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The Initiation of Bliss Pt. II
by PeterBam

This is part II of what we hope will develop into the Saga of Bliss.. Thanks to all who wrote... We hope your encouragement paid off!

"Good you are awake." A female voice says as she pushes a straw into her mouth. "Drink this," she says, "it will restore your strength." Bliss sips the cool refreshing liquid. "My name is Tamara, you are to be my Mistress once the initiation is complete, I will do as you wish, but now I must prepare you for the next phase."

Tamara removes Bliss's soiled bustier, garter belt and rips the cum soaked stockings from her body. Bliss is now naked except for her collar. Tamara proceeds to give her a sponge bath, gently cleansing her new Mistress's body. She softly pats her dry and applies a scented oil. Bliss smiles and relaxes, and asks that the blindfold be removed....

"That is not allowed." Bellows her Master's voice, and you shall be punished appropriately. You will also be punished for speaking without permission." Tamara whispers into her ear. "I am sorry Mistress." The Masters voice tells Tamara to leave, "I will deal with you later."

The Master returns his attention to Bliss. "You must learn discipline, you are not to speak in my presence without permission. You are not to cum unless given permission. You will not scream or utter any verbiage during the initiation, or the punishment will be doubled..."

At that very moment Bliss received the sharp sting of the cat-o-nine tails as it made it's mark on her lovely crescent shaped ass... Crack..."Noooooooooo!!!!!" She screamed! Snap! The next stroke covered her exposed labia, and her thighs. "Do not protest my dear. You have just double your punishment!" her Master hissed. Smack...she bit her tongue, drawing blood....she would not scream again... Crack..... each stroke found new flesh....Slap........ this one again struck her aching cunt, the tip tasting her clitoris, the pain shooting through her body to her brain and back to her twat. She wiggled her ass. Her Master smiled, realizing her body was betraying her once again. Snap... Her ass lit up in bright red streaks, this last one drawing blood... Bliss held in her emotions.

Then she felt something cold placed against her swollen labia. "Your pussy is wet from your punishment! You were told not to cum!" Her master than smacked her open twat with the riding crop...again and again... he slapped her pussy with the crop.. tapping it rapidly... leaving her sore, wet and hot....

She heard footsteps, and the door opening. She heard her Master call for Tamara. His voice roared, "Tamara take up your position facing the wall, you know what to do." Tamara took up her position, leaning against the wall with her ass jutting out... "Tamara you may scream as necessary." Bliss was confused, and then she heard the first crack of the paddle against Tamara's ass. Smack... Crack... Smack.... Each swat progressively harder. Bliss heard a slight whimper... SMACK.... SMACK...... SMACK.... "OH! MASTER! OH! PLEASE MASTER!" Was Tamara begging? Begging for more... SMACK .... SMACK.... SMACK ... "PLEASE MASTER...." With the last overpowering hit of the paddle Tamara began to pee, her piss trickling down her thigh....CRACK... she was losing control.... SLAM.... her body betraying her, a stream of piss now splashing onto floor ... Crushing blows, Tamara collapsed to the floor her face and tits laying in her piss, her ass still presented for her Master....SMACK.... This one smashed her flat against the floor, screaming in pain...and pleasure, rolling over she spreads her legs and shows her Master that she is cumming, her pussy ejaculating her juice in short squirts!

Bliss cringed as she heard Tamara breathe escape her lips.... She heard her Master's footsteps and the door close...

Bliss heard a groan, and then a voice... "Mistress I am sorry, I will not fail you again... " And then Silence....

"Mistress?" Bliss was aroused from her daze..."I must prepare you for the next phase of your initiation." Bliss then felt Tamara apply a lubricated finger to her asshole... Oh no! Bliss thought.... I have never .... Tamara proceeded to grease Bliss's asshole, Bliss sighed in resignation as she felt Tamara insert the enema nozzle into her asshole.. She felt the warm solution filling her bowels... her abdomen expanding... Tamara pulled the nozzle out and immediately inserted a butt plug... Tamara untied Bliss's hands placing them on the plug, telling her not to let the plug slip, or she would be punished gain... Bliss held the plug in place...feeling the need for release....

Suddenly the platform is moving, she was being rotated, into a sitting position...over a toilet. "Tamara, you may remove her plug now" Tamara obeys immediately, and the solution projects out of Bliss's ass... The platform again moves, again she is turned her ass in the air. Tamara quickly thrust the enema nozzle back into Bliss's ass, again filling her with the warm solution. When Tamara sees Bliss's tummy pop out, she quickly remove the nozzle and shoves the butt plug back into place... Again, Bliss is told to hold the plug in place...

"Tamara, pleasure your Mistress." It is the Master's voice. Bliss feels Tamara's breath on her neck... Tamara whispers in her ear... Mistress, I love you... hold the plug in place, what ever happens don't let go of the plug or we both will be punished...

