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The Journey Towards Ecstasy
(Keri's Adventures)

by Keri Patton

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The woman could see a smile under the cloth, and realized that she better take it off of her mouth. The smile was still there when the cloth was removed and Keri spoke after letting out a deep sigh. "I don't know what happened...I don't know how...but I don't really want to know...I am here and-"

"Shhh, Shhh, it's okay darling," The woman's soothing voice reassured her. "Come with's time for you to go now."

"No! I don't want to go back!"

"Shhh, no darling, you are not going back. You are going forward with your life. This was just the first stop towards the rest of your life." The woman held Keri's hand and they began to walk deeper into the tunnel.

"Well, where am I going now?" Keri asked.

The woman responded with a cheerful smile, "It doesn't matter Keri, because you won't remember what I tell you when you go to your next destination."

"What will I remember?"

"Well," the woman answered, "you will only remember your sexual desires, and from now on you will have a deep passion for fulfillment of your deepest pleasures...I implanted that seed into your soul, and now you must nourish it and let it prosper deep within you. And wherever you go, you will also remember that you escaped from a bad place. You will have no knowledge of each identity that you will take."

"Gosh," Keri said rubbing her head, "this is too much to handle."

"No it's not dear. You are making it harder than it has to be. You will be a free woman every place you go, and your body will be your freedom to do whatever completes your sexual yearning." They stopped walking and the woman turned to Keri and held her shoulders, looking deep into her beautiful hazel eyes. "This is where it starts Keri. There is a door down there," she said pointing deep into the blue-glowing darkness that captured the rest of the tunnel's depths. "It is just like the one you came through at the end of your falling. It will lead you to your next destination...go now, and remember me."

"But, but I'm scared." Tears were beginning to fill her eyes. This was freedom that she never dreamed of having and it terrified her.

"Don't be, Keri. You are a beautiful young woman and you will love your life so much better when you walk down that tunnel, and through the door." The woman kissed Keri and her cheek. "Now go," she whispered softly.

Keri felt like she was abandoning her best friend. The woman had such a deep emotional and sexual impact on Keri, and Keri hated to leave her. She slowly began to walk deeper into the tunnel, getting closer to the familiar blue "door" as the woman called it. Keri kept walking slowly and turned around to look at the woman again. She was gone.

Taking a deep breath, Keri stepped into the watery-looking beautiful blue door.

A Servant walked into the Princess's room. It had a large looking glass on the wall, along with an oak chest of drawers. The bed was large, with a see-through white curtain hanging on the rails along the top. The room was on the north side of the castle, on the third floor-a floor above the guest chambers and a floor below the King's chambers.

Keri was taking a nap, but the servant had orders from the King to awaken her for dinner. The servant opened the curtain on her bed and lightly shook Keri. Her eyes slowly opened, and she stared into the cinnamon eyes of the middle-aged woman before her, confused.

"It's time for supper, dear," the servant said. "You are needed in the dinning hall."

What the hell! Who is this lady? Where am I? Needed in the dinning hall?

"Did you hear me Anna? I said that it's time for supper; so get up. Your father is expecting you down there any moment. Put on the white gown and corset that I laid out for you."

Keri kept her thoughts to herself. "Um...okay. I will be down there in a few minutes."

"Okay dear, but don't keep your father waiting," the servant said. "You know the King wants his princess to shine," and she kissed her on the cheek and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

King? Princess? "What the hell?" Keri said aloud. She was wide-awake now. She had no memory of where she was...or who she was. "God, what happened to me?" She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She was wearing a sheer white nightgown. She took in her surroundings. The room was exquisite. She got up and walked to the window and saw the circular tower and a vast amount of land, with a village barely showing about a mile away.

Princess Anna? That has to be me. I was in a bad place...I have escaped...this is where I am now, and this is who I am.

