girl. Katina had still sought no relief for her own desires but was in no hurry. Never before had she seduced a girl. True she had slept with other women but it had always been understood or had been arranged by another. Further she didn't want to frighten her. She would stay dressed and seek only to give pleasure.

When Reeva awoke, Katina wanted her already on her way to her next orgasm so that the jet lag and the lust would combine to give Katina time. Time to talk to her, reassure her ... interest her. Katina slipped down the bed, raised herself over Reeva and began to slowly lick her slightly open pussy lips. Reeva was awake almost instantly but seemed unable to orientate herself. As her still sleepy eyes flicked about the room her hips began, of their own volition, to undulate and thrust gently against Katrina's tongue. Already the woman licking her niece so thoroughly could taste the flow of juices. Reeva took a huge breath and her eyes grew large and round when she finally saw that it was not fingers but a mouth bringing her pleasure, but she made no attempt to stop the ministrations. Slowly Reeva's eyes closed, her breasts began to swell and her hands grasped at the bed sheet below her. Several minutes later she began to twist on the bed, her hips at first pushing themselves onto the hardness of the tongue lashing her clitoris, and then pulling away looking for relief and the hardness of her own fingers thrust between her legs.

"Katina? ... I .."

Katina, who had drawn herself alongside Reeva and was gently nuzzling her breasts, sighed and smiled. "Yes?"

"I feel ... funny about all this. It's not right."

"You are not the first girl ... woman, I have made love to Reeva. Sophisticated people are not bound by normal morality."

"But Aunt Katina I'm not sophisticated. I'm marrying Dimitri and ... I don't want you to make love to me anymore."

"Just Katina. And you have little choice about how I instruct you. Believe me when I say to you that I do know best. Have I hurt you? Have I done anything but bring you pleasure? Am I so ugly that you feel ill at my attentions? Well?"

"Oh no Au... Katina. You've been wonderful and your so pretty and a really beautiful figure but ... I just feel uncomfortable."

"No. Strange perhaps. This is all so new to you but not I hope uncomfortable. Besides there is so much of your sexuality that I have to teach you. So many changes to your appearance."


Katina laughed and sat up. "Come." She took Reeva's hand and led her across the room to a full-length mirror. "Well? What differences can you see between us?"

"I ... well, you're taller, you've got clothes on ..."

"You call these clothes? Alright I'll take them off." Katina slipped the negligee and G-string off and stood next to her niece. The mirror reflected the obvious family connection. True Katina was taller by a few inches but both women had the olive complexion, clear smooth skin, large firm darkly tipped breasts, slim legs and gently flared hips. "Well Reeva?"

Reeva's eyes looked closely at the two naked women reflected in front of her. A smile played across her lips. The situation, jet lag, surroundings and glow of her orgasms gave everything a dream like quality. "As I said you're taller. Let's see. You wear makeup. Your hair is shorter, no ... just styled."

"Is that all? What about my other hair?"

Reeva laughed. "That's defiantly shorter. In fact its almost not there. I can see your lips..."

"You sound shocked? What about our tans?"

"Do sophisticated women shave themselves there. Reveal their lips?"

"Smart ones do. Now our tans?"

"We're both tanned. Oh I see. You've no tan lines. You sun-bake in the nude?"

"Of course. When a woman presents herself nude to a man he shouldn't be distracted by what style of bathing costume she prefers. Though by the same token there are some men who prefer to see tan lines. It makes the woman more naked. I don't know which Dimitri prefers but I'll find out and you can comply. As for the other changes? That thatch of hair between your legs must go - totally I think. All the concubines and wives of the Turkish Sultans harem were shaved you know, ALL body hair. I don't think that extreme will be necessary but on your wedding night a gesture towards the tradition might be nice. Make up ... no. I think your beauty needs no help and the innocence is enhanced. However a little styling of the hair would not go astray. Well what do you think?"

Katina led Reeva back to the bed and sat next to her.

"Do you think I should? I mean you know, shave down there?"

"Yes in fact I'll do it for you, and now."

