The Best Erotic Stories.

The Jackson Family Pt. III
by Duff

"Hi Dad !"

"Hello big fella," smiled Greg Jackson, "Been keeping out of mischief ?"

"Sure. How was the trip ?"

"Great. Got the Henderson account back, honey," he said, kissing his wife warmly on the cheek, "What a blast ! I was worried about that one." He squeezed Mary's buttocks. "No worries now though, things are looking good," and pointedly looked at Mary's breasts. "Everything's back to normal again."

Back to normal again. The words bounced around Mary's head. I have been fucking our son while you were away.

"My wonderful hunter-gatherer home from the plains bearing the kill," laughed Mary bravely. "I suppose you will want to be rewarded now ?"

"Naturally," said Greg, winking at her suggestively.

"Well first you'll eat, and shower, mighty hunter," smiled Mary. Will things ever be normal again ? Did she even want it that way ?

"Tom. What's this about hypothermia ? Are you okay now son ?"

"Sure. Better than ever Dad."

That very day. That day Greg had phoned Mary as he usually did when he was away. She had answered the phone naked, her body gleaming, cum slime shining on her lips and chin. She had gone down on her insatiable son again and again. Her knees were weak, and her hands trembled when she told Greg about the snow storm and what had happened. Not the whole story. Even as she spoke to her husband, Tommy's head was buried in her snatch, licking her cunt furiously, devouring her, sucking in her juices. She had involuntarily groaned when his tongue mashed against her clit. "You okay honey ?" Greg had asked. "Sure sweetheart, better than ever."

After she hung up, Tommy fucked her on the kitchen table.

The following morning she had vaguely promised herself the madness was over, but Tommy had immediately sank to his knees and laved her cunt and then her asshole with his probing tongue and with passionate kisses, and it had started again.

She was a sensible grown-up, he was an obedient son. They had made 'house rules' together. If it was going to continue, never while Greg was home, and never while Jenny was home.

"Jenny is coming home from college tomorrow ?" asked Greg lazily. The were wrapped in each other's arms. Languid and sweaty after a royal fuck session late at night, after Tommy was asleep. After all, he was too young to know about sex, right ? Just a boy.

Mary had been a little tense at first. Would Greg know as he entered her ? Would he be able to smell her infidelity ? Her incestuous lust ? But soon she relaxed and enjoyed it. Greg was little mechanical, but his huge schlong, his great 9" club always stimulated her to orgasm. He was very proud of it, and battered her cunt mercilessly. She loved it. And more than ever she loved her husband.

"Yes dear," she nuzzled into his neck, casually toying with his massive cock.

"She's a wonderful girl," sighed Greg, "I'm very proud to be her father."

"Hmmmmm....", murmured Mary sleepily.

"Bright, hard working. Sexy like her mother."

"Thank you dear."

"I hope she brings her cheerleader's costume," said Greg, smiling cheekily in the darkness.

"Gregory Jackson !" giggled Mary. "That is no way for a father to talk. Besides, she's in college now, not high school."

"What have I said now ?" chuckled her husband in mock innocence.

"You know exactly what I meant. And I know exactly what you meant."

"Mary Jackson, you have a filthy mind," grinned Greg.


And for a little while they were lost in their thoughts.

"Do you ?" asked Mary.

"Do I what ?"

"Think of Jenny like that," her heart was pounding.

"Like what ?"

"....ummm...sexually...," whispered Mary.

There was a fraction of a second. A tiny moment in time which could have meant anything before he spoke.

"Of course not, darling, she's my daughter. Good heavens."

And with that, they curled up to go to sleep. But Mary could not help noticing how fat his cock had grown.

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