"God, but I don't know anything about being a princess," Keri spoke to herself. She was not flattered at all, she was very scared. She had read stories of King's and castles, and she knew that she could be in danger. She left the window and went to the chest of drawers, where the white gown was. She slipped off her nightgown and put on the corset, laced it up in the front, then slipped into the gown. Then she looked into the mirror...beautiful. She combed her hair with her fingernails for the final touch. Taking a deep breath, Keri opened the heavy door and went into the cold hallway.

The hallway was colossal. Keri didn't know which way to go. She took a right, and just hoped that that would lead to some stairs or something. After getting close to the end of the hallway, she didn't see any stairs, and turned to go the other way. The walk seemed like forever. The place almost seemed haunted because the hallway was deserted. She finally got the other end of the hallway, and found the stairs going down. She went down two floors, to the main level, and her ears were filled with laughter and conversation. There were at least 100 people there, drinking wine and telling jokes. Keri felt extremely lost.

Let's see...what do princess's do? What do they say?

She found a secluded area behind a column of marble rock, used as support for the castle. She just stood there, confused at what was going on. It didn't take long for someone to see her.

"What are you doing, dear?" A mid-aged woman asked. She had long brown hair and a beautiful smile.

"Um...I am not feeling too well," Keri answered.

"Well, let me tell your father," the lady said as she walked across the room, dodging crowds of people, and stopped at the very end of the table. Keri just continued to try to hide, holding her stomach, playing sick, in an attempt that someone would notice it, and let her leave the dining room, and hopefully let her go to her room so she could sort things out.

Keri was catching glances from people that did notice her, but none of them even dared to say a word to the princess. The woman came back to her and said, "Dear, your father said you should go back to sleep, and hopefully be better tomorrow. He sends his condolences. If he wasn't so busy, he would speak to you, but he is rather occupied right now."

Keri glanced over at her father, drinking, laughing...yea, he was too busy. "Okay thank you," Keri said. She began to walk slowly out of the room holding her stomach for effect, until stopped by the woman.

"You really must be hurting dear, when you can't even kiss your mother goodnight," the woman said, then kissed Keri on the cheek. "Sleep and be well daughter."

Mother? Oh!

"Sorry mother, but I am so tired and ill," Keri said in an attempt to act like she knew what was going on.

"It's okay. Go now and get rest."

Keri turned and went up the stairs, trying to remember where her room was. She stopped at what she thought was the third level, and she began her way down the hallway. There were only a few doors in this hallway, and Keri knew she was on the right level. She stopped in front of a door and cautiously opened it, hoping it was hers. It was.

She closed the door behind her and leaned up against it with her eyes closed, relieved that she was able to avoid the catastrophe that would have taken place, had she stayed.

"How is my princess?"

Keri's eyes jerked open with alarm. A weird looking man was standing about ten feet away from her with his sword drawn.

"Who the hell are you!" Keri asked, infuriated.

"You can yell all you want to princess," he said as he moved closer with his sword pointing at her throat, "but nobody can hear you. They are all having a good time and they couldn't hear you, even if you screamed."

"How the hell did you get into here?"

"This castle is full of secret passages, you should know that," he said. "I have waited for this for a long time princess. When I am done with you, you will want to marry me and end this feud between our two lay on the bed," he said, putting his sword to her side and pushing her towards the bed with it.

Keri was recklessly terrified. She lay on the bed, hanging her legs off the side. She didn't know what his intentions were, but certainly they couldn't be good...not with the sword threatening her life. Keri stared at the sword he got closer.

"You better not speak a word, and if you move, I am going to cut your head off princess, and put it on the King's pillow."

Keri just lay there, motionless. He slowly slid his sword up her dress. When he got to the middle of the dress, he stopped shortly, then thrust his sword upward, cutting the dress. Keri flinched and was shaking. Everything below her stomach was now exposed to this stranger. He smiled.