Katina moved Reeva to a chair she pulled up in front of the dressing table mirror. Then taking scissors from the draw began to cut the springy yet soft curls from between her legs. Within a few minutes Reeva pubic thatch was reduced to a longish stubble covering her lips and lower belly. Katina left her niece sat in the chair, her legs spread and her feet upon the dressing table, when she went to the bathroom for hot water, soap, towel and a razor. She returned to find Reeva still looking at herself as she ran her hands over her exposed sex. Katina put down her tray of shaving gear and moved to a position behind the girl.

"You look beautiful Reeva. Are you happy?"

"Yes. But everything is so different here. I feel different, I act differently. Home seems so far away. I'm more than a little frightened. I've never been with anyone before, you know, sexually. Now there's you and soon Dimitri - and I've never even met him. I had a crush on one of my teachers once, she knew it and I think didn't mind but ... well no-one ever really does anything do they."

"I have, we have." Katina ran her hand down the girls arm and took her hand. Then as Reeva, mouth open and breathing quickly, watched in the mirror she placed the hand onto her breast. "Is this also a first for you? Or have you touched another girls breast before?"

As Reeva fondled the breast and felt the nipple harden she nodded in the negative. "Once my room mate held my hand to her chest to feel her heart. I think she wanted me to feel her breasts."

"So your school was not all innocence as you would of had me believe last night."

"But no-one actually did anything. Well not amongst my friends"

"Fine, now let me finish what I have started." With that Katina lathered up Reeva's sex and with sure purposeful strokes removed all hair leaving a smooth bald pussy. She then had Reeva kneel in the chair, her knees spread, and foam then razor was applied to her ass until no hair grew anywhere between her legs. Satisfied with her work, and with Reeva still kneeling, Katina sank to the floor behind her and licked her to orgasm.

" Enjoy that my love?"

"Mmm ... thankyou."

Katina picked up her discarded G-string and slipped it on. "When I think your ready I'll let you thank me properly but until then you have much to learn."

"But I am ready and I want to make love to you."

"Yes making love with you will be nice but that is not the only way you can thank me Reeva, and I'll decide when your ready. For a start I want you to keep yourself perfectly shaved from now on. Not only will it be a symbol of your obedience towards your husband and his ancestry, but also it will be an acknowledgement that you are my lover and you are ever ready for my tongue. Oh, and if I ever find even the hint of stubble I will spank you. And Reeva, I'll enjoy that too."

"Yes Aunt Katina ... Sorry Katina. When you're stern I forget."

"That's alright darling. I'll try not to be too stern too often."


Reeva's schooling was not all pleasure, Katina reflected. There was much the child had to learn about her role as wife, soon no doubt mother and housekeeper. All this of course in a strange country though, thanks to her family, not a strange culture. And there were of course the arrangements for the wedding its self. The introduction to Dimitri and his family had been strained but all had been pleased including Reeva in the darkly handsome Dimitri.

However the highlight was still the nights and mornings, and occasional afternoon, when Katina partook of the pleasures Reeva now so willingly offered. Reeva was totally smitten with the older woman who was able so easily to bring out the suppressed desires of Reeva's all-girl schooling. For five days now Katina had resisted the urge to let her niece make love to her, in fact to even see her nude again. She had uncovered a nipple on one occasion and allowed Reeva to suck on it as she fingered her to orgasm but other than that the young girl was always the recipient. On one occasion, not satisfied with the smoothness of her pubis, she had spanked her and had enjoyed it. Reeva seemed not too, but came very quickly afterward so who could tell. Always Katina had been in charge and had told Reeva to strip, or lie, or kneel, and the girl had done so without question.

"Reeva do you love me?" This early one evening on the sixth day of her instruction. They were lying on the bed clothed with Reeva snuggled up to her aunt.

"Yes, I always will."

"No I think you'll forget me when you are married to Dimitri."

"No, you promised you'd visit."

"And I will. Shall we seal a bargain you and I?"

"Yes anything."

"If you love me as you say then you ought to make love to me yes?"

"Oh please."

"Good, but I want something in return. Something I won't order you to give me, something you must ask me to take."


