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The Job Hunt
by Crew Cut

Gordana was looking for part-time work to supplement her meager student income. So she donned her best pale blue, Ally McBeal suit and visited the office reception areas downtown. All the legal, commercial, banking and service industry offices. By afternoon her feet hurt, but she reassembled her smile as she opened the door of the "Professional Women" office.

Billie sat at a glass "desk", wearing a tailored trouser suit. Dannie emerged from the back room. Gordana started as she saw Dannie in her leather bra and cutoffs. Strange business attire, she thought, but....hey...maybe she was visiting the Director, the woman in the business suit.

"I'm looking for part-time work. Anything to offer?" she directed at Billie. Billie's cool eye appraised Gordana and said in a professional, business-like tone. "We are always prepared to interview. You have to pass a test before we can take you on, however"

"Cool," thought Gordana. "I am used to submitting to such requirements," was her reply.

"Have you been looking for long?" asked Dannie. Gordana sighed, and said she'd been pounding the streets all day. She wriggled her feet in her shoes, seeking to relieve the pinched, tired feeling.

"Sit here, then," offered Dannie, gesturing to a deep, comfortable, soft leather chair. "Can I get you a drink?"

Wow, thought Gordana as she tucked her auburn hair behind her ears. The difference between this and every other office she had visited was astounding. All those male personnel officers, and not even the offer of a glass of water until now. This seems like my kind of working environment she thought. I wonder what kind of services they offer.

Billie explained that their clients were high-flying corporate women and they had very exacting demands, hence the need for a thorough test. She indicated that Dannie and herself personally interviewed every worker before she was taken on.

Billie had disappeared into the back room. She returned with a Scotch glass, the amber liquid therein plentiful, and neat. "Our corporate clients expect our women to appreciate single malts," she explained as she handed Gordana the glass. Gordana gulped back the shot in one, too astounded by Billie's outfit to concentrate on what was happening.

As Billie had handed her the glass, Dannie had slipped across to the door and locked it. The blinds on the windows and door were closed.

Billie had abandoned her business jacket and now stood before her wearing a beautiful soft, chamois leather vest, in which holes were cut out for her breasts. These firm, pierced tits stood out gloriously. There were gold rings on the sides of the vest, and fine gold chains connected her nipple rings to the side rings. On the bottom she wore male-cut suit trousers.

Billie re-filled Gordana's glass and smiled. "After such a hard day, best to be relaxed for your test."

"Ah, ah," gulped Gordana "Yes, but I need to concentrate..." she trailed off as the warmth of the Scotch coursed. She settled back further into the leather chair, and said "Where will I sit to take the test?" She looked around for an office chair and computer keyboard, and saw none.

"Stay right there," purred Dannie, who released a lever so that Gordana was tilted backwards. Her short skirt rode high up her thighs. Her legs parted slightly.

Dannie stood by Gordana's side and pushed her hand inside the open jacket. Feeling the softness of the cream silk shirt, she admired the fabric and the cut of the shirt. "We like girls to dress professionally. Our clients require it. Of course, you might also be required to accompany them on business trips or to recreational activities. Don't worry, we have a fully maintained wardrobe you can borrow from. All you are responsible for is cleaning."

"I hope you have no emotional problems....boyfriends for example, that might complicate your availability?" probed Billie. "N-n-no boyfriend," stammered Gordana.

Gordana was very, very confused. "What kind of agency is this?" Gordana finally managed to stutter out.

Dannie was stroking Gordana's breasts through the softness of her shirt. She lifted Gordana up slightly and removed the jacket. She had started to unbutton the shirt, when Gordana put up her hands attempting to stop Dannie's hands. But she was unable to resist that any further as Billie pushed her slightly spread legs even further apart and brought her hand up on to Gordana's pussy area.

Gordana made to jump up, but the drink had relaxed her, slowed her responses. "Before you go a-a-a-any further, I demand to know what you want!" she declared. Billie smiled and said "We thought you knew. We provide lesbian escorts for lesbians in corporate life."

Gordana gasped at the concept. Sure, she's kissed Petra behind the tennis courts at school, and that party last spring when she'd experimented with Lisette was quite a pleasant experience, but a lesbian? No, no, no, not her. As she thought of this, dampness spread over her panties and a dew drop of wet even trickled on to her inner thigh. Excitement rose. Her nipples, hard and pointed pressed out of her blouse.

Billie and Dannie stopped as Gordana rethought the situation. She really needed some extra money. Eventually, she smiled, opened her mouth and traced her lips invitingly with her tongue. Dannie's mouth closed on Gordana's and her hands finished unbuttoning the shirt. Her front-opening bra was unclasped, and her breasts were fully exposed. Dannie teased and tweaked the nipples, rolling them between her fingers, pulling them from the root. She took one in her mouth and lick-flicked it rapidly, nibbling and suction -sucking it. She changed tits and repeated with the other, then pushed them together with her hands and gently bit both at once. Gordana writhed with pleasure. As this was happening, Billie had unzipped her trousers, and stood before Gordana in her leather vest and strap-on!