"Enough whispering!" The Master commanded. "Tamara remove the gag. Bliss, you may express your emotions."

Bliss sighed as Tamara nibbled her ear, working her way down the nape of her neck, kissing her face... eyes, nose, cheeks, working back down the other side... down the neck ... lower.... between her breasts.... Tamara kissed and nibbled Bliss's firm breast all around her taunt nipples, moves from one to the other... so soft, so gentle... lower.... a moan escaped from Bliss's lips as Tamara inserted her tongue into her belly button. Tamara lingered there circling and probing, never touching her Mistress with her hands. Tamara used only her tongue as she work her way to the goal of her desire... her tongue grazed over Bliss's clit ring. Down the one side of her baby smooth lips, to the bottom of her crack, and slowly up the other.... "Yesssssss....... Please!" Bliss exclaimed in anticipation.

"Enough!" Again the platform moves, again into a sitting position. "Remove the plug, and clean her up." Came the Master's voice. Tamara did as order and Bliss heaved a sigh of relief as her bowels emptied again..

The platform rotated again so Bliss's ass was presented to the room. Tamara lubed her asshole once again and pushed a larger butt plug into it. Whispering. "The Master will return soon." With that said, she set the butt plug to vibrating and left the room.

The vibrating plug began doing its job almost immediately.... Bliss, her hands once again secure, was helpless as the plug hummed away. Her pussy again betrayed her as her juices started to flow again, and her ass beginning work the vibrating plug, squeezing it, massaging it with her ass muscles. She actually had it moving in and out, fucking her ass.

"Look at that! She's fucking herself with the ass plug." The voice snapped Bliss out of her sexual trance. "It looks like she wants to get fucked in the ass!" A strange voice said. "Let's see if she likes the real thing!" The butt plug was yanked out of her ass, and immediately replaced by a hard hot cock... He entered her without much resistance and slid deep into her bowels. He slid his full 8"s into her and stood motionless, his cock pulsing inside her. As he withdrew his cock she could feel his it sliding out, she squeezed her sphincter trying to hold him inside. She pushed her ass back at him, he changed direction and slammed back into her forcing the breath out of her. He grabbed her hips and began stroking her for all he was worth. Bliss could feel her orgasm building, she remembered her Master's words. She fought to control her orgasm, she fought to maintain, she wanted to please her Master. The cock inside her rammed deep and she felt his body shudder and she felt his spunk released deep inside her bowels.. "Very good." She heard her Master's voice. As the cock was pulled from her asshole, her hole remained open and was immediately filled with a much bigger ramrod. This guy was huge, and he wasted no time, plowing deep, slamming his pelvis into her ass cheeks as his balls slapped her cunt. Thrust after thrust, he fucked her deep and hard. Again, she fought back the orgasm she wanted so badly. Again, her ass fucker filled her with his cum, only to be replaced by another bigger cock. This prick was bigger then anything she had ever felt. It stretched her asshole to the point where she thought he would tear her open. She could feel it opening her up, filling places never filled before. He used long slow strokes, pushing deep inside her. As he withdrew, she tried to hold him inside, his cock seemed to be never ending as he pulled it completely out of her hole. He would then re-enter her just as slowly letting her feel each inch of his cock as he took her ass. He fucked her, and she would push back at him as he filled her completely, she would squeeze with all her might as he withdrew. His pace was excruciatingly slow, in and out.... In and out.... He fucked her ass, for what seemed an eternity. Then she felt him push deep into her hole, she felt his cock swell inside her, it seemed to double in size, she felt it throb, his body beginning to shake, he delivered his load of love juice deep within her. Cum began to ooze from her ass as it tried to grip this monster cock, her body at the edge, screaming for release. Bliss, however, maintained, and managed to fight of her wanton needs. The cock was pulled from her ass, and she felt herself being repositioned again.

This time she was placed in a squatting position her twat sitting on a padded surface, her knees barely touching the floor, her hands tied behind her back and secured to the spreader bar.

In this position her breasts were presented in their best light. Her hard nipples begging for attention. Attention they would get! Hands began to message them, lips kissing them, sucking them, biting them... And then she felt the nipple clips being attached. Tighter and tighter both clips being applied at the same time both causing excruciating pain.. Then she felt it, the pain shoot to her brain and down to her clit, her clit throbbing with her nipples...the chain connecting the clips was attached to the platform, each time she moved her nipples were tugged causing her to wince in pain and pleasure.

"Now you will cum my dear little slut. You will cum as you have never cum before." Her Master's voice thrilled her senses. "Relax little one and let the Sybian do its job." She then felt her pussy being penetrated. The device was not big, maybe an inch and a half in diameter, and 3 inches long, but it was curved slightly and applied added pressure to her vaginal walls. Bliss felt her juices flowing, wetting the device and the surface of the Sybian.

