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The Jock and Me
by Ms. Vicious

I was the picture of teenage angst and rebellion. Wild red hair dyed black, all black clothes, and a thick chain and padlock around my neck. My high school sexual adventures were wilder than the average teen, but my wildest was not the threesome or the first girl-on-girl experience, but the one I had with Eric. Eric was captain of the football team, a star player, and a god in the school. I had talked with him only a few times, when we bumped into each other in the halls or I dropped my books, he would say he was sorry or help me pick them up. He seemed like a nice enough guy... for a jock...

That summer day started as many in my youth did. I woke up horny, and always looking for a good fuck, I called my best friend, asking who he knew that was free for a couple hours. The name he gave me was not all I had hoped for, but it was enough. I didn't like the guy. In fact, I downright loathed him, but as horny as I was, he would do.

I gave him a call, and shortly he was at my door offering to take me home with him. Against my better judgement, I accepted. We got to his house all too quickly and the moment I settled down on the couch he was all over me. He wasn't what I normally considered attractive. He was a little heavy with a swinish face that was not normally as disgusting as it was at this moment. I hadn't actually ever thought of him as ugly, however, until then. He was slobbering and manhandling me awkwardly and anxiously.

I told him nervously to slow down, but he obviously didn't hear. He began to tear at my blouse, clumsily fumbling my breasts. His breathing became hard until he actually sounded like a pig. I pushed him away, but he was back on me in a second. I was disgusted, and began telling him to stop. He simply snorted and continued trying to get my top off. Fed up, I slapped him and kicked him away. He grew angry, but I did my best to show no sign of fear.

"You wanted this, bitch," he breathed, "don't back out on me now." He grasped my thighs and dragged me to a lying down position.

"Get off of me you disgusting pig!" I shouted in his ear. I knew what was going to happen, but I didn't have time to brace myself for the slap... or the ripping of my blouse. I lay there for a second before becoming angry again, and fiercely fighting back, kicking and screaming and stumbling off of the couch. He looked at me, but didn't move from the couch. I stood up, and he said obnoxiously, "I never wanted you anyway, you fucking whore.

I scoffed at this and replied scornfully, "You are the most disgusting waste of human skin I've ever seen in my life."

He leaned back on the couch casually. "Well, looks like you'll be walking home then, slut." I kicked the coffee table over before I stormed out. I guess I expected him to come after me, but I didn't want him to, and he didn't. I began walking down the dusty country road alone. I only felt the sting from where he hit me when I began to feel the heat. It was bearing down on me hard after the first mile.

Then it suddenly hit me I had no idea where I was. I was deserted on a country road, in the summer heat, with nowhere to go. Instead of freaking out, I calmly sat down and lit up a cigarette. I heard a car engine, and stood up. He had come looking for me. But when the old classy impala came over the hill, I realized it wasn't him, and I could hitch a ride. I jumped up and down, sticking out my thumb and yelling. The car was going too fast, but the brakes slammed as the driver pulled over and opened the passenger side door.

I hopped in hastily before even glancing at the driver. "Oh thank God you came along. I was about to die from this heat!" I said, fanning myself, and attempting to wipe the sweat from my brow.

"No problem," said the driver, taking off. That voice...I turned to see Eric, the jock from school. I looked at him a little shocked. He had picked me up? The king jock had given ME a ride? I chuckled at this. He looked at me and said, "What were you doing out in this heat, anyway?"

I flipped my hair out of my face and said, "You don't want to know." He actually persisted, pointing out the mark on my face, until I told him the story. He pulled the car over and looked at me seriously.

"Are you ok?" For the first time I really looked at him. Deep brown eyes, square jaw, not overly muscular. He didn't look like a jock. He looked...good. He leaned over and gently touched the spot where I'd been hit. I cringed, and he immediately backed off.

"Who did that?" he asked.

I sighed. "No one," I replied. He looked genuinely concerned as he studied my face. I could smell him...a tantalizing mixture of sweat, cologne, and maleness. I turned away nervously, painfully aware of my attraction to him. My thighs tightened as I thought of what he could do to me on this deserted country road. I looked at him to see him staring back at me with lust in his eyes. The school freak and the school jock...together? My brain contemplated this shortly before he bent down and kissed me ever so gently on the lips.