"I want your virginity. Before Dimitri."

"But how?"

"I want to put my hand inside you, make a fist and fuck you. Will you ask me to do that?"

"Will it hurt?"

"No I'll open you gently, slowly but if it were, would you refuse me?"

"No. I'm just frightened."

"No need my darling." As Katina drew the girl up into her arms she kissed her chastely as she had done many times before, except that instead of breaking away, this time her tongue opened the girls mouth and they shared their first kiss of passion. Reeva mewed into her aunt's mouth and explored the other mouth with her tongue, as she pressed her body into that of the other woman. "So my sweet?" Breaking the kiss.

"Oh yes. I love you and want to make love to you and give you my virginity - even if it does hurt."

"Good. So tonight will be a special night. Your night. So tonight you can make the arrangements. What do you want?"

"After dinner we'll come back here then I'll undress you, I can still remember what you look like, then you can do as I ask as I love you."

"And then?"

"Then you can have me ... and do what you like to me. O.K.?"

"Yes ... and there will be more Reeva, much more."


After the meal they walked arm in arm back to their apartment. Once inside the younger girl began to hold and exchange deep kisses with her Aunt. Reeva broke the kissing, and out of habit, began to prepare only herself by removing her clothes whilst her Aunt stood watching amused. When Reeva looked up and saw the smile on her aunt's lips she giggled. "Oh Katina I've forgotten that tonight its your turn. Should I undress you or do you want to do it yourself?"

"What do you want to happen?"

In answer Reeva began to undress the older woman. The blouse was first and each patch of skin was kissed and caressed as it was revealed. The honey glow of Katrina's complexion shone even more warmly in comparison to the blazing white of the lacy bra. That was next to go baring the heavy, firm, dark nippled breasts, which were nuzzled, sucked and licked by the eager youth. The short skirt disappeared next leaving Katina stood only in white lacy 'G' string and high heels. Reeva fell to her knees and clasping the other woman's buttocks pushed her face into her lap. Katina smiled as she saw and heard the girl's rapid breathing and felt the full softness of Reeva's breasts and the hard nubs of her nipples pushing against her legs.

Katrina was more than ready now for sex. She looked forward to feeling the innocent young tongue probing her folds and was impatient to shove her hand into the tightness of the virginal cunt. As an added bonus she had also prepared another experience for her innocent. A present from a past lover, a realistic and beautifully carved ivory penis, was destined tonight to open and fill her nieces puckered ass hole. But that would wait until it was her turn. For now she was being lead to the bed where wordlessly she was laid on her back and her 'G' string removed. Next, her eyes fixed staring at her aunts cunt, Reeva now on her knees, spread and pushed the legs apart and back then buried her entire face, tongue lashing, in the wet spread of her vulva. As Katina abandoned herself to pleasure she wondered at the apparent expertise, or at best lack of inhibition displayed by her niece.

For Reeva there was only love. The excitement of at last possessing her lover was almost too much. For days she had allowed herself to experience all the pleasures so often talked about in whispers at her school. Now with her Aunt spread before her all shyness had disappeared. She wanted to drown in the beauty of her aunt's body and give pleasure time and time again. Then she was almost eager to get this experience over so that she could prove herself worthy of Katrina's love by giving herself once more to her aunt. Even though this time she knew there was pain to come as well as pleasure. The obvious excitement that Katina had taken in beating her when she had forgotten to apply the depilatory cream was still fresh in her mind.

She was not silly enough to believe that being fist fucked was not without some risk of discomfort, from what she had heard, and there was also the veiled talk of "more". But for the moment all could be born or given for love, and she would make sure that Katina did love her as much as she her. Her first taste of another woman's sex was not so different to her own. A taste that Katina had over the last few days made sure she was used too. Indeed Reeva found that her lover's juices were almost aphrodisiacal in nature; the more she licked the more urgent the need to immerse herself in the wetness. As her tongue flashed across the hardness of Katrina's clitoris, Reeva lowered the legs to her shoulders reached upwards to her breasts and began to play with the turgid nipples. The harder they became the more she pulled and rolled them. Meanwhile the clit was pulled into her mouth and her lips sucked urgently on the tiny hardness. Katina, unable to control her response, was thrashing on the bed and making it difficult for the young girl to stay with her task.

