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Three in Tennessee
by mrhappy

This is the first of what I hope to be many stories. The bulletin board got me started. I found that once I began putting my 'nasty little thoughts' down in print, my mind just got carried away.

Some of what I write is a mechanism for personal therapy. As you read my posts and hopefully my stories, you will discover what can happen to someone raised in a totally dysfunctional family.

Enjoy and see if you can tell when reality turns to fiction.

* * *

I really didn't know what to expect as I blasted through the night toward a small town near the Tennessee River this past Saturday night You see I was on my way to meet a couple that wanted to introduce another man into their lovemaking. I was a bit apprehensive because the last two couples I had met with were not good experiences. The first couple were both several years younger than I am and it seemed from the start that we had little in common. The wife started slamming Jack and Coke until she got sloppy drunk and her husband got mad and began to yell at her and belittle her until she started crying. He then ordered her to strip and suck my cock. Then he began to order me to strip and suggested several things I should do to his wife to 'get her into line'. Pain and humiliation are not my cup of tea. So I excused myself and wished them well in their search for a compatible partner.

The second couple was even worse and the experience turned out with me and the husband standing around out in the garage talking about cars. It was shortly after these two disasters that I received a letter in response to the ad I had placed in an area swinger's magazine. I read a wonderful letter written by Paul about how he and his wife Lacy had fantasized for some time about adding another man to their bed. lie went on to describe this 'too good to be true' woman who would love to suck us both and then climb on top of me and slide her slick pussy up and down my cock as she got very excited and vocal about the experience.

Well, this obviously sounded great. He went on in some detail about some of the other positions she liked; like doggy style and two cocks at once, etc. Paul also mentioned that Lacy kept her pussy shaved and loved having her pussy licked and her clit sucked. OK, this was getting more interesting because I'm an absolute fool for naked pussy and probably enjoy having my head between a woman's legs and sucking a hard clit more than anything. I was impressed by the natural and easy going lustiness of Paul's letter. They sounded genuine and down to earth and I began to think that perhaps this was the couple who could make some of my fantasies come true also. So I broke out the pen and paper and began composing a response to Paul & Lacy.

I told them I enjoyed reading their letter and some other things about myself; what I liked, some of my turn-ons and I enclosed the only photo I could find of me. I asked for some photos of them in return and a suggestion on how we might get together.

I didn't get a response for some time and had pretty much given up hope. I'd come to the conclusion that any sex I might have in the near future would involve me, a porno flick, a jar of Vaseline and me and only me. I'd recently been divorced and wasn't in any frame of mind to begin dating. I looked at the swinging lifestyle as a way to have sex without all the disappointments of dating. But, I was surprised to find a letter in my box one day and I recognized Paul's handwriting. I tore the letter open as I walked out of the post office hoping for a favorable response and the opportunity to indulge in a little erotic sexplay with a nice couple. I unfolded the letter and to my surprise two photos slid into my hand.

The first photo was of Paul lying back on a bed and holding up a very hard uncut cock. The next photo was of Lacy sitting on the end of a bed in a very sexy white teddy and white stockings. Her legs were spread out in front of her and she was leaning forward and showing a little cleavage. After seeing Pauls proud display of his substantial cock, I had expected to see something along the same lines in the photo of Lacy. Surprisingly, I wasn't too disappointed because Lacy happens to be a very beautiful woman and looked good enough to eat. (more about that later). Well I forced myself to put the pictures aside and read the letter.

Paul apologized for not writing sooner and explained that they had been on vacation. He went on to say that they had received my letter and had decided that our interests were similar enough to take things to the next level and set up a meeting. He went on to describe in some detail about the things they enjoyed and a few of the activities we might enjoy together. I read with growing, and I do mean growing, excitement about his sexy wife and the way she loved to suck cock and have her pussy eaten and the positions she liked. I took a look at Lacy's picture and I could suddenly see right through her teddy. I could see her nipples get hard as Paul and I each took one in our mouths and sucked on her succulent tits while she slid her hand between her legs and toyed with her hardening clit. This was happening in my mind as walked down the Main street Mall in Memphis reading Paul's letter and looking at their pictures!! I had to force myself to put the letter and pictures away because I'd become erect and didn't want to run the risk of freaking somebody out with my obvious woody pushing at the front of my pants.

