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The Initiation of Bliss Pt. III
by babyBliss

This is a continuation of "The Initiation of Bliss"

* * * * *

After arriving at the Master's Mansion, Bliss and Tamara have just been led to their chamber, their sanctuary...

"Tamara." Her Mistress asked, "Haven't you been here before?"

"No, Mistress. "Came her answer."

She kneeled down before her Mistress, sitting back on her heels, her knees spread as wide as she could get them, her chin pressed down against her chest, her hands behind her back.

Bliss looked down at her and smiled. "Tamara get up!"

Tamara looked up at her Mistress and asked for permission to speak.

"Granted." Came the soft voice of her Mistress.

"Mistress, I am your slave, I am to do as you ask. I am not your equal, and you should not treat me that way. You must understand that or I will be punished. You must take on the role of my Mistress, or you will be punished also."

Bliss shook her head not totally understanding what was happening to her. She placed a finger under Tamara's chin and caressed her face.

"Even in our sanctuary?" she asked.

Tamara lowered her head again and whispered. "Yes."

"You are to do all that I ask?" Bliss smiled. "I'm asking you to get up."

"We will bathe together, go and prepare our bath. Bliss commanded, still not totally sure she could fulfill the role of Mistress.

The Master smiled as he watched his two new slaves step into their roles, step into their new lives.

He panned the camera and watched as Tamara prepared the bath. He was very pleased with her, he watched as she bent over the tub, her round ass, her smooth bald pussy presented in all it's splendor. Yes. He was very pleased with her. She would be rewarded.

Tamara helped her Mistress into the bath, and then slipped in besides her, the two sex slaves relaxed in the hot luxurious bath. Tamara began to wash her Mistress's body caressing her shoulders, lathering her breasts, spending extra time on her nipples, which hardened under her touch. She slid around so that she was now sitting behind Bliss, her thighs spread wide around her ass. She washed her back, massaging as she did. She pulled Bliss back against her and slowly began running her hands down her body.

Bliss turned and looked into her eyes. "You are to do anything I ask?"

"Yes, Mistress." Tamara answered.

Bliss got up, pulling Tamara with her into the shower, they rinsed off quickly.. Bliss sat down on one of the shower seats, spread her thighs and told Tamara that she wanted her to shave her pussy. Tamara could see the stubble, and smiled. Tamara went to the dressing table, she found a razor, she came back to her Mistress and told her that she did not see any shaving cream. Bliss asked her if she could think of any other lubricant. Her pussy was wet. Tamara smiled and answered yes. Tamara knelt down and placed her wet tongue on the area to be shaved... She then slid her Mistress to the shower, floor scissoring her legs between her Mistress's, their clits making contact, she heard her Mistress moan, as their pussy melted together.

Bliss nearly fainted when Tamara's hot cunt made contact with her own. Tamara pressed her cunt against her Mistress's and began to gyrate her hips. Their juices combined, spreading all over Bliss's and Tamara's thighs and pussies.

Tamara was close to cumming, so she stopped, not having permission, she lowered Bliss's withering body to the floor and knelt between her thighs. She scooped up as much of their juices as possible and spread it on Bliss's pussy, taking the razor she began to shave her Mistress's pussy smooth again.

The Master watched all this with intense interest. He again noted Tamara's behavior.

Bliss got up and walked to the bed, sat on the edge and leaned back, spread her legs wide and called to Tamara. "My pussy is so hot! Kneel and eat me slave!"

The Master smiled. He was again pleased.

Tamara obeyed, kneeling at her Mistress's hot pussy, she lowered her mouth and placed it over the hot, dripping cunt, her tongue plunging deep inside. Bliss let out a loud groan and her hands flew to Tamara's head pulling her tight against her flooding twat. Tamara licked and fucked her Mistress with her tongue, moving up and sucking on that engorged clit.

Bliss's body convulsed as an orgasmic wave the likes of which she had never felt before over took her. This slave knew how to chew cunt! She screamed her pleasure as Tamara continued to service her cunt, she never wanted it to end. Each flick of her clit, each deep probe of that tongue into her pussy, raised her orgasms to new levels, cresting only to rise to a new height, and explode again. Finally she could take no more and commanded Tamara to stop!

Tamara assumed the slave position, Bliss looked down at her and passed out. When she came to, Tamara was still kneeling at the foot of the bed. Bliss got up, smiled at her, kissed her on the forehead and went to shower. When she finished she told Tamara to do the same.

When Tamara finished her shower, another of the Master's slaves had returned.

"What is your name?" Bliss demanded. She was now into the role of Mistress.

The girl immediately kneeled before her and replied. "Carin."

"Get up Carin. I know our Master waits. Lead us to him."

The Master smiled as he watched this.... Bliss was his totally now.

Carin stood, and the three slaves left the room. Carin led them to the dining room, and the three of them knelt before their Master...

Master Peter addressed Carin. "Carin, you will wait in the hall." With that Carin got up and left the room.

Bliss and Tamara still kneeling before their Master. Their legs spread as far as they could get them, sitting back on their heels, chins on their chests, hands behind their backs.

Master Peter addressed Tamara. "You have pleased me Tamara, and you will now be rewarded. Get up and go into that room, once there you will know what I expect. Tamara got up went into the room and assumed her position leaning over the pommel horse type apparatus.

The room was completely done in tile, with a drain in the floor and showerheads along the far wall.

The Master now moved in front of Bliss. "Suck my cock baby Bliss!

