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The Jackson Family Pt. V
by Duff

"I'm going over to Aunty Diane's," announced Jenny, "I haven't seen her for ages."

"That's nice dear," said Mary. "You make sure you give her my love. Are you taking the car ?"

"No, I'll walk. It's a beautiful day."

"Okay. Did you finish your lunch ? "

"Yes Mommy, it was delicious. When will Daddy be home from golf ?" Jenny asked.

"Oh I don't know, some time after 5:00 I imagine," replied Mary.

"That means you'll be stuck at home with Tommy all afternoon. Is that okay ?"

"Oh, I'm sure we'll manage," said Mary. Jenny thought her voice sounded kind of hollow.

Jenny swung her coat over her shoulders and trotted to the door. "Okay then. Have fun you two !"

"We will," called Mary.

She sat, fidgeting at the kitchen table. It was an impossible situation. Things had gotten completely out of control. Her cunt seemed to be constantly sensitive. The very thought of fucking her son turned her on. She moaned slightly. They were bound to get caught.

Last night was madness when Greg and Jenny went off for the pizza. "House rules" indeed ! No sex while her husband and her daughter were home. Well, reasoned Tommy, as he stood in front of her. They're not here, are they ? And he had taken out his beautiful cock right there and started to masturbate in front of her face. She should have slapped it away. She knew she should, but instead she reached out and cupped his balls, and her roving fingers tickled his anus. She had even smiled encouragement at him. She could smell her own juices flowing. Tommy had grown long and hard and red within seconds. The gorgeous virility of her son ! He could become erect almost at will. He could recover and fuck again and again. Oh lucky woman, she had both her husband's horse-prick and her son to satisfy her almost on call.

Within a few minutes of Jenny and Greg leaving last night, Tommy was buried deep inside her, grunting like an animal. And, yes, she was grinding and rutting and burying her nails into his broad back.

After he had fucked her, Tommy insisted on going down, lapping her cunt and nibbling her clitoris until she nearly fainted from orgasm after orgasm. It was only luck that they heard the BMW pull smoothly into the driveway, and they had time to adjust their dress and look respectable again.

And now they were alone again.

Tommy couldn't have heard Jenny leave, or else he'd be out here straight away, thought Mary and looked down the hallway expectantly. There was no movement. Good, she thought, I can get some housework done.

"Jenny's gone, Tommy," she called.

"Okay," came a distant response.

It's best I tell him, thought Mary. Just in case he didn't know, and she made a great play of banging pots and scraping dishes so he'd know she was still here. She looked down the hallway again.

Her arms were buried in dishwater, scrubbing some imaginary stain from a pot. Sex images seared her brain. Tommy's cum spurting, the sounds they made, the feeling of her son's cock stuffing her. Her son's sperm in her womb. Her son ! It still gave her a thrill. Incest.

After an hour, the kitchen was spotless. Mary's fevered mind had fucked Tommy a hundred times while she cleaned and polished. She stood hunched over at the doorway, the heels of her palms pressed between her legs. Madness.

"Are you okay, honey ?"

"Sure Mom"

"Can I come in ?"

"Sure Mom, I'm just reading."

Tommy was flat on his back, a Star Trek book held over his head. He was only wearing shorts. The room was a mess, of course, with books and magazines and clothing strewn everywhere. Mary cleared a chair next to his bed and sat down. She had changed out of her house-working clothes, and slipped on a short floral dress. She was naked underneath. Tommy didn't put the book down. Mary undid the top buttons of her dress as far as she dare. Her deep cleavage showing.

"Jenny went to Aunty Diane's place"


"Dad's playing golf."


"There's just the two of us in the house."

Tommy turned a page.

Mary was beginning to panic. Had Tommy's ardor died already ? Had he realised what a terrible, terrible sin they had committed ? Had she deeply offended him ? Was he disgusted with his own mother ?

Mary fell onto her knees by his bedside. She sighed a great tremulous shoulder-shaking sigh. She bowed her head, and huge tear drops fell from her eyes. Racking sobs shook her.

