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The Ice Queen
Twenty-First Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

Hi, loyal Latina readers. It's me again, Frank. It has been a long time since you have heard from me directly, but you know about me from my wife's erotic stories of our truly hot love life. You might even remember that I wrote two of the early stories in the Latina series, "Latina's Husband" and "Latina's Birthday." You might even know that I helped her with scenes in her Jane Bond series, where she needed to describe the male perspective. Now thanks to my loving and sexy wife, I have another story to tell, of the pleasures she has given me. She wanted me to tell it from my perspective. In this 21st Latina story, I was definitely the object of her intense sexual desires and the recipient of intense pleasure.

* * * * *

All of my life, I have heard of warm temperatures used to describe intense sexual experiences, as in phrases like "HOT, wet pussy" and "getting sweaty betwen the sheets." And cold was always presented to me that it was supposed to be the antithesis of sexuality, as in a woman who loves nobody is said to be cold-hearted, and a woman who will not open herself to the joys of sex in any of its myriad pleasurable varieties is said to be an "ice queen." And of course, taking a cold shower is said to shrivel the male libido. Well, recently my sweet Latina, who (lucky me) has sex on her brain 24 hours a day, found a way to make being an Ice Queen into a good--make that a TERRIFIC--thing.

It all started one recent unseasonably-warm evening. We were both tired from a long day at work, and feeling the effects of the warm day. So we retired to our bedroom early, and watched TV. As my sweet, beautiful, sexy wife stretched out beside me on the bed, I couldn't help but admire her dark, shapely legs revealed by her tiny, tight jeans shorts. Even at 49, my loving Latina retains the figure to look amazingly, astoundingly sexy when wearing almost nothing.

But that was nothing compared to what she did next. Being a very hot day, she had brought a low-calorie fruit popsicle to bed with us. I watched transfixed as she slowly, teasingly unwrapped her popsicle. Her motions seemed strangely familiar, and then I realized her hands moved in much the same way when she unwraps ME at night, to get at my own hard popsicle, which she so enjoys licking.

She must have read my mind, for now she began licking her popsicle from the base (the stick end) upward, precisely imitating the motions I have seen and felt against my hard, throbbing cock about a thousand times in the past 3 years since we met and married. She looked down and smiled as she noticed the long, thick ridge beginning to form along the front of my trousers, as she continued her erotic licking up the length of her fruit popsicle.

Then she parted her lips, and began to slowly suck her popsicle into her mouth. As she pulled it back out again, she opened her lips wider and let me watch her tongue swirl all over the tip and sides of her ice-cream. Her ice cream was melting goo all over the inside and outside of her mouth, just as my cock has so often melted its own goo in that very same mouth.

Watching her antics was making my cock throb in my trousers, and believe me, she NOTICED. A smile lit up her sweet face as she rested her open palm over my zipper and began to massage the eight-inch-long ridge that she so enjoys touching, sucking, and riding. Her breathing turned into heavy panting, and her steadily-paced breaths grew more erratic with her growing arousal. She placed her half- eaten, dripping popsicle down on her plate, turned toward me, leaned over, and kissed me. Her lips, usually so warm and fiery with passion, were icy cold from her popsicle, and I jumped in startled surprise. As her palm was still resting over my zipper, my jumping and twitching caused my bulge to press even harder against her hand. Feeling my manhood pressing and throbbing against her hand, my sweet wife's face lit up in angelic delight.

She leaned in and kissed me again, even harder this time, then playfully slid her tongue into my mouth. "Oooh, baby, that's SSSOOO cold!" I complained.

"Oh, yeah?" she smiled, "How's THIS for cold?" she asked as she tugged my T-shirt over my head and planted an icy kiss right on my left nipple. I jumped and twitched, trying to get away from the shivering feeling, like a cold knife into my heart. My gyrations only served to thrust my stiff cock even tighter against her hand. She smiled and giggled, and sucked my nipple up into her icy mouth. Part of me wanted to get away from the intense cold, but part of me remembered the intense pleasure of her warm lips from the many times before when she had licked, sucked, and nibbled on my highly-sensitive nipples. The contrast of her hand pleasurably stroking my trousers, and her icy lips against my bare chest, was the most intense blend of pleasure and torture that I think I've ever experienced. I steeled my resolve to give in to her and to not let the extreme cold bother me. She was really getting into this, and I decided I would enjoy it more if I tried to get into it, too, instead of struggling against her icy kisses.