Bliss immediately raised her head and took her Master's cock into her mouth sucking ravishingly. She loved her Master... and his cock. She sucked for all that she was worth wanting to please him. His cock slid into her throat and she swallowed, pulling him deeper... She could feel his cock begin to throb. He withdrew, telling her not to swallow, as the first of his cum shot into her mouth, Bliss tilted her head back as her mouth filled.

"That's it baby hold it in your mouth...get it all baby... but do not swallow!"

Her mouth filled and the Master's cock still twitched and jerked against her lips, he continued to ejaculate spurt after spurt of his seed. Some of his cum was trickling out the sides of her mouth, running down her neck. Still the Master maintained as he continued to pump his load into her overflowing open mouth, His cum now slowly running over her tits! Finally his spasms stopped.

"Do not swallow my baby Bliss, you may close your mouth now."

Bliss closed her mouth, her cheeks bulged full of her Master's semen.

He led Bliss, her mouth full of his cum over to Tamara. He then told Tamara to lick his cock clean, and when she was through she was to do the same for her Mistress. Tamara busied herself straightway with her task. Licking her Masters cock clean and then proceeding to lick his cum from Mistress Bliss. He then told baby Bliss to kiss Tamara and to give her his cum. "Tamara you may take it all and swallow!" Tamara sucked his cum from Bliss's mouth, swallowing his load.

He then told Bliss to rise and handed her a paddle. "Bliss I want you to spank your slave."

He moved in front of Tamara, placing his cock in her mouth...Tamara immediately began to suck her Master's cock...

Bliss pulled the paddle into the air and proceeded to spank her slave.

"Harder!" commanded her Master..."Tamara tell your Mistress what you like."

"Spank me hard Mistress... I need it hard... please Mistress spank me."

Bliss raised the paddle, her next blow causing her slave to whimper... Bliss continued to spank Tamara, remembering what she had heard at the club. ("YES MASTER, OH PLEASE MASTER!") Bliss heard her slave's request. She swung the paddle with all her might.... Again and again...Tamara squealed in delight as she lost control of her bodily functions. Piss trickling down her thighs... and then a full stream flooding the floor with her piss. "OH MISTRESS! YES... OH YES MISTRESS! HARDER MISTRESS! HARDER!" Bliss let go a flurry of harder strokes screaming at her slave to take it!

Tamara, sucking the Master's cock, her body began to shudder on the apparatus! She was cumming... and so was her Master, filling her mouth with his cum...his seed!

Bliss seeing the paddle wet with Tamara's cum, knelt behind her and thrust her tongue into Tamara's twitching hot twat! Just as she placed her mouth over her cunt a stream of her cum ejaculated from Tamara's cunt!

The Master, his cock still stiff, move around, straddled Bliss and press the head of his huge cock against Tamara's ass. His hands pressed against her ass cheeks exposing her hole to his cock. He lowered his cock and Bliss took it into her mouth wetting it with her saliva and Tamara's cum. He slid out of her mouth and pressed the gigantic head into Tamara's hole, she squealed with pain and pleasure as it slowly penetrated her hole. Bliss sucking on her cunt once again.. The Master slowly pushed his cock into her ass, leaning forward he whispered in her ear. "You have done well." He stood up and began fucking her ass, slamming his cock deep into her bowels as she screamed through another orgasm. He began slapping her ass cheeks, fucking her with deliberate strokes, slapping her harder and harder...Fucking his slave's ass...SMACK....

"You love it don't you?" SMACK... "You love my cock in your ass!"

SMACK... 'Who's your Master?" SMACK... "Tell me you cunt!"

SMACK... His cock now a blur as it pummeled her ass...


Master Peter slammed one last time into her ass and filled her with burst after burst from his cannon, his cum splashing her bowels... filling her ass with his jism, his love seed!

Bliss bit down hard on Tamara's clit.... Sending her over the edge, into oblivion!

When Tamara awoke. She, Bliss and the Master showered and prepared to eat dinner.

The Master ate at his table, as the two slaves knelt besides him.

"When we are through here." he told them, "You will be able to order something from the kitchen."

A slave never ate in the presence of the Master.

After a fine dinner, they retired to the Master's den. The Master sipping the finest of wines and enjoying his imported Cuban cigar.

"Tamara, I have a gift for you!" he said as he circled her. "You have pleased me beyond my wildest dreams and I am about to reward you."

He reached down and helped her stand, he took her hand and led her to a chair in the corner of the room. It, looked like a chair out of a dentist office or GYN clinic. He eased her into the chair and placed her feet in the stirrups.

He called Bliss over and told her to comfort Tamara, for what he was about to do was very painful.

"Are you ready for my gift to you Tamara?" He asked.

"Yes Master." Came her reply.

As her words were spoken the needle pierced Tamara's clitoral hood. Bliss held her tight, tears flowed down Tamara's face, not tears of pain but tears of joy, as the needle burned through her flesh.

"OH, MASTER THANK YOU!!!!!!!" A pearl of her cum leaked from her cunt as she fainted.

Bliss applied the smelling salts....

The Master then slipped her clit ring in place...

Placing his mouth over her clit, kissing and massaging her clit hood with his tongue... attaching a chain to the ring, the chain attached to a 2k diamond.

"You have pleased me, and you will spend the night in my bed as a further reward my pet."

"Bliss you are dismissed, I will see you in the morning. Tell Carin that she is to be your companion, your slave, tonight."

To Be Continued...

Again thank you for all the inspiration, keep those emails coming!


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