When I got home that night, I took out the letter and arranged the pictures so I could look at them while I read. I was wearing my robe and began stroking myself as I carefully read each activity Paul described. I looked at Lacys picture and I could see her bald pussy in my mind as Paul explained how much she liked to have a hot tongue work her clit over as she sucked a nice hard dick. I looked at the picture of his cock and could imagine it sliding in and out of Lacy's wet slit. I compared the appearance of our cocks and noticed that there was some difference in shape and size. Paul is longer than I am and un-cut. I'm cut and maybe a little bigger around. I could suddenly imagine us all in bed and doing the things I had been reading, along with a few I came up with on my own. Well it wasn't long before the cum swelled up inside me and I spewed all over my chest, stomach and robe!!

Paul had included their phone number in the letter and encouraged me to call and set up a meeting. He explained that he worked out of town during the week but that it was OK to call Lacy in the evening. He even suggested that we might engage in a little phone sex if things heated up. Well I finally got up the courage to call one evening and I nervously asked for Lacy. I introduced myself and was greeted with this incredibly sexy voice telling me that Paul had mentioned that I might call and yes she had time to talk.

We got acquainted with each other and she asked me which picture Paul had sent me. I took out the picture and described it to her. I started to get hard as I looked at her picture and listened to her voice. I felt a little uncomfortable about having a phone sex type conversation with her until I got to know them a little better, so we eventually ended the conversation with promises to call again when Paul was home. I brought out both pictures and began to read the letter again. Now 1 had a voice to go with the pictures and I began stroking my cock as I heard Lacy tell me and Paul what turned her on. I closed my eyes and imagined her on top of me riding up and down on my cock as she pushed her tits around and pinched her nipples. Well, needless to say it wasn't long before I erupted in a mind-blowing orgasm, squirting cum all over the place. I vowed right then and there to make this fantasy become a reality.

However, as fate would have it, several things occurred which prevented our getting together and we lost contact over the next couple of months. As things stood in my life at the time it was all I could do to manage getting my laundry done, let alone setting up a meeting with an out of town couple. Fortunately, they kept the fantasy alive and one night last week my roommate told me that someone named Paul had called. He had left a local phone number, but I couldn't recall the name and the number didn't sound familiar. I took down the information and planned to check it out later. I kept the envelope with the last letter and photos from Paul and Lacy tucked away in my checkbook pocket secretary which I carry with me at all times. None of my friends know about my interest in swinging and I didn't want the letter or pictures to fall into the wrong hands. I had also assured Paul and Lacy that discretion would be maintained at all times and I wanted to protect their privacy, not to mention the fact that I would occasionally take out the letter and photos and indulge in a little fantasy masturbation. I happened to see the envelope with their names on it and I finally made the connection between the phone message and the letter.

One of the best moves I've ever made in my life was to return that phone call. I called Paul at the motel he was staying at and he told me that he and his wife had decided to complete their fantasy and invited me to join them that weekend. His timing was perfect. Since the breakup of my marriage, my sex life had consisted of me jerking off to porno flicks (and their pictures once in awhile). I called them on Saturday as arranged. I talked to Lacy and she explained that their kids may be coming but I was welcome to come out for a drink and to get acquainted. I thought that it was a hell of a long way to drive for a drink, about 2hrs, but there was that voice and those images in my head (both of them), so I readily agreed.

I jumped in the shower and meticulously went about scrubbing and cleaning every part of my body. I broke out a new blade for my razor and shaved my cock and balls. I certainly didn't want to show up with a 5 o'clock shadow if we did actually make it to bed that night. I was still nervous about the meeting but was as excited as a schoolboy at the same time. I gassed up the car and headed East as I kept trying to envision what might follow. I was really pushing the speed limit as I kept the Cutlass humming along at 80-85 mph. Before I knew it and longer than I wanted it to take, I was in their town and on the phone with Paul. He came to town and I followed him back to their house.