"Mom ! Mom ! What's wrong ?" cried Tommy, who threw away his book and sprang to her side.

"You....h....hate me. I understand T...Tommy darling. You're disgusted with your...moth... mother..." Her speech was punctuated by sniffs and sobs. "Oh your Mommy's a slut...a slut...I sh...should never have done...those...things...I....."

She could not finish her sentence. Tommy had grabbed her by the shoulders and was smothering her tear-soaked cheeks with kisses.

"No! No ! Mom, it's not that at all. I was playing a stupid game. Stupid. Damn and fuck. A damn stupid trick on you," and he held her close to his bare chest, squeezing her generous bosoms against himself.

"....trick ?"

"I was going to make you beg for it, Mommy. I was just playing a game."

"You don't hate me ?" Mary asked.

"Mommy I love you more than ever. More than anything. You are the best girl in the world."

And they hugged each other, long and hard, clutching at each other, pawing at each other's flesh and warmth.

"Oh Tommy I don't ever want to lose you !"

"You won't Mom. I"m sorry, I'm sorry."

"Oh darling boy, precious lover, my darling sweetheart. I will do anything for you. You understand that ? Anything. You want Mommy to suck your cock ? Do you want to fuck Mommy ? Do you want me to dress up for you ? You want me in a little girl's school uniform ? A little dress and pigtails darling ? Daddy likes that. Anything you want darling." and she kissed his lips and nose and face.

They rolled on the floor, kissing passionately, tongues entwining. Clawing at each other's bodies, ripping their clothing off. Tommy was rampant instantly. Mary grabbed for his firm cock stimulating him as best she could while they thrashed on the carpet amongst his dirty underwear and magazines. Tommy's mouth found a nipple and sucked desperately.

"OH ! YES darling Tommy !" cried his mother, "Suck Mommy's tits, bite Mommy's nipple. I am all yours my darling son."

Tommy slid down her belly and nuzzled into her trimmed cunt, licking and slurping. His tongue found her clit and lashed it over and over again. Mary sucked in air and gasped and her entire body went stiff.

"OOOH ! AAARGH ! OH MY GOD ! OH I AM CUMMING ALREADY !" and thrust her hips into Tommy's smeared face.

"Turn over Mom," commanded Tommy.

She moaned and rolled, still trying to handle her sudden orgasm. He pulled her up from behind so her ass was high in the air, and parted her cheeks. His tongue dove into her puckered asshole, slurping obscenely.

"OOH GOD HELP ME, IT'S STARTING AGAIN," screamed Mary as wave after shock wave hit her.

Tommy's finger pushed into her asshole, digging deeper and deeper. Another finger followed then another. Mary pushed back him, rocking on his fingers as they rhythmically fucked her.

"Oh, YES Tommy darling, fuck Mommy's ass. I want it sweetheart. Please, I am begging darling. Pleeeeese fuck Mommy. I want my son's cock inside me. I want your sperm in my asshole. Fill me with your cum darling heart, Mommy's little darling."

Tommy rose up on his knees and grabbed his shaft firmly. He spat on the head of his cock, and then spat on his mothers puckered asshole, placed the engorged purple head against it and pushed hard.

"Hnnnmmmfff, unnn," groaned Mary unintelligibly.

Tommy's cock did not stop penetrating her. Onward and inward his shaft sank, his mother easing back onto him.

"Oh Tommy, you have no idea how good that feels darling. I have never been assfucked before. Your daddy is much too big. Oh darling son, you're the first. It's like my own son is taking his mother's cherry."

Tommy started to fuck his mother's ass. Gently and steadily at first while his mother picked up the rhythm of his thrusts. Her mouth was open and drool dribbling onto the carpet. She felt utterly full. Her stomach cramped in protest at being invaded from her bowels. Her clit was swollen and her nipples tingled.

"OH GOD YES ! Fuck Mommy, darling son. Fuck Mommy. Oh I love's too good !"

Gradually Tommy picked up speed and got rougher. He grabbed hold of her hair and rode her like a horseman. Fucking her insistently, hard and deep, his face was streaming with sweat, veins popping out on his forehead.

