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Tygra - Part III

"Bring in the new slaves," Frances said, bored.

Doors open and over thirty girls on chains are pulled into the elegant rich room.

"Lets get this over with, shall we?" Frances said, getting up off his throne coming to stand in front of the slaves.

"All of you are here for one reason or another. All of which are because you broke the Earth laws. Now you've been brought to Rhine to carry out your sentence as slaves. The first order of business is your clothes. All of you are to strip off all your clothes."

When no one moved he yelled impatiently, "Now!"

Tygra stood tall, her head up, not moving. She promised herself she would never submit to slavery. Whether it's sexual slavery or labor. She especially refused to strip in front of all these men. She would rather strip in front of a hundred women.

Frances came to stand in front of her as the other females took their clothing off.

"Either you take your clothes off yourself or I will rip every piece of clothing from your body myself."

Looking into the Frances eyes, Tygra said determinedly, "No."

Flushing with anger, the Frances wrenched Tygra closer to him, tearing off her ragged blouse in the process. As she stood there, sounds of material being torn filled the air until Tygra was left standing completely naked before everyone in the room.

"Now that everyone is unclothed we can continue. As you serve your time as slaves there is one important thing EVERYONE should remember. Each and every one of you are nothing more than slaves here. You will call any man 'Master'. That includes other male slaves because even the male slaves are above you. You will obey all males even if their slaves. If a male slave or male master tells you to lay down and spread your legs because they want to take you then you will do so with no questions asked. Disobeying will only cause you extreme pain. You are nothing in the eyes of males. If a man wants to chain you and beat you till you can not walk than you will let him. All males of Rhine, including male slaves, can do ANYTHING they wish without a reason. You will not ask for a reason either because they do not need one. The only reason you will ever get, is because they wished it. That is the only reason they need. There needs come before your own because you have no needs. Remember all that and you'll do fine. Your only goal for your sentence is to please and be pleasing. You have no other purpose."

Coming to stand in front of Tygra again, Frances grabbed hold over her right breast in a painful grip. Staring into her eyes, he twisted her breast around pressing his index finger into her nipple. Tears slid down her face as he humiliated her in front of everyone. Her hatred for him increased as she was forced to endure as he did as he pleased to her. Then all of a sudden he grabbed hold of her long curly raven black hair and threw her to the floor, kicking her in the backside as she slid to the floor in a heap.
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