I really wanted this to work out for everybody and I was really uncertain as to how I should act. After all, here was a couple who were introducing another person into one of the most intimate area of their lives. I wanted this to be everything they needed it to be. I was immediately made comfortable as they welcomed me into their home. The lighting was perfect, the place smelled great and the conversation flowed naturally. I have to mention also that Lacy looked so wonderful. She was wearing a nice little dress, which complimented her figure nicely and showed just the right amount of her gorgeous legs. We sat down with some drinks and began to get acquainted.

Things were progressing nicely and Lacy climbed into the recliner with Paul. They began to caress each other and I could tell that they were getting turned on. Lacy excused herself and went into the bedroom. She came back wearing a nice little short, silky nightgown. Her tits bounced nicely as she climbed back on Paul's lap. I just sat back and watched as they began to explore each other's bodies They're a very sensual couple and I enjoyed watching them slowly go farther and farther with their foreplay. He began stroking her breasts and I watched her nipples come to attention. They would kiss and I watched their tongues play about each other's mouths. Lacy was rubbing her feet up and down Paul's legs and grinding her ass into his lap. He moved his hand between her legs and I heard a little gasp from Lacy. I'd heard that same gasp in my fantasies about them. Paul nodded toward me and indicated that I should go to the restroom. I excused myself and gave them an opportunity to discuss what was to happen next.

It was a bit of a struggle to get my dick out of my pants and I had to wait a couple of minutes for my hard on to go down so I could hit the toilet. Watching those two really had me going. I waited for what seemed like forever before coming back out. They were still in the recliner where I'd left them but Lacy soon got up and said she was going to go stretch out in the bedroom. I watched the bottom of her nightgown slide all the way up her legs as she scooted out of the recliner. I was wondering if she was wearing any panties, but I would have to wait to find out. I did notice her erect nipples and the noticeable bulge in Paul's lap as she got up and went toward the bedroom. I looked at Paul and he told me to come on back and take a shower when I was ready to join them.

I sat there for a few minutes and finished my cigarette. I was wondering just how to proceed, but I eventually got up the nerve to go back to their bedroom and get in the shower. I didn't know whether I should emerge from the bathroom naked or with something on. I finally turned out the light in the bathroom and looked at the bottom of the door to see if the light was still on in their bedroom. It wasn't so I held the towel in front of me and opened the door.

There they were in bed and naked. Paul was kissing up and down Lacy's body and she was moving under him, pushing her body against his. I dropped the towel and grabbed my stiffening cock, I stroked myself as I watched their passion build. They looked so good together and I began to think that I would be satisfied to just watch them and jack off. I soon found out that they had more in store for me than that as Paul pulled the sheet back and motioned for me to join them. Lacy moved between us and I reached out and touched her breast, noting the softness of her beautiful, natural tits. Her nipple rose as my palm moved across her breast. Paul took her other nipple in his mouth and slid his hand to her pussy. She reached down, took his cock in her hand and began stroking it. I was watching Paul finger her pussy and I leaned down and took her other nipple in my mouth and joined him with my hand at her clit. She responded to both of our mouths and fingers by reaching down with her other hand and taking my cock too. This must have been something she had wanted for some time because she became very aroused. She had two mouths on her tits, two hands on her pussy and a cock in each hand.

It's hard to remember exactly what happened next but we all seemed to progress to a whole new level of excitement. Paul and I were licking and fingering, while Lacy was stroking and moaning. Paul asked me to take a closer look at Lacy's shaved pussy. He didn't have to ask twice. He slid down and demonstrated how she liked to have her pussy eaten. He licked up and down her slit, stopping occasionally at her clit and concentrating on it for a few licks. She was going wild! He moved away and motioned for me to replace him. I began to lick Lacy's incredibly wonderful pussy. Paul pulled the lips of her pussy apart and the hardest, biggest most wonderful clit I have ever seen popped out between his fingers. I looked for just a moment before I dove on it and sucked it between my lips fluttering my tongue across the head of it. She obviously liked having her clit bounced around by an active set of lips and tongue because she began to squirm all over the bed and make this wonderful high pitched moaning sound.