They were both concentrating on their impending orgasms and did not see the shadow pass along Tommy's bedroom door....

"I thought so. But I just wouldn't have believed it," said Jenny.

"Jenny !"

Amazingly, Tommy did not stop fucking his mother's ass, just slowed down to a gently rocking motion.

"Don't stop on my account," said Jenny.

Jenny walked over to her mother, still on all fours, and knelt beside her. Her face was expressionless.

"I knew I could smell sex when we returned from the pizza place last night," she said, "And I put two-and-two together. Or at least one-and-one. Mother and son. What was a daughter to think ? I crept back after I said I was going to Aunty Diane's. And here you are. God, mother, you scream loudly. I hope the neighbors don't hear you. My son this, my son that, you really get off on the incest thing don't you ?"

Tommy had stopped his rocking motion, but his cock was still half-buried in his mother's ass. Even if he could have willed his cock to soften, the tightness kept him rock hard in her. There was a look of terror on his face. Mary's face was still red from her exertions but tears of shame were welling in her eyes.

"Jenny, I...."

" 'Jenny I...' what, mother ? 'Jenny, I don't really have my teenage son's huge cock buried in my ass ? I really haven't had several orgasms knowing I was committing incest with my baby boy ? I really didn't beg him to fuck me ? I didn't want to play the school-girl whore for my son ?' Is that what you were trying to say ? My god, what a family !"

She shuffled around on her knees to where Tommy was kneeling behind his mother. His cock in mid-piston. He had not blinked, his mouth was opening and shutting, every now and then he swallowed noisily, almost gagging.

Jenny slid her hand between Tommy's sweaty stomach and her mother's buttocks and wrapped her fingers around her brother's greasy shaft.

"My god he really is buried in your ass, mother dearest, and you've kept his cock iron hard too. What a clever little whore you are. She heard her mother sob. Jenny removed her hand and placed it on Tommy's firm muscular ass cheeks and pushed. Robotically Tommy eased back into his mother. Mary gasped.

"Come on Tommy, don't leave your mommy hanging there. Give it to her." And she pushed him again, rocking him back and forth into a fucking motion. "That's my baby brother! That's a good boy." Mary whimpered. "Grab her hair again, Tommy. She likes a bit of pleasure 'n' pain, don't you Mommy ?"

Tommy was slowly working his cock in and out of his mother without any encouragement now. He did as he was told. Jenny pinched her brother's buttock, and he thrust cruelly into his mother.

"Aaaahh! " cried Mary.

Jenny slapped her brother's ass, the noise whip-cracked in the small room.

Tommy grunted and thrust again. "Come on Tommy, give her a good fucking. Get that dick of yours right into Mommy." She slapped him again, and again, steadily, very hard, so it hurt Tommy. His cheeks flushed pink. His movements were becoming more agitated now and he was bringing his cock almost all the way out before Jenny would slap him and he would thrust back into his mother to the hilt, thumping her cheeks with his stomach. He started to grunt with each thrust. Mary started to pant.

"Your son's cock is filling you up, isn't he Mommy ?" said Jenny. "His big hard cock in your ass. His big incest-cock in your belly. His greasy dick in his slut-mommy's ass."

Mary started to make little squealing noises. Tears were dripping onto the floor beneath her. She had never felt so humiliated in her life. Her beautiful daughter was hovering over her, foul and filthy language dripping from her lips while she watched her son piston in and out of her. And even more shameful, her cunt was on fire again. She could feel her clit begin to twitch with each cruel thrust of her son.

Mary was meeting each thrust now, backing onto Tommy's cock, her ass smacking against her son's stomach.

"What's the matter Mom do you need more stimulation ? Can I help Mommy ? Can I help you get your rocks off while your son fills your belly with his sexy incest-cum ?"

Jenny's hand disappeared under her mother's body and her hand found a breast. "Do you like this Mommy ? Do you want your daughter to do this ?" She squeezed and stroked her mother's breast gently at first then a little more roughly. Her fingers found Mary's stiff nipple and she pincered them hard. Her sharp fingernails biting into the bullet-like nubbin. A deep throaty groan rumbled from Mary's chest.