He carefully stroked her legs with the tip of his lightly, so as not to draw blood. Then, he moved his sword up the rest of her dress and had the tip close to her neck. Keri leaned her head back to get away from the deadly object. Again, he made another thrust upward, cutting the remainder of her dress. He pushed the sides of the torn gown away with his sword to expose the princess's immaculate body. All that was left was her corset and her white undergarment.

"This will take your cooperation, princess," he said while stroking her chest with the sword. "If you move, you will be cut, and I wouldn't want to scar your perfect chaste body, so don't move."

He slid his sword sideways up her corset, and she sucked in, to avoid getting cut. The cold steel went between her breasts, then he turned the sword and thrust upward again, sending chills down Keri's spine, and splitting her corset in half. He pushed the sides of the torn corset away, revealing Keri's breasts.

"Very nice, princess." He had a sturdy hand, and he rubbed Keri's nipples with the sword tip. The coldness of the steel immediately made her nipples stand. She lay there scared, but so much turned on by the work he was doing on her nipples. "I know you like that, princess," he told her, switching to her other nipple. Keri started breathing heavier as her heart pounded. He made circles around her nipples, just light enough to not draw blood. The same tool that was used to kill was being used to seduce the young virgin princess, and the man loved that fact.

He used the side of the sword to move along the bottom of her breasts, sliding the sword all around her titties, slowly working his way back to her hard nipples. He continued this motion, enjoying the look on her face...the look of terror and pleasure mixed into one.

He tediously went down from her breasts, to her stomach, to her undergarment. He softly poked her in her leg with the tip, and she jerked her legs open as a reflex...just what he intended. He rubbed the sword against her inner thighs, getting close to her virgin mound each time. He finally slid the sword sideways up one leg of her undergarment and only had to turn to blade to the fabric, before it cut cleanly through. He could see a small portion of her black pubic hair. He moved the sword up to her belly button and slowly came down, rubbing the undergarment where her pussy was, immediately making her wetter than she already was. He put the tip at the top of her slit and went down, barely inside of her slit, tracing the line that he knew lay beneath her undergarment. She let out a loud moan, along with more of her juices.

He moved the sword up the other leg of her undergarment and cut through it. Then he put the sword to her skin, at the top of the crotch area of her undergarment, and he slowly came down again, taking the crotch portion with it, tracing her slit again...this time, the tip directly going over her slit. She let out another loud moan and had to refuse the urge to move. Now, she was fully exposed.

He put the tip of the sword to her enlarged clit and moved it around, playing with her clit, sending her over the edge with a massive orgasm. As he saw this, he threw the sword down and began taking off his clothes. His cock was so hard from the stimulation; he thought he would explode unless he filled her tight hole with his manhood.

Once naked, he removed the shredded undergarment and threw it on the floor. Then he put his arms under her knees and lifted her legs, immediately shoving all of his hardness deep into the virgin princess. She let out an earsplitting yell as he filled her hole full of his cock. He began moving fast within her, as she let out a deep gasp each time he plunged deep into her.

Tears were in her eyes as he thrust harder and harder into her. Her tight pussy was being stretched by his fat cock. But she loved it. Each thrust sent a new pleasure throughout her body, and she felt her juices surround the cock within her, leaking out of her hole. She had tremendous orgasm after orgasm, and it almost felt like one huge five-minute orgasm, as she gave total control to his dick. She was beyond pleasure and off into a complete tranquillity with nothing but orgasm controlling her body. She was lost in that serenity...lost in his cock. She just kept coming and coming.

He felt himself coming to his own edge, as her tightness gave him a better feeling than all the loose pussies that he had fucked ever did. He slid in and out of the King's only daughter faster as he felt himself about to fly over the edge...then he exploded a hot come bomb into her pussy, squirting a mammoth load into her. His coming seemed to last forever. Keri didn't think that he would ever be finished fucking her pussy...she didn't want him to be finished. But as his squirting became to a halt, and he collapsed on top of her, she knew that it was over.

