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The Intruder
by BluesmanII

The fog spread over the town like a wave washing onto shore. It crept to each house on cat-feet and condensed on windows, lawns, and patio furniture. It muffled the sounds of the night and hid the activities of people who were still out at this very, very early morning hour.

One such person was a powerfully built, strongly featured man who dressed in black jeans, black turtleneck shirt, black shoes and, slipping them on as he approached his target house, black gloves.

He gently tried the window and found it locked. Using a jimmy, he wedged the sill open and silently lifted the sash opening it enough to fit his 6'2" frame through, though just barely. He seemed to know the house as only one who had previously been there would. He knew where the woman slept, and somehow, he knew she was alone.

The crepe soles of his soft shoes made no sound at all as they padded across the wooden floor. Turning sharply right into the hallway, each measured step was tested first... to see if the floor creaked... to see if she awoke. When it was clear that he would make it to the bedroom door without incident, he checked to make sure that the stocking he had pulled over his face was secure and, deftly, he turned to knob to her bedchamber. She was soundly asleep and the blue glow of a small TV screen illuminated the room. He slipped over to the bedside and, cupping his palm, placed it fast and firmly over her mouth. She awoke with a start... thinking first that it was a bad dream, then... the smell of the leather glove over her mouth, the sudden pounding of her heart, the very real figure in black before her, made her wrench to get free, to scream without sound as the glove and his hand muffled her cries. She thought furiously!!! What did I learn in rape-prevention class??!! What is he here for??!!! Maybe he's robbing me! She knew better the moment she thought it! Burglars never wake their victims if they can help it. No, she realized, this entry could be nothing but a rape. She went limp as a nauseous feeling passed through her. What would he do? Would he beat her? Kill her???!!!

The figure in black spoke... "Now... keep VERRRY quiet! I'm not going to hurt you, I'm only going to make love to you. I'm going to lift my hand from your mouth, if you scream out, I'm going to hit you, so don't try it. It won't help, no one is around at this hour anyway." He lifted the gloved hand and sat on the side of the bed next to her. There was something strangely familiar about his build. It seemed like the body of a man she had very recently met, but she couldn't place it. Had she met him? Had she, somehow, attracted him???!!! Where???!!!

"You cowardly Mother-Fucker!" she heard herself hiss! "What the fuck do you think you are doing??? You are never going to get away with this!"

"Oh..." he said non-chalantly, "but I AM going to get away with it. If you somehow determine who I am, and you report me, one of my friends will pay you a visit and it will not be pleasant! On the other hand, I know a bit about you... I know what you like, and if you play along, you might even enjoy yourself! Now... take off that nightgown!"

"You smug bastard!" she spit... "You hurt me in any way and I'll see you burn in hell!" He laughed gently at her threat and she noticed the nearly musical quality to his voice. He was obviously someone of a professional background, educated.... and she didn't know why, but this relaxed her a bit. She pulled the gown over her head and she heard him suck in his breath appreciatively as her beautiful breasts bounced free. His eyes narrowed through the stocking and she could see him stare at the nipples even as his gloved hand moved to touch them. She couldn't believe this... she was actually beginning to become aroused against her will!

"Now... lay back!" he commanded, " and just relax your body. I PROMISE you won't get hurt, and I'll even wear a condom".

"Oh... lucky me!" she said sarcastically. But she laid back against her headboard, letting her breasts relax against her chest, and her long naked legs stretched forth on top of the bed.

The man in black pulled one glove off, and she noticed that his hands were not the hands of an office professional, but the hands of someone who worked with tools for a living. For not the last time this night, she thought that there was something familiar about him! His ungloved hand caressed her breasts. First the left one, then the right one. The hand slid along her leg over the top of her thigh and down over the knees and along the shin. She felt a twinge of guilt at the pleasurable sensation. Damn it! She determined not to let him control her! He told her to roll over on her stomach. She did, and she felt the hand smooth over the curves of her ass, the gloved hand prying at the inside of her thighs. The sensation of the leather felt oddly exciting and he suddenly clapped a hard smack with the glove that startled her and broke the silence. "Hey! What the...???"