"You like that, Mommy ? You want more ?" Jenny's hand left her mother's breast and snaked down her belly to her neat patch of hair. Jenny could feel Tommy's balls slap against her mother. "What a pity we didn't have two fat cocks here Mommy. Your poor hungry cunt is all swollen and needy." Jenny's forefingers found her mother's clit and circled and teased it.

"Eeeehhhghh!" whimpered Mary pathetically.

Jenny's fingers squeezed her mother's cunt lips and dipped into her swampy hole. Mary's head fell to the floor and her ass was even higher and more accessible to Tommy's passionate heaving. He was working himself into a frenzy now, his face almost purple with effort. Jenny's fingers were flying on her mother's clitoris.

"Tell Tommy, mother, tell Tommy what he's doing to you. You love it don't you ? You love his cock in your asshole ?" Mary shook her head, her hair flying wildly. Jenny's hand left her mother's clit and slapped her mightily on the stretched skin of her vulnerable buttock. There was a frightening SMACK. Mary buckled and twisted and writhed. Jenny slapped her hard again. Tommy watched his mother's cheeks quiver and redden. With his free hand he joined in with Jenny, smacking his naughty mother. SMACK smack SMACK smack SMACK. Mary was an agony of ecstasy.

"Oh yes! It's true!" she muffled quietly, her head buried in her folded arms. She lifted her head and cried, "Oh god help me it's true! I love it ! I love my son's cock buried in me ! Oh Jenny darling, I'm sorry, but it is true ! Tommy is fucking his mommy's ass, and I am loving it. Don't stop Tommy. Don't ever stop. OH sweet jesus I am cumming. Oh my god, it's happening. Jenny, Mommy's going to cum. FUCK MOMMY DARLING TOMMY. FUCK ME HARD !" she yelled. "OOOH, again! OOH ! I can't bear it ! I can't stop it ! Cummmmming....hunnnmmmfff...cum...."

Mary twisted and hunched and spasmed under her son. Tommy eyes were glazed, his cock was so hard it was painful. It was a steel rod thudding into his mother's bowels.


"Take it out, Tommy," urged Jenny, "I want to see you spurt on Mommy. Slime her body. Cum on Mommy's body, little brother. Let your incest-cum spray her !"

Tommy eased his oily cock out of his mother's ass, Jenny leapt on it with her hand and pointed it at her mother's back, her fingers tightly wrapped around his throbbing shaft. Her mother's greasy ass juices made it easy for her to masturbate him. Her eyes were unnaturally bright.

"Do it Tommy ! I want to see your gobs of cum splatter Mommy !"

Instead, a stream of cum erupted from Tommy's cock, a thick hot ropey line flopped with a wet slap onto her back He hosed his mother with his steaming thick cream. Then his cock pulsed and pulsed again, sending long spurts of cum onto her body, wad after wad of his incestuous cum hit her. His body trembled and shook, and gutteral grunts rattled in his throat. Then he slowly collapsed, exhausted, back onto his heels, cum still dripping copiously from the eye of his dick.

Each time Tommy's cock had bucked and throbbed beneath her hand, electric shocks passed through Jenny's body to her cunt. There was a kind of madness flashing in her eyes, as she saw her mother fall utterly fatigued to the floor, stretched out in full, her asshole still slightly open, obscenely greased by her own ass juices, Tommy's thick white cum smeared her back, globs of pearly jism quivered like jelly. Her mother was panting and gasping, trying to suck in air.

Jenny spread her brother's glistening cum over her mother's back, rubbing it in like massage oil. She could feel the tension leave her mother's muscles as the crackling electricity sputtered and faded away. Mary become aware of her daughter's tender strokes and gentle kneeding.

"Oh Jenny what must you think of us ? I don't know what to say, darling. I am so terrible. It's not Tommy, Jenny, it's me. I started it. What do you want me to say to you ? What do you want me to do ?"

"Darling sweet son-fucking mother," Jenny said quietly, "First of all you can tell me about the school uniform Daddy likes so much."

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