My god, Gordana gasped. A woman with a cock! Her eyes widened and stared, she drew in a huge breath. "What's that?" She shuddered at the enormity of it. Billie moved closer and said "Meet my girlcock. Many of our clients will be packing when they take you out. I'll teach you to enjoy it!" At the same time she was saying this, Billie was pulling on a leather finger glove. No ordinary glove, was the softest kid leather, and all around it were two rows of smooth, cold, rounded metal studs.

Gordana was continuing to gyrate as Dannie worked her tits. Her ass lifted off the chair. Billie took that moment to cuff Gordana's ankles, and raise her legs on chains, attaching them to low rings that descended from the ceiling at the push of a button on the chair. Gordana shivered with fear, but was reassured when Billie gently stroked her ass cheeks, lightly pinching. She traced one finger down her crack, and ran her finger round and round her ass, rimming gently but insistently. Gordana was dripping juice, it was rolling down her thighs and sticking in her bush. Billie replaced her bare finger with the gloved one, allowing Gordana to feel the cold metal studs in the entrance to her ass. She moved closer and started to tease the clit with her girlcock, rubbing it back and forth over her cunt slit. Then, as Gordana tossed her head back and forth, as Dannie sucked HARD on her tits, creating hickeys around both nipples, Billie plunged her finger into Gordana's ass, her cock into cunt.

Gordana screamed. She was out of her own mind with woman sex. She thrashed and writhed as Billie fucked her hard and fast, gently and firmly, filling her ass, probing the walls of her ass with the studded glove, and banging the girlcock in and out her cunt. In a shuddering quivering moment she spurted cum and screamed her orgasm.

Billie knelt before Gordana, pushing her face hard against her cunt...lapping the wetness and licking her juices away. Again Gordana felt that crescendo of pleasure, and this time she moaned low and loud her cumming. She went silent and still, lapsing into unconsciousness for the merest moment.

Billie and Dannie smiled and uncuffed Gordana. "You passed the first test with flying colours!" they announced.

"'s more?"

"Oh, yes," she was assured by Dannie. Our clients will also want to know what your pleasuring is like. With that, the chair was fully reclined, and Dannie sat on Gordana's face. Gordana nervously jabbed her tongue at Dannie's clit, at which Dannie, lifted herself up and hovered above Gordana's tongue, just out of reach. Teasing! Billie decided to help by issuing instructions.

"Honey, see those pink lips above your face?" Yes. "Well, part them with your hands. Pull the lips back and use your fingers to find her clit." Gordana tentatively reached out and did as instructed. Dannie reacted well, nestling closer to the fingers. Gordana tried twisting Dannie's clit a little. "Ouch!". So she used the flat of her fingertips to stroke down and up the shaft of the clit. Dannie reacted with a low sigh and moan. Enboldened, Gordana pulled Dannie's cunt back over her face, and she took a first lick, then a second, and then plunged her tongue into Dannie's wet hole. In no time she was eating and lapping Dannie with enthusiasm. Billie took the opportunity to go down once more on Gordana, guiding her as an expert tutors the uninitiated. Gordana followed Billie's lead and copied her movements on Dannie. Dannie and Gordana pushed hard against the mouths sucking their lips, clits and holes, and then came in a simultaneous explosion of joy.

"When can I start?" urged Gordana when she was able to breathe again.

"One more requirement," smiled Billie. "Our clients demand versatility. One minute butch, the next femme. You have to be able to offer a complete repertoire. We have a huge array of wigs for different looks, but you cannot don a butch wig for the shaved look, so we have to do that naturally."

Gordana ran her hands through her swingy shoulder length office-bob. "Lose my hair? I've never had it short," she allowed. "But I think for this job, I'll submit to anything!" She grinned broadly. "Do what you will."

Billie took a pair of clippers from a drawer, and ran straight over the back and sides of Gordana's head. The long tresses fell over her shoulders, across her bare breasts and on to the floor. Billie used a Number 1 guard right up the back and the crown. That left a mere hint of hair. In front she left long wispy bangs. The around the temples she lathered up foam and with a safety razor shaved her head bare!

And, ready to begin work, Gordana asked when her first client would be. Billie and Dannie replied that would be as soon as they returned the key to the owner of the secretarial temping agency who was looking to sell the premises they had borrowed for the afternoon and they established a client list. "You, you mean you aren't in business yet?" probed Gordana.

"Well, we will be now!" exclaimed Billie and Dannie in unison. "Care to come drinking and dancing with us, hon?"

To which Gordana merely laughed her reply, grabbed Billie's tits and Dannie's crotch and said "What are we waiting for!"


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