Satisfied that I was doing a good job eating his wife's pussy, Paul moved up Lacy's body. The sounds she had been making became muffled and I looked up to see Paul's cock sliding in and out of her mouth. He asked her if I was doing a good job of sucking her pussy. I heard her mumble something that sounded like 'uh huh', but it was hard to tell because she had about 7 inches of his cock buried in her mouth. I really started sucking on her clit then and slid a finger in her pussy. She was so wet and so tight. She has the most incredible control over her pussy and she was practically sucking on my fingers as they slid in and out. Paul was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth and playing with her tits, I was sucking on her clit and slowly pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy when she began to literally vibrate. Her pussy started to grip my fingers and she buried all of Paul's considerable cock down her throat. She began cumming as Paul and I concentrated on her pleasure. Her orgasm was truly something to behold. This is one hot lady and it was wonderful to watch the look on Paul's face as he witnessed his wife's pleasure. What a wonderful couple I thought.

We took a short smoke break but continued to stroke and touch each other. I think we all sensed that this was going to get even better and we didn't wait long to begin again. Paul and I both moved up on either side of Lacy's head. She took both of our cocks in her hands and sucked first one and then the other. Then she drew both of us toward her mouth and sucked on both of us at the same time while we each took one of her tits and pulled and tweaked her nipples. It felt great as both of our cocks were drawn between her lips. It was hard to tell whether it was Paul's wet cock sliding against mine or whether it was Lacy's tongue and lips. I didn't care because it all felt so great. In fact it was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

Paul pulled out and moved down between her legs. He spread her legs and rubbed the head of his dick up and down her clit before sliding it slowly into her wet pussy. Lacy responded to the feel of her husband's cock slipping into her pussy by sucking my cock down her throat and running her tongue around the head. This was just too incredible to believe.

Most of what I had been told by Paul in his letter, plus most of what I had fantasized about, was coming true. Actually, things were progressing beyond what I had imagined. One of the things I have always wanted to do is to lick a pussy while it is being fucked. Paul had mentioned that this was something Lacy had fantasized about. I looked down and saw Lacy's clit poking up above her pussy as Paul was sliding his cock in and out of it. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to satisfy one of my long time desires. I moved my head toward the combination of Paul's cock and Lacy's pussy. Paul made room for me by leaning back a little and I flicked my tongue out toward her clit and fluttered it over the tip of it. This excited all of us, but none more than Lacy as was obvious by her cries of pleasure. Paul moved around and entered her from behind while I continued to lick her pussy. Once in a while Paul's cock would slip out of her pussy and poke me in the side of the face. I would just reach down, take his cock in my hand and put it hack in her pussy. It was strangely exciting to have my mouth so close to all this action and to feel so natural about grabbing Paul's cock. It was exciting to feel another cock in my hand besides my own. Things just flowed from there. It's difficult to describe all that we did. Most people wouldn't believe us if we told them. But, we were there and we know. We started somewhere around 11:00 p.m. and finally decided to get some sleep sometime around 5:00 am. We fucked and fingered, licked and sucked, stroked and fondled each other for six solid hours. It had been one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life. Everyone seemed to be satisfied yet it was hard to stop playing with each other, We did manage to drift off to sleep though with grins on our faces and deep sighs coming from between our lips.

Most stories would end here but this one was only half over. I woke the next morning to Lacy's body bumping rhythmically up against me. It took a moment, but I soon realized that Paul was fucking her from behind as they lay on their sides. She was moaning and telling him how good he felt. I reached over and took one of her tits in my hand. She rolled against me and reached down to stroke my cock. It felt great to have this beautiful woman's body being bumped up against me by her husband as he thrust his cock into her from behind. Her hot, moist breath felt fantastic as she exhaled in passion with her face buried against my neck. She stroked my cock and murmured something about how wonderful it was to have two cocks to play with. How it felt great to have Paul fucking her from behind as she played with my balls with one hand and pumped my dick with the other. I began thinking how great it would be to wake up like this every morning.