She was determined to maintain, she was determined not to cum as her Master had suggested. Still Blindfolded, sitting on the Sybian, cum running out of her asshole, her clit swollen tight against her clit ring, her own juices still flowing, she needed to cum, but she would not, she would resist, she would prove she was obedient.

Again she heard voices, and then a hand at the back of her head. "Open your mouth slut, time to feed you." Bliss opened her mouth and in slid her meal, a hot, hard cock. The hand on the back of her head held her in place as the cock slid over her tongue to the back of her throat and into her throat with one thrust! She gagged and swallowed.... "These are not blow jobs, they are face fucks, essentially your mouth is now a pussy and you will make it feel like one. Do you understand?" Said the stranger. She nodded her head, his cock still in her throat. Soon he was fucking her, fucking her face, his cock sliding in and out of her throat, his pubic hair pressed against her nose and lips. Bliss sucked as he withdrew and relaxed as he slid back down her throat. His pace began to quicken, slamming his cock into her, pounding her face, filling her throat with his cock. He began to grunt. "Take it you bitch, you fucking slut, you whore, take my juice, drink my cum." He slammed into her face and held her tight as his cock erupted in her throat shooting wildly into her throat, his body shuddered one last time and he fell back pulling his spurting cock out of her mouth, his last shot splashing onto her face and into her hair. He smeared his cum all over her face with his cock, and then he was gone.

"Look at you! You fucking slut!" she heard the voice say, "Cum smeared all over your fucking face, in your hair, what a fucking cum slut! Open your mouth bitch, you aren't through with dinner yet!" His hands went to the back of her head and he shoved his cock into her mouth and down her throat, he proceeded to fuck her, fuck her face. As he fucked her, he told her how fucking beautiful she was. How her Auburn hair and emerald green eyes turned him on. What a tight twat she had, and that her ass was the best he'd ever had.

He began picking up the pace, his cock sliding in and out of her throat. "Take it baby, here is comes, here comes your meal baby." He shoved his cock down her throat and she could feel each pulse, as his cock spewed his load. As his body spasmed, he yanked his cock out of her throat covering her face and tits with his final shots.

Again and again her mouth was filled with hard hot cocks, again and again they came down her throat, in her mouth and all over her body. Her neck and jaw ached, her nipples were now numb, her lips swollen.

Then she felt it, she felt a hum between her legs, just for a second.

"I am pleased with you my little one" her Master's voice. "Very pleased." He reached out and removed her blindfold. "Your initiation is over my pet. You are free to speak." He removed the nipple clips, she shrieked as the blood rushed back into her nipples...Her hands rubbing them, trying to rub out the pain. He removed the rest of her bindings.

"You will pleasure me now. Take my cock in your mouth and suck me. "

He looked into her eyes, looking for a sign of resistance, of doubt. She looked lovingly up into his eyes and took the head of his prick between her lips, her tongue probing his pee slit. He knew she belonged to him.

She ran her tongue around the head closing her lips and sucking. She took in about an inch and pulled back to kiss the tip again. ...

"I want you to suck my seed out of my love pole."

She felt it again, the hum between her legs, it was coming alive! Oh, it was moving inside her.

She again looked lovingly into his eyes. She kissed the head of his cock.

"You know you can cum now my little slave, you have my permission." His voice was so soothing. He stroked the side of her face and ran his fingers through her hair. "You will cum when I do, my dear."

Her tongue twirled around his cock and she sucked more into her mouth. She used short in and out movements, taking more and more of his ten-inch cock with each thrust. She ran her tongue over the underside of his cock as she sucked him in. Up and down the shaft, withdrawing to the head, swirling her tongue, and then back down the shaft.

The Sybian was now alive, humming and vibrating. Bliss was beginning to enjoy the ministrations, humping her cunt against the device.

Holding her Master's cock deep in her throat she begins to hum in conjunction to the humming in her pussy! She swallowed, drawing his cock deep into her throat, messaging his hard flesh. She slowly withdraws, sucking hard, licking the shaft and very lightly letting her teeth scrape the length as she withdraws to the tip, her tongue swiping at the pee hole once again.

Master Peter turned up the speed of the Sybian, it is beginning to vibrate and rotate wildly, Bliss's body began to stiffen, her back arching involuntarily.

Her body began to shudder violently, she managed to take her Master deep into her throat, holding him deep in her throat.

Her cunt is exploding! Her cum squirting out of her in streams, flooding the Sybian and the floor around her! Her Master hands are on her shoulders holding her in place.

His cock exploding in her throat, filling her with spurt after spurt of his spunk... his seed, his cum....