Keri lay there exhausted, sore, with his cock still inside of her. She had no idea what she had just experienced. But whatever it was, it was beyond anything that she had ever imagined or dreamed about. He withdrew from the princess and sluggishly began to redress himself. Keri just stared at the man who took her to a level that had never been discovered before.

When done dressing, he said, "I must leave now, princess. I put my life in danger tonight. If I would have been seen in this castle, I would have been beheaded. But right now, I don't care if it happens or not." He leaned over and kissed her on her sweet lips. "Thank you." Keri was speechless as she watched him climb out of her window and drop down to the roof of the second level.

She was all alone now, and still very much confused on who she was, and why she was there. She couldn't deny the feeling that she had though. It was the best feeling that she had ever experienced, and she kept replaying all the things that he did to her. She was getting wet again.

Deciding that she better do something with the torn clothes, she sat up to think of possibilities. Abruptly, a blue glowing door appeared right before her eyes. The glow was magical, like the presence of higher spirits. There was only one instinct in her mind now.

She removed her arms from the sliced corset and gown, totally naked now, and walked thorough the door, as if it were a magnet...and as if she were the sword.

Keri was in a swing on a tall oak tree. She almost fell out because she just appeared there...with no previous memory. All she knew was that she had escaped from a bad place. She wasn't sure of what place, but that was the only thought and memory that she had. Her vagina felt a little sore, for some unknown reason to her, and the swing only added to the discomfort, so she slowed down and just sat there.

What is with these clothes? She thought to herself. She was wearing a yellow cotton sun dress. She looked around and saw a large two story house about thirty yards away. There was an antique car there. There were fields surrounding the place. Cotton? Corn? Gosh, what is happening here?

While looking at the house, she saw a man and woman come out of it carrying some luggage. The man put it into the back of the car, and the woman yelled out, "Susan! Come on and say goodbye before we leave."

Susan? This is really messed up. Who are these people and what kind of place is this?

Keri got out of the swing and began to walk to where the couple was. She walked up to the lady first and the lady spoke, "Now you be good Susan. Ms. Juanita will take care of you, and you be sure to be a good girl for Mommy, okay?"

"Okay," Keri answered. Mommy? Shit!

The lady hugged her and then the man came up to her and hugged her. "I am going to miss you Susie Pie. Be good," he said, kissing her on the forehead.

"Don't worry, I," she spoke hesitantly. She forced a smile and watched them get into the car and leave.

Ms. Juanita...let me guess...she is my aunt? No, better yet, she is my grandmother. Shit, what has happened to me?

Keri went into the house, and immediately walked up the grand staircase.

Which one of these is mine? This one? She opened the door. It looked like an old person lived there. God I hope not. How about this one. It was a completely empty room, besides a large bed that took up too little space for such a big room. Don't think so. Come on people, I have escaped from a bad place and this must be my new home...gosh, my new parents. Give me at least a decent room. She opened another door. Bingo! There were pink curtains on the wall, with a pink bedspread, and there were a few teddy bears on the bed. This one has to be mine. Keri went in and closed the door.

She sat on the edge of the bed and laid back, trying to figure out what the hell happened to her. Okay Keri, calm down. You have escaped from a bad place. Dammitt, that really narrows it down. Well, it was a bad place, that is all I need to know...but why is my vagina so sore? She reached under her dress and started massaging herself. It made her pussy feel a little bit better. What year is this? This feels so damn weird.

Keri closed her eyes and tried to forget about her confusion. At least I am safe, she thought to herself. She drifted off to sleep for about an hour. She had a dream about her past life, but when she was awakened by Ms. Juanita, she couldn't remember her dream. Keri regrettably opened her eyes to face her new life. She is definitely not my grandmother.

Ms. Juanita was sitting on the bed when Keri opened her eyes. She was in her late 20's, had a beautiful body and just the smoothest caramel tan that Keri had ever seen. Ms. Juanita was wearing a black dress with a white apron, and after seeing Keri's eyes open, she said, "It's time for dinner, Susie."