"SHUT UP!" he said! "You talk when I tell you to talk!" She went limp again and his hand parted her legs slightly and, involuntarily, her ass slightly raised to receive what she was sure would be a succession of blows.

Only one! If she could see it, both ass cheeks had the outline of a man's hand, reddened, against the milky flesh. Again, she found the excitement that this caused disquieting. The ungloved hand crept up and she felt the tips of his rough fingers sliding along the inside of her right thigh. His finger was gentle, it touched lightly on the outside edge of her pussy and made small circular motions around the lips. She found herself opening up to his gentle prodding.

While the rough, ungloved hand played at the innermost crease of her thighs, the gloved hand reached under her and firmly grasped her tits. First one, then the other. The unfamiliar feel of leather on her nipples caused them to grow taut and a twinge of... what??? desire???!!! No!... caused her to relax her legs and ass more and the ungloved hand slipped the first joint of his middle finger into the moist cleft. She could feel him moving the large finger slowly in and out of her while the gloved hand cupped, fondled, and felt her breasts. She wondered at this point what would be next.

She did not have to wait long for an answer! He reached into a pocket and took out a long, black, bandana. She was only aware of it when he started to fit it over her eyes. She became alarmed! Is this where he would hurt her??!! "What...???"

"SHUT UP!" he said. "I'm going to blindfold you. I want to take off my mask to lick that sweet pussy, but I don't want you to see me. If you make any trouble I WILL hurt you. Now, just lift your head...." She lifted her head from the pillow as directed and he pulled the black kerchief tightly around her head encircling it at eye level. He knotted it behind her and, using yet another two, he flipped her onto her back and tied each arm to the bedposts. Again she struggled instinctively, not liking the way that this was proceeding. Fearful of the ultimate result. "Just stop fighting me!" he said. "I'm only here for sex... Give me what I want and I'll go and never come back!"

She could not resist anyway. He was large and strong. Her hands were tied to each bedpost and then he splayed her legs and tied each leg to opposite legs of the bed. She was tightly drawn up and out. Her cunt wide open to his soft predations. She could hear him unbuckling his belt. She heard the trousers fall, but did not hear him remove his shoes or remove the pants entirely. She concluded that he wished to be nearly ready to bolt in case they were interrupted. He obviously meant to fuck her with his pants on. She squirmed, and let out a gasp as his belt smacked the inside of her thigh. To even things out, he also smacked the inside of the opposite thigh. This stung, but it was hot, red, and so close to her open cunt, that it made her, strangely, want more of this unwanted attention.

She felt him lay down on the bed between her legs. His gloved hand on her right thigh, his ungloved hand on her left thigh. A tongue began to caress the soft, inner, tissue of her legs... high up, and very close to her cunt. Exactly, in fact, where he had just slapped her with the belt. The tongue felt hot because of the fresh, stinging, skin. It moved in long lashes up the thigh, pausing at the entry to her pussy, then glided down the opposite thigh. He seemed in no hurry at all and the repeated, wet, licks up and down caused her chest to heave as her respiration rate rose and her heart pounded.

Damn him! she thought. He's good at this! How many women has he raped? His tongue, (at long last! it seemed to her) touched on her cunt and the tip of it was firm as it felt it's way along the slit up to her clit. It touched her there, gently, and she nearly jumped at the electric sensation of it! He licked more firmly now and she felt a glove on her right breast and his rough hand on her left. His head pushed hard against her cunt licking firmly, probing it deeply. Against her will, she shuddered to a violent orgasm, cursing him beneath her breath. "Damnnnnn... ohhhhhhh..... damn you!!!!"

He laughed. "Liked that... did you????"