She is screaming around his cock! Her throat contracting with her pussy, her whole body in orgasm. Cumming over and over as the Cock continues to unload, the two of them locked cock to throat and cunt to Sybian. Her Master roaring above her as she now drains his cock as her cum pours from her pussy!

Finally the Master pushes her from his cock and she falls from the Sybian. Cum dripping from her lips, her pussy visibly twitching, her cum still squirting, ejaculating, her body quivering and shaking...

Master Peter, totally satisfied, moves to a large lounge chair and sits watching...

Bliss, her body racked in orgasm quivers on the floor, wave after wave of thunderous bliss engulfs her body. Her fingers thrust into her squirting pussy... her hand pinches her nipples. Never has she been so ravished, never has she cum so uncontrollably, she collapses, and lays back, her breath heavy, her body aching...

Master Peter, rings a bell, and Tamara enters the room and kneels in front of her Master. "Take Bliss to the Bath and service her, return here in one hour." The Master hands her his leash..

Tamara stands and crosses the room, standing over Bliss.... "Mistress, I am here."

Tamara's touch is soft and gentle. Her caresses, calming, her Mistress's orgasmic body quivering. Helping her to her feet Tamara's slips the leash on to her Mistress's collar, and leads her to the Bath.

The bath is a large deep tub and shower combination six showerheads, three over head, and three at waist level. A large dressing table, and mirrored walls.

Tamara drew the water for her Mistress's bath, making sure the water temperature was perfect, adding body salts and fragrant oils. Turning to Bliss she told her to remain still as she removed the leash, and began to lick Bliss's body from head to toe, licking the drying cum from her every crevice. She then helped her Mistress into the tub, entering the with her. Tamara then bathed her Mistress, tenderly massaging her back, her breasts, her thighs, ass and pussy, she stroked her face, and kissed her lips with butterfly like kisses. Bliss' body began to totally relax, enjoying the treatment she was now receiving. In fact, she had enjoyed the whole exercise, the humiliation, the domination, and most of all, the sex. She now enjoyed being pampered, being served by her slave. Tamara finished bathing her. They exited the tub, Tamara wrapped a toweled around her body. She patted her Mistress dry. She sat her at the dressing table, and removed all of Bliss's make-up, the Master liked his slaves natural, Tamara pinched her cheeks bringing the color out of them, and applied a ruby red lipstick and gloss to her lips. She then hooked the leash to her collar and led her back to the Master.

Both girls knelt in front of him.

"Stand." Came his command. He had them both turn in front of him, examining the bodies. "Very nice, very nice indeed." He exclaimed.

"Bliss I have some things for you. I want you to go by the fire place and lean over the table there, Tamara you do the same." The Master said as he held two metal rods to the fire... "Bliss this is going to hurt, but it is necessary if you wish to continue. All my slaves receive my mark. Do you wish to stay or leave?" asked the Master. "Stay Master" came her immediate answer. With that her Master emblazened his mark on her left shoulder blade. She could smell the burning flesh, but she did not cry out. Her Master beamed with pride as he apply ice to his moniker. Helping her to her feet, he kissed her trembling lips and put the other rod in her hand. "Tamara your Mistress will now put her mark on you." He signaled Bliss to place the brand on Tamara's right shoulder, his mark already on her left.

Tamara, like her Mistress did not cry out, she actually thanked her Mistress for giving her, her mark. The Master was well pleased with both his slaves and said so.

He then handed Bliss a pink leather, diamond studded collar, and told her to put it on Tamara, below the one she was already wearing, his.

"Now my ladies," he placed leashes on each, and blindfolded both, "time to go home." He led them both, naked, to the car, told the driver, "Home." They drove for quit a while, the car winding through the city streets, onto the highway and down a winding back road, finally coming to there destination, they were taken inside. The Master summoned yet another slave, she was beautiful, a slight build, perfect tits, long blonde hair, and a bald pussy. He told her to take them too their quarters.

The blindfolds removed, the two were amazed at the luxury that met their eyes. They were led to their room and were immediately impressed with it's luxury also, a large four poster king size bed was the center of the room, a smaller, maybe a double bed, in the corner of the room. One wall was completely mirrored, as was the ceiling over the beds. A dressing table, a sunken tub, a separate shower area, a toilet and a bidet, all adorned the room. A huge walk-in closet fill with various sexually stimulating outfits, and a set of 10 drawers, the bottom two were locked. A love seat and a couch, a coffee table, end tables and an in the wall audio-visual entertainment system, finished the room. They were told that this was their sanctuary, that they were safe in this room, and that only the Master would enter unannounced, and that no punishment would be administered for what they did inside this room. The girls were told to get cleaned up, that they would be summoned for dinner at 9 p. m. until then to make themselves at home. The naked slave told them that they were not allowed to wear any clothing when outside their quarters, she smiled and left.

To Be Continued...

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