Keri yawned, then remembered that Susie was her name and said, "Okay, thanks. Um...I will be down in a minute."

"Okay but hurry. You don't want your dinner to get cold."

"Okay, I am coming," Keri said. Ms. Juanita got up off the bed and left the room, and Keri tried to recapture her thoughts. She wasn't sure what the hell was happening to her, and she didn't know whom to tell. Who would believe her?

Keri slowly got out of bed and went into the hallway, trying to find a bathroom. It was three doors down from her room, and it didn't take her too long to find it. After relieving herself and brushing her hair the best she could, she went downstairs. The house was very quiet, which gave her a boring feeling. She found the kitchen and the dining room was right beside it. The house was very nice...wealthy people, she thought.

She sat down at the table and was given a plate of fried chicken, potatoes, and green beans. She ate pretty fast, unsure of what she would do when she was done eating...she didn't know her routine around the house, so she was looking for hints.

As Keri was finishing her meal, Ms Juanita said, "Susie, it is getting late so why don't you go upstairs and take a bath and go to bed."

"Go to bed this early?" Keri asked.

"Yes. I am going to be busy around the house and I don't want you getting in the way."

"Oh," Keri said, a little hurt by Juanita's words. "Well I will go then." Keri got up and left and went back upstairs to her room, completely perplexed. Is this what my life is? God this is boring. WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO ME?

Keri was taking her time getting to the tub. Ms. Juanita had started the water for her, but Keri was too busy going through her drawers to see what kind of clothes she had. She had a lot of undergarments. Some were fancy, but most of it was plain. She picked out some fancy ones because she was beginning to feel a little bit turned on. She grabbed a purple satin nightgown to go with it and she went to the bathroom.

She soaked in the tub forever, it seemed like. It was just so relaxing. Keri tried to figure out what was going on with her life. It was as if she had been born on the present day, but she knew that was impossible because she could talk and walk like any normal person. When she got out of the tub, she went to her room because she wanted to be obedient of Ms. Juanita's request. Keri lay in bed thinking, pondering, and hurting from the truth that she didn't know. She knew she had a dream in the small period that she left earlier, but she couldn't recall what it was. Somehow, she knew that the dream held the answer to her problems. And it was that thought that she remembered last as she drifted to sleep.

She was awakened by some loud laughter emanating from downstairs. Because the house was big, she knew something really weird or really funny must be going on for her to be able to hear it. But she didn't hear the laughter of just Ms. Juanita. Keri thought she heard a deeper voice laughing too. Curiosity got the best of her, and even though she knew she should stay in her bedroom, she knew that she really didn't care about consequences because this life was so strange, that consequences couldn't hurt her. She couldn't remember anything, so why should she care?

She quietly opened her door and went cautiously down the hallway and stairs, scared to be caught. Damn, I do care about consequences. She smiled at her contradiction and continued to the bottom of the stairs. She walked through the entranceway hallway and stopped behind a wall. Now she was hearing noises other than laughter. She heard groans. Keri peeked around the corner of the wall and stood shocked, as she watched what was taking place.

Ms. Juanita was on her knees in front of the couch, and some white man had his cock in her mouth. His pants were at his ankles as he sat there with Ms. Juanita taking his long hard cock in and out of her mouth. Keri felt instantly stimulated. The man started pushing and pulling Ms. Juanita's head as she sucked him harder.

Without warning, a hand was placed around Keri's mouth.

A man whispered in her ear, "Do you like what you see girl? I bet you do. You better not make a sound because I know that your sexy maid wouldn't like to see what I am about to do to you. You will not turn around, you will not look at my face, and you will not scream. Is that understood?"