There was some swapping around and Lacy had a couple of orgasms before we decided it was time for some coffee. We lay around smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and joking around. It amazed me that we all seemed so comfortable around each other. Nobody tried to cover up; we joked and talked as if we'd known each other for a long time. It was a completely satisfying combination of people and experiences.

Lacy excused herself to freshen up a little and Paul and I hung around and talked about a few things. He asked how long I'd been swinging and I told him about the other failed attempts before I met them. I told him how brave I thought they were to try satisfying their fantasies. I admire their honesty with each other. Most people go their entire lives thinking about what we'd experienced these past few hours, yet never tell their respective partner how they feel. Paul and Lacy are so in love with each other that they not only communicate honestly with one another, but respect each other enough to help each other realize their individual fantasies. I really respect them for that.

I guess you're thinking that this is the end of the story. Wrong answer. Believe it or not some of the best sex was yet to come. Lacy returned from freshening up and crawled up between us. After all I've written I still can't do justice to how sexy and insatiable this woman is, not forgetting beautiful and untiring. Paul started playing with one of her tits and I decided it would be nice to give her stereo sex. I watched everything Paul did and I did the same thing. He grabbed all of her tit in his hand and I did the same thing. He rolled her nipple between her fingers and I did too. He brought his mouth to her ear and stuck his tongue in. I did the same. He reached down between her legs and began sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy. I joined him with my hand and we worked both of our fingers in and out, pulling her pussy open and making room for more fingers. Her clit jumped up like someone was calling its' name. Lacy had both our cocks in her hands and was pumping them up and down in unison. I looked from my cock to Paul's to her clit and it almost looked like there were three cocks poking up in the air. I am so totally amazed by Lacy's pussy and especially her clit. It is by far the biggest one I have ever had my tongue on and I could actually suck on it like it was a little cock. When I did that she would go absolutely wild.

I reached down and pulled her lips and hood back causing her clit to be totally exposed. I wet my finger and rubbed it across her hard, erect and glistening clit. Every time I did that she would pump her hips up to meet my finger and cry out in ecstasy. Paul moved around so she could suck his cock and I took the opportunity to do what I had decided was my favorite thing in the world and that was to put my mouth, tongue and fingers to work on her beautiful, naked pussy. She was so hot that it wasn't too long before she started making her beautiful little orgasm noises again. Paul and I kept at it to make sure that she was satisfied.

I looked up and saw Paul literally fucking her mouth. He had his hands on the bed and he was driving that monster cock of his all the way down her throat. Lacy's pussy began sucking on the three fingers I had sliding in and out of her wet slit and her clit began dueling with my tongue. All of a sudden the inside of her pussy began throbbing and she literally gushed cum into my mouth. Paul pulled out from her mouth and she rolled me over on my back. She began sucking my cock while Paul was playing with her asshole and pussy. She straddled me and slid my cock all the way into her pussy. The look on her face was one of total passion. I could feel Paul playing with her asshole as he lubed up his finger and began getting her ready for another cock in her ass. What an incredible feeling that was! Paul pumped his cock into her and finally unloaded his balls. It wasn't long after that for me and I finally erupted with one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I literally shook for several minutes before I slipped out and lay back on the bed to recover. No one said much except for 'wow' for a long time.

Eventually, it came time for me to leave. I really hated to have to go. However, I didn't want to wear out my welcome and I still had a two-hour drive ahead of me. Plus we all had to get up the next morning for work. I promised to write about our experience together. I hope I gave a true accounting of what we did together. Most of the time people have to make up a few things to make the story interesting. In this case I can truly say that I had to leave a few things out.

To Paul and Lacy how can I express how completely fulfilling our time together was. You made this man truly happy and I hope you guys experienced what you were looking for.

I hope you plan on doing this again and I hope your plans include me.

Update: Received a call from Lacy this morning. (I love hearing her voice first thing in the morning). They've invited me back this weekend and she said they have a surprise for me! Oh shit! I hope I'm up to the task this weekend. I know I'm up to the task right now!

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