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Rounding the corner into the black alley, Tygra flung herself to the mud-caked ground. Tense with trepidation, she listened for signs of pursuit. Before she even had a chance to catch her breath, a figure came out of the night, hurtling past her before diving onto the ground. Even from her present position, Tygra could see that it was her best friend, Laura.

"Laura," she whispered in relief, before terror took hold once more. "Come on! We have to get out of here and hide!" "I know!" her friend replied, over her shoulder. "Lets make a run for it!"

They got to their hands and knees as silently as they could, readying themselves to spring into the night. As they started to move though, two large figures came out of the darkness and flattened them, back into the grime and mud. Winded by the sudden attack, Tygra made herself go limp, in pretence of a faint. Laura, on the other hand, began to struggle with the sudden burst of superhuman strength that comes from extreme fear. Tygra watched as she beat her fists against the muscular chest repeatedly in a desperate attempt to free herself. Both ploys failed as the two men suddenly rose, jerking the women to their feet before they slammed them hard against the wall.

"So, you're the thieves! Where is the money you stole, huh?" one of the men asked with disgust. "We don't have any idea what you're talking about!" Tygra said with desperately faked innocence. "Oh really?" he sneered. "Well, we'll soon see. Search her!" he commanded the other officer. The man sneered,"It would be my pleasure." Before Laura could do more than gasp, he suddenly ripped her sky blue blouse in two, before throwing it to the ground beside them. Laura shook with fright as her chest was suddenly bared to the cool night air; she tried to cover herself with her hands to avoid the stares of the two officers, but her hands were quickly snatched away. The officer took advantage of the opportunity to cup her right breast with his own hand, making her skin crawl.

Gulping in air frantically, Laura started to scream in terror. However, the police officer that was holding Tygra leaned over and cracked the back of his hand across her cheek, stunning her into silence. Even as her screams subsided, the other officer squeezed her breast hard in punishment, causing her to yelp in pain. Desperate now, Laura began to struggle anew. Horrific thoughts chased each other through her mind as she beat wildly at the cruel officer. The thought of rape flashed briefly in her mind before she forced it back. However, it had taken hold already. Terrified of the idea, Laura reacted automatically and kneed the man who held her in the groin. He groaned in agony and fell to the ground, freeing Laura from his grip. As soon as she realized she was free, she went after the man holding Tygra. However, before she could get there the injured officer on the ground struggled to his feet while pulling out a long samari sword and pointed it straight at her.

"You bitch! You'll pay for that!" Turning around slowly, Laura stared wide-eyed at the sword pointed at her heart. Before she had time to react, the officer ran her through. The sword moved through the air, almost in slow motion, and slammed into Laura's chest. She felt the burning pain pierce her heart, then her lips parted in shock as she slid to the ground.

"No!" Tygra broke free of the man who held her and ran to Laura, throwing herself over the lifeless body. As she checked for a pulse hot, tears streamed a path down her anguished face. "No!" she keened, helplessly.

"You can't be dead! Laura!" Her shoulders shook as she sobbed into Laura's golden hair, now matted with dirt. Suddenly hands grabbed her arms, wrenching her back to her feet. "Well, well, well," said the officer nastily. "So you don't have the money? Then what the hell is this?" he grabbed several of the tokens from her waistband and thrust her into the grasp of his colleague. As she started to speak, he raised a hand to cut her off.

"Don't even bother trying to lie your way out of this. You're a thief. Pure and simple. Now it's just too bad your little friend is dead. She could have kept you company on your long journey. You're going down, honey. In addition, do you know what they do to pretty little crooks like you? They send you to Rhine to carry out your sentence as a sex slave. Ten years on your back should improve your disposition. Maybe we'll even come visit you from time to time" The idea seemed to amuse them both. "Just think. You could be calling me Master," he said, laughing. As she turned slowly to face the two men, fire gleamed in Tygra's violet eyes.

"Never," she hissed. "I will NEVER call you Master, you bastard! I'd slit my throat first!" The two men shot her a scornful look as they dragged her off to meet her fate.

"We'll see sweetheart. We'll see."

[To be continued...]
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