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The Jacuzzi Encounter
by c. Bobo

I couldn't believe the house that the guy who was hosting the party lived in. His family owned an incredibly huge piece of land with one incredibly large house in the back corner of the estate. It was an upscale frat party basically. The kid's parents were away in Paris and the guy had paid the maids in the house to keep their mouths shut and to help him clean up in the aftermath. So there was no reason that this party wasn't going to be the smash hit of the entire year. Everyone was invited, including you and I.

I had overheard you talking about it in our economics class earlier in the week. I couldn't believe how my cock jumped when you said you were going to go and that you hoped that you could hook up with someone while there. Millions of thoughts ran through my mind as I wondered how it would happen. The teacher snapped us all back to reality with a lecture about attention in class and how it had an impact on our grades. Whatever. I couldn't wait for the end of the week. You were going to be mine, and that was the end of it. Regardless of the lecture, I kept catching your eyes on me during the rest of class. I was in heaven, and you were going to come with me.

So there I was, standing at the door of this mammoth house with my ticket in hand, ready to drink up and have a good time. The door was massive, the doorman was in a suit and tie, the carpet in the foyer was red, and everyone was having a blast. The crowd was already thick, so I worked my way to the far end of the foyer where there was one of many bars set up. A drink was prepared immediately and I drank as I scanned the room, taking in the surroundings that I had found my way into for the night. You were on the second of three floors looking down at me as I watched the people mingle, but I didn't see you at the time. You wanted me for tonight, and you had to have me at the party, in this magnificent house.

Moving through the rooms I found more bars, people playing pool, people dancing to a DJ, people watching football, people throwing darts. I ran into almost all of my buddies from school at one point or another in the first hour that I was at the house, but I had yet to see you. I was dying to see you. I wanted you just as badly as you desired me. And thinking this as I looked up from a game of pool, there you were in your short black dress, tight to your body, leaning on the rail of the table. You looked at me with your deep seductive wanting eyes and I knew that we needed to find some place private then and there. Just finding the right place was the trick in such a monstrous home.

Your hand in mine we left the billiards room and journeyed upwards on a spiral staircase to try different doors. Most were locked for reasons of preserving the place from the partying masses, but a few were left open and we both got an eyeful more than a few times as we tried different doors. It only excited us more on our task. I needed to kiss you. I pulled you slowly to a stop and our mouths locked together in a slow passionate kiss, full of the tension that had been building all week. I cut it short . . . we needed to find a place for our union.

Onwards we raced, trying door after door until we found ourselves on the third floor, quiet and away from the masses in the party going on below. You pulled us to a stop again and pulled my mouth to yours and I pulled your body to mine. You felt my hardness pressing against you and I could feel your heat pushing back. I moaned and you sighed at the same time. Onward to our destination, quickly. The first door we tried was the end all to our frustrations . . . a master Jacuzzi bath and sauna. I was astounded with our luck, and your seeking mouth and exploring tongue left little time for taking in what the room really looked like.

I pushed your back up against the wall as soon as you went on the aggressive side and slowed you down . . . this was going to be good. Pecking and sucking at your lips I drove your mouth insane before tasting your tongue again, running it in your mouth, tongues dancing, lips pressed. I held you tight still against the wall, one hand in your hair and one caressing your face, your soft lines and smooth skin under my delicate touch. Your breathing was racing and your heart matched the pace as I kissed my way down your neck, biting lightly on your collar bone . . . you moaned and I knew I was doing things right for you. Back up my mouth went, licking and sucking your neck, hot breathing rushing in your ear, making you gasp, pressing your body against mine harder than before. Nibbling your ears I came back to your hungry mouth. You kissed hard and passionately and barely noticed that I had let a strap of your dress fall down your shoulder. You wore no bra the dress was so tight to your perfect body. Then the other strap . . . your wonderful cleavage threatening to spill out of the dress before I relieved it's tension by lowering the zipper slowly down your back . . . my tongue dancing down across your shoulders and down to your breasts, exploring the newly exposed flesh. Your dress fell to the floor, leaving you in high cut black silk panties and nothing else, your erect nipples rubbing against the smoothness of my shirt as you began to strip away at my clothing . . . my tie, my shirt, pants falling to my feet. All of my clothing left and my hardened member was left standing erect, captured in your silky palm. I stood captive to the pleasure you were giving me as you slowly stroked up and down my member before I finally came to my senses and pushed you back up against the wall and kissed your mouth again, drawing your attention from my twitching manhood, now rubbing against the wonderful softness of your silk panties.