Reeva could see that success was close. Her lover's breasts were swollen and small ripples were running the length of the flat, tightened stomach. Suddenly Katina groaned, allowed the sound to become a mewing moan, and began to spasm urgently. She thrust her hand between her legs and turned onto her side pushing her niece away. Reeva, still kneeling on the floor, her face covered in her aunt's wetness, was beaming with pride and elation that she had so quickly pleased the other woman. Whilst Katina, shinning with perspiration, was marveling and still excited at the girls enthusiasm and natural talent. She rolled onto her back and signaled the girl to join her. Then they held each other stroking each other's backs and arms, their legs intertwined.

Katina was the first to speak. "Thank you my little darling, you were marvelous. Where did you learn to let yourself go that way?"

"Oh thank you Katina. I loved it. Was I really good? Did you really like it? I just wanted to eat you all up." she finished giggling.

Reeva's eagerness to please was already stirring Katina to renewed passion. She pushed Reeva to a sitting position against the pillows and with a handkerchief and large bottle of 4711 wiped away the perspiration and drying juices from both their bodies. "Well my little niece have you more to ask of me or is it my turn to do the asking?"

Reeva swallowed, breathed deeply and uttered the words she had rehearsed in her head. "Take my virginity please Katina. Use me anyway that brings you pleasure."

The older woman's heart caught in her throat and her stomach tightened in anticipation and, yes, a feeling of power and rising sadism.

She kissed the girl firmly on the mouth as she held her face in her hands. "I have something to show you." Katina reached into the bedside draw and drew out the ivory dildo and a tube of K.Y. jelly. Putting the lubricant aside she handed the fascinated girl the nine-inch sculpture. Reeva held it uncertainly in her hands studying and feeling it's cool length. After a minute she looked questioningly at her aunt. "Do you love me Reeva? Will you do anything to make me happy?"

The girl didn't hesitate. "Yes anything, just tell me what I must do."

Katina drew in a long shuddering breath. "Tonight ... and I hope not only tonight, I will get pleasure from using you ... hurting you and humiliating you." She kissed the girl more passionately than ever before. "For us both this may be a one time experience. From this point on say nothing my darling only do as I ask and remember tonight will bind us together for ever."

Reeva was more than a little scared. The woman was so urgent and her breathing so ragged. Never had she seen such naked passion and it frightened her. However she also knew that she would suffer anything for Katrina's continued love and there was sure to be pleasure as well. With these mixed emotions welling inside her she smiled and nodded wordlessly that all was well, and handed back the fake cock.

Katina took the penis then almost immediately ordered Reeva, who was still half sat against the pillows, to grasp her own legs behind the knees and to draw her legs as far back to her chest as she could and to spread her knees as far apart as possible. So exposed was Reeva, Katina was unsure whether she wanted to plunge the dildo into cunt and ass first then fist fuck her or drive first her fist home and leaving it there then shove the ivory penis up her ass. She decided on the later. As she ran the jelly over her left hand she positioned herself directly in front of the girl and began by sliding two greased fingers in and out of the exposed pink lips. Then a third finger was added and the steady pumping rhythm increased. "The first time a woman did this to me my little one I orgasmed with her whole hand inside of me. I was so proud that I had taken her. Her hands were so much bigger than mine. You will take me easily Reeva."

The forth, little finger, was added. Already Reeva's juices were flowing; running in tiny rivulets along the aunts wrist, and her hips were pushing gently, but ever more urgently, against the thrust of the fingers. Reeva's face was turned aside and her eyes were closed. Katina tucked her thumb into her palm and keeping the rhythm going suddenly thrust deeper and her hand disappeared to the wrist. Reeva half screamed half moaned and thrashed her head from side to side but her eyes did not open and Katina did not slacken the pace of her thrusting. Only now the movement was small keeping the hand always buried in the virgins cunt. Shortly Reeva's head stilled and the thrusting of her hips returned. Katina slowly balled her fist and quickened the pace slightly. If she now lowered her head and licked the girls cunt, as her first woman had done to her it would all be over, but Katina was in no rush.