I lay back deeply into my pillow now, and folded my hands under my neck. I thrust my chest ever higher upward to meet her ice-cold kisses and nibbles. I tried not to let the unbearable cold prevent me from enjoying her familiar ministrations on my chest. Closing my eyes, I recalled the many intensely-pleasurable times when she had sucked and nibbled on my chest in the past. It was the same familiar sensation, and if I could just block out the extreme cold of it, maybe I could enjoy what she was doing to my chest, as I had so often before. After all, I had always found her uniquely sexual way of kissing my chest to be one of the sweetest, most arousing things any woman could do for her man. Why should this time be any different, just because her mouth was now at popsicle temperature?

With such mental rationalizations, I began to forget about the intense shooting, stabbing pain of her cold lips, and to let myself enjoy her loving kisses and nibbles on my chest. That's when my nipples stiffened into extremely-hard little nubs in her mouth. Backing away, she smiled triumphantly at her desire for me having overcome my resistance to the extreme cold. She was in complete control of me now, and she knew it, and she intended to take full advantage of the situation. She leaned down again, kissing my neck, moving down my chest, until her frozen kisses landed on my navel. The coldness against my bely made me jump and twitch again, and that just made her rub her palm faster and harder against my trouser bulge.

Grinning wickedly at me, she began to unbuckle my belt.

I cringed at the thought of those icy lips against my hard love muscle, and I weakly cried out "NNNOOO!" My plea just made her grin even more, as she unzipped my pants and hurriedly wrestled them down my legs. She then rested her palm directly on my naked cock, and began kissing and licking at my thick, dark pubic hair. Her icy lips against my fur made me twitch hard, trying to escape, but all that did was to press my long, thick manhood even tighter against her hand. She wrapped her fist completely around my shaft now, and began an exquisitely-slow stroking up and down my thrusting, throbbing cock, even as her icy kisses moved down closer and closer to my half- anticipating, half- dreading manhood.

Her icy lips now grazed against the very tip of my cock, and I struggled in vain to pull away. Her closed fist had too firm a grip on my pulsating shaft to retreat from her cold, cold lips. I just lay back even deeper into my pillow, and completely surrendered myself to my Ice Queen.

Her icy lips next landed on my massively-swollen balls, and her popsicle-coated tongue licked all over my balls. It took all my willpower to shut out how cold it felt, and to just enjoy what was admittedly intense pleasure on feeling her loving tongue eagerly lapping at my balls.

By the time her frozen tongue started its long, slow lick up my now fully-hardened shaft, her lips and tongue didn't feel as cold as they had previously. Now it was my turn to smile in victory: the intense heat of my cock's passion was slowly overcoming the intense cold of her popsicle!

But before her mouth had warmed up more than a few degrees, she opened her lips, and sucked the swollen purple head of my pulsating cock up into her still very cold mouth. Stabbing shivers shot up and down my spine, and my cock began to shrvel and shrink just a little from the shock of the cold mouth now surrounding it. Not wishing to lose my erection entirely, I slowly thrust my hips upward, letting the first of my 8 inches thrust up into her welcoming mouth. My lovely Latina let out the deepest, sexiest moan, and the vibrations of her moan against my cock helped me regain the stiffness that I had started to lose. So I thrust another inch up into her mouth. With just two inches in, I could already feel the heat of my cock warming up the cold that her popsicle had left in her. Thus encouraged, I slowly, tauntingly thrust my third inch up into her inviting mouth. Her entire torso twisted and writhed now, as my cock was giving her mouth as much pleasure as her mouth was giving my cock.

I turned slightly and thrust another inch up into her mouth. In this position, my cock head was rubbing and thrusting against the inside of her cheek, causing her to moan, "Oooooh, HUNNNN-neeeee! That feels so gooooood!"

I turned again, so my fifth upward thrust sent my cock-head scraping the roof of her mouth. Her loud "Mmmmmmm!" and the increasing warmth of her mouth told me I was doing something right.