Without warning I stopped kissing you, my hands on your hips. You struggled to regain my mouth and my lips, but my build kept you firmly against the wall. With one swift motion I dropped your panties as I dropped to my knees and my tongue was instantly on your clit. You cried out and almost fell over as I momentarily assaulted your tender bud with my tongue, and as soon as you had cried out, your hands were on the back of my head pulling me into your crotch, your hips grinding your sex into my face. I was not about to oblige you that quickly though, and I pulled away, much to your dismay. I gratified you slightly in letting you clean your juices off of my face though, which you did hungrily, lapping and kissing the slickness which coated my face. Your odor was incredible and made my manhood stand more rigid than ever before. I ached with wanting for you, and I knew it wouldn't be long.

I stepped away from your hot and heaving body and started towards the Jacuzzi. The grin that entered your face was as large as the house when you realized what I had in mind. You walked immediately to join me. I stepped in quickly, taking a seat in the hot bubbling water. You paused as soon as your feet touched the water and sat on the edge of the pool with your feet soaking in the warmth of the water, your eyes closed and your nipples still painfully erect from our couplings. Slowly you opened your eyes and drew your face down and mine up to yours and our kisses became slower and deeper, more passionate than before, savoring the pleasure of being with one another. Licking and sucking and nibbling your mouth, the passion that had slightly subsided was now back in an overwhelming heat in both of us. Kissing you with your head reaching down to mine, I took the weight of your perfect breasts and cupped them both gently as we kissed, toying lightly with your reddened nipples, sensitized from my oral ministrations. You moaned and sighed as my kisses slowly descended along your neck again to your deep cleavage, worshipping your breasts with my mouth, driving you insane. Your sex was practically dripping with your secretions and your pulse was racing.

I was kneeling on the bottom of the pool as I coaxed you down off of the side and into the water . . . you sat Indian style in front of me, your breasts open with easy access for my hands and mouth to continue, sucking and licking your perfect lobes. Occasionally massaging them deeply together or rolling your nipples in my fingers as I traveled back up your neck, rougher now, and then found your mouth, drawing your body off of the seat and against mine. Your legs were around my back instantly and your super heated sex was pressed tightly against my manhood, painfully erect as I continued to kiss you with insane desire, my hands working your breasts, pinching and caressing your nipples. Your hips began to rock against me and I had to groan out loud with the incredible sensations that came from you caressing my member with the softness of your hot hole. I wanted you, and I knew it would be soon.

I reached a point at which I knew I wanted you right then and there, and I knew exactly how to do it. I peeled your legs with reluctance from around me and spun you around with much resistance from you. You found your sensitive sex right in front of a water jet though, and nearly doubled over in the pleasure from the water rushing over your engorged clit. I pushed your back forward, hands to the side of the pool and with the water rushing over your hot, throbing sex I began to sink into your wet canal from behind, filling your hole with my manhood, deeper and deeper as you tried to buck back down on my cock and engulf my hot flesh. The two sensations combined nearly drove us both over the edge, and I was not about to wait, immediately we began to pump at each other, ramming my cock deep into your hole, cupping your breasts from behind as our bodies collided in our wonderful coupling. The water rushing over your clit kept you rolling from climax to climax and I do not know how I endured your wonderfully tight clenching sex for so long, but I continued to pump as your body contracted rhythmically with every orgasm that rushed through you. Finally I felt the inevitability of my climax building as you neared a massive climax and we came together, you crying out, clutching the sides of the pool and ramming yourself back on my convulsing organ, clenching with your smooth inner muscles and milking the hot cum from my hardness as I rammed back against you, rolling your nipples as hard as I could, taking you to the barrier of pleasure and pain as our climax slowed to a stop with my hardness slowly subsiding inside of you as we sat back together in the soft gentle bubbling of the Jacuzzi, recovering from a wonderful evening. The party had yet to end, and it was looking to be a very good time.


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