"Do you know what buggery is darling?"

Reeva opened her eyes a little then shook her head in the negative and the eyes closed. "Its when a man puts his penis in your ass. Not just between your cheeks but actually inside your ... backdoor. Most men, well at least the ones I know, enjoy it. Even though it hurts the woman at first, often during the whole act. They enjoy a woman screaming, submitting, they enjoy the tightness on their pricks. I'm going to do it to you, with my ivory prick. I was going to do it to you now but ... your so full already. Come first my darling." With that she began to suck on the girls already distended clit and within seconds the orgasm was ripping through her body and the heaving had pulled the hand free of her still sodden cunt.

Katina wiped her hands then rolled the quiet girl full length on her stomach and began to massage her back, buttocks and shoulders. As she rubbed she talked. "I'll tell you of my introduction to buggery Reeva so that you'll know what I will do to you isn't all bad. It might even explain why I need to, make that want to, do it to you. I didn't love my husband. It was your fathers, my brothers, match. I was too headstrong for my husband and after two years I was leaving. I told him I was going and took a beating or two for my trouble. My husband was not an understanding man. But he seemed to finally accept it and in fact began to treat me well.

"One night, I should have left well before this; he had his cronies over for a card game. There were five of them including my husband. He wanted me to play hostess. I wore a lovely western cocktail dress and smiled nicely and served them their drinks. After they had been playing a few hours he called me over to the table and announced to his friends that I was leaving him. That in his eyes I was no better than a slut and that as a parting gift the five of them would share everything I had to offer. There was nothing I could do.

"They grabbed me and tore my clothes off me. I was laid face down across the card table two held my arms and shoulders to the table, two others held a leg each. I was held there so that my cunt and ass were clear of the table and my legs were pulled apart. My husband then explained that in two years of marriage he had never sampled my ass hole. He dropped his pants but first removed the belt and used it not only on my bum cheeks but also on my spread cunt and ass hole. Then he walked up to me spread some grease and rammed himself into my anus in one thrust. All five of them did me that way, spread on the table. Not all in my ass, though that was to come, his friends wanted to use my cunt at first. It was all pre-arranged and the men were excited at the evening ahead. I was attractive and western and the wife of a friend. They never had hoped to have me but now I was theirs. They enjoyed themselves and each came in turn. By then my husband was ready to go again. I didn't want any more pain Reeva. I pleased them time and time again in any way they wanted.

"For over four hours I did anything they wanted, disgusting things, painful things, ludicrous things, whatever they wanted. I had all five of them at once, took them on singularly. I was beaten and pissed on; I masturbated for them. I put bottles and other things up my cunt for them. They shaved off my pussy hair and had me crawl on all fours with an under-ripe banana in my ass. I was tied in all sorts of positions. It went on and on. They eventually over did it of course. It was all hushed up and I was in hospital for several weeks, and therapy for years after that. It changed me, it made me like them. I hurt those I love. I'm angry all the time and I'm hopelessly promiscuous. They did it to me my little darling."

Reeva rolled over and, horror all over her face, kissed her aunt lovingly. Katina cradled her niece in her arms and spoke softly to her. "Do you want to love me forever?"

"Oh I do love you. I always want to."

"Then share that awful experience with me so we can share the same memories. Will you let me beat and rape you like my husband and his friends did me? And do for me what I had to do afterward for them?"

"I'm frightened. I'm afraid of the pain."

"If you love me then there will also be unimagined pleasure when we share each others bodies."

Reeva knew she was always going to say yes, so offered her mouth as a sign of consent. Katina opened the girl's mouth with hers and sucked longingly on the young tongue offered. "Get on your knees, shoulders on the bed that's right, put your ass up high. Now get your legs apart ... wider, good! I'll beat you and your not to move no matter where I hit."