He drew back slowly and I took in his features...rough, but there was something innocent about him. Those eyes just took me in. My body taking over, I reached behind him, grabbing the back of his head, and pulled him to me, kissing him hard and deep. My hand went instinctively to his thigh where I felt a huge bulge. I had heard rumours about his size, but I figured it was bullshit. I drew back in shock when I realized it wasn't.

He looked at me, puzzled. "What?" he asked. I giggled nervously and reached slowly for his cock. He smiled approvingly, and guided my hand, stroking his swollen member. He began breathing hard, and I marveled at the size and thickness of it as I stroked in steady rhythm. I reached over anxiously and unzipped his jeans. He was wearing loose boxers, which were easy to pull down, and to let his massive cock spring free. The precum shone at the tip, and I greedily bent down to lap it up. Suddenly Eric pulled me up by my hair and stopped me.

I looked at him confused. "Oh...I forgot about your girlfr-"

"It's not about her," he interrupted, "It's about how much I want to fuck you. I have since the beginning of school., you should know that by the way I look at you in the halls...all I can think about is fucking the life out of you." He leaned toward me, his hot breath on my face. "Get in the backseat," he said.

I froze, trying to get this stranger-than-life situation settled in my mind. "Um...ok..." I hastily climbed in the back, and he joined me. He took off his shirt to reveal a slightly muscled chest, broad shoulders, and a trail of hair leading into his pants. I stared, and breathed as best I could. He gently tilted down and kissed my neck, lightly at first, then growing tenser. I moaned softly and pressed my hard nipples against his chest. He drew back and took off my top, kissing his way down my chest, pulling down my bra, and suckling my rock hard nipples. His facial hair ticked and chafed against my soft skin, making me groan in delight. One hand ran through my hair, as the other slid up my thigh.

I reached blindly for his pants, and he immediately fell on top of me, restricting my movement. In one smooth motion, the school jock had my pants and panties down, and was staring at my red pubic hair. He paused and chuckled. "You're a redhead...mmm" He worked himself out of his pants, and lifted my legs above his shoulders. He hesitated, rubbing his cock up and down my slit. I moaned and thrust myself forward, trying to get him inside me. He drew back and smiled.

He bent down and whispered, "You want that, do you?" I managed to nod. "Mmmm hmmm..." I bit my lip in anticipation. His fingers reached up and began working my clit, making me rotate my hips and groan. He teased by kissing and nibbling my neck while fingering my clit. I began to tense up, and he sensed it, stopping all motion and pulling back.

"Not yet, baby," he whispered. He leaned back on his knees and gazed at me while stroking his cock. I looked at him pleadingly. Here I was, the school freak, and I was lusting after the school jock. And I'd never wanted anything so bad in my life than for him to take me. I sensed he wanted me too. He bent down and began kissing me again, and the next thing I knew, his large penis was being inserted into my tight hole. I tried to gasp, but he kept kissing me, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth. His cock went in farther and farther until I though I would cry. The mixture of pleasure and pain was incredibly intense. He let up for a minute and drew in a ragged breath.

"God, you're tight," he moaned. I squeezed my eyes shut and wrapped myself tighter around him. He groaned and began thrusting, slowly at first, until the pain went away, and I opened my eyes to see him straining to take his time.

"No," I said, "fuck me. Fuck me how you want you've always wanted to." He slowed and looked at me, his eyes widening.

"You sure?" I gazed into his eyes.

"Yes...please...fuck me..." And with that, he thrust into me, fast and hard, causing me to cry out as he beared down on me. He used all his strength to fuck me, ravaging me like I had only dreamed of. That raw feeling of pure ecstasy began to take over as I felt myself tensing up. He began going faster, pounding my pussy with all his might, groaning as I latched onto him and screamed in pleasure. I felt the orgasm growing inside me. The tingling sensation and the pressure were begging to be released. I could sense it in him also. He tightened, and began slow, hard, digging thrusts, his orgasm near. My pussy tightened around him as I shivered and shuddered and dampened his cock with my juices. This was enough to make him moan loudly and collapse on top of me, both of us shaking violently.

We were both sweaty and sticky in each other's juices, when he looked up at me with his dark eyes and said, "Can I give you a ride more often?"

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