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Tessa Jo
by Andra Jenny

"How dare you call Tessa a slut!" I admonished Jeb. "She took you into her mouth, welcomed you, loved you, treated you like an honored guest, and this is how you treat her?"

Jeb looked at me in astonishment. It's hard to get that wordless reaction out of an accomplished bullshitter.

"She swallowed your juice, accepted your offering, and lovingly held you between her soft lips while you basked in the afterglow of your orgasm. I know, I was there! And then, and then you go and try to make her feel dirty about what she did. Why would you go and put that seed into the back of her mind? Why punish her for proper behavior and doing something that feels good to her?"

"Uh, I, uh, I, I don't know," he stammered.

"Let's not mention that she was a gift from me! Who put you two together? Who stood behind her and slowly unbuttoned her blouse while you ogled her fresh, young tits? Why would you dishonor that gift? Didn't you like it when I removed her bra and slid her skirt down and let it drop around her ankles?"

"Yes, sir," he replied softly, eyes down.

"She looked at you, looked you in the eye, as I exposed her to a friend and discussed her private, personal, sexual inclinations and all the while you were standing there shamelessly staring at her nakedness, licking your lips, and lusting after her. When I pulled down the back of her panties, bent her over, unzipped my trousers, and placed myself into the sweet, soft crack of her young ass, didn't you unzip yourself and take your cock out?"

Jeb nodded slightly, but quickly in assent.

"And then what happened, when the head of your sex stretched towards her sweet lips? Huh?" I demanded.

"She opened her mouth and sucked me off," he admitted ashamedly.

"Yes, she never questioned me, she never quested my judgment, she just stood there bent over, like a good girl, sucking you off while I pounded her asshole. Without a moment's hesitation she gave pleasure to the three of us!" By now, I was completely empassioned. "Now, thanks to you, what's going to happen next time! Huh?"

Jeb knew the question was rhetorical and dared not answer.

I finally asked the damning question, "Was it your goal to ruin sex between Tessa and myself? Did you mean to tell her that her pleasure, and pleasuring others was dirty? Why would you shit on such a gift? Why would the first words out of your mouth be, 'Hey slut, give any good head today?'"

All the while, Tessa stood there, pale, head hung low, near to tears.

"I don't know, I wasn't thinking," he replied. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean it that way. Tessa's a nice girl. I didn't mean to hurt her. I didn't mean to fuck shit up for you. You're like a big brother to me."

"I know, that's why I chose you. I trusted you, Tessa trusted me, and you broke that chain. You cannot just mend things with me, you have to make things right with Tessa or you won't be invited to play with us, or anyone else around here for that matter."

"Tessa," he looked at her, "I am sorry that I hurt you, I won't do it again, I promise."

She refused to look him in the eyes. Apology unaccepted.

I whispered in Jeb's ear, "She needs a human touch. She needs to feel your sincerity and apology in order to trust and believe in you again. Go to her, hold her, truly love her. Win her trust!"

At first, Tessa did not respond to Jeb. He nuzzled to her ear whispering urgently, holding her, comforting her. Gradually, she nestled to him, warming to his words, welcoming his touch. I watched the youngsters as they slowly disrobed and entwined in a sensual dance of healing and youthful hedonism. Jeb slowly took her to the floor. As her legs parted, he positioned himself to take her.

"Whoa," I almost shouted, startled out of my reverie, "she's a virgin and I want her to stay that way! I enjoy eating unspoiled pussy. When I kiss her and taste her essence, I get the greatest pleasure in knowing that no man has ever gone there. That's my pussy, and I'll decide when it get defiled, thank you very much, sir!"

"Okay," Jeb grinned as he repositioned himself to take a poke at her mouth.

"No!" Tessa startled us both. "You do me!"

She looked at me pleading her case with her eyes and I had to concur. "Yes Jeb, I think that is fair. You do owe her one, this one time." I looked her in the eyes to emphasize the last statement.

Without protest and with great flair and gusto, Jeb apologized to Tessa's pussy. They were so young, so beautiful together with their firm, unblemished bodies, that I began to feel great desire for both of them. Tessa's breathing grew ragged, her body arched. She pushed out to his face, gasped sharply and grunted before slowly sinking back to the floor.

Inflamed, Jeb again offered himself to her lips. With a satisfied smile, she looked up into his eyes and parted her lips. He positioned himself over her and luxuriated in the warmth of her gently sucking mouth. Unconsciously, his hips began to undulated, gradually increasing in intensity to the point where he was hunched over her face urgently fucking her mouth. Tessa fingered herself as she bent her head back struggling to take him in as he sought deeper and deeper penetration. With a contorted face and a dozen strong, deep thrusts, he shuddered in climax. Tessa held him in her mouth as the tension slowly drained from his body.

I gave them a few minutes while I cooled off, then politely cleared my throat. Quickly, they gathered their senses and their clothes.

"Apology accepted?" I asked Tessa.

"Yes, just one more thing." In the blink of an eye, she reared back and slapped at Jeb, striking his cheek and snapping his head around. Enraged, he went to hit her back. His hand never made it.

"We do not hit women," I hissed at him. "You had that coming."

He glared at me red-faced (well one cheek was actually crimson by now and laced with Tessa's fingerprints). I looked him dead in the eye and waited. When I saw that he was regaining control of himself, I continued.

"Good, now the air is completely cleared and we can move on."

"She shouldn't have hit me," Jeb growled impotently.

"Well, if it bothers you, remember that, and the next time you have her bent over and naked, give her a spanking. Punishing a woman is okay, when done in the proper context. Do it in such a way as you can both have fun. Being spanked, being punished for being a bad girl, is a real turn-on to a good girl. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir, I do!" he grinned.

Tessa was smiling with an ornery look and I knew what to do.

"Come on kids, let's go play!"


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