Keri nodded her head yes, frightened, but turned on by what she was seeing and feeling. The man took his hand from her mouth and pushed on the back of her neck, bending her over. He kicked her legs and she opened them and put her hands on the ground for support. She felt her nightgown being raised and it dropped over her head, landing at her hands implanted on the ground. Her titties were hanging freely and he pressed into her backside and reached around and grabbed her nipples. She watched his hands move her breasts around and softly pinch her hard nipples. She heard more noise from Ms. Juanita and looked up at her: She was naked now, on her back on the couch with her legs spread wide. The man was thrusting his cock all the way into Juanita's tight Hispanic pussy. Juanita was getting louder by the minute. The man behind Keri pulled her panties down to her knees and Keri put her legs together so he could get them completely off. She spread her legs wider this time, voluntarily, and waited.

Suddenly, she felt nine inches of pure hard cock enter her sweet pussy from behind. She gasped, but Juanita was being too loud herself to hear her. Keri started at Juanita with her legs wrapped around the white man, getting fucked, while getting fucked herself. She was so turned on. Keri's pussy was stretching with the thickness of the man behind her. He started pumping her pussy harder and Keri's titties were bouncing back and forth. She lifted one hand off the ground and reached to her enlarged clit. She began to touch it and move it around until she was led to her first this life.

The man didn't stop fucking her after her orgasm; he just sped up and pumped her faster and harder. Keri's eyes were fixed on Juanita. She could see Ms. Juanita's pussy from where she was, and she could see the cock sliding in and out of her. She loved to watch her "innocent" maid get fucked.

The man pulled out of Keri after thrusting three more very hard times. He leaned over Keri and whispered to her again, "You are really a hot girl. I am taking you upstairs to your bedroom." He picked her up and went up the stairs without being seen. He forgot that he left their clothes on the floor downstairs, but he didn't care. His dick was so hard, and he thought of nothing else but putting that girl on her back and fucking her pussy so good.

He walked into the first room that he was a guest bedroom. He kicked the door shut behind him and walked over to the bed and dropped Keri on her back, immediately getting between her legs and reentering her awaiting pussy. Keri watched his dick penetrate her pussy. It felt good to feel and watch it. She began to rub her nipples while moaning with each thrust of his long dick inside her. Her right hand went down to her clit and she teased it, pushing herself to another fabulous climax.

The warmth of Keri's gushing juices drowning his cock inside of her pussy led the man to instantly explode with shot after shot of hot come. They both were breathing heavy, and the man looked as if he was about to pass out. Keri just lay there, mesmerized, unconsciously stroking her clit and nipple with her fingertips.

"You are a damn good screw girl," The man said, pulling his dick out of her fiery pussy. "Next time your parents are out of town, me any my partner downstairs fucking your sweet pussied maid are going to come back. And he can have that Mexican bitch all he wants to, but I am coming here for you... you got that?"

Keri didn't speak, but just nodded her head yes.

"Damn," he said, walking away, not believing that he fucked such a sexy girl. He left the room and Keri was all alone again.

She kept replaying what she saw Ms. Juanita doing...the way she sucked that cock...the way she had her legs spread and pussy wide...the way she moaned. Keri knew she would cherish what she saw for the rest of her life. Then she replayed how that man covered her he made her nipples hard with one he saw her pussy; it turned her on just to know that he saw her pussy, and even more to know that he fucked it. As she spread her legs again and pictured him between them, cock entering her pussy, a eerie blue door appeared about five feet in front of her. It hypnotized her...the beauty of it...the magic of it. Her mind was blank, but she couldn't control what her body told her to do...she got off the bed and walked through the door, without thinking twice.

Keri lost control of the station wagon that she was driving, and drove off into the sand. What the fuck! Where am I!

It was very hot outside, and she sat in the driver's seat while steam poured out from underneath her car. The only notion that entered her mind was that she had just escaped from a bad place....

The Journey Towards Ecstasy (Keri's Adventures) is a mini-novel. Before I post the rest of the pages, I would like to know what you thought about it. So if you read this story, please email me and tell me what you thought about it. I would also love to hear any suggestions that you may have for my future erotic stories.

Thank you,

--- Keri Patton


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