Leaving my cock only fifth-eighths buried in her mouth, I let my hand drift down to her micro-shorts now, and I hastily unzipped and removed them.

I spread my palm above her labia, and I used my index and middle finger to spread open the silky gates to her paradise.

My long, thin index finger slid inside of her, as my thumb swirled circles on her exposed little clit. As I played with her pussy and her clit, I thrust upward one more inch, enjoying the increasing warmth of her mouth around my invading shaft, even as I enjoyed her growing dampness on my exploring fingers.

By the time I had fed my full eight inches up into her eager mouth, the warmth of my horny cock had completely overcome the icy cold that her popsicle had left in her mouth. Now it was my turn to smile triumphantly. The hot power of my love and lust for my wife had completely overcome the icy power of her popsicle, and her moans and gyrations on sucking my cock and feeling my exploring fingers made me feel very powerful. Although my wife was above ME and sucking on ME, my cock and my fingers were giving HER intense and exquisite pleasure. So who was in control, her or me? It was nice to feel that I had gained the upper hand now, but as we continued to pleasure each other, her lips and tongue on my cock and my fingers in and on her pussy, I realized that neither of us had to be in control, what mattered was that we were expressing the powerful but intangible love of two soulmates for each other, experiencing the intangible joy of becoming one soul, in the most powerfully tangible and physical way possible.

My fingers now slid over her internal pubic bone and pressed and rubbed against her G-spot. She began to writhe and moan uncontrollably now. Wanting to repay the favor, her cheeks collapsed as she sucked powerfully on my stiff rod. It felt so great, that it took every ounce of my willpower to withdraw from her hot lips. But as good as her sucking felt now, I knew that neither of us would be as happy with me blasting into her mouth, as we would be if I exploded deep inside her warm, wet pussy.

As inch after throbbing inch pulled out of her mouth, my wife must have sensed what I had in mind, as she placed her hand atop mine, pressed my fingers deeper into her very-wet pussy, and moaned "I want you in me. NOW!"

I picked up the partly-melted popsicle from the plate, where my sweet Latina had left it, and I slowly slid it into her warm, juicy slit. She shivered on feeling the icy coldness enter her hot lustiness.

"You're too tuned-on," I joked. "You need to COOL off!" She began bucking her gorgeously-curved ass up and down on the mattress, her pussy lips pulling the popsicle in and then releasing, sucking in and releasing, until the heat of her pussy had completely melted the popsicle into a gloppy mess. I looked down and marveled at how wide-open her desperately-horny pussy was now. I could see the moisture surrounding her pussy lips and lining her inner walls as she writhed in lustful passion.

"I NEED your cock," she moaned. "I need it in me, right NOW! Put it in! Hurry!"

"Yes, MA'AM!" I grinned, leaning over and kissing her lips as I aligned my hips and thighs above hers. My kisses moved down to her breasts, and my lips closed over her long, hard nipple, sucking it deep into my mouth as I eased my first hard, throbbing inch into her eagerly-grasping pussy. Her pussy felt cold against my cock, from the popsicle that had preceded my cock into her. But she was so wet and slippery against my manhood, that I didn't mind the cold at all. In fact, I barely noticed it.

I began to slip her another inch, as she flexed her pussy muscles tightly against my intruding shaft. She was so tight now, and I was so thick with my lusty desire for her, that I really had to press hard to stuff that third inch into her.

I guess I was moving too slowly for her, because now she released her pussy's death-grip around my cock, pressed her bare feet deeply into my ass cheeks, and pulled me down hard against her, forcing my remaining five inches to slide into her in one swift movement. She then contracted her pussy muscles again, her tightness keeping my full eight inches deeply buried inside of her, my hard balls resting against her widespread pussy lips. Then she released her grip again, and I pulled myself up and out of her until only the tiniest bit of the head of my cock remained inside of her. Now I pressed the full weight of my muscular thighs back down against her again. When my full eight inches had slipped completely into her again, she once more gripped her pussy muscles tightly against my two-inch-thick cock.