"No!!!" she lied. He pulled himself lengthwise over her body. She felt the bunched trousers as they moved up, over her thighs, over her belly, up to her breasts. She knew that he was hard as his cock slid over her breasts and the pendulous weight of it rested there.

"Know what I want next?" he teased.

"Yes... " she said under her breath. "You want me to suck you."

"Oh yes...." he replied... "but I want MUCH more than that!" His thighs brushed against her face and the insistence of their presence made her aware of the fact that he straddled her and that his cock was directly above her lips. She leaned left first, then right... her tongue darting out and touching the coarse, curly, hairs at the very top of his thighs. She licked his thighs, her tongue trailing along the hairy insides and the smell of his man-scent filling her with desire. The cock brushed gently against her lips. The sweet bit of semen dangling from the end slicked her lips with a salty taste of things to come.

The fat prick at the end of his cock pressed insistently against her lips and she parted them slowly, but willingly. The rigid member excited her and it's own level of excitement assured her that her attentions were not wasted! The cock became noticeably harder and fatter with each oral offering. She stretched her mouth to accommodate the dusky expanse and his cock expanded exponentially to fill whatever it was offered. He pushed down as his hands reached back and held her thighs firmly. The rigid shaft began to rhythmically fuck her mouth as her blindfolded face accepted this new role and, seemingly, relished it! Her tits pointed toward the ceiling and his hands moved from her thighs to her tits as she again became familiar with the gloved/ungloved hands making light play with her anatomy. He tweaked each nipple and his cock fucked her mouth brutally seeking a release after over an hour of rough sex-play.

But he was not yet ready! He left her stranded... nude... spread eagle across the bed, tied to the corners, licked, sucked, and everything but violently fucked! She didn't need a guide dog to guess, blindfolded, what he had in mind next!!!!

She felt him loosen her bonds so that he could re-arrange her body! The position was entirely reversed. Both hands were brought together and then bound to the center of the headboard as her body was switched once again to a face down position. Her ankles were bound to opposite corners of the bed, but not before her knees were individually looped with silk scarves, pulled forward and secured. She was now face down, arms upstretched and tied to the center of the headboard, ankles pulling her legs apart and her knees brought up so that her ass was prominently raised toward the ceiling.

She lay there for many minutes quietly and without incident. She was beginning to wonder if he had tired of these games and left without a trace, when a belt whistled through the dead-air and creased her ass cheeks with a welt that reddened and burned slightly. Again and again it fell, leaving her ass red, hot and her cunt wet with anticipation of imminent carnal fulfillment.

Against all odds, and against her will, she was brought to the edge of a screaming, thrashing, orgasm. She felt him position himself directly behind her and his cock now pressed insistently against her cunt-lips!

He pressed the fat knob against the wet fold as it was offered up to him. He pushed very slowly forward, careful, she noted, so as to not hurt her with his entry. It mattered not! She was now finally wet and very, very, willing. That she betrayed this did not bother her at this point! It did not exonerate him that she reacted as a sexual being to his unwanted sexual advances. Biology was, after all, biology! When you cause someone to act out of character, you are, indeed, the villain! His fat, purple cock pressed hard against her cunt and entered with no resistance. It slid easily back and forth seeking an equilibrium of pleasure with her own super-charged libido! Again and again it filled her void with solid cock-flesh! He struck forward with a meat-intensity that caused her to cum over and over, quietly shedding all pretense of withdrawal. He pushed hard, fast, and fucked her cunt with an intensity that she had not ever encountered before! Her hands grasped the knots of her bounds as his cock fucked her till he started to gasp,... and.... pulling it's huge length from her wet cunt ... violently stroked it, bringing the appendage to a frothy finish all over her ass and clit.

His breathing slowed with her own and they both collapsed to rest for several minutes which surprised her with their intimacy.

"I have never been here!" he said. "You don't know me and you don't want to try!" He pulled his clothes together, loosened her bonds, and, with those brief words as coda, he slipped into the night and was indelibly stamped into her memory!

The end...?

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