Katina took a wide leather strap from beneath a pillow and whipped the girls upturned bottom. Several vicious blows were also delivered to the shaved slit of her vulva. Reeva barely made a sound. Katina greased the ivory phallus and none to gently pushed it deep into the offered anus. This time Reeva screamed and collapsed onto the bed but Katina rode down with her, thrusting the tool in and out of Reeva's ass. As Reeva screamed and cried the older woman beat her back with the strap leaving the dildo imbedded in Reeva's ass. Then dropping the strap she took hold of the dildo once again and whilst thrusting it in and out of the tortured hole rubbed her own clit furiously. The look on her face was one of victory, relief and naked lust. As she began to orgasm she withdrew the dildo from the girls ass and pushed the head into her own rectum. The dildo remained there as she came.

Reeva covered in sweat and shaken from the assault, lay face down sobbing as quietly as she could. When she sensed that her aunts orgasm had passed she looked and in a little voice asked if she had been 'all right'.

"The first part, yes. In a minute we will have the rest."


"They changed me that night Reeva. I want you to feel a little of the lusts and hates I feel. If you join me in reliving that night then maybe you'll understand and we can be closer. We might even be together for ever if you really love me."

"I don't know. I'm confused ... it hurt so much Katina. What of Dimitri? If we love each other and are together ... all I know is I love you. Help me understand Katina."

"Darling niece, give yourself to me totally and you will understand. You will understand what submission is and how pain can bring you pleasure. How belonging to me can bring you happiness to last a lifetime. With me you will never be alone. If, like my marriage, it doesn't last with Dimitri then you will live with me. Yes?"

"But why must I live at all with Dimitri? I love you and if you want me too, why must I marry him?"

Katina thought.

It would be nice to have this meek little thing as her toy. To use and abuse until her interest in her waned. To be adored so was an ego boost. Indeed she would spread Reeva's charms among all her friends so that all may taste the young ones penchant for masochism. It would be fun. However the problems it would raise with Dimitri and his family was worrying. As for Reeva's family it might be an even bigger coup than she had imagined. It would of course cut her off from her brother forever, but then this girl might be compensation enough. It did raise also the problem of her own sexuality? Was she, as she had often thought, heterosexual with a dash of variety or was it deeper. If she risked all for a girl was she really a dyke? She shuddered at the ugly term. No! She wanted the submission this girl could offer, not the woman. Submissive males nauseated her so it would have to be a girl. Besides, she would be all the more popular with men if she came automatically as a twosome. It was interesting food for thought.

"You are right my darling if you are really to be mine, if you are willing to make the sacrifices, then it might indeed change things."

She kissed the still worried girl and began to tie her into position. On her back wrists tied to knees and the knees spread and held apart by scarves. Reeva was totally exposed and unable to move. Her aunt however did little at first. Alternating sucking on her nipples and her tongue she talked to the frightened but aroused girl.

"It would be difficult to leave now Reeva. I would have to be sure you did love me. I would have to know you would not change your mind and complain at your treatment. That you would not balk at fucking any men I choose for you."

"Would you want that Katina?"

"Yes. And much more - total submission to me Reeva, total! Can you do that? People will call you names. A freak, masochist, dyke, slut, incestuous whore, and more. But with my friends and I, you'll be safe. Do you want that?"

Reeva thought only for a moment. "I'm here like this because I love you. I want to be yours forever. Yes Aunt Katina. Yes."

"Then no promises, but I will make plans. Now please me."

The talking had quieted Katrina's raging passion and anger. She needed the passion to build again. She straddled the tied girls face and lowered her cunt to the waiting lips. Then as the sucking and licking began she reached forward and grasped the other girl's cunt lips roughly in her hand and squeezed. The whimpering girl licked harder.

"Lick my asshole, bitch. That's it. Now push your tongue up it. Up the puckered hole you cunt."

Using two hands she pulled Reeva's lips apart and back exposing the reddened clit. Then as the tongue went back to her own clit from her ass she sucked and bit the offered nub until the girl came screaming. Then she slapped the wet cunt until her own climax overcame her.


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