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The Kids At Play
Pt. I: Discovering Their Secret
by Rebecca

I'm a 39 year-old divorced mother of two. My son Tommy is 19 and my daughter Meagen is 18. They are both excellent students and always seemed to me to be well adjusted children despite my divorce 4 years ago. Like me, Meagen is petite with auburn hair (mine's a bit redder). She has a tiny waist and doesn't even weigh 100 lbs. I am 5'1" and I do weigh 100 pounds, actually 102 pounds to be exact. My tiny 34C-22-32 figure gives me the appearance of one much younger. Meagen also has green eyes like me but her breasts haven't developed yet.

Tommy was a typical high school jock, on the baseball and football teams, popular with the girls and the student body and has a full scholarship to the local university (thank heavens because we are not rich). I consider us a close family, the three of us. I never realized how close my son and daughter were until recently.

It was February and a big snow storm had blown in. On Monday morning schools were closed and the kids stayed in bed. I wanted nothing more then to pull the covers back over my own head and sleep late but I had no such luck. I had a meeting at work with out of town clients that just couldn't be missed. I dressed and headed to work in my 4x4. However the roads were terrible and about a mile from the house just before the highway entrance I skidded out and wound up in a ditch. I wasn't hurt at all but the truck was stuck.

John, one of my neighbors was on his way to work as well and saw me and tried to help me get my truck out but it was useless. I borrowed his cell phone and called work. It turns out the out of town clients never made it in due to the weather. John said he'd bring me back home and he and his two sons would get my truck out later. He dropped me off and I left him my keys.
I looked at my watch as I walked towards the front door and realized I had wasted over an hour and had gotten nowhere.

I didn't expect to hear the kids voices, not this early. As I walked up the stairs I realized they were both in Meagen's room, the door was open halfway. Something made me stop, I could've sworn I heard a little moan escape my sweet little Meagen's lips. "Ooh Tommy, your tongue feels sooo good". I think my heart skipped a beat for a moment. Then I peeked in the room and something very odd happened. I know, a mother looking in on her son performing cunnilingus on her daughter should have sent me over the edge. I know I should've stormed in and put a stop to it. I know all that... but I didn't.

I should tell you all that I began performing oral sex on my own brother when I was 14 and did so until he left for college two years later and as recently as 6 years ago I gave him a blow job at a family barbecue. None of this was new to me. I guess that ran through my head. Although it has been over a year since I had any relations with a man, thanks to my brother I had grown to be quite a talented little cock sucker. Yes, I should've stopped it.

Instead I stood by the partially open door. Meagen was on her back and her legs were raised at the knee. Tommy was apparently doing a good job as Meagen orgasmed only minutes after I arrived at the door. I should've walked in then, but there was a part of me who wanted to see Tommy naked. I wondered what his manhood looked like. It was probably ten years since I saw it, a seven year-old penis is nothing to get excited about but now Tommy was a young man, tall and handsome. He resembled his father who as it turned out his looks were the only thing he had going for him.

"Give me that big thing now, brother" Meagen said in a voice much more adult then her 18 years should've sounded. "Tell me what happened at Jodi's house yesterday, then maybe you can suck my cock" Meagen moaned and then giggled. So at this point you figure nothing should surprise me, but listening to Meagen tell Tommy what happened at her best friend Jodi's house.

"You know how Jodi is a horny little slut, she has sex, I mean full sex with her boyfriend. So anyway, next to you she licks me the best and since you weren't around yesterday..." I listened with amazement as what my little girl was doing with her free time. Tommy was standing with his back towards me and his underwear were still on, Meagen was rubbing his crotch judging by her movements although Tommy back blocked her from my view.

"So I was licking Jodi's pussy and right after I made her cum Jeremy came barging in her room. I still had my face down there... we were both naked cause her parents were out all day." Tommy pulled his underwear down a little and told his sister to lick his balls for a minute. She was quiet and I could hear her slurping and then he pulled her away. "Go on," he said.

"So Jeremy was saying how their mom and dad would freak out when he told them and Jodi was really getting nervous, I thought she was going to cry."

"And that's when you offered to suck his dick?"

"Yes," Meagen said and stopped talking for a few seconds to work her brother's dick, "It was like half as big as yours, Tommy," she said and licked and sucked some more. "So I pulled down his pants and started sucking him. He came in like two minutes"

"Well, he's only a kid, sis. I'm sure you were his first blowjob," Tommy said giving Jeremy the benefit of the doubt.

"I also gave him his second blowjob," Meagen giggled. "I sucked him off again while Jodi licked me and I had a really great cum, shook my whole body".

"You are a nasty little slut, sis... aren't you?"

"Oh yes!" she said, "now lay down so I can really suck you off."

Tommy pulled his underwear all the way off and that's when I caught a glimpse of his cock. Now I don't claim to be an expert estimator, but over the years of marriage I'd measured Tommy's dad's cock and it stood over 7 inches... my son was bigger, I could tell from the doorway. Not much, maybe an inch or two but definitely bigger. Meagen stood and let him lay down and then got back on the bed. Either she was hairless or she shaved herself completely because there was not a whisper of hair. Her position blocked me out again and I decided I had to get out of there.

I walked quickly back down the stairs and outside into the driving snow. My head was spinning but more than that, my neglected pussy was dripping wet. I walked and walked in the bad weather and wondered what the hell I should do. I knew what they were doing wasn't right but I also knew from personal experience that it hadn't made me a bad person to suck my brothers dick. I looked up and saw the diner which was a half mile from my home. I found myself heading for the pay phone, there was only one person I could talk to about this who would understand.

I dialed my brother Joe. His wife Nancy answered (they owned a small business together) and we made pleasant talk for a few minutes until she said she would put Joe on because she had to send out a package. I waited a second, then "Hey Donna, what's up? How's that storm?" He lived 300 miles from us and his weather was milder. We made small talk for a minute or two then I asked him if Nancy was still in the office, he told me she went up front to send out something.

I told Joe what I had discovered. He was quiet, we hadn't talked about any of this since that time at the barbecue, which led to me giving him some quick head. When I told him how turned on it got me he told me not to feel guilty about it. He told me he often fantasized about our mom walking in on us and he would fuck her brains out. Joe was breathing a little fast and I asked him what he was doing, "I'm sorry Don, my cock just got so fucking hard... I had to let it out". Now this wasn't helping my wet pussy. I asked him when the last time Nancy sucked his cock and he said it had been weeks but he told me she was good, but nowhere near as good as me.

"What the hell are you doing?" I heard Nancy screaming at Joe in the background, very close to the phone.

"Gotta go," and he hung up.

I walked home very slowly despite the fact that I was soaked from the snow and freezing from the wind. I wondered what I should do. I thought about confronting them, talking about what they were doing and just telling them to be careful because Meagen could get pregnant and that would be a disaster to say the least. I also couldn't get the image of Tommy's hard, throbbing cock from my mind. I only saw it for a second or two and I wanted to see it up close. I wondered what a cock would feel like in my pussy, my much neglected pussy.

When I came home the second time I made sure I made plenty of noise. I heard the shower going upstairs and found Tommy sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. I smiled at him and told him what had happened with the truck and he said he could go with some friends but I told him that our neighbor would take care of it and I didn't want him going out in that kind of weather.

I made my way upstairs and ran a hot bath. My pussy had soaked through my panties and left a large wet spot on my pantyhose. I touched my swollen clit and sat in the tub and had a wonderful orgasm.

To Be Continued...


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