We repeated this pattern several times. Her pussy muscles would relax, I would slide my cock almost completely out of her, then I would ease back into her, and she would once more contract her slippery inner walls tightly against my shaft. With each thrust, this cycle would grow shorter in duration, as we constantly slammed faster and harder against each other. By about my tenth thrust deep inside of her, the natural heat of her pussy and the friction of my pistoning cock had completely overcome the residue of iciness from my having fucked her with her popsicle.

On about the twentieth stroke, her pussy muscles once more tightened around my deeply-buried shaft, but this time, instead of releasing and letting me withdraw, her inner walls stayed tightly clenched against my full eight inches. Her hips and thighs thrust high up off the mattress, and with an ear-piercing scream, she flooded hot, thick liquid all over my horny cock. Feeling her hot, sticky pussy juice oozing over my stiff love rod, I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I raised myself up by my thighs, letting about 4 of my 8 inches pull up out of her tight pussy, and then I slammed my cock down hard into her, releasing a warm flood of come as I plunged deeply back into her.

With my cock still thrust deeply into my wife, and our combined juices warmly and thickly flowing out of her pussy and onto the sheets, I kissed her lips, nuzzled her neck, and sucked her hard nipples. Meanwhile, she nuzzled my neck, and let her fingers massage, stroke, and play with my balls. We turned on our sides, facing each other, my still semi-hard cock still completely surrounded by her tight pussy walls, as I slowly and lazily throbbed inside of her. We wrapped our arms and legs around each other, as she rested her mouth against my neck and I buried my head in the cleavage of her soft-but-firm and incredibly-sexy 38C breasts. Thus entwined, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I awoke the next morning with my cock still inside of her. You know how a guy can and often does awaken with a powerful hard-on? Well, imagine how my cock was growing long, strong, and hard that morning, considering it was still buried in the pussy of the woman I love with all my heart and soul. As I began to throb inside of her again, she drowsily began flexing her pussy muscles tighter and tighter around me. I thrust hard, and that fully awakened her.

She placed her hands flat on my chest, and pushed me away. Feling hurt, I wondered if she was mad at me. We had just had what I thought was one of the greatest in a long history of great sexual escapades. Had I done something wrong, I wondered.

I didn't have to wonder for long, as she rolled me onto my back, and straddled her dark, shapely, sexy legs over my thighs. She grasped my hard, throbbing cock in both hands, and she slowly slid her warm, wet, wide-open pussy down over my manhood. She wasn't mad at me after all, she just wanted to be on top and riding me into mutual orgasmic ecstasy.

I love when she rides me, as I can sit up and watch my cock sliding in and out of her moist, stretched vaginal lips. She presses her warm, soft hands against my chest to stabilize herself as she rides up and down my shaft, and her hands feel WONDERFUL against my bare and hairy chest. As I sit up, I kiss on and under her breasts, suck and nibble her hard nipples, massage her wide reddish-brown areolas, kiss her slightly-rounded and exquisitely-sexy belly, and rub and press my long, thin index finger against her long, hard clit. We get more and more turned on each time she sinks her warm, moist twat down over my pulsing, throbbing, thrusting cock. We get ever more breathless and sweaty, and feel ever more deeply in love and spiritually connected, each time her sweet, horny pussy closes down tightly to swallow my entire shaft. After 20 to 30 minutes of rocking into each other, we ae both so in tune with each other's wants, needs, and desires, not to mention both being so DESPERATELY horny, that we always seem to come intensely, explosively, and at PRECISELY the same moment. My come shot straight up into her silky pussy, even as her warm love juices poured out of her tight slit, down the sides of my cock, and out onto my thighs and belly. It was the sweetest, most loving way any couple could ever awaken each other.

This cold adventure has changed my whole perspective. From now on, I will consider that calling a woman an Ice Queen is a compliment, not an insult. At least, I know that when my wife became icy cold, we had some of the hottest sex ever, which is saying something: my wife's loyal readers know full well, all the terrific sex we've had in three years of marriage! So saying this was among the best is really high praise. If this is what it is like to be married to an "icy cold" woman, I can't wait to repeat that night!

-- Frank (I'm 44, 5'10", with an 8"x2" love hose that perfectly fits inside my 5'2", 38C-28-36 Latina "ice queen")


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